NEW MSG ON MY SCREEN BUT USED blackBerry smartphones to go?

Hey, just a quick question, I have 2Nouvelle msgs icon on my home screen, but I checked my Inbox sms and mms and there is no new msgs here and I also checked my e-mail inbox n no msg is here. .

I turned my phone off and even out my battery but the icon is still (who resembles a envelope with a red star in the upper right corner of it), but its always there

Does anyone know what this means and how I can see?

Thank you in advance xx


Ah ha, I discovered what it was... It was two new PIN sitting in my msg record instant messages. .

Once again, thank you guys for your help. .  XXXX

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    Help, please... This is my first bb and im new on this, I don't know what is happening, I tried to download something for my bb 8330 for the Desktop Manager and it asks me the password and I entered the wrong password and now my screen went all white and it says JUM ERROR 513 and under him It says RESET. Only option I have is to click just the reset but then it just keeps going back to the same screen. Help, please! What is going, and what can I do to get my phone back to how it was? Thanks in advance

    forget to mention!

    Check the steps below for OS - upgrade

    Step #1

    Before you begin, make sure that BlackBerry Desktop Software is installed on the computer.

    Step #2

    Make sure that you have installed the software for device updated on your computer. Visit this link to get the software for device update the carrier OS download site.

    Step #3

    Users can perform a full or selective data backup by using the tool of backup and restore in BlackBerry Desktop Manager using the following steps:

    1. Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer that is running BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    2. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    3. Double-click on the backup and restore.
    4. Select backup to perform a full backup or select Advanced to make a backup of specific databases.
    5. Choose a location to save the backup file, and then click Save.

    Step #4

    To perform a clean installation of the BlackBerry Device Software, do the following:

    1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    2. Double-click The Application Loader icon.
    3. Click Next to start the installation process.
    4. Type your BlackBerry smartphone password, if prompted, and then click OK.
    5. Click on the checkboxes corresponding to the names of the applications you want to load, and then click Next.
    6. Click Advancedand then click the check box next to delete all already installed applications.
    7. Click on Next.
    8. Click the check box next to do not automatically back up the application during the process of loading data.
    9. Clear the check box next to the backup and restore applications installed wireless.
    10. Click Next > Finish.
    11. Once the process is complete, the load succeeded message. Click close to return to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  • Screen sometimes Virgin blackBerry Smartphones

    I just bought a brand new Vodafone - Blackberry 9000 "BOLD" for 2 weeks now.

    I have a problem... I put it in the original case, but sometimes, when I pull out, the screen becomes white for a while but the light always beep.

    What is happening with my BB? is this software conflict or hardware problem or what? Maybe someone can help me.

    Thank you. God bless you all.

    I found out why the screen blank sometimes after a few weeks.

    When you put the BlackBerry smartphone ON the case. Then, the profile changes in mode 'IN THE HOLSTER"that has locked the keyboard and the screen black. When I now use the silicone case, it doesn't happen.

  • Screen problem touchscreen blackBerry Smartphones BlackBerry Storm2 9550


    I am a Sri Lanakan. Last week, I bought a Blackberry Storm2 9550 used, eBay (from a seller of e. u.). All the functions work fine except the touch screen. Can press on the touchscreen. (edges and around the screen) But he get caught suddenly, and also when am pressing an icon, phone highlights another icon. (as axample, when am pressing contacts in the home screen, phone highlights two contacts and sms). As I suppose, at this time there the phone detects it as multi touch and so I can't support what either. When am reset (battery pull) the phone, it solves the issue for a few minutes or hours, subsequently faced the same question.

    I tried to fix it by putting a piece of paper to the battery cavity, but nothing has changed.

    My storm is an unlocked phone (Comes to Verizon, but later unblocked), which is running version 5 software. ...... . 713 fact in Mexico 5.

    I want also to the last update available for my phone and how to update.

    madhava909 wrote:

    You have other ideas on my problem touch screen? This is the main question, I want to solve as soon as possible. Do I need to fix it with a spacialist? Is it a hardware failure or a software? He solved by upgrading my version of software or restore to the factory settings.

