New update of Windows Vista has changed the display including the taskbar settings

Last night, my computer is kept up-to-date on my computer that I did not authorize.  I am running a virus scan.  I do not notice any difference (in fact, the computer seems to work better), but the taskbar like Windows 98.  I spent under properties and tried to change the theme, but only classic Windows is available.  Please tell me how I can change my taskbar.  It is quite annoying.

I also had this problem, the problem disappeared after a second reboot immediately after the update. I hope I could help

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    Updated Windows Vista installed today (Apr 28, 11). After restarting, the tools/start bar bar returned to the old gray Windows (classic?) format. I tried everything but can't retrieve the standard Vista graphics/format. The customization tool said that it is set to the Standard Format.  Antone have a response to that?  Thank you.

    Hi JohnMash,

    I suggest you follow the links provided and check if it helps.

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    • What should I do to fix this?
    • And what does this update actually?

    Thanks for any help provided.

    If you go to programs and features, and then on the left side you should see a link for "Daily display installed."  Which would then show the list of updates with the State which will show you if it failed or not.

    Hope that helps. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • "update for windows vista (KB968389)" with the error code '800 b 0100'

    I'm unable to update titled "Update for windows vista (KB968389)". He always reports an error report with the code "800b0100" every time I try to install it? Can anyone suggest something that I can do to solve the problem?

    Hi TerryJackson,

    If you receive error 800b0100 in Windows Update, it means that a file needed by Windows Update is not registered by Windows correctly. System update readiness tool can correct some conditions that can cause this error.

    Method 1:

    You can try to run the system update tool and check,

    For more information, see the link:

    Windows Update error 800b0100

    Method 2:

    You can also try to download the standalone update package and try to install.

    See the link to download the update:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Windows Vista has crashed, "the operating system not found" error, can I load Windows XP on a partition?

    I have an Acer Aspire 5516, with pre-installed Windows Vista. I didn't know that it did not come with a recovery disk UNTIL my system crashed! During a routine virus scan, I got a blue screen saying a major problem has been found and the system has been shut down. I followed the instructions to gracefully shut down my laptop. When I turned this back on after the "Acer" logo he went to a black screen with info on my computer and the last line States "not found operating system". That's when I discovered there was no recovery disc & it is integrated into the system. To access this system you we F8 to enter safe mode, then Alt F10 to access 'erecovery management system. Neither one of these functions operate! Still getting the black screen with "operating system" not found I have a Windows XP my laptop previous. What I was wondering is if I can load on my Acer, possibly on a partition, in order to be able to get into my laptop and save all of my files? I'm terrified of losing everything I have! I have thousands of pictures that I can't replace. If anyone can help please do! I am on a very limited income & can not really afford professional help. Thank you very much in advance!


    normally with an Acer you press Alt + F10 at startup to start the hidden recovery partition recovery, not F8, then this combo

    but you do not have an option to save your data, that

    in daily use acers normally have a system partition, a partition of data to save your data, etc. to and also this hidden partition recovery

    and read this on data recovery, too;

    Data recovery

    1. remove the hard drive and it slave in another computer

    2 buy or borrow a USB disk drive hard put in yout case then plug it into another computer and read the hard drive like this

    3. try Knoppix


    BUT this method 3 depends on your hardware in the computer that failed

    read this information about method 3:


    Download/save the file Knoppix Live CD ISO above.

    Download the Vista software from the link above.

    After installing above ISO burning software, right click on the Knoppix ISO file > copy the Image to a CD.

    Knoppix is not installed on your PC; use only the resources of your PC, RAM, graphics etc.

    Change the boot order in YOUR computer/laptop to the CD/DVD Drive 1 in the boot order.

    Plug a Flash Drive/Memory Stick, BOOT with the Live CD, and you should be able to read the hard drive.

    When the desktop loads, you will see at least two drive hard icons on the desktop (one for your hard drive) and one for the USB key.

    Click on the icons of hard drive to open and to understand which drive is which.

    Click the icon for the USB drive and click on "Actions > Change the read/write mode" so you can write to disk (it is read-only by default for security reasons).

    Now to find the files you want to back up, just drag and drop them on the USB. When you're done, shut down the system and remove the USB key.

  • Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility mode list for Windows Vista (KB982632) cannot install with the error details: Code 80070490 & also update for Windows Vista (KB981793) with the details of the error: Code 80070490

    I am running windows vista Home premium, on a system 32-bit HP Pavilion dv9700 op.  I have internet project 8 service pack 2 of windows and norton security suite installed on my computer.  I do not understand why these 2 updates keep do not install unless it didn't, but they are listed under important updates in the windows updates, can you please help me, maybe I don't have not enough memory on the left?

    Thank you!

    Windows Update error 80070490

    If you receive the Windows Update 80070490 error, it means that a file (CBS Manifest) that is needed to install updates is corrupt. To correct this problem, you will need to repairWindows. RepairingWindows will not damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

    The System Update Readiness Tool for Windows can correct some conditions that causeWindows Update error 80070490. You can access and run this tool by reading this on the Microsoft Web site.

    If the system update readiness tool solves the problem, you need to repairWindows. RepairingWindows will not damage your personal files or the programs that are installed on your computer.

