New OS for old Tecra 8000

Hi all

I just purchased a Qosmio F10 and want to give my old Tecra 8000 (P2 300 Mhz, 8 GB, 192 MB of RAM) to a friend. This computer works fine on Windows 98 1st edition, and I again all the installation diskettes. I would like to reformat the drive to remove my identity and to upgrade the operating system to a version more recent Windows.

My questions are:
-What operating system given the low specs?
-How can I reinstall Toshiba laptop features?
Thank you in advance.



TOK is quite right. Check on the Toshiba site what operating system is supported for your device as Toshiba specific tools are designed only for the operating system.

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    Since yesterday, I have my NB again at home and so far, I'm happy with it!

    It has a processor M760, with 2 GHz, 100 GB HDD, FSB 533 and such - but it is slower than my old Tecra 8000 with PII and 366 MHz with only 8 GB of HARD drive.
    Y at - it a tip or something I should fix, or is it quite normal when there is now software for nearly 10 GB (nothing special, just the software more pre-installed desktop, antivirus and internet, no games) on this subject?

    Would be happy to help!


    HI Meike,

    Your new Tecra running the same OS as your old?

    I would be interested to know if slow is during the initial loading of the operating system or if it appears when you actually use the system.

  • Need info on RAM for a TECRA 8000

    I'm looking for a bit of RAM for my old laptop Tecra 8000 PII 300 model n PAT800E-B94A-GR.

    Can I use 256 MB or larger? What is important to look for? I have no much experience in computer hardware.

    Who has an idea?

    Thx for all the help of the Germany Thomas


    I found some interesting info on this good old classic. Your Tecra can handle with max 256 MB of RAM. Tecra 8000 has two memory slots, and you can use two 128 MB modules.

    Module 128 MB compatible is with PA2062U part number.

  • After the new OS installation my Tecra 8000 runs very slowly

    I did a format and install windows Windows XP sp2 home edition on my Tecra 8000. Now, it is very slow to load the desktop. I missed the relocation of something?
    I don't have the right Windows XP Home edition, System Restore disc.

    Hello wkerns

    It is well known that some laptops and thus determine a drastic loss of performance after installing XP SP 2. Also, check out this article.

    I have the same situation with my Satellite P10. Unit need 20 seconds more until I'm able to use the operating system. I put t really know what can be done to make it better. I read that the processor driver should be exchanged with the processor drivers used prior to SP2. I try still didn t.

  • Where can I get a new keyboard for my Tecra A3 in the United Kingdom?

    I spilled water - heck! -a couple of days ago on my Tecra A3 and I think it is beyond fixing, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I was not clean it regularly and I think there's probably some dust - and other foreign bodies - under the keys and I think that dust got, through the water, in the electronics connecting the keys to the white fabric - I don't know what you call it - the keyboard connecting links for the rest of the machine.

    Most of the keys does not work, and some of them, they work, whey in free, add additional letters for a tap.

    I removed the keyboard and left it and the machine to dry and when has not toured and dried the keyboard and surrounding parts thorougly - working delicately - cleaned using a little bit of alcohol and ear hydrophilic cotton cleaners. I also used a small air pressure producing machine to try to get rid of any dust. I think I did a job just, but it still does not.

    I think I have to buy a new keyboard. Do you know where can I get a new keyboard A3 in England or a second hand keyboard that would be in perfect working order?

    Thanking you in advance,

    Conor Joyce


    New parts can be ordered from the ASP from Toshiba (certified partner) in your country. Guys could control the room is not available directly from Toshiba.

    If you want to buy a second hand keyboard, I recommend you research in the internet, ebay, etc.

  • new cards for old R31 + D-link router wireless?

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    I had a few questions - I wanted to know if I can use some new adapters cardbus pcmcia wireless with this machine.

    What I wanted to do with this laptop was whether my current wired computer network. This is why I get out the old router for that. From there on, I won't be able to transfer large files, play music video to tell a hard drive within the network to the R31 - if possible *.

    I have an old router D - Link DI-624 (single antenna). I couldn't find the older cardbus adapters aroud locally (i.e. DWL-G650) here - I can get you one of the newer but...

    I thought since I'm this old router, I would combine it with a more recent D-Link cardbus: what are my options:

    [url] [url]

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    my old router:

    Thank you for your time and help!

    Welcome to the forum!

    Any PCMCIA wireless card will work fine with an R31, but the first that you have linked is a map of "N" and your router does not support the "N", so it would be a waste...

    I used Ralink RT2500 with my last R31 and a similar to your router and was very happy. Check price eBay and Google.

    I hope this helps.

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    I checked a few threads here, and it seems that it's not easy to rename your user folder. I spent a lot of time installing software and transfer the data from my old pc and my new pc, so I don't want to do this again.

