NI6503 out of initial States


I have a little problem with a NI6503. For my furniture, I set 16 inputs to control certain components and 8 outputs. At the opening of my software (C++)

He defined each row with the next step:

output for port0

DAQmxCreateTask 'PiLj.

DAQmxCreateDOChan (hTask, "boardname\port0\linej","", DAQmx_Val_ChanPerLine);

DAQmxStartTask (hTask);

entry to the port 1 and 2

DAQmxCreateTask 'PiLj.

DAQmxCreateDIChan (hTask, "boradname\port1and2\linej","", DAQmx_Val_ChanPerLine);

DAQmxStartTask (hTask);

At the end of initialization, if all set to FALSE exit with a function writeline (OFF so light outside):

Data [0] = value? 0:1;


After that, I can change the status of each line according to the logic of program control sequencer. I also have

a function readline to retrieve the component entry status: it all works perfectly!

But, to the output line, the problem is that in between DAQmxStartTask and DAQmxWriteDigitalLines's initialization stage, the led is on.

In debug mode, I saw clearly, it is DAQmxStartTask that allow the light and then the LIGHT is (howerver, jumper W1 on board is set to LOW)

When the computer is started without a problem, it's only the software from: he observed a kind of flashing light. Similarly, it is for a short time)<>

I'm afraid that might set off my equipment (it is difficult to verify that).

This phenomenon appears only after the restart computer and software starting. If I quit the program and restart it without a problem!

How can I do to solve my problem?

Thanks for your helpful answer!



Hi Sylvain,.

Thanks for posting on this forum.

When the 6503 is configured for output, it generates a low state of 5ms. Unfortunately, we will not be able to change that because it is the behavior of the chip.

However, if you select the power until the State of bass with the switch, you will stay low, and therefore, you will not have a glitch.

If necessary, I suggest you use an inverter to invert the logic and avoid this glitch.

Best regards

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    Copyright (c) 2005-2014 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
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    How long wait until she finishes, it may take quite a long time, anything from 10-30 minutes in my experience

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    There are no Pro Extended, Pro just.

    Yes, you could States of batch layer, provided their order or names were the same in each document. All scripts in Acrobat is done with JavaScript, and batch processing is now part of the toolset of measures (it still can work JavaScript snippets against files, just via a new system of dialogue based on a Wizard).

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    Thank you.


    Hi Drew,

    I think I understand your problem and have something for you to try.

    When you use a Fade out in a sequence of actions, the catalyst is animating the alpha (opacity) of the object from 100% to 0%. However, objects with 0% alpha still captures mouse clicks. The object must be invisible (which is different from 0% alpha!) to not capture the mouse clicks.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to set an object to be invisible in a sequence of actions. What you can do is to encapsulate the popup itself in a custom component. Instead of using a sequence of actions to animate it, create two States: hidden and visible. Set the popup to be invisible (disable the eyeball in the layers panel) in the hidden state. Then set up your fade transitions. Now, just to make each button click "play transition to State" the popup component, ranging from the visible to the hidden state or vice versa.


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    First time on any forum.

    How can I reset my C670 - 15F 17 "laptop to the State 'hors category' (factory settings)?
    I was told to use the F8 key, but it doesn't turn off the wireless adapter!

    I have already backed up my documents and photos.

    Is there something else I should be doing or problems to watch?

    Please, couch any responses in easy language that I'm absolutely not completely computer literate.

    Thank you very much

    Check please [how to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure |]
    There is a description how to do this.

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    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community. The question you have posted is beyond the scope of the answers community and would be better suited to the TechNet community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Best regards


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    For Toshiba, you press and hold "0" while turning on the computer...

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    Afternoon, I have a Satellite L755D-10U and want to restore the factory settings.
    I tried to create a recovery disk using the recovery disk creator but I got two errors.

    One is in "all programs, toshiba, then recovery disc creator" and shows an error of missing shortcut of TRMCLcher.exe.

    The other by the bias of my taskbar and said "No HDD Recovery Area". The recovery partition is still in my D: to 12.5 GB in size.

    I have not yet tried the power down and zero route again as I would like to know if restoring to factory settings will erase all data on my Partition D. I got all my University stuff on atm here and even if I can save to another drive also I want to know if it will erase the data on the disks.

    Cheers in advance for any help

    > One is in "all programs, toshiba, then recovery disc creator" and evokes a mistake of shortcut missing TRMCLcher.exe.

    TRMCLcher.exe means that Toshiba Recovery Media Creator Launcher and this exe file should begin the process of recovery, but it doesn t.

    Why? Who probably knows the system has been confusing upward or something has changed on the HARD disk partition.

    The same pattern may be why no. HDD recovery area message.

    Always is it that there are two options to recover the notebook:
    (1) recovery disc (not possible because you n t have a)
    (2) HARD drive recovery option (check if this is possible: turn on the device, press F8-> fix my computer-> HDD recovery)

    If the two possible isn t, you need to recovery disk to perform the recovery procedure.

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    See you soon,.


    "KimberC" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Hello all,.
    > I know I've done it before, but it's been a while since I created a
    > Flex
    > App. I started with the original 'gray' box and placed an image and text
    > that it contains. Now when I view it in the browser, it's completely over to the
    > left
    > side of the Explorer and the top. The top is fine, but what I'm trying to
    > accomplish is to move the box to the center of the screen of the browser. I have
    > would be
    > appreciate anyone's help! Thank you! (: 0)

    Alignment vertical and horizontal for Center value layout of the application.



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    You are able to access the HARD drive recovery?
    Press in and hold the value 0 (zero) button and at the same time, press the button power once to turn on your laptop.
    Starting the machine beep. release the 0 key.
    When you are prompted by the warning screen; Click Yes to continue the system recovery.
    Select restore factory default software; Click Next.
    Select Restore to out-of-box state. Click Next again. Click next to start the recovery

    If it is not possible that this means that the master boot record is too bad and you have to reinstall windows again.
    In this case you will need to order the recovery disk (I assume you're from the Australia)

Maybe you are looking for