No Bluetooth on El Capitan 10.11.4

After update to El Capitan 10.11.4 bluetooth not working anymore.

Is there a solution?

G. Bakker


Problem solved. The cause was an old demon associated with iStatMenus. I booted into recovery mode, began the Terminal and deleted the Library/LaunchDaemons/com.bjango.istatlocaldaemon.plist file.

My config: 27.5 "iMac late 2015.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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  • Mac Pro 4.1 - No. USB or bluetooth after El Capitan 10.11.3 updated

    I have an early 2009 Mac Pro 4.1 (2 x 2.93 GHz, 16 GB ram, 5870 1 GB GPU).  After the upgrade to 10.11.3, the bluetooth is indicating is not available and not picked upward by looking at system information.

    In addition, the USB ports do not work.  They will power the led lights on an external USB switch, but the keyboard and the wired mouse will not work (red under the mouse does not appear).  I tried the front and rear USB ports and none works.

    I can't get USB working on card PCI-E card USB3 I installed.  And this ONLY works if I start the computer and after loading in OSX, THEN connect the keyboard and mouse in.  If I have the keyboard and mouse connected at startup, it does not on the PCI-E USB port.

    I tried to turn off, turn the power to the cord, out of RAM and resetting, out all readers and back, leaving the computer and unplugged for an hour, then restart.  This does not solve the problem.

    I booted the Mac using OS x 10.9 Mavericks and everything works fine, the bluetooth functions properly and all the USB ports work fine.

    So I have the feeling that this is a problem with the 10.11.3 patch.  The system was fine in 10.11.2.

    Could someone please suggest how I can troubleshoot and resolve this problem so that I can use several USB ports and reconnect the bluetooth devices.

    Thank you!

    -Try resetting the memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC. It seems that already reset you the SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM

    -Try to start safe mode

    OS x: what is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

    -Start to recovery and repair the startup disk

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

    -If it is repairable reinstall the OSX

    How to reinstall OS X on your Mac - Apple Support

    -If you do not have a backup using disk utility to restore the internal drive to an external drive, so that you can try to recover the data.

    Format the boot disk and then do a fresh install of Mac OS x

    I have MP 2009 with 10.11.3 and have no problem

  • problem with mac osx el capitan bluetooth


    I have a problem with bluetooth (macosx el capitan) and my mobile samsung Notes 4

    I can't receive my photos


    before I was using Snow Leopard and it work properly...

    Try this first:

    Remove the two devices the BT settings on both devices.

    Then pair them up again.

  • Logitech bluetooth mouse M557 keep disconnecting

    Just bought a mouse Logitech bluetooth mouse (M557) a few days ago. It was easy to have detected it, however, I realize it loses connection every time that the macbook is left idle for a period of time (a few minutes)... Very annoying, because it seems impossible to reactivate the connection other than logging on my session (or computer reboot) and only then it will reconnect by itself.

    I am also newly on OSX 10.11.3 (I read a few concerns about the Bluetooth under El Capitan...) so I was wondering if the mouse is the problem, or if it is related to OSX.

    Since the price tag on the Logitech is not much lower than the Apple mouse, also I was wondering if I would be more successful with the Apple mouse, I still can return the Logitech at this point...


    This seems to be a problem of know-how of logitech, they have a download to try. - x-el-capitan / Other that this sometimes reset a stroller can help. _

  • Bose Soundlink Bluetooth no longer works with El Capitan

    I just upgraded to El Capitan on my iMac (2007) 10.6.8 antique. My Bose Soundlink bluetooth device still appears in the sound preferences panel, the two th USB stick and the receiver on the Bose device light up, but I have no sound. How can I fix?

    When you have checked with Bose to see if the device is supported in El Capitan, what did say?

  • updated at el capitan and I lost the bluetooth connectivity

    OS 10.5.11 El Capitan


    Since the update to El Capitan, I can connect is no longer on my speaker Bluetooth (Logitech UEBoom) or my Naim MUSO radio.

  • I applied the last updated El Capitan today and bluetooth lost on my iMac.  Go to system preferences and grayed out-of-network.  Any ideas?

    The iMac was fine before the update (a more recent to El Capitan.  No option in system preferences, on the bluetooth menu in menu bar "bluetooth is not available' is the message.  I wish the Bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse.  On the keyboard battery power is 99% and 83% on the mouse. Thank you.

    Try resetting the SMC reset management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Bluetooth not working not not after upgrade to El Capitan Yosemite

    Simple really.

    I upgraded to El Capitan Yosemite yesterday. Before the upgrade all the bluetooth was working fine. Now, it is not the case.

    No devices appear in the devices window.

    Thanks for any help


    "it works"?

    MBP15 mid 2012

    He is currently working.

    The solution.

    I went to my MBA 11 and connected the mouse BT to check that it worked. It has been.

    I went back to my MBP15 and BT mouse did not work. I turned on my WiFi (it was off) and my BT mouse connected and working.

    Is this normal?

