'New' Refurb Mac Mini froze within the 1st week - should I return?

We had our refurbished Mac Mini (8 GB, 1 TB) for less than a week, on the fifth day, he froze in the morning when my son tried to open a session (session was still active since the day before, but the Mac Mini was asleep).  The predefined cover for a long period of time, and although the mouse is moved, it did not react when you have clicked on anything whatsoever.  I had to finally press the power switch on the back, turn off the power.  There is not a lot of software installed on it yet, chrome, software the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, keyboard of Logitech software and a few games of my son got out of the Apple App store (but did not play at the time).  I ran the diagnostic equipment, but it has not reported anything.

I'm new to Mac, so I'm wondering which, if it is a red flag, because it is a refurbished device and that I should just go back to the store and get a non renovated unit?

Download and run EtreCheck, created by one of his own assistants here in CSA. It is a diagnostic tool that is very useful for us to find problems. It will also give us additional specifications on your Mac. After his execution after the logfile here. It will never contain any personal information.

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    Yes, it is better to update the old Mac EC.

    Make sure that you back up the old Mac before the upgrade.

    Note the application of some may require updated to work with CBS. To check see it:


    Also, some devices may require updated drivers and for some devices such drivers do not exist.

  • A Mac mini, purchased in the UNITED Arab Emirates can be used in the USA with only change the power cord?

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    the voltage may vary from 100-240 V AC.

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    You must upgrade to CS6 in the platform. Refer to this:

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    Hi all

    I'm new to atg, I just want to create a new catalog, categories and products within the ACC with a BCC (publishing server) and then I have to browse through my jsp application.for added this requirement what configuration I need to do with VAC. Please help me on this ASAP.

    Kind regards

    There is nothing you need to do for this.
    Go to ACC and create a catalog.

    In the JSP using droplets CategoryLookUp get the properties of the category and its products of the child to display.


  • Mail of the Mac Mini, iMac with the migration wizard

    I have a mac mini (2014 - El Capitan) that I have used for some time now and I have many mailboxes (30 +) with many stored messages (100s maybe 1000s).

    I recently picked up a 2011 27 iMac which is running OS X Sierra Final Release Candidate due to vision problems.

    Both units are working well but I would like to transfer my boxes to the letters, messages, and the account settings from the Mac Mini to the iMac using Migration Assistant to take advantage of the larger screen.

    Am I able to select only the data for e-mail (boxes letters, messages and settings) to transfer somewhere in the Migration Wizard interface or will it just to start the transfer of all?

    I use iCloud for note, calendars and contacts, but prefer not to use for e-mail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    The simplest option would be to use Time Machine to restore your data.

    Other Options:

    You can export the folders you want to transfer the mini using export of Mail under mailbox function in the Menu bar > export a mailbox... Drag to the folder on the desktop on the new iMac and import in Mail. File > import boxes mailbox...

    You can also use a third-party application, Emailchemy to export your Mail on the mini and pull only the folders you want and import. If you have many files, it would be a faster option.


    Otherwise, you could drag on the whole Mail > V3 folder let Sierra update data. This assumes that you have already started using Mail to Sierra.

    You don't have to use iCloud email to use Apple Mail. I strongly suggest that you use IMAP to service what ever you choose to use.  Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail (other)

  • A Mac Mini laptop - link the keyboard and Trackpad?

    I get a laptop, but also want the option of using a Mac Mini with it. It has an HDMI port, so I think I could plug it into the Mac Mini, but the keyboard and the Trackpad would also connect?

    What yo mean by 'I get a laptop but also want the option of using a Mac Mini with it. It has an HDMI port, so I think that I could plug into the Mini Mac'.

    You cannot connect two computers via their HDMI output ports.

    A laptop Mac does not support the display of the target mode

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

    You can use screen sharing via a network of control/use a Mac by another Mac.

    http://www.macissues.com/2014/05/07/how-to-set-up-and-use-screen-sharing-in-OS-x /.

    Everything you want to accomplish?

  • Mac Mini show on the Web site is 2015?

    Question above

    Yo mean? This is the Web page for the Mini in USA Apple page


    It is still the 2014 end model because it has not been updated since

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    Hello.  Sorry if this has been asked / answered in the past but my unlocked new Xperia Z3 now will lock in the 1st sim/network I used with the phone, Tesco Mobile / O2 in my case, or will any new sim from another network card work well?  Thanks in advance for any response / response (s).


    If the phone is SIM free, it won't lock, if the phone is network locked/SIM locked, then you need to unlock and then you can change as many SIM cards of different networks as you want.

  • I want to connect more than three monitors with an all new available Mac Mini. Is this possible? How? Should which model I buy?

    I want to use these views to just watch camaras of my office via a web browser. So it will not so much be the treatment intense work/load on the processor.

