New Pavilion dv5

Hi, I recently bought a Pavilion dv5 and am trying to uninstall the "fluff" (don't know if that's the right term). I have about 6 different versions of Microsoft Visual C++. Can I safely uninstall, or I won't regret it later?

You need these runtime libraries, let them installed. Different versions are linked to different versions of Net Framework which are also installed and required by some software.


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  • new Pavilion dv5 laptop Virtual Disk Service restarts every minute

    New journal of events system dv5 - 1007ca is filled with entries saying the virtual disk Service stops, restarts 1 minute later, stops after 2 seconds, then resumes at new 1 minute later.   4 inputs each minute.

    I went back to the store and found the same thing is happening on all the dv5 on screen, as well as HP tx tablets.

    The deactivation of the service is not a solution because then you can't get in the Disk Manager, more I do not know what else.

    Everyone has noticed this?   or can suggest how to stop this behavior?

    Looks like it's all new dv5, not just mine.

    Thank you

    Ok thank you.  Start in safe mode led me to the solution.
  • Cannot install any os in a hp pavilion dv5 - 1120ev

    Hi, my friend has an hp pavilion dv5 - 1120ev, he had top, pre installed windows vista. He asked me that if I could make the computer faster, so I told him, of course, you need to change OS to do this, you must install windows 7, I said. So I took with me, put windows 7 dvd, boot from the cd/dvd drive, deleted all partitions, even the recovery partition (I didn't know it came without a copy of disk recovery tools), partitioned the drive into 2 two new partitions, formatted and continued to install the os on the primary. The dvd that I used has all versions of windows 7, 32 and 64 bit, tried all, it gets stuck on the process of expansion, to 0% files (only with one version, she was 14%, I can't remember which), and it gives me the "windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupted or missing. "Sure... error code: 0 x 80070017. Then, I tried with another dvd with winodws 7 ultimate, same thing. I also tried with the disc do not split into two, one partition, just in case windows is having problems expanding all of the files, just in case, same thing. Then I thought it was a bios thing, he had to be updated, which to be honest there cause of the version it is F.0C, and in the support section of the hp site, I found a newer version of it, which is also described as necessary for the latest operating system upgrade. I thought wow, that's it, I found it, I will upload a version of it bootable, version bootable cd to be precise, cause the bios version there back does not support booting from usb devices, I'll update it and install the operating system. NOPE. The site has an exe of the bios version. I tried to make a disk bootable with the bios in there (with the option of nero boot disc), I guess that I've not done it right, it could be a solution, but I could use some help on this. I also tried to install windows xp, so that I can install it the update of the bios, the same thing, I get the same error, only with the old blue sceen scholl. Finally, I tried to install windows vista Home premium, just in case the bios for a reason any has only accepted this operating system, no way, same error again! So now I'm not stuck wth no operating system, a pc unusable, nothing can be installed on it. I asked my friend that if the cd/dvd drive had some kind of problem, he said, had no problem with game discs, their loading and installation of games. Please HELP I don't know what to do! Thank you

    Nevermind, I managed to solve the problem by taking the hard drive, put it in another phone and the windows installation, then put it back. It worked like charm, so the problem is 100% on the DVD player.

    Thank you

  • Pavilion dv5 1235dx: NIC for 1235dx dv5

    Looking for complete replacement pcie network mini pavilion dv5 1235dc adapter.

    Have links is router EA6300. Need dual band Ben?

    Thank you and happy holidays.

    Hi @murrayotl ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I looked in your question in the subject of your HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Entertainment Notebook, who need a new wireless card.

    I searched Microsoft for a fix for this and that they indicate on the forums that if you change the channel of the router on a different channel, that might solve the problem of connection of 5 GHz.

    You could disable IPV6 for the laptop. Some say this helps.

    Solve this problem Microsoft Fix it 50413 here is a linkto help as well.

    Now, with all the information that I gave, if you still require a match to the wireless card.

    I need the serial number. Please seethe HP privacy statement . Then send it to me in a private message.

    Thank you.

  • Pavilion dv5-1140ew: updated HP Pavilion dv5-1140ew CPU

    Hi all.  I have HP Pavilion dv5-1140ew with processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 2000 MHz (10 x 200), Merom - 2 M

    Chipset - Northbridge: Intel PM45, Southbridge: Intel ICH9M

    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT - graphics

    My question is which processors my mainbord will support. It would be good if someone please show me some lists or examples of these processors that really works on this laptop does not just "maybe."

    THX 4 help!

    Really thx 4 youre help.

    Only info erased my mind a lot and I know what I can do witm my HP now.

    Thx to new M8 and see U.