    None of these remedies could work. Without practice, it is impossible for me to know anything 100%. The best advice I can give you is to upgrade your operating system to the latest version (. 1015). It could very well be that, as a device, it was damaged by the previous owner and it will never work for you. As I say, it is impossible to tell at this distance-internet.

    madhava909 wrote:

    What is the meaning of the hard reset? It is equal to pull the battery?

    In my opinion, Yes, but there are others in the world who think differently. The best reference is the official:

    • KB02141 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone

    Most of us who have dealt with this for awhile understand that power should be turned on when you pull the battery.

    madhava909 wrote:

    What is the meaning of the hard reset? It is equal to pull the battery? It will solve my problem?

    Once again, it's impossible to say at this internet distance.

    madhava909 wrote:

    Hereby, I have attached an image. Please answer those as well.

    The first (top right) is the GPS indicator... I do not exactly remember what icon the way that... I suggest that get you the the user guide for your BB from here:

    The other appears only if your carrier has eliminated an update wireless for you. You say that it is the "best way" for you... I would add that this is the MOST DANGEROUS way. You see, via this method update, on the device of data backup is taken, that is rendered after the update (the update effectively wipe everything). This backup is a file use 1... If something is wrong in the upgrade process, all your data is lost forever. The update method that I gave you is the best method that 1) it tells you first take a manual backup and 2) the process itself will also take another backup... and both of these backup files are stored on your PC and can later serve as a source of food since they are not 1-use files.

    madhava909 wrote:
    Pls send me a link if you can, to download the latest update.

    You have already the link... it's in the instructions I have given to perform the update... This is the portal of official download for all carriers. Simply, you browse to the carrier of your choice and download their bundle of BONES for your model number.

    You can also benefit from this:

    And also the public KB that I often mention... they are fully searchable by you... you don't need do me research for you:

  • New folder of music on the curve blackBerry Smartphones

    I am trying to find a way to put a few rhymes on the curve, but not in the same folder of MUSIC on my media 2 gig card. I'd rather not play Madagascar in listening to my favorite songs! I'm currently hiding them in my RINGTONE folder because if I can't understand how a new storage spot and have the BB find him.

    I made a new folder in the MUSIC folder using the desktop software and put the songs, but the folder disappears when I try to find it.

    Any help is very appreciated!

    all music files must be either music or rigtones folder or in a subfolder of these two folders.
    If you use a different folder, the files will not be indexed by the media application and you won't see them unless you use Solution Explorer.

    playlist is a good idea, but you can also simply change all your children mp3
    and change the IDTags: set the 'kiddy' example Album field.

    then in the media application, search by album and select kiddy.

  • Using blackBerry Smartphones, unlock and 'edge' next to signal

    I bought a used blackberry bold 9700 (locked to t-mobile) I received and code release and it worked. I now have my ATT sim inside the phone card. It allows me to sms and browse internet, telephone etc. But at the top it says 'edge '. However, it won't let me set up an email that he said "your device had a problem connecting to the server"... Also not show the BB app world, or let me download apps. Can someone please help me if I can use the blackberry, the way it was intended. As another note, I get a text from 1121611611 + message saying "122 error number not valid. Please return using the valid or valid 10-digit mobile number short code. Activate t = 6 "... I hope this is enough information to get help, if y ' all need nothing else to help fully solve this problem, ask and I will provide. Thank you

    Do you have a data Plan BlackBerry enabled on your account with your carrier or mobile provider? You have to, to get the push RIM email functions you are looking for, as well as services of BlackBerry data such as the Web browser, Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger and much more.

    Then call your carrier and you learn about to have added to your account BlackBerry data Plan.

    Please note, using a 9700 on ATT Tmobile you will not get a 3G signal, and 'EDGE' is the best you can expect. Two different carriers use two different bandwidths of 3G, but share the same bands 'EDGE '.

    McSkeefy wrote:

    As another note, I get a text from 1121611611 + message saying "122 error number not valid. Please return using the valid or valid 10-digit mobile number short code. Activate t = 6 "...

