no bookmarks in ff4 export feature more?

where is the function went ex / import bookmarks from a backup file in ff4?


Go to Firefox and then when its opening press these keys: CTRL + SHIFT + B, you will get a window that opens that looks like this: * CLICK HERE * then at the top of the window you will see an import and backup, click on that and then you can export your bookmarks.

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    I can't find this feature more.

    Generally, it could be found in: file > script >...

    This is under file > export.

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    Have you tried to test your application on IE7/8/9 and FF10/Chrome/Opera?

  • I was converting pdf to word. I tried to download multiple documents, but the system froze.  I closed the Acrobat Reader. Now, I see no export tools more.  I even tried to restart the computer.  I am currently with my account.

    I was converting pdf to word. I tried to download multiple documents, but the system froze.  I closed the Acrobat Reader. Now, I see no export tools more.  I even tried to restart the computer.  I am currently with my account.

    Hi bulldogcl1,

    Please perform this cleanup tool to uninstall the reader Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning - Adobe Labs tool, reboot your system & install the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Acrobat Reader DC Learn & support , sing with your Adobe ID to use the export to service PDF format using Acrobat Reader. Export PDF to Acrobat Reader DC.

    You can also use this online service

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

    Kind regards

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    The export button is sitting at the bottom of the export dialog box, in accordance with the attached screenshot. Your photo does not show the bottom of the Panel, it ends just above the bottom. We need to see the whole Board, not 90% of it, if (with apologies if this is a stupid question) can you confirm that the entire Board is located within the display area of the monitor and not partially off the screen?

  • How to export bookmarks in FF4? (I have the option "Organize bookmarks")

    On the Bookmarks tab, I don't have an option to organize the bookmarks. I have a new pc and I am trying to export and import my favorites. I use FF 4 on both computers.

    • "Bookmarks > organize bookmarks ' has been renamed to"show all bookmarks"in Firefox 4.
    • Click on the orange button of Firefox to open the Firefox menu and click the bookmarks entry or click "Show all bookmarks" to open the library.
  • What happens to the link to organize the bookmarks in FF4?

    After the upgrade to FF4, I noticed the link to organize the bookmarks is no longer there. Where can I go to organize favorites for example to add a new folder, move sites from one folder to another, etc. ?

    Using XP sp3

    It is now display all bookmarks.

    Create bookmarks to save your favorite webpages as more information.
  • Why can't remove a bookmark by using right click more method

    Until a few days ago I was able to make a small variety of different tasks when I would click RIGHT in bookmarks (in the upper-left hand corner of my screen). But now when I right click all is a clear gray color and I am unable to perform the tasks. I can delete, or open in a new tab or open in a new window and I can not click on properties... I can't do anything. Can help you with this problem?

    Thank you

    Or here's another one: start a new window using either:

    • Right click on your tab, then switch to the new window (assuming you have more than one tab)
    • Press Ctrl + n

    The problem seems to be limited to the current window where you used customize it.

    (What a strange bug!)

  • I would like to print some of my favorites, including descriptions for bookmarks, I added export

    Im trying to export a folder of bookmarks that I added tp the properties-> field desciptions and I want the description to print with them. I want the link to be clickable, so I can pass it on to my mother

    Another possibility is to open a second instance of Firefox with a separate profile and copy some bookmarks in the library of an instance to the Clipboard and paste them into the library of the another instance of Firefox and export bookmarks that results in an HTML file.

    This way you need cleaning less to this backup HTML.


    You can add the - No.-remote switch at the command line to open another instance of Firefox with its own profile and run multiple instances of Firefox at the same time.

  • Question regd import/export feature of CUCM BAT


    We have a production cluster CUCM 8.6 running.

    I was asked to create models of translation of 300-400.

    I see that I can not do this directly through bat. But I can't see the import/export option.

    We have 1000's of existing patterns of translation on our system.

    I have a small question about the import feature.

    A new import overwrites existing data in the database that contains the data in the import file or because the new data in the import file added to the existing data.

    If the import file has only the new models of translation, it will eliminate the existing patterns of translation in the system?

    I don't have a system of cucm lab to verify this behavior?

    Can you please help me on this query?

    Thank you


    I often do and it's the only way to bulk add translation models. It removes all the reasons for translation it will only add/edit the translation model. If all the new models it will simply add your new entries.

  • Playmemories export feature - "some files could not be exported" HDRPJ760V

    Hi all

    I've been racking my brain for the last nights on this issue.

    I recently bought a HDR-PJ760V (built in projector)

    The situation is, I put together a video for the birthday of my wife with his family and friends saying things different, all separate videos etc and I want to play the video sound using the tool built into the projector.

