New Phishing Scam tries to steal passwords and Apple ID

Not apply for assistance, but just a heads-up.

This certainly isn't a new type of fraud, but it is worth to remind people, it's there. There was someone in the forums the other day who has lost access to their Apple ID because they responded to such a text.

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  • I just changed my password and apple id

    I can't connect to my Apple ID has changed on my pc, but my iPhone has still old showing Apple ID.  How to refresh to be able to use my new password and ID apple iPhone.  Thank you

    You talk to sign in with your Apple ID in iTunes Store? If so, the content you have downloaded/purchased with the old ID is locked to this ID do you just changed the email address, or have you created a new Apple ID and password? If you have created new, you can connect with that, but the old one should always be used to update applications and things that already exist on the device, unless you remove this content and purchase/download again with the new code.

  • New version lost all my saved passwords and not save everything - I tried help

    Earlier versions of registered FF going on very well, but for the two latest updates that the function has stopped working. I tried the steps in the FAQ "passwords not saved", even changed my story custom to always save settings. I don't care. Don't make passwords or even asking me. All passwords that had been in my profile for the last two years are no longer visible in the window of the options "show saved". Should I uninstall Firefox and start over?


    The extension 'Remember password' has been reported to cause problems with passwords disappears, so if you have this extension and then remove (uninstall) it.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode (don't remember history).

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
    • : Uncheck the [] "always use the private browsing mode.

    It is possible that there is a problem with signons3.txt (encryption key) and logins.json (encrypted names and passwords) in Firefox.
    You can open the logins.json file in Notepad (Firefox/tools > Web Developer) to check its content.
    Click on the button to "Pretty Print" to fit the file for readability.
    If there are names and passwords encrypted in logins.json there is probably a problem with the signons3.txt file that stores the encryption key.
    You can rename the file signons3.txt (key3.db.old) and the logins.json (logins.json.old) file or move these files to another folder to make it possible to cancel the action.

    Rename or delete a file of possible signons.sqlite (signons.sqlite.old) used by older versions of Firefox as well.
    You must define a new master password after renaming or removing the signons3.txt and all the currently saved passwords are lost.

    You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

  • You can help me to get the process ID so I can install updates? I am locked out and have tried to change password and opening new account, but it won't let me past the security or open a new account, because I told that I already have a. New password will

    I can't get through the process ID or change password or by opening a new account. I have only 1 e-mail address. How can I get an account that works?

    This password is presented by your operating system and is designed to prevent you from accidentally installing the software.

    If it comes to your personal computer and you don't need a password to connect to the computer when it first starts, you can probably leave the password blank and click OK to go to this prompt.  If it comes to your personal computer and your normal password does not work, make sure that CAPS LOCK SHIFT is off, and then type the password carefully.

    If this is your work machine and he asks an administrator password, well, you will need to have a conversation with your computer friendly.

    If you are still puzzled, you may need to reset the password on your Mac:

  • I want to change my username and password but I saved the original ones and now forxfire let me use the new. How possibly my old password and usnername

    I went to a site that I use a lot and when I put my username and password foxfire asked me if I wanted to save them on my computer. I said yes. I had to change the user name and password for the site and now foxfire will not let me connect on htat site because there the old information. When I type in the new user name and password in the windows the conputer change my user name to the original one. I have to go to internet explore and go to the site, that I would like to connect. How I can erese the my "old" so I can continue to use foxfire.
    BEcky 435-224-4932 or 435-884-0193

    You can view and delete any individual or all the passwords by using

    • (Firefox 3.6 or menu bar) Tools-> Options. Security - passwords
    • (Firefox 4 as above press Alt first, or) Forefox button-> Options...

    For a full explanation see Password Manager - don't forget, delete, modify and import passwords saved in Firefox

  • for three days, I am unable to log on my user account who is the administrator. I tried my usual password and does not work. However, the other two users accounts are still functional.

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    How to use system restore to log on Windows 7 or Windows Vista when you lose access to an account

    Try the information above for this problem, as you know the password.


    "Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords"

    Microsoft cannot help you recover the passwords of the files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features.

    Read theBANNING of cracking of passwords information tools information provided in these forums in the thread above posted byBill fill MSFT, moderator

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • forget the password and apple ID

    I update my iPhone 5 IOS 9.3 and to activate my iPhone I forget apple id and password

    I recently updated my ipad IOS 9.3 and his arrival at the top on the white screen where you type your Apple ID and password.

    I completely forgot the apple ID, I used to set up the Ipad. He let me use other accounts to connect, I also tried hard resetting but it always happened to the same screen.

    It is said ' IPAD is currently linked to a apple ID, sign in with the ID used to implement this IPAD ', please help someone like her my little sisters IPAD and shes stressed out!

  • What happens if I can't contact the former owner for the password and apple ID

    I can't contact the previous owner of the iPhone. I need to activate the phone and I can't ignore the apple id and password to enter set up. How would I go to get around this?

    So you can not activate or use than the iPhone, but may be able to get a refund for her. Locking activation is a measure of protection against theft; Apple will not be able to unlock iPhone for you.


