Newbie should check the Info for the new micro SD card, please

I need to get a new card micro SD for my Fuze: 4G, ver 01.002.31A

1. from a few thrreads here (great fun btw), it seems that my old Fuze will manage up to 32 G card, right?

2. any ability of the card, there is a limit to how many files as the database in the firmware (?) rocket can handle; seems to be about 5000 files. However, the files that number depends in part on things like the amount of tag information are: more big tags = fewer files. More or less. Fix?

3 class card: from what I've read, more class (2, 4, 6, etc.) faster map. I don't think that the "rocket" will make much use of the extra speed, will it?

4. given that some of the slower cards become harder to find, the "rocket" will struggle with faster cards, or that it will be OK with, say, a class 4, which seems to be common these days.

Right on each count.

I have no problem with class 4.

As long as you're going crazy trying to overload the map, and your tags are skinny and average, you should be fine.

If you are not running within the limits, there are always Rockbox to .

I just got a couple of very good cards SanDisk Amazon markets, sellers Kefers and everything but Stromboli - for shipping fast, everything is good. The two players as authentic and functional check with h2testw, the memory tester.

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