    Once you have completed the repair, you will need to restart Windows Update to install updates are not included on the installation DVD. RepairWindows, follow these steps:

    1. Close all programs and restart your computer.

    2. Insert the DVD into your disc drive. Wait for the installer to start. If the installation program does not start automatically, follow these steps:

      1. Click on start and type Drive: \setup.exe in the search box. ReplaceDrive with the letter of the DVD drive of your computer (for example, D:\setup.exe).

      2. List programs, click Setup.exe.

    3. Click on install now.

    4. Click go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended).

    5. If you are prompted to do this, type the Windows product key.

    6. What type of installation you want? window, click upgrade.

    7. Once the installation is complete, restart your computer, and then run Windows Update.

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  • Appearance of Windows Vista has changed and looks like older versions

    I have no idea how the settings changed, but on my PC at home, a window Vista, the looks of gray appearance, as the older versions of Windows. How can I return records / other appearance of applications for return to the original format?

    Never mind. I just had to restart the computer, and then reopen the appearance settings.

  • Cannot install updates for Windows Vista. Get the following error: A 80071, 30. Help!

    I tried to install the updates and I get notice of failure with code A 80071, 30.  Help! I tried installation manual, automatic restart of the diagnosis.

    Thank you!

    Vista SP1 or SP2 installed?

    How to ask a question >

    It helps those answering questions if you provide:

    What is your full version of windows (32-bit or 64-bit) and service pack level. (Right-click on my computer and select properties: Windows version which is displayed on the general tab that results (for example, Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1;)) Windows Vista Edition SP2 family)?

    you use what browser (exact version).

    what application anti-virus or security suite is installed and your current subscription?

    A 3rd party firewall is used instead the native Windows Firewall?

    What other software products anti-malware are installed and running?

    What updates you trying to install? (Number of KB)

    Please do it in your next reply.

    Information you provide will help someone to provide you with a relevant solution.

    Go to the next article via Internet Explorer (only) & run the fix it in DEFAULT mode and AGGRESSIVE 50202 .

    Try to reset the Windows Update components and see if it helps. See the article below mentioned the same thing.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    UTC/GMT is 20:52 on Saturday, December 17, 2011

  • Cannot install a version upgrade of Windows Vista after changing the hard drive.

    Original title: my computer gives me a warning... saying backup.

    My hard drive is bad.  I can feel it.

    Keep the system lock up and rebooting message says cable and BAD status.

    I took the hard drive... put in a new one... and now it says I can't install vista.

    I have the version upgrade.

    I put XP on this drive and upgrade again.  Y at - it something I can do.

    I want to just reinstall windows vista on a new drive.  How can I accomplish this.

    The bad hard drive still works and is accessible it is not stable and keeps locking up.

    The full version of XP that I have is out of licenses.  Help Help

    Hi Rob,

    You must install first Windows XP and upgrade to Windows Vista.

    If you have a genuine copy of Windows XP, after you install Windows XP you can contact support for Microsoft's Activation to activate the copy of Windows XP.

    For more information, you can consult the following articles:

    Upgrade Windows XP to Windows Vista

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  • Windows Vista has transformed the landscape and Ctrl + alt + arrow does not help us

    Looks like a shortcut key turned on the side windows vista and when I try to press ctrl + alt + arrow to turn common sense will not work.  I hope someone can help.


    Press Ctrl & Alt keys and use the arrows to rotate back.

    According to the graphics card on your computer, these can be alternatives.

    Right click on the desktop | Graphics options | Rotation.

    Right click on the desktop | Screen resolution | Orientation.

  • Why Windows Vista automatically changes the size of the window when I load a program?

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    Try this method for the opening of size problems

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    My daughter changed the settings default for all programs opens as a word document, I can't change it, even when I'm trying to do a "restore" Please help.


    When you double-click a. EXE file, the program may not start, instead, it can open in Notepad
    (view the contents of .exe), or you can jump into any other application.

    Restore the .exe Windows Vista file association, after badly with another application

    Restore the Type Associations by default Vista file extensions
    How to set default Associations for a program under Vista

    How to associate a file Extension with a program Type in Vista

    How to view and change an Extension of filename on Vista

    How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista and a utility to help

    I hope this helps.

  • How do I get my Toshiba Satellite (Windows Vista) back to the factory settings?

    I need to wipe my computor because I'm selling it and want to make sure that all information is deleted until I do. However, I don't know how to do this. It's a Toshiba Satellite L300-1AQ opertating with Windows Vista.

    I need to wipe my computor because I'm selling it and want to make sure that all information is deleted until I do. However, I don't know how to do this. It's a Toshiba Satellite L300-1AQ opertating with Windows Vista.

    This tutorial apply to you?

    Toshiba laptop - reset to factory settings
    http://en.kioskea.NET/FAQ/4811-Toshiba-laptop-reset-to-factory-settings For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • Is it possible in windows vista to hide the taskbar, but still be able to see the system tray?

    I want to hide the task bar, but then, I don't see the system tray. Is it possible to have the separate system tray?

    Hi arya78,

    It is possible to do the reverse of what you want - to hide some or most of the icons in the system tray bar while leaving the rest of the visible taskbar; However, you cannot hide the taskbar and let only the visible system tray icons because they are part of the task bar and the task bar should be visible so that they are visible.

    Sorry, but this is how Vista works.  If you try to get rid of the section in the taskbar, which shows open programs, it cannot simply be done without hiding the entire taskbar (including system tray icons).

    Good luck!

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