No directions for TV - HPE-180 t PC tuner

When I got my new computer, I had no cable or television.  So, I didn't have much attention so that there are no instructions, or anything on how to connect a cable to the card.

I discovered the card is a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1290.  I'm still looking for a manual, nothing on how to use it.

There are two cables on the map, and writing next to them makes no sense at all.  I tried a cable on both inputs.

The only program that is on the computer is Windows Media Player, which could see the TV.  However, there is nothing there that points to the connection.  Everything he says is to contact the manufacturer of the card in the help sections.

Thank you


  • Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • Intel Core i7 - 920 quad-core processor [2.66 GHz, 1 MB L2 + 8 MB of cache N3 shared]
  • 8GB DDR3 - 1066 MHz SDRAM [4 DIMMS]
  • 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 [DVI, HDMI, VGA]
  • LightScribe 16 X MAX drive DVD +/-R/RW SuperMulti
  • 16 x Max DVD ROM (player)
  • LAN card Wireless - N Premium
  • memory 15-in-1 card reader, 1 USB, 1394, audio, video (for TV Tuner)
  • Tuner TV, ATSC-NTSC with PVR, remote
  • Integrated 7.1 channel with front audio ports

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  • Replacement card mother HPE - 180 t

    During a powersurge. my onboard LAN is fried. The motherboard is an Asus Truckee 1.04E01; trying to find a new or a model that can replace the current in the same form factor for the HPE-180 t. Suggestions appreciated...

    Hello TimWill,

    Take a look at your upgrade and Service of Guide, which will help determine which is compatible for your HPE-180 t.  Please let me know if this helps solve your problem.

    Good luck!

  • Pavilion HPE 180 t, added third HD on Bay 4 in 5.25 SATA but win7 sees it as a DVD.

    I added the third hard drive to my Pavilion HPE 180 t on 3 SATA 5.25 Bay but win7 sees it as a DVD.  How can I do recognize this feature added as a third hard drive?  I have two HD in the bays of HD SATA 1 and 2 for RAID 0.

    Thanks for anyone who can help.


    What is the make and model of drive you added? You you directly connected the hard drive the sata motherboard 3 or 4 port? 4 indicates it the title, but the post 3.  HP cables usually the DVD/CD drive and the motherboard 3 sata port.

    Boot in the bios (F10 at startup). The bios sees the new hard drive? If not, then the drive is DOA or there is a power problem.

    If the bios recognizes the new hard like a hard drive, then try the suggestion below.

    Go to--> disk management computer management and expand the screen entirely.  How many hard drives you see?  Post a picture of this screen.

    If the new drive has never been initialized, then you'll need to format/initialize it by right mouse clicking on the new drive and then format/initialize and assign a drive letter.

  • HPE 180 t: updated HP 180 t office w/HD 4650 Radeon?

    I'm under problems with video editors and some photo editing program. No game

    Intel core I7 [email protected] 24GB of ram.

    Y at - it an update for my card? Crossfire is available on this 180 t? I think it was an option, I never looked into. Not sure how it works.

    I have the stock PS I think 430 or so.

    Are there options without upgrading the PS? What is the best Mo supported upgrade for this with an update of the PS?

    I have never changed before PS but have knowledge base. And finally the upgrade of the highest card support will make a difference or is it time for a new office? Best regards Thomas



    All manufacturers of graphics cards to State generally the power of power supply recommended for a specific model of the graphics card.

    The HP e9280t I got is basically the same as your HPE-180 t. I used a Corsair HX650 PSU with the NVIDIA GTX 550 TI or the NVIDIA GTX 660 TI in my HP e9280t.  GTX 660 it would be your best bet and you should be able to run most of the modern games in normal game settings.  An SSD would add some extra oomph to the PC boot time and data loading time.

  • Elite HPE-180 t & ATI HD 4650 - Best Way to 3 monitors?

    I have 3 monitors:

    1 asus 23.6 in. [DVI, HDMI, VGA]

    2 asus 23.6 in. [DVI, HDMI, VGA]

    3 LG 22 in. [HDMI, VGA]

    What I read here and since I have not been able to get 3 monitors running off my ATI HD 4650, I'll try to find the cheapest, best that my system can handle and better long term to use.

    So, here are my choices:

    1. install another PCI card?

    A. suggestions?  Low cost...

    2 USB 2.0 VGA/DVI/HDMI graphics card

    A. suggestions?

    Thank you


    Here's my setup.

