New router ' Fritz! Box "7490, reconfiguration of network"

I just upgraded my router, Fritz! Box 7490, & I need to re-set my network help please.

Before the upgrade, I had a very old router Aolynk. This was connected to my TC, the last giving us WiFi for our House, but also my parents House, via an Ethernet cable connecting the TC at the airport Exremem BS. Beside that, I use the TC to occasionally save the iMac & the RMBR & the old router sent our CCTV to phones via an Ethernet cable. The new router is now the primary device & our hub WiFi (Wireless AC active). I read an article that I thought would help, but I had no success.

I need assistance with the above, and some tips on how to host 6 other our audio/video system Ethernet cables (two rooms, each show 3 cables, one for the Smart TV, APR or other devices requiring an update and media coils).

I want it is-

1. to put WiFi on my parents. After reading the article, I followed the instructions, linking the TC with my iMac, turn off the "WiFi" on the TC & activation of Bridge mode. I got the TC & tried to thread failed. Run the cable to the Lan port of the router to the WLAN or a LAN on the TC port? I want to use the TC in this way, so I can release the LAN ports of the router, which I have 3 (Gigabit). The 4th is used for the Internet. I then connect an Ethernet cable between a LAN on the TC to the BS port extreme airport as before. I have to configure EI?

2. I want the Ethernet of CCTV cable through the TC rather than use one of the ports on the router, which is the situation at present. (Of course I don't want another outgoing cable TC goes to the router as it defeats the purpose to release the ports on the router.) I wanted to lift as soon as possible the line & it was the fastest way. We had trouble getting food for the mobile, but once the camera system has been reset to HDCP problem has been fixed.

3 tips on how to manage the flow of both BC I was hoping to give each player to medis/streamer a port on the router, but I'm still short of some?

Once configured, I was hoping to use Time Machine from time to time, which means I needed to take the TC on the network and replace it afterwards or is there another way?

A lot of questions, sorry. Networking is a pretty big unknown.

Thanks a mil,



Run the cable to the Lan port of the router to the WLAN or a LAN on the TC port?

Yes, at least to make the configuration correctly.

I have to configure EI?

Possible... Although it should have always in bridge.

Always start a new network with a complete factory Setup configuration.

Start from a factory reset. No files are lost on the drive hard in doing so.

Universal factory reset

Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

NB. None of your files on the hard drive of the TC are removed... This simply clears the settings of the router of the TC.

Connect as you said... Ahmed to TC WAN LAN.

Make the configuration of the TC. It is necessary to bridge... (Tab network, router mode... OFF (bridge mode).

The Internet tab should also be on DHCP.

You should see that it gets an IP address from the Fritz... and passes DHCP requested from customers (without wireless or ethernet) through to the Fritz so.

2. I want that the cable Ethernet of CCTV through the TC rather than use one of the ports on the router.

In bridged TC should not be a problem.

3 tips on how to manage the flow of both BC I was hoping to give each player to medis/streamer a port on the router, but I'm still short of some?

Transport CANADA ports should work.

However if you are having problems... now go out and buy a 8 ports gigabit switch... It is extremely cheap point now and better than being frustrated by the lack of ports. I run a complex system... but everything is connected via a 16 port gigabit switch. So I never need to mess with the majority of the cables... it does not move even if Exchange you routers and AP autour.

Once configured, I was hoping to use Time Machine from time to time, which means I needed to take the TC on the network and replace it afterwards or is there another way?

Which should be as good... but I also warn you that Mac OS is lost very quickly now. It must connect by ethernet or wireless directly to TB without going through the Fritz. For some strange reason, Apple have evolved in network features that are not compatible... for example, Hello is very important and the Frtiz could be contravention.

Just do a google for Fritzbox and Hello... you will find many articles... There are questions.

Yes for apple not in line with the standard network world.

As you can see other problems may arise as quickly...

One of my solutions is to use the static IP address instead of the Bridge mode.

Here's a post I did with a bunch of screenshots to explain it.

Try it and see if it helps... assuming that you would have trouble...

I can give specific information if you give me some screenshots of the configuration of the Frtiz... LAN and DHCP IP range.

Re: time capsule Airport Guard disconnection

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    I solved the problem and I wanted to post it in case someone else has the same problem.  One of the machines use a Linksys WGA600N Dual Band Gaming adapter, as is the wireless card. Technically this makes a bridge.  I needed to restart.  That solved my problem.


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    + The wireless set up the menu of the printer is the former name of network, and I don't know how to put the new name in.  It is grayed out so I can't select it.  I don't find a way to do it either from the office.  Any suggestions?


    Configure the printer with a static IP address to connect directly to the router (read the manual).

    Next, configure the computers on the network to print to the static IP address.

    The network name or the name of the router would be important.

    Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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    Any suggestions?

    P.S. This printer has been nothing trouble since I got it, and I wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE (I like actually...).

    After attempting to run the installer on my boot camp Windows 7 Ultimate version, I fell at last on an obscure statement in the configuration of the PC software for the c4780. It says to connect the computer to the router using the router WPS button.

