New power adapter required for Tecra 9100

The airline lost my luggage and so I need a new adapter for my Tecra 9100 but cannot find a list on the site.
Anyone know the part number that I need?

Thank you.

Hi Bill,

I believe that the number of parts you ERA is PA3283E-2ACA

Kind regards

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    I need to buy the new adapter for my Qosmio F50 126. The reason being if I try to run more demanding applications on my computer, the entire computer crashes, stops. I need to buy a new adapter before my result of collisions computers together to destroy my HARD drive. I don't know if my battery died or the AC adapter fails to load them up.

    Below the picture of the underside of my adapter.

    What I want to know if the following two maps are the same and that it would work with my model. I ask this question because the difference in price between the two units is important., 20 USD. Also, I will import it from the USA with the help of an agent here. That's why I need to get it right on the first try.

    I am curious about the connector on the end. I wonder if its the same one that came with the notebook. I believe that it will not be a problem with it clearly said that he accepts my model, Qosmio F50 126

    Another find that according to me is the best and most compatiable.

    This one will work of course but the price is much higher than that mentioned above


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    I can see either of them belongs to original Toshiba, so in general, you can buy one of them described hope specification is right. In the case that something is not OK you must contact some merchant and file a complaint.

    If you want to have the original Toshiba use sticker Toshiba part number and order the same adapter.

  • Satellite A660 - new power adapter required

    I have a Satellite A660 and the power adapter has recently stopped charging my battery. A friend has exactly the same brand and using its adapter worked fine.

    So I need a replacement, although I can't find the right. I want to buy a true Toshiba and not a knockoff from ebay I got hurt with those who in the past.

    My AC adapter part number is PA3716E-1AC3.

    You could point me in the right direction of genuine compatible currently available adapters?

    You have the exact your order adapter reference please the same adapter. You can order by Toshiba service provider or some independent PC online stores.

    Put the part number as search terms in Google for your country and I m you will find for online ordering.

  • Tecra 700CT - new AC adapter required

    I have a Tecra laptop 700CT and my adaptor broken... What can I use the PA3467E-1AC3 AC on my laptop adapter?

    pls need very quick response because I'm about to buy a

    I recommend you to use the original power adapter for this oldie. The reference is PA2484U. Google around and you'll find shops where you can order.

    Bye and good luck!

  • How to use the CD of diagnosis of the engineer for Tecra 9100

    Anyone who has used the engineer Tecra CD diagnostic for the 9100 (or any other model if they are similar)? I was able to acquire the CD and have been able to recover part of the diagnostics to run tests starting at BACK 6.22 and the tests directly to the release of the CD. There is probably a "correct" way to use this CD but I have no documentation.

    Specifically, I'm trying to diagnose his painful card problem - it is not recognized by Windows and I can't install the Yamaha riders. I basically JUST replaced on this laptop and still no sound.

    All in ALL, I mean: two mothers (upper/lower case); map its (three different cards!); CPU - what else is one that can be connected to the sound?

    Anyway, if anyone can give some guidance on the diagnostic use of the engineer Tecra 9100 CD it would be greatly appreciated.


    Where did you get this CD of engineers?
    I m scared but in my opinion these CDs are not intended for common use of the user and, therefore, you will not find many people who has experience with those CD.

    But it would be very interesting to know how to get this CD

  • In charge of WPA for Tecra 9100

    Hi all

    Anyone know if he is in charge of WPA for the internal WLAN module in the Tecra 9100 current, or even available?

    Kind regards


    I spoke with my Toshiba Call Center (for Germany) and they said that there will be no support planned for the same internal Module.Not WLAN WPA!

    Good bye

  • Need power adapter car for Satellite A105-s1217

    You want to connect the computer laptop in the car to use the gps and map software.

    Anyone who uses an inverter and where to buy one.



    There are different cards to laptop charger.
    For example they:


    I m not very well what car charger, you can use, but you should compare properties with adapter car charger.
    A more important value is the Volt (19V or 15V). This must be the same as your power adapter!

    However, more compatible parts can be ordered from the ASP in your country.
    So if you don't know what card adapter, you must buy then ask part such ASP.

  • Satellite A100-033 - I need a new power adapter


    Looking for an another Satellite A100 laptop power adapter. Part No. PA3469E-1AC3
    Any help much appreciated.



    Have you searched Google for this part number?
    Check this out and you should find a few online shops where you can order this power adapter.