    PC HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t

    AZ222AV #ABA

    • Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    • Intel Core i7 - 920 quad-core processor [2.66 GHz, 1 MB L2 + 8 MB of cache N3 shared]
    • 16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM [4 DIMMS]
    • 1 Terbite SATA 3 Gb/s 7200 RPM hard drive
    • 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 4650 [DVI, HDMI, VGA]
    • Tuner TV, ATSC-NTSC with PVR, remote

    I think that the USB adapter is your best choice. Just pay attention to the resolutions available for whichever you choose.

    See you soon,.

  • Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t, windows 7 64 bit started to stop the sleep mode.

    Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t, windows 7 64 bit began to stop in the past few weeks.  It seems to happen from the sleep mode.  I leave the computer for more than 20 minutes, and when I come back, it is turned off.  When I start again, I have an error message and be able to start in safe mode.  I start in normal mode and I get an error "windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" without solution.  I also see an action center say error - consider sending additional information about a problem with the ATI display driver (graphics card is ATI Radeon HD5450 1 GB).  When I click for the solution, says that this solution could not be downloaded.  I've updated my drivers.  I haven't added a new hardware or software.

    Thanks HardBeatZ (HP).

    I did as you suggested and I had to uninstall several times because the device picked up previous ATI vs the generic drivers.  In any case it still stop with the blue screen of death when waking from sleep mode.   Then I went back and installed the latest graphics driver from the HP site for my system. I still had a few stops.

    Then I went through all my devices and checked for latest drivers.  All said that the best version is already installed.  Then I noticed that my HP bt500 bluetooth USB 2.0 adapter had only a driver available for windows 7 32 bit (I have installed 64-bit).  I used a keyboard and bluetooth mouse.   So I unplugged the adapter and have resorted to the USB keyboard and mouse and closures of blue screen stopped.  It seems that the network card was originally wake up from its sleep.  I also disabled the reactivation of LAN in the properties of the network adapter device.

  • video cards can be used with a HP Pavilion HPE - 180 t office.

    Using a videocard ATI (AMD) radeon 4850.  It went wrong, and so I would like to know what other video cards can be used with a HP Pavilion HPE-180 t office.

    The Ribbon for the video card cable connector can be used with all video cards?

    Thank you

    Hi Mike,.

    I suggest you post the question on the link below. The link given below is supported for HP Forum link. As you use HP, they can help you better than us on the compatibility of the video card with their computer.

    Feel free to write us if you have any other issues related to Windows.

  • Question of HPE-180 t upgrade video card/PSU

    I have never updated a video card or a power supply before and am a little worried about this procedure. I have a HPE-180 t and I want to spend the GT 220 GPUS to a GTX 560 Ti.

    The thing is that when I open the case, I don't know if there is enough space. I read that the 560 Ti is a large map and takes about 2 connectors on the motherboard. The GT 220 that I look pretty tight on one side, and it is not as big as the 560. Someone has it already done this before update? I don't know if the case of the size vary between models of HP Office.

    For food, I get this one:

    Same issue - anyone done this upgrade successfully on a HPE-180 t? If this isn't the case, I have problems with it?

    Other problems, I'd be worried?

    Thank you!

    qr88 wrote:

    Great, thank you for taking the time to answer.  You are welcome!  I'm happy to help you.

    I was just wondering, how did you choose this particular video card? It seems that there is a lot of variety of different manufacturers.  Over the years, I have spent many hours on the forums of enthusiasts/player/overclocking.  From this experience, I came to love graphics cards XFX, BFG, EVGA, Sapphire and PNY in that order.  They are the manufacturers who make very good products and offer good customer Service.  Also, when you pick up any product, I read as many customers as possible.  They give you the straight scoop without any exaggeration of the manufacturer.  Other customers the better.  When I see a product that has more than 200 customers and is rated 4 stars or higher, I won't hesitate to buy it.  Some comments may be pros, but the majority are people like you and me.  I hope that explains my choice.

    Also, I noticed that the product dimensions are 9 "x 4,38", which I suppose is just length x width. The "depth" (or width when looking from the rear which is held vertically) is not listed, so that usually not a problem (i.e. it will not conflict with what anyone on either side)?  If the card fits in length and the width and height of the map is not as critical.  Most cases will be enough space.  The length is more critical, however.  I would stay 9 "or less.  Normally, this ensures that the card will fit in the case of medium-sized and allowing good air flow.  A card will be a full case.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.  I'm always happy to help someone to learn about the components of the computer.

  • New HPE-180 t USB Version 2.0 or 3.0?