  • HP Pavilion dv5-1225et Enterta: Ram upgrade

    HP Pavilion dv5-1225et Entertainment

    I want to improve my Ram memory with new ones. My ram orjinial (1 * 2 GB of ram) will change with 2 * 2 GB of ram. However, ı don't know who I have to take. Can someone help me with this. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Read carefully. It's DDR2. DDR2 not gets all faster than 800 mhz (in fact 400 double). DDR3 not slam into the slots.

  • Pavilion dv5 drivers for own x 64 Vista install?

    I intend to do a clean installation of 64-bit Vista on my HP Pavilion dv5 laptop.  I entered the product number on the driver download page and was sent to the list of driver below:

    That's a lot of drivers!  Those who are the base drivers, I need?  The purpose of this new facility is to annihilate all HP software and unnecessary programs further.

    In addition, with my HP Slimline desktop computer, there a chipset driver that I need to first install.  Is there a equivalent to a chipset for the computer driver dv5 laptop?  I don't seem to see it on this list.

    Thank you!

    I believe that the chipset is included in the ATI Mobility driver, install first. With respect to the Atheros and Broadcom, check your device manager to see what card you have before clean install of Vista.

    So does the card reader, who wouldn't you have listed in D.M._Realtek or JMicron? You have a TV Tuner... If it is not necessary to install the driver.

    As to the validity and Persona_one is the driver and the other is the software to configure (if you have the device of fingerprints in option).

  • HP Pavilion Dv5 - 1111ea need replacement charger help!

    I have a HP pavilion dv5 - 1111ea and so, because my charger is damaged I need a new but my series is PPP012D-S and my share of HP is 463553-004, but he also says replace with HP spare: 463955-001 then what charger should I buy because im confused?

    Hello Xanoas,

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand you are looking to replace the power supply for your HP Pavilion dv5-1111ea Notebook Adapter and are amazing to get part number. Page 34 of the HP Pavilion dv5 Entertainment PC Maintenance and Service of Guide , I can confirm that the desired part number is 463955-001. You can order this part of the HP parts store.

    I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting your question on the Forums of HP. Have a great day!

  • Pavilion dv5-2035dx: error code BIOS corruption of HP Pavilion dv5 [DEAD VIDEO CARD]

    Product: Pavilion dv5-2035dx

    OS: Dual boot Linux Mint 16 and Windows 7 64-bit (no HP recovery partition) edition

    HP recovery discs: I have them, but cannot use them because the DVD laser does not (CD only)


    • While in the normal conditions of use, screen has suddenly had vertical lines black and gray
    • After reboot, the computer lights up and the fan works, but the screen is black
    • CTRL key flashes white light: 2 flashes, pause and repeat (BIOS corruption)

    Hello, I'm recovering from the corruption of BIOS, hoping that it is not a failed mobo.

    I downloaded the latest BIOS update for my system, but I can't this file to install on an external USB key using HP instructions to restore the BIOS.

    To 1.11 step, I don't get the "HP system BIOS Update Utility" screen. Instead, I get this:

    My questions:

    1. is there an easy way to get this .exe on a USB? (I tried 3 computers and 3 cards USB, WTH then?)

    2. If not, can I just unzip and create a bootable USB in another program by copy/pasting the BIOS file?

    3. is there anything else I should try before flashing the BIOS?

    Thanks in advance for your help. ^^

    UPDATE: the "BIOS error" was in fact the video card that failed due to repeated overheating. The repair shop, replace the video card and repaired the overheating problem (I don't ask how), and my computer is like new.

    For those who have a similar with their computer, my error "BIOS" problem (as it is coded by flashing lights of my computer) turns out to be a video card has failed.

    The repair shop, said that what happens when computers overheat frequently, which mine did. Thus, they have changed the video card and solved the overheating problem, and my computer is in working condition.

  • Occasional screen flicker (HP Pavilion dv5-1010us)


    I bought my HP Pavilion dv5-1010us Entertainment pc precisely the Labor Day 2008 due to a current sale.

    The screen tends to flicker in mostly white with thin bars of color (reflecting the colours that are supposed to be shown) vertical to the Center and some goes horizontal upward.

    The problem arose only recently, and it appears sporadically. Sometimes he just blinks a couple seconds, then returns to normal and doesn't happen for a while. Other times, he'll almost constantly, and I don't see what I'm doing.

    Also, sometimes, before or after the screen flashed, thick horizontal bars darken the screen and move up and down several times, vaguely remenisant for when you take a video of television or similar, and horizontal bars scrolling down it.

    It seems to happen also only usually when a) the lapotp isn't on a resistant surface, small tremors every now and again because of the surface, and b) whenever I have tilt the screen.

    Sometimes, just put the screen to another post he corrects, but most of the time, I just have to wait until it stops flashing.

    I am running Vista Home Premium 64-bit,

    graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 9200 M GS

    in Device Manager, it says the driver is 'Generic PnP monitor', but he also says that it's the updated driver.

