New motherboard fitted number no. CT

Have installed a new Intel motherboard, replace an AMD Board in a DV7. After a lot of trouble finding what heatsink and CPU equipped motherboard Intel because the part number was not on HP part surfer I always get the message at the start of invalid motherboard OOa press on enter to continue, which then boots into windows. I managed to get rid of other product messages, I would and CCDI number but still stuck with the message from the system board. There are number of CT number on my Board, new or old. Any help much appreciated.



I started with the nbdmifit tool and which has been recorded, there were number PCID on my laptop, weren't enough letters and numbers so I added a few zeros on the end and that it sorted

Thanks for all the help


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  • New motherboard fitted now XP pro code is not accepted for activation.

    Hi, installed a new motherboard in my computer of girls. Went online to activate, but the key to license not accepted. So I reinstalled XP pro on hard drive, with the new motherboard, in the case where synchronization problem, still not accept product key. Tried to do it by phone. Same result. Finally spoke to a man who told me that the Packard Bell computer was five years old and so the disc that came with it was out of warranty. This maybe true reason not accepted activation key, or someone to give Microsoft could me the truth. Pete has soon

    Microsoft believes that to replace the results of the motherboard in a new computer, so you can not re - install an OEM copy on a new motherboard.

    Of course you did not subscribe to this in the EULA - this is another license which the seller agreed, not you.

    Sorry, you will need to purchase a new copy.

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  • HP Pavilion A6601T: Lack of motherboard serial number

    My office that BIOS have lost the serial number (content removed) and also lost the model number (A6610T), I read on the internet that I get tools DMI and snzero.exe,.

    But nothing works for my desktop computer, one of the show error "I2C eeprom not supported (Atmel chip). I also try F10 and ctrl + A also do not works on my model. How can I do?, the last time one of my laptop change new motherboard, it can use the DMI tools. Now, I can not use Hp support assistant and update.


    This is what we call brand, once that an authorized HP can it brand with the customization tool, or partner of HP who has access to this tool,

    so the only way is to contact hp

  • Satellite M30X-134 - I'm looking for a new motherboard


    I m looking for a new motherboard for my satellite M30X 134! I was offered one with K000019680 number with the advice that this one is for all laptop M30X Toshiba. I m a bit irritated, because my thoshiba operator told me, that I need one with the number K000019210. Could someone tell me, if the K000019680 also goes very well with my laptop?

    Best regards



    Looks like you can use both of them, it is perhaps better to use K000019210. on this way, you'll be on the safe side.

  • Need new motherboard for Equium P300-16 t


    I have Toshiba Equium P300-16 t, model PSPC2E-003003KS number, one day, my computer does not start. don't answer no signal on the screen. so I really think that this motherboard is broken, or turns off! does anyone know how can I get new motherboard for my laptop?

    I have given where to see the name or number of the motherboard. where I also see this?

    Please people! I really need help!

    Thank you


    I can imagine to find the new motherboard will be quite problematic and what you can do is to contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help.
    They have access to the database of Toshiba and can tell you the exact reference.
    For you is important to get the motherboard for model PSPC2E and it will be exactly the same.

    Problem is this motherboard is very expensive so think twice what is the best option for you: to exchange it or buy new laptops.
    You want to exchange it only?

  • HP Pavilion p6-2481eo: new motherboard for HP Pavilion p6-2481eo

    What type of motherboard fits into this model? I screwed the old a. Thank you.

    THIS PAGE displays the motherboard.  It lists as Μatx: 24.4 cm (9.6 in) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)

    It takes a FM2 processor.  Don't forget not that if you replace a motherboard non-HP Windows will probably no longer work, and a new will need to be installed.

    It is possible to buy a card mother HP for this model directly replace the failure.

  • Tecra M3 or get overheated - need to wait for the new motherboard

    My Tecra M3 (serial number X5621357G) fan started working at maximum speed in November.
    Technical support Toshiba in Greece kept for repair of 26 November 2007 to 14 December 2007.

    They changed the motherboard and the fan. After this repair, the fan started working again at maximum speed and immediately after that the computer has been 'frozen getting' (has stopped working - had to pull the power cable to restart).

    Toshiba service asked me to reinstall Windows, but this doesn't solve the problem.
    Took the computer back to ASP on December 24, 2007. Now, they say that it is still a hardware problem and they have to wait for a new motherboard. It will be available on January 7, 2008!
    I don't have a laptop for over a month.