    I looked through the literature and specifications of the HPE 180 t and another saying he has 3 USB front and rear 4 USB does anyone know if it is using USB 2.0 or 3.0? I'm almost willing to bet that it uses 2.0 3.0 are very rare. I know that 2.0 is much faster, but I want to know if I should spend the extra money on a disc USB 3.0 external or just stay with a player 2.0.

    Thank you!!


    The motherboard is not equipped with a USB 3.0 port.  Save your money on the USB 3.0.  Go with a disc external esata for the moment. You can buy a bare drive and the external envelope (with the USB connection or the esata ports), at .

  • HP HPE 180 t does not connect to the Internet at startup

    Hoping someone can help, I had 1 cat and 3 service calls to HP with no luck.  It's a whole new HPE 180 t, 12 GB of RAM, HD 10 000 rpm option, GTX 260 card, etc.  It has Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit controller.  I use a Linksys WRT400N router and a new cable modem of Motorola SB6120.

    On the day of arrival only, HP had problems to connect to internet at startup or wakeup.  No doubt connects 1 on each tent 5-6.  I tried everything - reset the cable modem, router, release and renew the IP address, download the new drivers from Intel, etc.

    Very frustrating - and the thing is, I know that the network is working, because my old Dell 8400 is sitting here and it connects every time. It is connected to the same router, as does my laptop Dell 1545, no connection problems at all.

    HP support was not able to help.  So I have a brand new computer that does not connect to the internet 95% of the time.  Any ideas would be appreciated... THX.

    OK sports fans, keep your fingers crossed.  Come back from Wal-Mart, where I bought a router Netgear WGR614v10 to yestertech on sale for $34.98.  Came home, installed and everything works!  HP connects instantly connects Dell computer Dell laptop connects, works of modem cable Motorola...

    Tried everything on, off tension, different combinations of reboots, etc., in order to give it the toture test and hit the wood, everything works fine.

    Then, the last Linksys WRT400N router apparenly, which isn't on the list of recommended routers Comcast, will not work with this computer.  Now that I did a few Google searches on this subject, I find others who say the same thing.  I called an old friend of mine who is a type of network with the Federales and he said, what Comcast told him specifically NOT to use the router WRT400N Comcast internet service.  So go figure...

    I hope that this case is closed, and thanks for the help and suggestions of everyone and stick with me on this.  I hope that this thread will help others.  The largest that I can give to others is to ensure that you ask your ISP first to see if they have a list of recommended hardware!  Ciao...

  • Replace the HARD drive in the new Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t.

    I'm not a professional computer, but after 30 years of use, the upgrade and repair PC home and the office, I'm embarrassed to post this thread - but here goes.  I took delivery of a few days ago the new highest indicated HP computer model in the topic of this thread.  The new computer is beautiful and everything worked perfectly from the start.  I decided after a few days to check, everything was fine and proceeded to a few pieces of hardware to transfer from my old Dell (a fairly new 1 t WD SATA HDD on which coied got a lot of data from the former count and a new BD/DVD ROM SATA optical drive).  Everything was fine once I figured out how to get these two drives in the enclosure waterproof on the new computer, but all reconnecting the SATA cable on the main came with the computer HARD disk, I broke up some pins on the HARD drive that made it of course useless SATA port.  I of course take full responsibility and do not wish to get involved with HP technical support to replace the disc - and frankly, I prefer not to put another HDD Seagate support because I prefer a 1 t Cavier Black SATA WD which I believe is one of the most reliable RESEARCH on the market right now, and I can buy it for around $200 instead of the $400 I uknderstand fresh HP for the same size of Seagate replacement.

    Here's my question, can I just buy a new HDD WD and install it with my own final Win 7 x 64 without the HP recovery disks (they did not come with the new computer, and I had not yet created my own recovery disc).  Frankly I'd rather have a completely clean install of my Win 7 OS without the HP partition and other HP software on the HARD disk.  Is this possible or HP has some sort of identity with their software which must correspond with the BIOS or something like this?  REALLY, I don't want to return the computer to HP to get called into service because I just started a small business that involves a lot of video editing and I can't be without the computer for weeks, while HP is concerned with him (I've read the horror stories about the high cost of the repairs and the long repair time but I do not wish to keep my warranty if possible).

    HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t; 2.8 Ghz quad-core Intel i7 CPU; Intel x 58 chip; Win 7 64 bit ultimate OS. 12 G RAM;
    1.8 NVIDIA GeForce GTX-260 G graphics card; HP w2338h HD widescreen LCD monitor

    I have the same PC, only the model number has been changed.  Yes, you can use your own license W7 and install it on another drive or a replacement drive.  You can get the drivers from the HP site web support HPE-180 tfor your PC or other sources.

