new updated flash player installation does not install and cannot uninstall the old version

been trying to install the most recent update of the adobe reader, but it will not be installed at gets all the up to 7% then gpes far so I tried to uninstall, but it will not uninstall need help! I use google chrome on my macbook pro


Google Chrome (even on a Mac) has its own exclusive construction of Flash Player ("PepperFlash"). It was modified by Google, incorporated by Google and maintained by Google. Adobe is working with Google for updates and patches, but it is "their baby" once it happens in the browser. It cannot be updated through this site. It updates ONLY by updating Chrome.

There are instructions to perform a "clean installation" (How to perform a "clean installation" of Flash Player in Mac OS X) but that doesn't apply to the Flash Player for Safari and Firefox plugin.

You can try this:

Go to: [username] / Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome ([username] / library is accessible by pressing the "Option" when you click on 'Go' in the Finder menu)

Inside the Chrome folder is a folder named "PepperFlash".

Trash and empty the trash.

Restart Chrome.

He must rebuild the file system plugins. Otherwise, update of Chrome and it will be.

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