    Please help me with this situation.

    Thank you.


    I would like to get the Mini model middle. It comes standard with 8 GB of memory while the low end has 4 GB. Also have a faster processor and better graphics.

    Video support

    Support for up to two displays at 2560 x 1600 pixels, both at millions of colors

    Digital video output Thunderbolt
    • Native of output Mini DisplayPort
    • DVI output Mini DisplayPort to DVI (sold separately)
    • Output VGA Mini DisplayPort to VGA (sold separately)
    • Dual-link DVI output Mini DisplayPort to DVI dual link (sold separately)
    HDMI video output
    • Support for the resolution of 1080 p at 60 Hz
    • Support for the resolution of 3840 by 2160 to 30 Hz
    • Support for the resolution 4096 by 2160 at 24 Hz

    Exit DVI HDMI to DVI (sold separately)

    For screens more yo either duty use a double or triple head adopter that plugs into a port Thunderbolt



    or use a USB video adapter


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    URL of affected sites


    I solved my problem by disabling an extension add-on from microsoft
    Go to tools on the memo of firefox, then the "addon" then "extensions."
    If you have an add on extension "Microsoft.NET Framework assistant 1.2.1... disable and see if you can now connect to Bank of america"

  • Lately I've been two software installed on my computer without my permission and they solve I was able to remove uninstall. This happens only within the past week.

    The names were AVG and PCMightyMax.  After you have uninstalled AVG, I had real trouble with all kinds of messages and inablility to delete messages and screens.  I felt as if they tried to force me to buy.  It took hours, but eventually after having restarted several times, all that has disappeared.

    Of course after that saw that salaries for norton were worse that the free ad-aware, I stopped using norton and have not used since, but from what I've seen, the anti-virus programs you pay (except norton) would be more effective than their free counterparts.

    Yes anti-virus programs interfere with each other, but what most likely if you have run the scans all at the same time, since they would fight on who takes care of all found viruses. It can also happen when several programs have firewalls, so when something he rapes, all programs are trying to jump on the virus at the same time, and then they fight to the wire that allows you to deal with it.

    Another reason, that I never used again norton was that it took a lot of space on the computer, when he ran he slowed down the system a lot, and it was very difficult to uninstall. Sounds like a virus right? hehe

  • Within the last week, that all the folders and files on my hard drive were selected 'read only '.

    I unflagged all the folders and files that I share on my home network, however, I am not able to rename them or save them on my PC from my laptop on my wireless network. This has happened since May 12 and I suspect an auto update changed or recover from something.

    Running Vista Home Premium SP2 on PC

    Laptop is Windows 7

    Thanks for getting back to me Mick!

    I did a restore to 5/10 when I had no problem, but the problem persisted.

    I'll have to try Norton support. This may be something they did.

    In the meantime, I managed to change the names of files by connecting to the PC with the account of my wife who as co-owner had equal rights and the sign of the laptop is its ID as well so it worked, but it isn't always fair.

    Once again, thank you...

  • Fusion on Mac Mini - the new 2014 bicoeur or image refurb 2012?

    After waiting more than two years for Apple to upgrade the Mac Mini, specifically to improve my performance of Fusion, Apple disappointed so I have to ask for advice...

    What Mac Mini will perform the best with the merger? I would have preferred a new unit but Fusion on an i5 2.53 bicoeur Macbook Pro (max 8 GB) is very slow.

    Assuming that the maximum (16 GB) memory, I have a new choice and refurb.

    Model of 2014 (new)

    2,8 GHz dual core Intel i5

    J2012 model (refurb)

    2.6 GHz quad core Intel i7

    Background: Domestic use for the most part, only virtual machine running one of the (Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, or Linux). Occasional local development. Need for the long term.

    Yes, it's pretty disappointing, that they do not offer a Mac mini with a Quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU.

    Anyway, while I've been running virtual machines since almost 15 years and in the early days, some systems of bare bones gradually however they run them even if at times slowly.  That said even if, today, I would never buy a system without getting as much as I could, and that means that I would not buy any what with less 16 GB of RAM and a Quad - core Intel Core i7 CPU for use with virtualization even if this can be done on the material of the lessor.  Now, I'm talking to my primary system, that I'd be using every day.

  • Dial-up and the new Mac mini

    I think with the purchase of a new current model of the Mac mini (model 2014 I believe) will be the Mac mini support switched using the external Apple USB modem dial?  I googled this question but have not found all the answers for a current Mac mini.  By the way t know these modems are no longer available at Apple, but I happen to have a.

    Thank you

    Based on this, I say no

    http://www.CultofMac.com/108906/Mac-OS-x-lion-says-good-bye-to-analog-communicat ions-modems.

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