    Some software manufacturers third HP is very useful, so you might want to consider ordering the HP recovery discs and make a full recovery to factory.

  • Please help 2nd factory installed Hard Drive is not visible HPE-180 t

    My new HPE-180 t arrived a few hours ago just in time for my birthday.  I upgraded the standard configuration at Q = 2, 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drives.  I am able to find the two hard drives in the BIOS and Device Manager.  However, I can't see them in Windows Explorer.

    One thing I noticed was there seemed to be a BIOS definition related to RAID that has been activated.  The Matrix Raid BIOS showed the two dirves configured as no RAID.

    Any thoughts?  I really don't want to call HP support on the first day that I have my first HP computer.  The reason for getting a HP, that I was tired of dealing with Dell technical support.

    Thank you

    Go to administrative tools---> computer management and then disk management.  Fully extend the screen.  You now see the new hard drive?  You may need to initialize it by right mouse clicking on the new drive hard and then initialize.

    Also, go to--> Folder Options panel--> display tab and select disks and view hidden files.

  • More integrated in emails & websites URLs is now dead on my HPE-180 t when you click on them.

    I got my new HPE-180 t for a few weeks now and am very happy with it - the PC is very stable, very fast and super silent, and everything works perfectly, except for a very frustrating problem that seems to have arisen out of the blue in the last day or two.  I now get no response when I click on many and perhaps most URL embedded in emails and Web sites.  There is no error message and also without any apparent reaction from the computer.  I use the OS 64-bit Win 7 Ultimate, 32-bit IE 8 as my default browser, Outlook Office 2007 MS for email and Norton Internet Security 2010.  I used this same configuration on another previous computer and did not have the dead URL problem, so I think there must be some IE or Win 7 security setting that has changed and now the origin of the problem. But Danton-it, there is an almost an infinite number of combinations of Win 7, IE and Norton settings security don't want to reload in this dismal desert without some good advice.  Can anyone offer advice about where to start troubleshooting URL question it dead?

    HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180 t; 2.8 Ghz quad-core Intel i7 CPU; Intel x 58 chip; Win 7 64 bit ultimate OS. 12 G RAM;
    1.8 NVIDIA GeForce GTX-260 G graphics card; HP w2338h HD widescreen LCD monitor

    Although I have no idea why, redo my router configuration and reset my modem cable solved my problem.

  • HPE180T CTO: HPE 180 t graphics card advise?

    Recently, I improved my diet at 650W, installed a 660Ti GTX card and had nothing but problems. I did everything as suggested here and elsewhere. I updated the Bios, used DDU, reformatted and reinstalled my OS. Tried on older drivers, the most recent, etc. I am a real novice, but is not afraid to try things.

    The only thing that I didn't call HP. Maybe I should have. In any case had graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered the message a lot. Of more the black screens, blockades, without starts, blue screens.returned the 660Ti. I reinstalled my original raedon 4650 and no problem except once, using only a Topaz Labs don't branch I got the error message driver graphics. My question is that I would be able to go to any more recent card without problems? Is there a certain class or number of my motherboard?

    I need a card with Open GL of at least 3.5 to run some plugins. My current is there, but I need a better performer. Then my monitor is causing a problem? Its a PH Dell 2012 H, which is not a high resolution, screen play. (1600 x 900), I asked some questions here before and got a lot of help, but nothing seems to work, and I don't want to buy a new card to have the same problem. Big Dave said he ran the 660Ti in a similar unit with no problems. I spent about a week of reading and trying things. Comments or suggestions?

    I7 [email protected] HPE 180 T

    14 d


    Raedon 4650

    When you try to upgrade a computer 6 years with newer components, it is difficult to know what will work.  I suggest you contact EVGA Tech Support (1-888-881-3842) to get an idea of which of their video cards will work with your system.  They have always been very helpful whenever I got in touch with them.  I have no doubt they will give you good ideas.  Personally, I don't want you buy a map on my advice and pay to return it.

    Please click on the thumb top + button if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved. < br >

  • Update the BIOS HPE - 337c: for a HPE - 337C

    Y at - it an upgrade for the HPe - 337C.  BIOS is now dated 19/05/2010 6.07.

    Hi there @carolinagator,

    I understand that you are looking for a BIOS available for your system. On the support page, there is no BIOS update available at HP.

Maybe you are looking for