    It is my understanding that the SMS you receive is linked to the former 5Favs from TMobile on the device or the visual voicemail on the device.

    First, to get your installer of data get your BlackBerry BIS data plan for the device, then we will deal with this SMS message later, if it persists.

    Good luck.

  • Why my blackberry used blackBerry Smartphones allow me to connect to the wifi no checkmark?

    My blackberry 8520 curve does not connect to the wifi and there is a whitedash in the area, whereas it should be a green check mark...

    I have airtel connection wi - fi and router DIgisol instead of my house...


    Read these articles and see if they apply.

    Thank you


    KB03892 Differences in browsers on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Includes a video describing the different browsers and contains the following links to correct this information, see:

    • KB11678 The BlackBerry smartphone user cannot connect to the Internet with the BlackBerry smartphone.
    • KB03710 The Internet browser icon does not appear on the BlackBerry smartphone.
    • KB12971 The BlackBerry smartphone user is unable to display a specific web page using the Internet browser.
  • II-think ME214 will not go start page and surveys through the process on when I touch the screen, but used to progress beyond this point

    I have a ME214 ii - think she returned to Chinese writing it starts and get to first page once I touch screen that it queries through the start-up process each time. Also when I connect to the computer it not of resistances that it is a device on the computer. He information in the manual that there is a reset on the side button but I can't find a someone out there could provide some answers please

    Hi Stanley_50,

    ·         He has already worked?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         What is the exact make and model of the unit?

    Run the fixit of the article.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    You can contact the manufacturer of the device to reset the key.

  • Screen of the blackBerry Smartphone is no longer automatically stop when the phone is not used

    I have a Verizon 8830.  I have the side switch programmed to lock the device.  In the past, when I blocked the device, the screen would turn off after 2 seconds, which would save battery.  Now, when I lock it, the display turns off after two seconds but then it turns back on.

    I can get it to decrease intensity with backlight settings, but I can't have to go completely dark.  As far as I know, I have not changed any settings.

    Any ideas?

    It fixed the old-fashioned way... I did a hard reset.  It works again.

  • Using blackBerry Smartphones, to reset...

    Hi I woke up a few minutes ago (I'm in Australia) and had left my 7100 g to recharge the catch of the day to the next, as usual. I have not backed up in a few days because I just got a new job and was performed at the large my feet. Because I have a new job, it also has a lot of new appointments, contacts, and messages in there I need.

    When I looked, he had a white screen and says reset. I panicked and press ok, but after some time with an hourglass, he wasn't doing nothing, then I took out the battery and attempted to manually save my SIM card, then went into account that none of the stuff I put for get the blackberry has disappeared on the SIM card!

    So my question is a 3 parter:

    1. I lose everything now?

    2. How can I move all the info or copy everything on my SIM card and have all the new info entered automatically go on the SIM card?

    3. why what happened?

    4. How can I prevent it from happening again?

    I use the desktop software to save it usually, but haven't for a few days... Well, help anyway!

    Thank you!


    When the power is on, remove the battery, wait a minute or two and made turn the battery on the device.

    It works after these steps?

  • How to check if my Z10 is used BlackBerry Smartphones or refurbrished?


    I bought a Z10 a few days ago on ebay from a seller named "mobilepros1": & _trksid = p3984.m1439.l...

    The seller is a popular seller with 98.5% of the positive reactions, but when I read his negative feedbacks have told some of them he was selling used or phones under the title of "new" refurbished phones.

    I do not have my Z10, but when I go I want to check if I got a brand new or an employee/refurbished, how can I do this?

    Thank you

    Tap the phone at the bottom of the main screen.

    In the phone app, slide down from the upper to the settings window.

    Click summary of the call.

    On this screen, you will see the time Total call, if that is not your own personal use since purchase, you know it has been used before.

    Mind you, eBay sellers only sell instruments 'new', with warranty, so know that you won't probably no warranty on the device other than those proposed by your seller on eBay.

