No boot from CD

I have a p6130f and a hard disk failure.  When I try to put in the recovery disc it will not read it continues to go training and sets up a message: "Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

The order of Boot in the BIOS setup apperas OK.  Even when I replace the hard drive I have no way to create a boot image, unless I can CD bot.

I have detrmined that the disk controller does not and this is the reason why I couldn't boot from the CD or hard drive.

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  • Of failure, white screen MacBook Pro HARD drive try to boot from the external HARD drive


    I have a 2008 Macbook Pro which is having some problems, I was able to fix them, but eventually the hard drive failed. I know that because at startup until it would have a white screen Uni (no logo) and you can hear a clicking on in the lower left corner. I thought initially it was a memory problem, but after opening and verification of memory, it's clearly the hard drive.

    I solved this problem temporarily (until I can replace the HARD disk) by installing El captain on an external HARD disc and start from that. Here's the twist, I couldn't he can begin to El captain, I tried CMD + R, CMD + OPT + R, CMD + OPT + R + P and now shift. Everything that's happened would be that clicks would cease to release the keys.

    I left the macbook on while I'm at work, when I got home it was on the screen to connect the external HARD drive.

    I accidentally closed the macbook yesterday and again once when I tried to log on, I could not and I left it on a white screen while I was sleeping. There is a possibility that he may have launched from the HARD drive when I get home, but if not, is there something that escapes me to force do this?

    See you soon

    Usually start up to a blank screen without the Apple Logo, may report one of the following:

    • Hardware failure
    • Boot drive is not recognized as valid and updated updated
    • OS X essential software is missing, hurt moved or renamed or corrupt
    • A firmware update is necessary

    No matter who, in order to boot from an external drive "bootable", you would normally hold down the Option key until you get a screen that offers a number of devices to try to boot from.

    Alternatively, you can try holding down the C key to try to boot from the external drive.

    If none of these startup options work, then the bootable disc or the USB port on your MacBook Pro can be the question.

    Since you have a Mac pre-2013, if you hold down the D key while booting, the built-in Apple Hardware Test should start up.  This can help to identify hardware problems.

  • If I install 10.11.6 on my iMac I will be able to boot from an external hard drive with and OS earlier?

    If I install 10.11.6 on my iMac (model identifier: iMac12, 2 name of the processor: Intel Core i5 speed processor: 3.1 GHz)

    will I be able to boot from a drive external firewire with and the older operating system? Or El Capitan will not allow this as I said can occur. Can't risk a "pourrait".

    Thank you

    There should be no problem. Your iMac is come with Snow Leopard as well as or any subsequent OS should work. Note however, that once started from SL, your interior with El Capitan would be is no longer recognized as a boot device in the preferences > startup disk because Snow Leopard does not have logical volume by car Group organization. You need to restart with the Option key pressed down, calling the Boot Manager.

    If you have problems, you might consider to make the connection via the USB port.

  • My iMac can boot from an external drive?


    I have an iMac 21.5 "Mid 2010 which starts to show its age with slowness. However, I plan to upgrade the Basic 4 GB of Ram either 8 GB or 16 GB of Ram, depending on price... and my main question.  I know that the Mac came initially with a 500 GB hard drive and I would also like to upgrade to an SSD because they make a world of difference from what I've heard, but I don't have the level of skill tech to do the steps together 20-30. I wonder, as I have a 1 TB USB SSD externally, if I could install a new version of Mac OS X on the SSD USB and then set it as my boot drive and just keep still plugged. Would this work or startup disk must be internal rather than external via USB?

    Your iMac can be set to boot from an external drive. Just install OS X on the SSD and SSD drive as your boot disk in System-> startup disk Preferences.

  • Boot from USB


    I have a Pavilion p6720f desktop computer.  I want to boot from USB.  I just updated the BIOS that had supposedly fixed issues with the USB to boot. But there is no option in the cmos configuration in the for USB BOOT sequence.  The options are HD, CD, DISK, and NETWORK.  Any suggestions?


    Plug the USB pen into a USB port of your PC (even the work of the port on the front)


    Press < ESC > during startup to win the "Boot Menu" (or F12 etc. According to your PC)

    The USB pen is now listed (SanDisk in my case)

    Select it

    Press enter

    Linux starts fine

    Tell your wife or girlfriend, that she is no longer dumped


  • How to get the computer to boot from a USB?