  • Bluetooth disabled after el capitan 10.11.4 updated updated

    I just did the mandatory update to the Version of El Capitan 10.11.4, my system now I have no Bluetooth available, everything Bluetooth hardware and services disappeared due to its update. Ideas please have correct?

    Yesterday, I had the same problem after the update. I fixed it by resetting the NVRAM as described here: How to reset the NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support

    The only problem is: you will need a wired keyboard

  • Bluetooth does not work in el capitan 10.11.2

    After the update to el capitan 10.11.2 today, bluetooth does not at all even if a problem with she was supposed to be fixed... Is it a problem that I'm having just a reason any? Or is it actually a bug in the new update?

    Bluetooth devices no longer meet

  • 6 s iPhone Bluetooth will pair with El Capitan Mac but does not connect

    My employers very kindly gave me a brand new MacBook Pro running the most recent version (10.11.4) of Mac OS X.  What finish set up I need to pair my iPhone staff 6 (running iOS 9.3.1) to the computer I want to use MacID to secure my computer when I'm away from him.  While the phone would pair (pairing being initiated by the Mac) it would be briefly apply status 'connected' before going to "not connected".  When I then tried to establish a connection, I received the following message on the iPhone:

    Connection failure

    'MacBook Pro' is not supported

    and the only option to close this dialog box click the device forget .

    I therefore looked on my personal Mac which had previously been paired with the phone to find that he was is no longer listed in the devices Bluetooth, but when I looked in the settings for MacID running on my Mac it says "Looking for iPhone 6 s.  I tried to re-pair 6s iPhone to my personal machine and had the same results.  When I called in my TI guru we tried with his iPhone 6 (also installed 9.3.1) and had the same results.  As it's been a few months since I used MacID on my computer that I don't know when the link has been broken - after an update iOS or OS X update.  Bluetooth linking to my Apple Watch still works perfectly.  I was unable to try this out with any other Mac, I was looking for one with an older version of Mac OS X.

    Everyone is aware of this problem or have an idea for a fix?


    An iPhone will not pair Bluetooth with a computer (Mac or Windows) for one use other than personal hotspot and it will only do that if the carrier is supported. However, there are a number of things will be using Bluetooth between the computer and the iPhone where the devices are NOT matched. More information in Bluetooth: why can not connect my iPhone or iPad with another iOS device or my computer?

    The following link for MacID support site has instructions on how to do the installation. It requires Bluetooth to be turned on in the computer and the iPhone, but the rest of the configuration/connection is done inside the MacID app on each device, not normal Bluetooth pairing as follows: & sc = Pairing % 20A % 20device

  • Bluetooth network is not available

    Been trying for a while to use AirDrop on my MacBook Pro (Version OS X El Capitan 10.11.6) and my iPhone 6 s more.

    Just realized today that it might not work because the Bluetooth on the Pro does not work. With each device I try a pairing, it says that the network is not available and that I need to make sure that network access is enabled. Trying to do this, system preferences > network > Bluetooth PAN, I get the same message. I need you to ensure that network access is enabled.

    Someone else had this problem? Any ideas on how to solve it?

    Open system preferences > Bluetooth. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled.

  • Magic Mouse works only with the latest el capitan

    Why Apple is not the problems with El Capitan (10.11.6) and it's Magic Mouse? The only way is connected to my MacBook Pro is to remove the at the end of each session and even that does not always work. When it is finally connected, the mouse connects and reconnects constantly during the session. The mouse is an Apple product, and Apple does not seem to recognize the problem or give anyone a viable solution.

    Determine that the problem is inherent in the software is an act of faith (there is no batches of messages here with the same problem).

    Try resetting the SMC and the NVRAM.


  • MacBook Pro with El Capitan stop or restart


    I have a MacBook Pro (retina, 15 ", end of 2013) with OS X El Capitan installed. Recently, I could not turn down or restart. I have to press the power button to do. It stops when I restart in Mode without failure.

    I run EtreCheck because I've seen it posted elsewhere and that's the report:

    EtreCheck version: 3.0.5 (309)

    Report generated 2016-09-27 22:15:15

    Download EtreCheck from

    Time 01:32

    Performance: Excellent

    Click the [Support] links to help with non-Apple products.

    Click [details] for more information on this line.

    Problem: Another problem


    Computer does not turn off

    Hardware Information:

    MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inches, end of 2013)

    [Data sheet] - [User Guide] - [warranty & Service]

    MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro11, 2

    1 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 CPU: 4 strands

    8 GB RAM not extensible

    BANK 0/DIMM0

    OK 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

    BANK 1/DIMM0

    OK 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

    Bluetooth: Good - transfer/Airdrop2 taken in charge

    Wireless: en0: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

    Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 87

    Video information:

    Iris Pro Intel

    Color LCD 2880 x 1800


    OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 15G (31) - since startup time: less than an hour

    Disc information:

    SM0256F SSD APPLE disk0: (251 GB) (Solid State - TRIM: Yes)

    EFI (disk0s1) < not mounted >: 210 MB

    Recovery HD (disk0s3) < not mounted > [recovery]: 650 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk 1) /: 249,77 (Go 98,78 free)

    Storage of carrots: disk0s2 250.14 GB Online

    USB information:

    Apple Inc. Apple keyboard / Trackpad

    Apple Inc. BRCM20702 hub.