    I use OneNote to study and my laptop is great, with many hyperlinks to pdf files, now located at C:\Users\Ronny\, as they were at the C:\Users\RL\ on my old pc. I definitely is unwilling to edit everything manually. I checked the mklink command, but I'm afraid to spoil the new folders now.

    Do any know of a solution, please help.

    There is not much of an easy solution for that, for the past, but I can offer an alternative to ensure that you never have to suffer again.

    In the future instead of just hyper-lier the PDF files, you might consider simply dragging them directly to your laptop and a fall.  Functionally, the only difference is that you will see an icon instead of a link, but just as before, you always this way with a single click to reach the PDF file.  Except that with the method of the icon, it can never be broken again.

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    Thank you


    Help here > switch your Apple Watch to a new iPhone - Apple Support

  • Updating BIOS for Tecra 8000 without floppy

    I searched this forum a solution update the BIOS without a floppy drive. The only one i found was this thread [], but there is no file .iso for the tecra 8000 series.
    is there a solution to get the new bios installed on my tecra 8000 without any floppy drive?

    I checked Toshiba BIOS download page on and TRAD BIOS version is proposed. This old Tecra is maybe 10 years and now, Toshiba has offered traditional update the BIOS only.

    Win versions are later available with latest Tecra 9000/9100.
    I'm sorry.

    Maybe stupid question now, but why do you need the BIOS update?

  • Update hard disk for Tecra 8000 PII

    I installed a new HD in my Tecra 8000 PII. Old pn:21 L 9540. According to the specs, I received pn:MK4021GAS can be installed in the seat of doensn t of BIOS Tecra 8000.The the new HD. I did a BIOS upgrade to version 9,31 with no result.
    Is there a solution to my problem?

    Kind regards
    [email protected]


    I don't know but, I am very pessimistic, you have every chance of casting more than 8 GB HDD to your laptop because there are BIOS HARD disk size restrictions! If the latest version of the BIOS does not support the new HDD it appears impossible to run!

    Can you please send a link where is possible to read the specifications of this 40 GB HARD drive.

  • What RAM should I use for Tecra 8000


    does anyone know what RAM I need for my Tecra 8000
    I need the number of PA

    with greetings


    The Tecra 8000 is an oldie and it therefore RAM modules that are no longer used in most models of laptops.
    As far as I know, you need the module SODIMM 144 pin PC100.

    128 MB part number is PA3005U

    Good bye

  • Max Ram for Tecra 8000

    What is the max for the TECRA 8000 RAM?


    I don t know how much memory you have right now, but if you want to expand the memory this module is compatible

    PC100 128 MB (PA3005U)
    PC100 64 MB (PA3004U)

    Good bye

  • HARD on my Tecra 8000 P11 drive failure


    I hope someone can help,
    I have an old tecra 8000 P11 and the HARD drive failed, I tried re starting from the cd but says disc hard is not recognized or does not. any ideas?
    Can someone point me in the direction of a compatible HARD drive replacement or original.

    Thank you



    This is an older unit and it is not easy to give you accurate information but I found one that can be useful for you. Obviously, Tecra 8000 comes with different HARD drive capacities and the largest is 14FR. I don? t know which one you have now, but you should not use the HARD drive with too much capacity because it won't be recognized without doubt. I recommend you check eBay because there you can buy an and it won't cost much.

  • Tecra 8000 with Win2k - how to start in DOS?

    What I want to do is to create an image of the current operating system partition with Ghost 2003 BACK utility loaded on a CD instead of a floppy.

    I have an old Tecra 8000 borrowed my gal friend. It has Win2k Pro installed.
    After d/ing a pdf of the manual, it seems he came originally with Win98 installed.
    The manual says to use the diskette "Companion" to enter the BACK.
    The diskette only d/l that I can find is for Win 98/Win98se.

    So, my questions:
    1. the diskette of Win98 works with Win2k?
    2. preferably, how can I open a CD with BACK before the start of the OS?
    I can't enter startup. But this does not allow me to access the CD-ROM drive.

    I hope it's an easy process that I am too blind to see.

    Two weeks ago, that I created the image using a program Norton Ghost 2003.
    I created a CD image and Ghost was asked to create a floppy disk back.
    I've never used this disc because I don t have a floppy drive, but I guess you can use this disk to boot from them and access to the ghost CD.

  • Tecra 8000 - connection of the hard disk


    My old Tecra 8000 dropped last night after 4 years loyal service. She simply refuses to start to start most of the time. I think that this is a motherboard problem because sometimes it is starts on a diskette and remains stable for about 10 minutes. I know that the hard drive is fine as I can copy files on disk when booting from the floppy in DOS mode. Is there a way I can connect the HDD on a desktop PC so that I can recover the files which are there?

    Thanks for your help,



    James means the case of HARD drive 2.5 external with a USB port or / and the firewire interface. These cases, you can buy everywhere. Also check ebay.

Maybe you are looking for

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