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    Really, I can understand your frustration and it s always a stupid situation if any equipment malfunctioning, and if certain parts need to be replaced.

    I guess you have to wait a little bit more because the motherboard seems to be on hand and must be provided of the warehouse of head of Toshiba.
    Extra, you should consider that you sent it to EPA on December 24, 2007 and as I m not wrong most companies and service points are closed for Christmas

    Good luck and please don t lose patience. Happy new year

  • Qosmio G30: need motherboard model number


    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G - 30 notebook PC series.
    Problem with the GPU.
    I can't get it replaced in INDIA.
    The SERVICE CENTERS of TOSHIBA in INDIA, say they cannot repair or replace the GPU.

    I have to buy a new motherboard for my system.
    They are citing a high price and not wanting to give me the model No. the motherboard etc.

    Can someone give me the motherboard model number & name manufacturers so that I can try to outsource it from somewhere outside of INDIA.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    Saurabh Azad


    Each laptop model needs a unique motherboard, manufactured and released for certain model of laptop.
    If you use google and search card mother G30, then you will get several pages which provide this part.

    I found a few figures:
    PM0027639030 or other part numbers: P000451730

    welcome them

  • Need new motherboard for satellite C850D - 125 (AMD)

    I have the defective chip7 in my motherboard...

    I have so buy another Board.

    Which models are compatible for this laptop?

    Council H000052650?

    Best regards

    If you want to have the same mainboard you must order for the machine with the PSCC8E part number.
    It is not easy to find the exact reference because Toshiba offers 14 or 15 models with the name C850D.

    Try to contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
    Anyway, new motherboard is actually very expensive, so you should think twice before buy you.

  • Need new motherboard for Satellite C850-B735

    I need to know the model of the motherboard. I tried to find a spare part of it online but I could not. I tried to find the part number on the motherboard, but apparently not that this figure makes no sense.

    I need to buy a new motherboard.

    Help, please!

    With the new motherboard might be quite problematic. Always is it that you need professional help with this. You know your laptop model name and model number, so if you can find someone who can get the new motherboard you need these data.

    Of course, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. They have access to the database of Toshiba and can help you with this.

    Out of curiosity: what is the problem with your machine? Is your cell phone completely dead?

  • 23 - d160qd envy: new motherboard, now empty screen and 6 beeps. Cannot change the legacy BIOS. Help!

    Good ladies and Gentlemenof the Interwebulars, I hope someone can shed some light on my situation.

    Walked down one day to see that my computer would not start. A diagnosis which in a bad power port. Got a new motherboard because after desoldering (or that's what I tried to do) I realized that it was small to (re) welding in and I could not find the right part to reorganize.

    so I got a new motherboard. The number replacement part direct. Barefoot on my floor wood and ESD wrsitband on, I put in this bad boy. Double and triple check things and connections. Go to hit the power button and I get 6 beeps and 6 flashes of correspopnding of the powerbutton. The system does not appear to be on, fan is running with the other sounds of starting and running sounds, but I have a white screen and orange electric button. If I tap CTRL + ALT + DELETE it will restart and begin the process again. The 6 beeps by HP standards denotes missing graphics / card error. My original motherboard had a built-in graphics card so I thought that the same new part number card mother too. Obviously not. so I had a Geforce 2Go MXM graphics card update with heat sink. Barefoot, wood floor, bracelet ESD, thermal paste and turn it on to hear... SIX BEEPS AND SCREEN WHITE.

    After Googling around, some people say that I have to enter the BIOS and change boot legacy and fashion out of the UEFI mode that's killing me right now. I have join and would completely if I could see my screen of the BIOS, or anything for that matter. I can not go back also to my other card because it will not feed. So my question; How to make or change the BIOS settings so that my computer will recognize a graphics card or internal graphic that should be on the new motherboard itself so that it starts?

    I need this computer for CAD work soon so I thought help processor i7, 8GBs RAM, Geforce card and touch screen to perform a generation of PC.  So if someone has a great idea they would projected upward on this post, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!

    Your computer is not posting, sound rather give an error message in the form of 6 beeps and red LED flashing, indicating graphics / video issue.

    You can never get into the BIOS of the device, if its not posting, not on a HP Desktop atleast.

    I recommend, you disconnect all components and fittings connected to the motherboard i.e. cables SATA, power cables, RAM, processor, heatsink, power supply and battery CMOS as well.

    Now, press and hold button power unit for a minute or two., with the power and everything is still disconnected.


