No calls after update of lollipop (Xt1039)

An OTA upgrade 21.11.56.peregrine_reteu.reteuall.en.EU lollipop. And since then I can not receive incoming calls. The appellant gets "the number you have dialed is not reachable at the moment..." »

I know that someone called me because of the SMS, I get saying that (someone) tried to call you to xx.xx am/pm

No problems with outgoing calls... However, sometimes if I use the phone if the screen is turned on I can get incoming calls...

Phone (Moto G LTE, XT1039) is completely stock, no mods, no nothing...

Suggestions anyone?


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  • No sound during voice call after update of lollipop


    I am facing very strange problem after update of lollipop. Before the update, it was working fine, but after installing Lollipop, I can not get audio during call voicemail if call sound incoming or outgoing. Although restarting solves the problem, but only temporary, and the problem is back again after some use. Is there a permanent solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    If a reboot solves, it is software partner. Maybe an application.

    I would like to reset the phone, do not restore all applications, and then test again for awhile.

  • black screen empty after update of lollipop!

    My phone is: Z3 Compact Xperia

    After updating my phone from 4.4.4 android. Lollipop 5.0.2 I get a blank black screen of House, and I can't access anything in the phone except notifications and settings when scrolling from top.
    The 3 buttons below are there but do not work.

    This happens randomly about 2 - 3 times daily for no specific reason and the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone by the power button, otherwise the update is great and everything works fine.

    Someone knows how to fix this please?

    Hello guys,.

    In fact, I did not apply the solution that I got scared to lose my data if I did.

    But I noticed that this happens generally when I connect to wifi bluetooth or at home of my car... so I tried the apps no matter what behavior related to connecting to wireless networks and or has been disabled the uninstalled, and re-installed them.

    Guess what... It works beautifully!

    applications that have been the cause of the problem:

    1. smart app lock (it was disabling the lock automatically when I connect to bluetooth auto)

    2. a built-in feature in the software, which is turn off wifi when I leave the House enabled by GPS I think.

    but I have still some errors during calls, including why I could reconsider the system repair and can report this problem in an independent post.

    I hope that could help someone...

    See you soon,.

  • A6000 more Twitter icon disappeared after update of Lollipop

    After updating my phone crashed. He resurrected himself, when I rebooted several times. Now the Twitter icon has disappeared. I can start it by typing Twitter on Google widget, I can also launch it from Google through my Apps. How can I get the icon back? I tried to reinstall mNy times without success. Help, please.

    Note from the admin; type of phone and ROM version added to the object (assuming the others offer the correct information)

    Factory reset solved all the problems.

  • WiFi problem after update of lollipop

    Is anyone having problems with their wifi connection after updating to the pacifier. Mine was working fine before the update. A move 35mbps ookla speed test download when connected to my home fibre broadband before the update, but now even hit 1mbps after update. Keep buffering when watching videos. Home broadband Checked speed on pc and getting 34mbps so it's not my Internet problem. Would appreciate ideas. Thanks.Using xperia D6603 z3.

    That's what I'll do, fix the phone with PCC

    PC Companion (CCP)

    Bridge (for Mac)

    Alternatives on how to backup Xperias

    and uninstall any antivirus > check again.

  • Problems after update of lollipop - history of calls


    I've updated to Android 5.0.2 a week ago and my call history is a mess - see screenshot! I have a lot of 'private number' s but I rarely talk to someone who is not in my repertoire and even if I did, I should still be able to see the number instead of 'private number '. Before the update, I used 4.4.4 and had no such problem.

    P.S., Only outgoing calls are labeled as 'private number '.

    I've lost the ability to use an MP3 as ringtone - I used to have a ringtone custom before the update and now I can't use it even if I can see and choose it from the list of ringtones - no error appears when I choose what it but the ringtone does not change. I now use one of the preset ringtones.

    Very often, I get the exclamation point on the WiFi network on top of the screen icon - I use WiFi at home and office - network private with encryption and a password.

  • Cannot hear or talk on calls after update

    I've updated my phone this morning and now I can't hear or talk on calls.   Does anyone else have this problem and if so how do solve you?

    Hi zoefromglasgow,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your iPhone after a recent update. If you continue to have problems with making/receiving calls or talking/hearing by the receiver, you will find the troubleshooting steps in the following articles useful:

    If you cannot make or receive calls on your iPhone - Apple Support

    If you do not hear a person on an appeal or a voice message or if the sound is not clear on your iPhone - Apple Support

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  • No privacy after update to lollipop A6000 more

    Hi guys. !
    I have updated my phone A6000 more to the lollipop formatted but always reason due to problems.

    Not just any what privacies in my phone after the update because I tried manny apps to install and fix some app in editing app app lock and security.
    But the problem is no one application is locked my any application and any one application received my pictures or videos.

    Now how I keep my data secure?
    How to show someone my phone? Without the security of my personal data?

    Now when we have new updates?
    We expect Lenovo...!

    In the new update please solve all problems and please give the user as guest etc mode mode because lollipop all support, but you have not provided and also this error please give now updates as soon as possible.

    Thank you...!