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB host controller.

    Lightning information:

    Apple Inc. Thunderbolt_bus.


    Mac App Store and identified developers

    Startup items:

    HWNetMgr: Path: / Library/StartupItems/HWNetMgr

    HWPortDetect: Path: / Library/StartupItems/HWPortDetect

    StartOuc: Path: / Library/StartupItems/StartOuc

    Startup items are obsolete in OS X Yosemite

    Launch system officers:

    [no charge] 7 tasks Apple

    tasks of Apple 152 [loading]

    tasks from Apple 79 [performance]

    Launch system demons:

    [no charge] 47 Apple jobs

    [loading] 159 jobs Apple

    Apple 85 [performance] tasks

    Launch officers:

    [loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater - 1.0.plist (2015-09-28) [Support]

    [loading] (2016-07-27) [Support]

    com.Epson.EventManager.agent.plist [running] (2012-05-08) [Support]

    [loading] (2016-07-12) [Support]

    Launch demons:

    [loading] com.adobe.SwitchBoard.plist (2013-12-03) [Support]

    com.Adobe.agsservice.plist [running] (2016-08-17) [Support]

    [loading] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (2016-05-09) [Support]

    [loading] (2016-09-02) [Support]

    [loading] com.malwarebytes.MBAMHelperTool.plist (2016-02-22) [Support]

    [loading] (2015-11-20) [Support]

    [loading] (2010-08-25) [Support]

    [loading] (2015-05-08) [Support]

    User launch officers:

    [loading] com.adobe.AAM.Updater - 1.0.plist (2013-11-24) [Support]

    [loading] com.adobe.ARM. [...]. plist (12 / 12/2013) [Support]

    [loading] com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting.G2MUpdate.plist (2015-09-01) [Support]

    com.spotify.webhelper.plist [running] (2016-09-18) [Support]

    Items in user login:

    iTunesHelper Application (/ Applications/

    E-mail application (/ Applications/

    Dropbox application (/ Applications/

    Plug-ins Internet:

    o1dbrowserplugin: - 10.8 SDK (2015-12-17) [Support]

    Web of Google Earth plugin: 7.1 (2015-07-20) [Support]

    Default browser: 601 - SDK 10.11 (2016-09-16)

    AdobeExManDetect: AdobeExManDetect - SDK 10.7 (2015-02-06) [Support]

    AdobeAAMDetect: AdobeAAMDetect - SDK 10.6 (2015-09-28) [Support]

    AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: 10.1.16 (2015-10-18) [Support]

    FlashPlayer - 10.6: - SDK 10.6 (2016-06-07) [Support]

    QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (2016-09-16)

    Flash Player: - SDK 10.6 (2016-06-07) obsolete! Update

    googletalkbrowserplugin: - 10.8 SDK (2015-12-11) [Support]

    SharePointBrowserPlugin: 14.4.7 - SDK 10.6 (2015-01-02) [Support]

    AdobePDFViewer: 10.1.16 (2015-10-18) [Support]

    JavaAppletPlugin: 15.0.1 - 10.7 (2013-11-18) check the version of the SDK

    User Plug-ins internet:

    CitrixOnlineWebDeploymentPlugin: 1.0.105 (2013-04-25) [Support]

    3rd party preference panes:

    Flash Player (2016-05-09) [Support]

    Time Machine:

    Time Machine not configured!

    Top of page process CPU:

    2% WindowServer

    2% fontd

    1% kernel_task

    0% Dropbox

    0% (4)

    Top of page process of memory:

    720 MB kernel_task

    541 MB (4)

    Mdworker (21) 385 MB

    Mds_stores 246 MB

    Mail 205 MB

    Virtual memory information:

    1.80 GB of free RAM

    6.20 used GB RAM (2.32 GB being cached)

    Used Swap 0 B

    Diagnostic information:

    27 sep, 2016, 22:01:37 self-test - spent

    I appreciate the help. Thank you.

    It will force the closure? And applications it stops? See here:Mac back turns...

  • OS El Capitan on Macbook Air is blocked even on reboot

    Hello, I have a Macbook Air El Capitan that hung, several open applications and is still clinging even to reboot. The mouse does not work, so I can't even close individual applications to try to identify the culprit. Open applications are email, Firefox, calendar, Messages, Kindle, Bluetooth keyboard configuration (unintentionally open). Someone knows how to fix? Force Quit doesn't shut it down just recharged and breaks down until I can close apps correctly. Thank you!

    Hello there DivotGirl,

    Looks like you turn on your computer and it responds immediately. I begin by starting in safe mode to delete some system-level caches and perform a disk check and repair if necessary:

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    You should get it all together. Thank you for using communities of Apple Support, let us know how it goes.

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