    (1) Insert the battery CMOS back into its slot, install the processor and the heat sink, connect all cables power that goes to the motherbaord in the PSU and CPU and etc., less SATA cable and cable power to drive hard and Optcal drive and turn on the device, of course after you have connected the rear power cable.

    (2) check if the machine beeps and check whether it is 5 times.

    (3) If yes install a memory in the first slot (slot black), connect the monitor and turn on the power and check if there is no video output.

    (4) if so, connect the return which is always disconncted, to their respective locations and ports and turn them the unit on and get on with your CAD stuff.

    IF NO,

    2 options:

    (1) if the unit is still under warranty, call 1800-474-6836 and have a technician on-site visit your place and replace the parts needed for the operational unit.

    (2) or the motherboard you purchased could have been Dead On Arrival. Get a warranty replacement for the DOA mobo and re install a new Board of Directors.

    Good luck!

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  • Need new motherboard for the A500-148 pomp

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-148 and the motherboard just died. How can I get a new motherboard?

    And what would be compatible mother for this laptop?

    Thank you

    You can get the motherboard on two tracks. Either order you by the Toshiba authorised service provider or you need to find an independent electronic store where you can order.

    Both ways can be a bit complicated. If you order by Toshiba, you must give them old mainboard and to find another place is probably not so easy.

    Is that your laptop PSAM3E part number if you need motherboard for this model.

    You want to exchange it only?

  • Will I need to re - install Win 7 after the new motherboard

    I have a 'new' machine unfortunately screwed up. (It is refurbished, but many questions).

    I probably get a new motherboard. The technology will be able to transfer the credentials to Win 7. I ask because on the Thinkcenter and my Y480 I reinstalled Win 7 NINE times and have now good things.

    Basically, I really want to start rebuilding this machine with a lot of software, but if I have to reinstall after the new motherboard Tuesday I could wait as well. :-(

    DRM for pointers.

    For anyone following the answer is NO (less if done by the engineer).

    I asked support if the engineer should be port on my serial number for the new Board of Directors (Windows now finds the system not on a sticker card serial numbers). I was told 'no '.

    Of course, the engineer DID. My data has been flashed to the new Commission and Windows never saw a difference.

    Another wasted a few hours back up things.

  • After you install a new motherboard, Windows XP says to turn on again, but it fails.

    I installed a new motherboard and now I have a saying of screen I have to activate windows again but activation fails with the message saying that could have pirated software. I walked into the 7 sets of 6 numbers, as requested by the machine on the phone. I also tried to activate online, but the computer does not connect. Anyone have a phone number for uk support it is a person not a machine?

    original title: Windows XP activation problems

    Your problem is probably because you have a preinstalled Windows - an OEM copy - copy and these licenses CANNOT be transferred to the new motherboards or new computers, except in conditions of warranty.

    Activatin is using the product key - which consists of 5 blocks of 5 characters each.

    The ID of the product that is referenced in the Sytem Propertyies page, will show if you have a key OEM - the second group of characters will be OEM, if so.

  • Pavilion 15: get a new motherboard

    I need some tips to get a new motherboard for my laptop (if possible).

    Here are the specifications of my laptop:

    Model--> 15 number - e052se

    Product number--> E0Y23EA #ABV

    Operating system
    Windows 8 64-bit language


    Intel Core i7 3632QM 2.20 GHz 49 ° c.
    Ivy Bridge 22nm technology

    4.00 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798 MHz (11-11-11-28)

    Hewlett-Packard 1970 (U3E1) 52 ° c.

    Monitor generic PnP ([email protected])
    Graphics Intel HD 4000 (HP)
    2048MB ATI Radeon HD 8670M (HP)

    OK a few things:

    1. If you intend to upgrade the motherboard, I suggest that you buy the new more powerful laptop. Wise costs & other problems following upgrade, which is wise to do thing.

    2. all compatible cards available for your computer model laptop support max 8 GB

    3. by "more powerful motherboard", if you meant more powerful processor, the compatible HM86 supported Intel card support only i7 4702MQ processor, which will not give great performance gain compared to your current processor - both are quad core, with only slight increase in frequency turbo boost, with the same basic frequency.

    4. the best thing to do is to replace the HDD with SSD. The price will not much bother you since you are already ready for the upgrade of Council in the first place.

    You can upgrade RAM 8 GB 4 GB, put an another 4 GB with the same configuration and preference brand in another location. See manual for the latter.

    Good luck!



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