    I would like to add some text and effects to video and then it reupload to the camera by using the function 'export' in memories of game House.

    I used different software conversion and even Sony's Vegas software to try it.

    When I go to 'export' in memories of reading, then select the video that was edited and drag and drop it in the box to the right, as a first step, the software accepts this file must be uploaded to the camera

    I press the export button and it starts to download, the progress bar gets all through and then it tells me that "some of the videos could not be exported.

    Someone at - he sucesffully edited a video and then he exported to the front camera?

    In playmemories, I am able to combine several videos and don't download it to the camera, no problem, but the videos edited with external programs wil do not work, memories of game will play very well edited video.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Thanks for your reply, not that I'm eager to good...

    Must be a way to put the files on the camera.

    There is a demo on the camera file when you get new, obviously, this was not recorded on my own camera and then shipped to me. It must be a way to put the video that has been edited on here, how you can add a file to the database?

    I just spend $1500 on this device, with a projector and all, but what's the point if you can see only the raw images.

    Advertising of the camera shows people gather around a pool with popcorn looking through the projector.

    Anyone has any ideas on this at all? as I said there must be a way, because the demo file was transferred to the camera and added to the "base".

    I tried to download files and he accepts, but as soon as he says its over adaptation more, give me an error saying that some files could not be copied

    I'm happy to pay for the software for it

  • Opening existing documents with Adobe export features already available.

    Before the recent Win 10 update, whenever I open a PDF file, Adobe features to export were available in a Panel on the right side of the document.  Now, it doesn't. It seems that I have to open Adobe export and then import the file in there.  Is there a setting to allow all PDF documents opens automatically in Adobe Export?

    Hello Johnnie,

    It seems that you are referring to access the service of pdf export from Acrobat Reader DC interface

    Install Acrobat Reader DC for: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions

    Sign in using your Adobe ID in Acrobat Reader ms and use the functions to export it in PDF format in the user interface.

    Kind regards

  • Export videos more projectlength

    Hello, I have the following problem. For a project, I had about 56 minutes of film. As an CS6 does not fully support. MTS format, I have converted my camerashots in a time of 56 minutes. Shot m2ts. Then I started a project and insert this. M2ts file in the timeline panel.

    I decided that I would do 3 video out of it and saved what I like projects has B & C. Then I cut out the pieces, I didn't need to each video and started publishing on three different projects until I had 3 videos of long, about 6 minutes. So far so good.

    Then I exported A project as one. WMV file, but which turns a minute 56 video, with after six minutes of content, showed only black.

    The same thing happened with B and C. Although the first gives real-time, 6 minutes as the end of the timeline (so 1 press 'end'), the exported files are more than 3 GB

    What I am doing wrong?


    You can also set the workspace toolbar, but it must be the correct value in the scenario first.

    Double-click the work area bar in the timeline to make it fit over your project.

  • I don't really understand! How did you remove the active export feature in 2015 Photoshop? It wasn't perfect, but it's so useful!

    Seriously, every time I finished designing all an App, I had to do was to create a property file and then export them using the wonderful tool to generate assets of Photoshop, but now he has simply disappeared.

    But that's not all, I have files that include banners in 20 different sizes and I used this feature to export all at the same time whenever there is an update on these banners, all I had to do was to open the file, make the change and Photoshop produced images automatically, why delete this amazing feature?

    Hi Andres,

    We have removed the function part of assets while use was still quite low. Customers and usage data showed that people were not being very successful with this workflow. We are working to add this feature to the multi-res export in the future, however. For now, you can continue to rename the layer to get the assets in different resolutions.

    With the Adobe for Photoshop CC generator | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG

    Thank you

    Joan Lafferty

  • Export of more than 65000 record from oracle's 10 g to Excel

    I try to export more than 65000 record from oracle 10g to Excel, formulas using the report execution as a form of the oracle spreadsheet, but if note the limeted and increase when I found error.

    Gently, I found solution for this error without use package in the database and the directory in the server

    Thank you very much for the cooperation.

    I got a solution to my problem I using webutil and who is as follows:



    SELECT column_1, column_2, column_3


    your table;

    path varchar2 (200);




    Path: = webutil_file.file_save_dialog (", file_name-online 'Summary': sysdate |'.) CSV ', File_Filter => ' CSV (*.csv) files. (* .csv |') ;

    IF file_name IS NULL





    CLIENT_TEXT_IO. Put_line (IN_FILE, 'title_1; title_2; title_3');


    : HAND. COUNT: = A % ROWCOUNT; -counter

    CLIENT_TEXT_IO. Put_line (IN_FILE, I.column_1 | ';' |) I.column_1 | ';' | I.column_1);




    IF Form_Success THEN

    END IF;

    END IF;


    Thanks again



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