"No cell coverage" not listed in the use of the battery

During the audit of the use of the battery parameters, on an iPad 2 Air, WiFi and cellular, upgrade 10.0.2, 'No cell coverage' is listed and uses a lot of battery percentage. This never happened since the purchase of the iPad two years ago. I've recently updated to iOS 10.0.2 and T-Mobile as the cellular carrier. This occurs when the two Wi - Fi AND cellular data are turned off. I barely use the cell service as it is, first of all just use wifi, and I never leave the cellular data connection on when you do not. I noticed a few days ago a T-Mobile "Carrier Update" has been pushed to the iPad. Someone else with the same situation?


Hi there, stumped127! Thank you for using communities of support from Apple!

Use of your iPad 2 Air indicates that it is looking for service even if you have data Wi - Fi and cell phone turned off after update to iOS 10.0.2. Given that mobile data is off, it shouldn't have an impact on the battery and I will be happy to help you with this. Be sure to test after each numbered step.

How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch --before troubleshooting a device, I always recommend a fresh backup. It is preferable "to have" one to the 'need' to a backup.

1. forcing a nearby app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - first, quit all running applications, and then restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - never underestimate the power of a good restart.

2. reset the iPad settings - do not forget to write your networks, Wi-Fi/passwords before you start. On your iPad, go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This step returns your iPad to factory default settings. Test and if that solves the problem, use your backup to restore your settings.

Take care!

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