    I have reset the configuration on the printer and turned off wireless the wireless, then I pushed the the router WPS button until the blue WiFi light on the c4780 lit. THIS SEEMED to BE THE KEY STEPS to CONNECT THE c4780 to MY ROUTER.

    After that, the configuration and setting up the printer on my Mac using the system of preferences was a piece of cake. Functions of the printer and the scanner work with Mac drivers.

    Problem solved... For now... This printer is so buggy, I have no doubt I'll have similar problems in the future.

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    Please use instructions (first part) at the following link:

    Kind regards.

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    I have a new router. Cannot find where to change the settings of the printer. Cannot print.

    Reset the printer to the default network.  Then use the front panel wireless configuration wizard if your printer has it.

    Replacement/change your wireless router, try here.

    Make sure that your router is set to a fixed channel wireless as the 1, 6 or 11, never 'auto '.  Try channel 1 first and then the other one at a time.  Make sure that the printer and the router are spaced at least 5 feet.

    Brand and model of modem and router?

    However, if you have a gateway device (modem + router), all gateway devices are terrible for connectivity and wireless performance.   If this does not work, suggest you put this bridge in full bridge mode device and install your own router of high quality that YOU have full control over.

  • Photosmart Wireless B109n-z: Impossible to connect the printer wireless to the new router

    I just changed my wireless router and can not get my printer to recognize the new router.

    When you try to reinstall with the disc that came with the printer it keeps "quit unexpectedly" at the end of the installation, but before I get to connect to the printer.

    The drive indicates that it is for use with Mac OS X v10.4; 10.5, but I can't find an option to update the web site HP despite it stating that my printer is still supported.

    I can still use the printer with a USB cable connected directly to my table, but this is no help for the other devices I have.

    Hi @Paulwrow,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!
    I understand that you are unable to connect your HP Photosmart Wireless B109n-z to your new router wirelessly. I'd be happy to see this with you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.
    The CD/DVD software will not work with newer versions of Mac OS X. HP doesn't have the drivers for this printer in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The last driver out of this printer is for Mac OS X 10.6. The only driver available that uses the driver update from Apple. This causes a problem when reconfigure the wireless, as this is the software for help. It would be easier if you have another computer running an operating system that is supported so that you can install the full feature software to configure the wireless.

    As an alternative method, you can try doing as a guideline to connect the wireless printer. We will use the ad-hoc connection. With the ad-hoc connection, you can launch the built-in web server (EWS) to access the wireless configuration wizard.
    Use the following steps as a guide:
    Restore the default settings of the network:

    1. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    2. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    3. Press the button next to network by default.

    Once the network is reset, the printer should disseminate the ad hoc connection. It should look like "hpsetup" or "HP Setup (and part of the printer name or MAC address). With an IP address like
    Then, connect to the network printer, that is broadcasting.

    1. On the Mac in the upper right corner, click on the wireless icon and connect to the network "HP Setup" or "hpsetup".

    Print the wireless test report:

    1. Press the button next to Scan.
    2. Press the button next to the wireless Menu.
    3. Press the button next to wireless settings.
    4. Press the button next to run the wireless network Test.

    Browse the test report wireless IPV4 of the printer (IP address)

    1. Launch your internet browser and enter the IP as shown. This should load the printer EWS.
    2. Click on the tab network across the top.
    3. On the left side, click on wireless or network.
    4. Run the Wireless Setup Wizard.

    This is the only way to reconfigure the wireless, unless you have another computer that has supported the software.

    For more information on the ad-hoc connection, see the User Guide.

    Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. I can't wait to hear strings attached good luck!

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    The HP Officejet Pro 8000 has worked successfully for a year on a home network with 3 computers wireless using an internet ATT Uverse router.  The router was changed to another new router with a different network name and the WiFi password ATT Wireless and the printer does not work wireless. The printer does not work dedicated to a single computer with a USB cable.

    Should I download and reinstall a new driver?

    Replacement of your wireless router try here.

  • new router, printer now Wireless does not work.

    We had trouble getting online.  ISP determined it was our router.  Bought and installed new router.  Internet access children laptops and thin, but now HP photosmart Plus B209 sees no new router.  Tried to Setup Wizard, no luck, tried to push button and PIN the installation program from the front of the printer, no luck. Tried to network settings in the box tools in the HP software on my computer, but said that it was impossible to recover the input parameters.  The printer was working fine with the old router.  Report of test of the printer still displays the old "SSID network name so, of course, this isn't the link to the new router."  Help!  don't know what else to do.

    You don't need to buy anything to install this printer.

    Do NOT use a CD for the software (ever, if you can help it).  Download and install the latest version of the software for your printer from the "Support & drivers" link at the top of this page.

  • HP deskjet 2540: HP 2540 printer will not connect to new router

    Hi, we just changed internet service providers and the printer will not connect to the new router, our HP laptop computer presents the printer in the list of network devices / wireless, but will not accept the password of network to the router when I ask him to connect. Makes me crazy! I have re-installed software etc. to connect the drive and make me anywhere I hope someone can help!