    I use offline windows Defender. Start the computer to the USB you need. How can I get the computer set up to do this?

    my computer is a HP Pavilion e9100z.

    Thanks for any help


    We will determine if your PC can not even boot from USB devices.  Plug the USB and turn on your PC.  When you get to the HP splash screen, then start typing the escape key to bring up a boot selection menu. If you do not see the USB device then your PC can't boot from a USB device.

    If your PC does support booting from a USB device and then read this MS post article.

    You always have the option to start Windows Defender from a CD or a DVD.

  • Pavilioin P6710f: Changing Bios then boot from a USB flash drive

    How can I update my bios to enable booting from a USB Flash drive. My bios is American Megatrends 6.07, 04/05/2011 and the only options are CD, hard disk, floppy. Is there a way to change this? To test the Windows 10 repair disk I created, my system froze to the blue screen "choose" keyboard layout. I couldn't use the usb mouse or usb keyboard. As a result, I had to restore my system to windows 7 using my Norton Ghost recovery disk and backups that I had done before downloading windows 10.

    After the opening of the bios and clicking on the hard drive by default, I found that I had a choice, including the USB Flash drive that I have pugged just forward to restart. This answered my question. Thanks to everyone for their contribution. It was not necessary to Flash the bios after all.

  • HP Pavilion 500-210 QE cannot boot from any hard drive.

    Good evening. As you can see on the subject, my computer just cannot boot from any hard disk that I put on it. I tried swapping the power supply, SATA cable, reset the BIOS, allowing the start legacy, changing to AHCI to IDE and RAID...

    When I get to the BIOS Setup, I see the hard drive and its features, but it will not start or show when I am trying to install a new OS. I'm not an expert, but I think that the problem could be in the motherboard SATA ports, but I'm not sure. Just to be sure, I tried another harddrive and it did not work as well.

    I was also thinking to buy a HDD external and installation of my OS on it, but I don't even know if it is possible and I would really like to have my computer working again.

    Thank you for your attention!

    Ok. That doesn't say that it is very likely that the motherboard has problems.

    Contact HP for warranty repair.

  • Toshiba NB520 - can't boot from USB

    I NB520, I tried possible ways to boot from usb and it still does not work.
    I need some suggestions.
    Thank you.

    Usually the name of the USB device does not appear in the start menu.
    If you want to run rom flash USB memory key, you need to connect the USB flash first.
    Press the power button, then F12 and select USB.

    But note: USB flash memory stick must be ready for start-up.
    If it was not made "bootable" and then the boot from USB does not work.

  • Satellite T230-12V - can't boot from USB


    I have a Satellite T230-12v and I decided to change the hard drive for a faster SSD.

    The problem is that I can't just boot from a USB pen to install windows 7.
    The pen works fine.
    The SSD is properly found in BIOS.
    The pen is in the boot options.
    Seems that the BIOS is always keep me to start appropriate.

    I have succecefully started a prompt back from the pen of USB, but not the Original Windows 7 I have here.
    I can't boot from dvd because the laptop is not a.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    The original HARD drive is not an option, I don't have it anymore.

    Please advice.
    Thank you

    Miguel Pereira

    When you start your Satellite F12 press to enter the boot menu.
    USB option is listed here? Have you tried this option?

  • Why I can't boot from a USB?


    Why I can't boot from a USB?   I'm looking to replace a failed hard drive in a Mac Mini 2010. I replaced the hard drive without difficulty.

    I have a USB flash drive from known good 10.10.5 with an Installer (tested) well known about it.   I press the power switch, as soon as the startup chime plays, I press the Option (Alt) key.

    One of the two following situations occurs. Sometimes, I have a small screen asking me to enter my password Wi - Fi. I get my password and nothing else happens. Sometimes, I get a flashing "?" on a file folder.  In my view, this indicates that the computer cannot find a bootable disc. I've tried resetting the PRAM, but I do not have the sound of the double ring that I was expecting.

    Once a Mac is longer than 4 years, his PRAM Battery should replace before resetting the PRAM actually works.

    Is this USB Flash drive "slipstreamed.  It works on any other older than 10.10.5 Mac?

    What is a copy from another Mac or Mac Mini itself 10.10.5 clone?

    Plug you directly into the USB port of the Mac Mini, or using a hub which is powered wall?

  • How to boot from SD card on Satellite Pro S300?