    (Short version)

    Specifications of the computer:

    Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    nVidia GeForce 9200 M GS

    'Generic PnP monitor' pilot

    Question: Screen flickers sporadically mainly white with a few fine lines color when the laptop screen is tilted or unstable and sometimes at very random times.

    The problem only recently.

    I called earlier to HP support. (Sometimes at the begginning of the month).

    There was nothing that they could do over the phone, so they sent me a box on 2 days shipping from FedEx.

    Got the box and sent my laptop. They received it the 7 and 8 sent using FedEx. I got it on the 10th.

    From what I can tell, it's a brand new screen. The top of my laptop (the back of the monitor) had a few minor and cosmetic scratches in the surface of the it normal wear and tear when I sent it. When I got the laptop repaired, there is a movie on top of the laptop (the back of the screen). I peeled off the power, and there is no scratches whatsoever.

    Certainly it's even portable, although (my touchpad has a few marks on it, too, normal wear and tear.) I often use this machine. ). Therefore, a new screen.

    The left side is also is no longer loose at all, and it works exactly as it should.

    I used every day since I got back and have had no problems or issues at all the.

    The only solution seems to be to send in, unfortunately. On the positive side, however, it only took about 7 business days after I got out the phone with them for me to have the back already.

    I called on a Tuesday evening has obtained the box this Thursday evening when I'm off work, he left FedEx on Friday, they got it on the following Tuesday, and he had fixed and shipped Wednesday, for me to have received this Friday.

    In short, it is a pity that the screen stopped working properly, it was not too scary to little more than a week without it.

  • Help Uprade Ram HP Pavilion dv5-1251nr

    Hey my computer is

    but im not the smartest guy on the block about computers im trying to buy 4 x 2 ram for a total of 8gig of RAM

    I bought a $ 60 kit containing 4 x 2, but they have the right to 'model' and I need all the help I can find a Web site or store for a upgrade from work for my computer.

    I want to buy the cheaper if possible


    Please try this:

    old DDR2 RAM is now more expensive than newer RAM.

    Kind regards.

  • How to install a printer port parallel port Pavilion dv5 Notebook usb

    When trying to install my printer HP DeskJet 610C Parallel Port on my HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx Notebook PC with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, I followed the instructions given by the HP Support about two years back.

    I connected the two devices with a parallel port cable / USB. The PC loaded and confirmed the correct driver. (On the advice of sites on the Internet, I made repeated attempts to install the printer carefully, to no avail).

    Then my deliverance, the Print, the printer statement invariably prints two copies of what appears to be "gibberish" in two lines at the beginning of the worksheet. Subsequently, she picks up and ejects then 6-8 sheets of white paper.

    Any help to resolve this abnormal situation will be welcome and appreciated.

    I would add that the printer works normally when connected in parallel to an old Notebook Compaq Armada 1750 (XP OS). In this case also, the parallel/USB worked as in the PC Pavilion, above.

    Hi khalidem,

    Looks like you have a communication problem with the cables from the printer. Have you tried a new parallel to USB cable or adapter?

  • confused about serial number HP Pavilion DV5-1110em battery

    I am in need a new battery for my HP Pavilion DV5-1110em and need to know what battery are compatible with this laptop model I'm confused as to what to buy.

    Printed on my battery are the numbers 'series REPLACEMENT-IB73' and at the bottom of the battery is "HP part number 462889-141", but on a sticky lable, it says "replace with spare HP 484171-001". "

    and then when I go to the websites and to air and be hit with all these numbers of compatibility then thought better to check here and not buy the bad battery.

    Please help as I said it's so confusing.

    HP Pavilion & HP Pavilion dv5-1110em


    Since your laptop is out of warranty there is no obligation to use an OEM battery. In simple terms, just do a Google search like I did for DV5-1110em battery. Buy one that is guaranteed compatible to replace your original battery.  That's all there is to it.

  • I have a pavilion dv5 and used to check internal parts p/n

    I have a pavilion dv5-1115el p/n: FU741EA #ABZ s / n: CNF83926PD
    I send it in a maintenance repair operation and I suspect they have change my parts (drive HARD, RAM, wireless)

    I need to check the original parts that have buy new. How I check it?
    Waiting for your answer quickly

    Has a link to the HP Pavilion dv5 Entertainment PC - maintenance and service guide.  All parts used in the series of laptop are in the section of the manual parts catalog

  • Pavilion dv5-1135ee drivers XP?

    Hi iM new here... and I was looking for ways how can I downgrade my vista to XP... There is support for pilot but his video and LAN, they do not support...

    No idea how I can get kind of drivers for XP? There is a great person out there who could help me?

    I got this as a gift, but there are plenty of apps that work well on vista... so I need it downgrade to XP... Thank you!!

    HP Pavilion dv5-1135ee

    Windows Vista Edition Home Premium to Windows XP SP2

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