    OK, his work, I found solutions for this in somewhere to another post in security settings-online apps with the use of access.
    Provides access to the app and then lock her work.
    Sorry for this post.

    But I want steel user mode. !

  • BlackBerry Z10 problem with reception and to make a call after updating to OS.

    I just updated my Z10 STL100-3 model with the new operating system Now, I can not answer incoming calls. The phone rings, but there is no screen to answer or reject the call. I am also unable to unlock while the phone is ringing. Once the caller hangs up the normal opening if Poster Advisor I missed a call and then allows me to unlock the phone. When you place a call, the screen does not change for me to end the call. In other words, I touch the contact and it will automatically start the numbering, but the screen does not respond or don't change to indicate that the call is made. Then I need to cut the phone to hang up!

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Well, assuming that you have waited the usual 48-72 hours, with a lot of reboots (including the battery grips) and this behaviour is new, and the only thing that has changed is the operating system updated... so, the most common thing to do after an update which results in problems is to perform a reload of the OS. Sometimes the update process have errors and others... with a reload often cure the problems.

    Official methods, which will be controlled as to what exact OS versions are available:

    Unofficial methods, which are cleaner and allow you to choose a version of the OS that maybe your carrier (or anyone they control your offers) delays in approval (unless you're on 10.3.2, in which case 10.3.1 and earlier are now blocked, but you should be able to use any 10.3.2 it's official):

    Of course, before you start this, you want a good backup link, a manual copy of the memory of your device to your PC and complete documentation of your configuration (identification information of account, adding applications, configurations, etc.). Sometimes, restoring a backup returns unit corruption even, must be eliminated and reconfiguration from scratch can solve that.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • iPhone 6 s - calls after update to iOS10.0.1

    I have a 6 s iphone, I put it to update iOS 10.0.1 and since then, I have problems with the reception or make phone calls. When I make a phone call and the other person answers, I can hear them but they can't hear me. In order to hear me, I have to press the speaker on the screen. I have already reset settings it but still have a problem.

    No idea what is the problem?

    Re-start.  That's the answer.

  • iPhone 5 s no ring or vibrate for calls after update IOS 10

    I have a 5 s iPhone that worked perfectly for over 2 years until I've done 10 IOS updated.  Now it won't ring or vibrate for incoming calls.  It will give sound advice for all applications, but not the phone.  I checked the switch on the side, the sound settings, the mute under accessibility, do not disturb and alert by phone settings.  Everything is as it should be to have audibles.  This phone was in a box of Otter for protection since I got it.  Any ideas of what anything else I could do to fix this?  Miss me him each call unless I happen to look at the screen.

    Have you tried to change the ringtone in the sounds? Try using set a different ringtone temporarily. In addition, with the phone unlocked, press the volume buttons on the side and see what shows on the home screen. You see the volume and it does not show ring or something else? You use a custom or purchased ringtone, or a ringtone native iOS? Some people have reported problems of ringtone on various devices when you try to use the House or purchased made ringtones.

  • Problems of making telephone calls after update 9.3.2

    Update yesterday to 9.3.2.

    Today when I get a call, the caller cannot hear my voice and when the caller to speak, I can't here clearly, but with lots of echo.

    If the appellant said hello, I can hear like oooooooooooo Heeeeeellllllllloooooo.

    How to solve this problem. Need help. Thank you

    Have you tried to restart the phone? I downloaded the update yesterday afternoon. When my husband called later I couldn't hear him and that he could not hear me. I restarted the phone and I am now able to make/receive phone calls without problem. I know this is not exactly your question but maybe this will help.

  • Can't make phone calls after update 9.3.2

    Since I downloaded and installed the 9.3.2 update, I'm unable to pass voice calls - use as a portable device or by using Bluetooth connectivity.  Suggestions?

    Try restarting of strength:
    Hold the home and power buttons at the same time until the Apple start-up logo appears.

  • Translucent error after update of lollipop, please help!


    I've just updated the software on my Sony Xperia Z3 compact and I met a messaging issue. If I try to send a message 'chat', it turns translucent after that I have sent, with no info displayed such as if he sends. It does not change and I stuck on the message ' send as sms ' but the option is not there!
    I tried to delete the conversation and send another, then restarting. Can anyone help please?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi, sorry, that she had already been published, I searched and did not see that. Also sorry, but it seems to me understand what it is, transparency means that it has not sent and remains like that, because for some reason, 'chat' messages do not work, I went there in sms mode and that seems to have solved the problem, thanks!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry freezes during a call after update

    Hello.  I bought my Blackberry 8300 Curve on April 2008 and it was working very well.  Two weeks ago, I decided to connect the unit to the computer for an update and have downloaded the latest version of the software for blackberry (not by choice, the update practically pushed himself) and, since then, 98 percent of the calls I'm freezing with and without the bluetooth device.  I push all the buttons and it does not; I remove the battery and put it back and turn on the unit and it is still frozen.  Is it possible at all to do a rollback on update or correct this problem?

    You can recharge your device OS... can something gone wrong. See the following article:

    Also make sure that your carriers download site for you make sure you have the latest version:

    Good luck and let us know!

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