    Replacement/change your wireless router, try here.

    Make sure that your router is set to a fixed channel wireless as the 1, 6 or 11, never 'auto '.  Try channel 1 first and then the other one at a time.  Make sure that the printer and the router are spaced at least 5 feet.

    However, if you have a gateway device (modem + router), all gateway devices are terrible for connectivity and wireless performance.   If this does not work, suggest you put this bridge in full bridge mode device and install your own router of high quality that YOU have full control over.

  • Photosmart C4780: Impossible to reconfigure the network on Photosmart C4780

    When the upgrade of our wireless home network, our router has been updated, so I need to go to a re - configure our printer for the new network SSID and password only I can't.

    WPS does not work, use the push button or the PIN method.

    If I plug the printer via the USB port, using the HP configuration utility (System Preferences > print and fax > utility > Open Printer Utility > devices > new device setup) the printer is recognized, but the Wizard allow me to advance to the configuration of the network directly - settings I get a message telling me that "The selected device is already Set Up.

    I tried the printer hard reset, I downloaded the drivers directly, I tried searching for SSID the printer (doesn't seem to be a radio) and I factory reset the printer wireless settings.

    I'm puzzled.

    Take a look at the attached screenshots - I'd love to hear that you'e got a solution for me. I wouldn't have to buy a new printer.

    Legend: If only I could go to these points on the left...

    ... But I can not...

    Please provide detailed information gabeuscorpus.

    That the software you are trying to use to set up the printer is for an older Mac.

    I would uninstall the old software. Yosemite drivers are installed by the Apple updates and the HP utility must not have been installed. Monofunctional and HP - uninstalling the software of the printer multifunction printers.

    Set up the ad-hoc connection has nothing to do with the router. We use the Adhoc to test the operation of the equipment and the operating system. Because you see not the printer in the list to connect to, we have to solve the equipment before attempting to reconfigure the printer to the router.

    Run the wireless network on the printer Test.

    Press the Scan button (it also the wireless menu button)
    Select wireless settings
    Select the wireless network running Test.

    Check next wireless on watch Pass and work wireless shows Pass.

    Let me know.

    I'll send you another step to try in a private message.
    In the forum next to your handle name simply click on the envelope to see.

    I would like to know what the results are.

    Thank you.

  • XP key wep changes for new router linksys after the connection. you need to reinstall the WEP every time you start from the top.

    XP key wep changes for new router linksys after the connection. you need to reinstall the WEP every time you start from the top.


    Let us perform the steps below and check out them.

    a. click "Start," "Control Panel", then "Add or Remove Programs". In the box "Currently installed programs", find the name of your wireless router. Click on the name of the software, and then click 'remove '. Click 'Yes' when prompted to confirm.
    b. click "Start" then "run". Type "Services.msc" and click "OK". Select 'Wireless Zero Configuration'. Click on 'start '.
    c. click 'Action', 'properties '. In the drop-down menu "Startup Type", click on the arrow and select 'Automatic' to assign the commissioning of automatic Wireless Auto Configuration. Click on 'OK '.
    d. restart your computer.
    e. right click on "Wireless connections" icon Select "View available wireless connections." Click on "change the order of preferred networks. Select the name of your network, and then click "Properties". Erase the old key and enter a new. Click the checkbox next to "Automatically use that key." Click on 'OK '.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.
    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Nintendo Wii does not detect new router WRT160N...

    I got this new N Ultra Range Plus router for Christmas and thought it would finally so my Wii to the internet, but to my surprise, even though it detects the router, it does not connect. I get the Wii error Code: 51330. I searched on google with this code, and he was told to change the channel 1 or 11, I did, and that has not worked. Or put the address allow mac in the column, which also did not work.

    I really need help. I don't know why it does not work. Internet works fine on my computer, but for some reason, it does not connect on the Wii. And the router is very close to the Wii as far as space goes.

    You can change/adjust the settings of your wireless router...

    Open an Internet Explorer browser page. In the address bar type -
    Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...
    For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
    Click on the tab - Wireless
    -Here, select manual configuratioon... Wireless network mode must be mixed...
    -Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...

    -Set the Standard - 20 MHz Radio band and change the standard channel at 11-2, 462 GHz...

    - And wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled, and then click on save settings...
    Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...
    For wireless security: -.
    Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
    Change the mode of WEP wireless security, encryption must be 64-bit. Let the empty password, do not type in anything...
    Under type of WEP Key 1 in all 10 numbers please (numbers only and not letters) and click on save settings...
    Please take note of the WEP Key 1 because it is the security key to try Wireless Network.Now if you could see the network without wire/SSID name and try to connect...

    Click Advanced Wireless-
    settings > change the tag to 75 interval > change the Fragmentation...
    Threshold to 2304 change the RTS threshold to 2307 > click 'save settings '...
    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

Maybe you are looking for

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