    My windows 7 32 bit based has S300 to a card reader build in SD. The Toshiba utility for making the bootable SD card comes with an error message indicating fault: 00-61-FF02-26.
    Is not see and recognize the card.
    In the BIOS version 3.00 VICTORY is also not possilility for booting from SD card.

    The SD card can be formatted and you can read and write to the card.

    Why is this not possible?

    > The Toshiba utility for making the bootable SD card...
    Now to maybe stupid question, but what is the name of this utility?

    As far as I know, computers laptop Toshiba cannot use the SD card as a bootable media and SD slot cannot be used as boot device.

  • Qosmio E10-102 - cannot boot from CD/DVD


    I have a laptop Qosmio E10-102 here. The hard drive is missing and I need to install the operating system on a new hard drive but I can't boot from CD/DVD. After the start of Qosmio screen, it shows "insert system disk in drive. Press any key when ready... ».

    When I press F1, I get the 1.5 version of BIOS ACPI boot menu, but I can't change date, time and the password. The boot priority is HDD-> FDD-> CD and I can't change it. The manual says to hold F12 during initialization, but this has no effect. Even by pressing the 'c' key, the disc does not start.

    I tried to put the hard drive in a laptop and install there, but detects the Windows installation disc, that's not Toshiba laptop.

    No idea how to fix?

    Hi Napto,

    The CD/DVD drive is correctly listed in the BIOS? You see the model number of your player? Usually, this should be possible

    And what installation disc, you are starting? You use Microsoft disc or Toshiba Recovery disk?
    Maybe the current disc is scratched

  • Satellite Pro L850 - 1 L 4 - cannot boot from Win 8 Upgrade disc

    Bought there is a little less than 2 years. With the upgrade of Windows 8.0 DVD.
    Let me now turn to Win 8 (then Win 8.1).

    No matter what I try (the BIOS changes) peut t get the DVD of start-up. Under the boot of CSM (default for the laptop), it returns an error of independent disk of the system.

    I tried the DVD to other readers of PC which also results in the same error message.
    Other discs for example repair Windows & Tosh recovery disks start OK.

    So I think that the disc must be faulty.

    My question is if someone else has had this problem or even successfully upgraded using the provided Toshiba DVD?. Get your hands on Toshiba get replacement DVD seems an impossible task especially 2 years later.

    Any suggestions?


    First of all, please go to BIOS and set it to settings (default load) by default.

    Then, you can disable secure startup to boot from external media such as disk or USB key flash memory.

    Here is a very interesting thread which brings a solution to the problem of similar startup using the image to win 8.

  • CL10-B-100 satellite - cannot boot from USB Live of Linux

    I just bought a Satellite CL10-B-100 (PSKVEE - 00300CG 6) with only 8.1 Windows preinstalled. I need to boot from a linux live usb - without success now. No MSC instead of UEFI option available in BIOS. Secure boot disabled, USB set as first boot priority option. The latest version of the BIOS, I found online is the same as on the computer - 1.00

    Any suggestions on how to start from USB Linux?

    Good day



    Most modern distributions should be able to start using the UEFI.
    However, you forgot to mention what distro you are using.

    I assume that your pressing F12 at startup to get the start menu, verify that your key is recognized and select to start him?
    Which means that it fails? No not at all, start it begins to start but fall into problems... ?

    Please clarify the situation.

  • Satellite Pro A60-138 PSA65E - cannot boot from c WEIRD

    I bought this laptop on ebay, with no cd or manual.

    Satellite Pro A60 GR

    Hard drive is formatted.
    I tried to install xp, because I start the laptop it just says: "control system.
    Then press [F1]. "If I press F1, it tries to read the cd and gives up after a few seconds.

    If there is no cd in the cd drive there simply nothing.
    I tried to start the bios menu but everything works,(F12,F8,del) key.

    Is there something I can do?
    installing drivers or anything like that?


    In order to access the BIOS please press F2, then ESC.
    This should load the BIOS and you can change the boot order there.

    In addition, you can press F12 at the beginning.
    This will allow the menu on the screen where you can choose the STRANGE as a source of start-up.

    But are you able to boot from another CD?
    The CD/DVD drive is unable to read the disc, and therefore the boot process fails

    You could also burn this disc Win XP on another CD and could use the new disk to the start I did with my old laptop because the CD/DVD drive didn't read the old CD.

Maybe you are looking for