  • I forgot my password and email of my apple ID and my ipad is activation of the locking icloud

    my little cousin has forgotten the ID password and apple for its ipad and locked self out of the device and rebooted and it updated and all that everything worked until he arrived in iCloud activation lock us can do

    Try to recover the ID here:! & section = appleid

    Reset password here:! & section = password


  • I recently had a new hard drive installed in my 2008 iMac. I'm trying to re - install office and the computer does not recognize my password. I tried all the passwords I can think of and nothing works and it wont let me continue

    I recently had a new hard drive installed in my 2008 iMac desktop computer, because right now I can't afford a new computer.   I am now under OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 and my password no longer works so that I can reinstall office microsoft for Mac.  I'm trying to change my password, but you must enter the old password and it does not recognize the password.  I tried every password I use and nothing works.  How can I change or get a new password?

    Reset the password.

    OS X 10.7 Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite 10.9 10.8, Yosemite 10.10 and 10.11 El Capitan

    Shut down the computer.

    Start the computer, and then press on and hold the command key and the R key to boot from the recovery partition.

    When you see the Apple logo, release the keys.

    Wait until the OS X Utilities window appears.

    Move the mouse pointer to the bar menu at the top of the screen, click on "Utilities" and select "Terminal".

    in the menu dropdown.

    Terminal window is displayed.

    TypeRegeditdans resetpassword and press enter on the keyboard.

    Reset Password Utility window will open.

    Leaving the Terminal.

    Select Macintosh HD, if not already.

    Select the user account in the menu popup box under "Select user account.

    Enter a new password.

    Re-enter the new password for the user.

    Enter a hint.

    Click on the Save"" button.

    Click  in the menu bar, and then select restart.

    Open a session.

    When Keychain dialog box appears, select "create new keychain".

  • I've set up a master password and for some reason its not recognize and cannot enter the e-mail and job site. I tried to delete it, but can not. Help

    I tried to take out additional coverage on the internet with a master password. Unfortunately what I typed to the origin is not excluded or recognized. This causes me a major problem due to one of the sites I use for work being blocked, as well as my original e-mail. How can I solve this problem? I tried to turn it off, but it requires the correct password and it does not work. Don't know what happened or if I typed a wrong typo. Can you help me on your end?


    Firefox master password feature protects your saved passwords. However, even if you are unable to access your saved passwords, you should be able to connect to the site manually (by typing your user name and password). Is that somehow have blocked as well?

    If you have forgotten your master password, you can delete and create a new. However, I think that will also erase all your saved connections and you will save them again. More information on this: reset your master password if you forget.

    If the problem is not with the Firefox built-in password manager but another (add-on, the external program), then steps would be different, but they depend on what you use.

  • New bug password and restrictions of ATV

    Bugs in the new Apple TV are driving me crazy! I got the 2nd Gen (a first for black) because they were released and I love it. Since my children are pretty old to analyze and find money for distance, I had enabled restriction. When I implemented the new ATV I activated just like my other two ATV last gen. Immediately, I noticed a problem with the new system. The old ATV would encourage the code 4 digit (which is defined during activation of the restrictions) whenever I would try to play the media above the permitted level or make a new purchase. It is a quick and simple solution that prevented kid "accidental" purchases or posting unauthorized action films by children. The code was particularly easy to enter when using the Remote app on any of my iOS devices.

    The new ATV however is constantly prompting me for my full iTunes connection whenever I play all media, same appreciation G movies I already own. The worst thing is that because the existing Remote app is not supported by the new ATV, I have to enter my really long iTunes password and complex by using the new remote control and the line of alphabet silly interface. I tried to disable the restrictions affecting everything back any permit setting but she always asking my password whenever something is played. The password is set to never ask, but it seems not to matter. The only way I could solve the problem is to reset the ATV and set it up again from scratch. Of course, this resulted quickly in several 'accidental' purchases on the road to Crossy.

    I hope that a new remote iOS app is coming soon and that they will in the company touchID. With the families of sharing and permission requests that can be sent to the parent's phone, it would be great if the same might work for mountain BIKING. I LOVE apple products and the ATV but it is a deal breaker for me.

    It is a bad user experience I've resorted to dive into my old (3rd generation) ATV up to what an update is published.

    Being a community from user to user, Apple will not read your comments, but if you have any suggestions that you think might improve Apple TV you can send your feedback here at Apple

  • Password and details personal request scams

    I have just receieved and email from Hotmail/Outlook team members Services asking for all my personal data as well as my password with the threat to end to the account, unless I reply in 24 hours. Is it a scam? Should I report it?

    Emails requesting Hotmail/ user account, passwords, and personal information are phishing scams.  E-mails threatening closure imminent your account unless you answer are also usually scams. Do not answer. Do not click on links in these emails

  • I don't remember my password and have tried everything.

    Hi, I tried 1 million passwords.  Nothing worked so I went on the site of adobe and started fresh.  I put a new name and a password.  Then I went to download and again old stuff appears!  Same problem, no password doesn't work.  Please help if possible.  Thank you.


  • I forgot my Adobe ID code I was able to get a new password and my email has not changed, but it seems to me to need an Adobe ID to start using my Photoshop elements 12 new. What should do?

    I forgot my Adobe ID code I was able to get a new password and my email has not changed, but it seems to me to need an Adobe ID to start using my Photoshop elements 12 new. What should do? It's incredibly frustrating!

    Thanks, Sarika, for trying to help me. That link led me to more than one set of steps and I didn't know what to do. But I started to change my password for the 2nd time and struck me somehow to where I can now user ss12.

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    I have a new Pearl Flip and have problems with the external display. It will not show incoming calls caller ID. How can I set the phone to do this? So far, all he's going to show me is the clock and text messages and ignored the calls. I can't stand