    If you can t find an online store, you must contact an authorized service provider. They can order all the parts of Toshiba.
    Isn t it then? ;)

    Good bye

  • 54 MBit WLAN for Tecra 9100?

    is there a module to replace the stock module W - LAN in the Tecra 9100 to get 54 MBit?

    I often copy large amounts of digital photos on the network, so the 11 MBit nerves really me


    I guess you need a WLan card with a 802.11 G standard.
    I don't know if you can use a network card local minPCI 802.11 G as far as I know the laptop was configured with a and B standard.
    You can ask the Toshiba service partner in your country if there is a compatible Wlan G card and supported for this device.
    If this isn't the case, then you can also use a key USB Wlan with 802. 11 G.

  • power adapter 65w for HP Pavilion 17-e121 does not

    I just got a new Hp pavilion 17-e121, that he was running for a while but then the battery is dead.

    I noticed that the adapter was not the battery or by giving power to the laptop.

    is there anyway to get the job of the adapter or do I have to buy a new adapter.

    (the adaper is 65w and tried everything on the forums except starts taking things apart)

    Your laptop is still covered by the warranty?  Check the status of your warranty here.

    Contact HP warranty service

  • The former charger to new power adapter


    As a former owner of Lenovo laptops, I have 3 battery chargers. Two of them use the old round plug end. And of course the tip of the E540 is a new flat.

    I would like to leave a charger at work to lighten the bag.

    Question: I would like is an adapter for plugging an old charger in a new laptop? If Yes, what is his P/N?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!

    Nice day.

    Take a look at the post of Suriya:

    Using this FRU P/N the site of parts he came close shows that it is still available.

    Does that help?

    Kind regards.

  • Question about drivers for Tecra 9100

    My Tecra T9100 do not work with LAN more after the installation of a new HD (old one crashed) and where some Toshiba files on the old HD that I don't know. (Bought the laptop 2. a few years ago by hand) and I lost the CD that belongs to her, and there is no drivers on this site for this 5 year old machine. Maybe a little strange because it's a P4.

    In the list of hardware (control panel/system /) there is no problem with the network card. But at the top of the list, there is a yellow "?" for the UNIT of BASIC SYSTEM and there is the missing drivers.

    It's very confusing to me because I've never heard of these drivers and I don't know which device is the following. There is also a yellow "?" for PCI modem (but I didn't need) so I guess this unit of base system has to do with the PCI-bus and perhaps also affects the LAN card?

    But shouldn't? the drivers will be in the BIOS?
    Can someone help me?


    You should take a good look here:

    because here, you will find all the drivers for your computer. The Canadian site has almost all of the drivers for older machines, and you should really check out.
    I think that "basic unit of system" could be something with ACPI or similar. But lets wait until after you have installed all THE drivers and then give feedback short.
    And no, the drivers are generally not in the bios because the bios is just to boot but it s OS independent.


  • Question about the universal power adapter car for Satellite U500

    There are different types of adapter car 12 volt on the market with different powers - that's good, but some "automatically select the output voltage.
    These units have a reputation of reliability or security for the laptop or are they to be avoided?


    The problem is that in most cases these s universal adapter takes care of different intensity values
    You can change only the value of the Volt, but not the ampere ampere would change automatically and depends on the selected Volt.

    I would not recommend these universal adapters because the laptop needs some value ampere
    I recommend buying an adapter that is designed for this laptop to avoid some hardware problems

    Get in touch with the local ASP to get such part

  • Adapter required for Satellite M series

    My Toshiba Satellite M30 742 developed two problems

    The first is that the battery is exhausted, but I can live with that

    The second is that the AC adapter has developed a fault in the supply cable for the laptop.

    When I look at a part compatible on the Toshiba site it does not appear as an option.

    The adapter provides 15 Volts and 5 Amps of current.

    Please help as the current one is out of life.


    I can give you a Partnumer which is the solution of your problem. I had some problems with my AC, too. So I searched for a compatible adapter (15V 5A) and I found this one:


    This adapter has 15V with release of 5 amps.

    I think that it must be able to adapt to your machine. :)


  • Need new card XIRCOM dongel for Tecra 8000


    Thank you

    I HAVE A TECRA 8000


    Looking for some online retailers that offer these cables?
    I typed in the google search form and surprise, surprise XIRCOM CABLE ETH212 :D

    I found this site that offers different parts Xircom:

Maybe you are looking for