  • White screen of death blackBerry Smartphones

    My Blackberry Bold 9700 had the white screen of death and will seek to revive, but while loading could fail and then repeat it, I then he backed up using the Blackberry Desktop Software and tried to do the reset of the system using this...

    1. Above all, back up your BlackBerry device.  Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and select backup and restore.  In the next screen, select backup and perform a full backup of your data on the device.  Note the location of the backup file (usually in the Documents folder).  Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and let your connected device.
    2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common search in Motion\AppLoader\ and open the file Loader.exe.  In 64 bit of Vista computers, the file is located in C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.  According to the settings on your computer, you may need to show hidden folders (under file > Options for Windows XP or organize > folder and Search Options in Windows Vista).
    3. After the configuration of the aircraft has been recovered, you will be on the device Application selection page.  You can scroll through the list for all desired applications are selected.  You can also deselect all applications that you do not use to save space.  Click Next.
    4. On the next page, click on the Advanced button.  Check the two checkboxes (delete all application data and delete all currently installed applications) are checked.  Click Next.
    5. To proceed with the OS reinstall.  Note that this process can take 10 to 30 minutes (usually about 10 minutes).  Do not unplug the device.
    6. Once the process is complete, open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  Select backup and restore and open the restore application.  Select the file to restore (Backup-(Year-Month-Day) .ipd) and click Open.  Follow the steps to restore your device.
    7. Re-activate your connection to device by clicking on manage connections and turn on your Mobile network.  Download all the missing applications and re - connect to any device BlueTooth and you have completed.

      However, reset doesn't have to step 4 and I've been unable to re - connect phone to Blackberry Desktop and now, the phone tries to start but crashes when she shows the first blackberry ever start.

    Help, please

    It could be at this stage.  I'm leaning more towards the software side.  Can you take the device to the store and reload the software?  If we give them problems, then the material may be failing.

  • Removal of unused icons on the screen of the blackBerry Smartphone


    I wanted to ask if anyone has any ideas on how to remove an unused BB email account icon on the menu screen? This icon has been my previous BB email address, but I had to create a new and return my service books start to be able to send and receive emails using BIS for my BB email address and personal e-mail on my "BOLD".

    The previous BB email address does not present as an e-mail account, but the icon remains in my menu screen. I would like to remove, because it does not work.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    You can do that too

    Press menu, options, advanced options, service book and remove that 2 elements with the e-mail address you want more, one with CICAL and other with CMIME

  • Reconcile used blackBerry Smartphones ATT "BOLD"

    I am a new BB user and am trying to get my "BOLD" to synchronize with Outlook.

    My company is running MS Exchange 2007. I have configured my BIS account and receive emails without problem. Whenever I have delete emails on my PC, however, they still appear on the phone. E-mails deleted from my phone is deleted from Outlook without any problem. I have the option of reconclie BB value:

    Delete the - box & Pocket

    Wireless reconcile - suite

    Conflict - victories of the mailbox

    I talked to ATT and BB supprt, and none are of any help. BB said that they reconcile my Outlook web Access, but the emails on my phone are not visible through the web interface of Outlook.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


    See if the suggestions contained in this article are of no use:

  • To the touch screen isn´t blackBerry smartphones work properly

    Hi guys

    My Blackberry Torch 9800 mom´s (carrier is Claro Brasil and the operating system is updated to 6.0 Bundle 2647) isn´t works correctly.  Sometimes the touch screen work doesn´t and is sometimes works but not in a perfect way. When I try to type numbers to dial by using the virtual keyboard some keys doesn´t functioned as the back button. When I tap the back the number 3 button appears on the screen.  I tried to go down and then upgrade the software using the Desktop Manager but this didn t solve the problem, and even after removing the battery several times the problem remains.

    One has had this problem before?

    If I can get help in this forum, I'll be more than happy.

    Thanks in advance.


    To complete this topic I inform guys that the 9800 was his screen changed and it now works fine. Total cost for me was about US $ 100. Not bad.

    Thanks for your help guys.

    Now I'm looking for the Blackberry 10 phone!

Maybe you are looking for