No Firefox for Android of Firefox desktop sync passwords?

I do understand that my Firefox for Android is able to get the passwords stored in Firefox desktop.

I configured on both sync and works correctly for the tabs and bookmarks.

Passwords, I don't know: I don't seem to be able to access those that are stored on my laptop to mobile.


Here are a few reasons why passwords are not synchronized.

  • Using the functionality of master password on Firefox for Android. If you don't know what it is you using it. If you are fairly long disable for Firefox for Android to sync once, and then re - activate the password.
  • Site is to save the password for you by using cookies. The remember check me box on the login page of many sites. Firefox Sync will not sync cookies.
  • The site has another mobile page. is another site Firefox will not share a password for a site on a different subdomain, because there is no guarantee that they are both managed by the same company.

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    HI lefty83,
    It's been a while since this question has been answered to, however, if this problem occurs again, we are happy to investigate.

    There are two controls:

    • Are two devices on version 29 or higher?
    • Have you recently changed the password? And if so has the connected devices you asked to reconnect? If this isn't the case, please do to create a new brand in cert.
    • Are the parameters of the account on the Android set to sync automatically or manually?

    If all these have already been checked, to investigate possible errors, it is possible to enable remote debugging on Android and collect newspapers in a shareable link. If there is no preference already, there is .

    Forward to your response.

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    Hello, this is a mainly managed by the community support forum is probably not the right place for the characteristics of the request (we are unable to implement all the features & devs read here).
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    Please provide a sync to your phone log.

  • Firefox for Android only displays the desktop version of gmail rather than mobile.

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    I prefer to access gmail via a browser rather than the gmail app. Tests of other browsers on Android (Chrome and Dolphin) I see that they display a mobile-specific version of the gmail Web site.

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    Pinellas Chuck

    Well, Yes, it's that Word annoying Tablet.

    What I'm going to describe is difficult to type, so I hope that you can open this page on your tablet.

    Select (0) and copy the following text on your Tablet if possible to avoid the excesses of type: Android; Tablet;#Android; Mobile;

    The forum linkifies this first part, but it is not supposed to be a link.

    (1) open a new tab to Subject: config (type about: config the Awesomebar and hit the arrow go or tap Enter).

    You can bookmark it for easy future access.

    (2) in the search box, type agen and make a pause while Firefox filter list

    (3) scroll down to the bottom and look for a preference named general.useragent.site_specific_overrides and confirm that it has its default value true. If it is set to false, press the reset button for it back to true.

    (4) scroll back up and press the big button "+" to the left of the search box to add a new parameter

    (A) the name of the preference must be com (for all Google sites) com (for Gmail only)

    If you type this, beware of the correction automatic insertion of spaces and be sure to remove those.

    If paste, remove the part after that.

    (B) on the right side, type Boolean and in the popup, change it to a String

    (C) the value of the preference should be Android; Tablet; #Android; Mobile; -in other words, substituting Mobile for Tablet.

    If you type, pay attention to the excess spaces.

    If gluing, remove the preference name and extra space before this part.

    (D) then click on create

    If you open must now use the mobile layout.


    Edit: To clarify the name of preference options.

  • Why do I need to have an account to use Ffx for Android mobile? I've never used an account for any browser Firefox.

    Why do I need to have an account to use Ffx for Android mobile? I've never used an account for any browser Firefox.

    Seems I can't even ask the question without having to open an account!
    Catch 22 defined.

    You do not need an account of Firefox to use Firefox, simply there if you want to use the synchronization service to synchronize bookmarks and other data between your desktop Firefox installation and your mobile installation. (I don't personally use Sync, not since the installation of office has a lot of old baggage that bogged down my mobile.)

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    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Looks like you may have tried to install desktop Firefox extensions in Firefox Android.


    You can change the section at the top where it says other Applications.

  • Links are not displayed in Firefox desktop but appears in Firefox Android


    If you look at the top right of my website , you will see an announcement about a 'Kindle reading App free.

    When I look at my site on my desktop Firefox version 38.0.1 (windows 8.1) I do not see the banner displayed just the words 'free App from reading Kindle. "

    When I look at my page in Firefox for Android or Internet Explorere full words-ads and banner is displayed.

    What can I do to correct this ad on my PC please?

    Found. I open the web page, but saw only text. I did a few tests.
    And I found AdBlock was blocking the image.

    Open your Firefox to this page. Click the arrow next to the icon of AdBlock.
    Select disable on...

  • Hey, how to use the files as in Firefox for Android?

    Hey all. Since the add-on of Ghostery for Firefox Beta for android (36) has not worked, I contacted Ghostery customer service, and they responded with a beta version of the Ghostery add-on to see if it would work. There is a file as... I was wondering, how can I use it in Firefox for android? To make use of this add-on? Thank you!

    Hi Ererer

    I have never installed an add-on third party directly to the Android operating system (only on the desktop). If you find the as in your folder Android downloads or via the Android file manager if it is in a different directory, try tapping on it and see if it will open in Firefox for Android and settle. Don't know if it will work because this cannot carry on Android and I do not see in our documentatino:

    Please let me know if the above works.

    See you soon!

    ... Roland

  • where can I download a vwrsion of previoua of firefox for android. I want to use a file app share and it is not compatible with what I...

    I have Firefox 34, the app I want 2.0 needs? Apparently. Anyone have a link where I can get an older version?

    This particular addon is available for firefox desktop & not for firefox on android (developers will need to focus on the mobile browser.

    you find here the addons that work for your mobile device: allplayer

  • How to enable offline mode in Firefox for Android?

    I know how to do it in your desktop Firefox. Cannot find an option in a mobile version (Android c. 2.3.6 Firefox v. 31).
    I have a web application that uses appcache, but I still get "Server not found" error when you try to access it while the device is in offline mode.

    There is no option in offline mode on Firefox for Android. You're the developer of the web application? You would file a bug on the question? & Component = Web % 20Apps

  • Cannot open a session at odds on Firefox for Android

    There is no option to log out of sync on Firefox for Android. How do disconnect you?

    • Open the Android operating system settings
    • In the accounts of the section (discouraged) tap on the Firefox or Firefox Sync point
    • type the name of the account (email address)
    • Press the menu button on your phone or three points button in the upper right and select delete account
  • How to export a client certificate on Firefox for Android?

    In the process of registration on a client certificate was added to my Firefox for Android.
    Now I want to save this client certificate, but I don't know how I could export it to the mobile version.

    I would also like to use this certificate on my Firefox Desktop, is it possible?

    Thanks for any help!

    HI SumoAlex,
    Thank you for your question. I apologize for being a little late in coming in responses. If we are unable to find an answer, please post your question again once.

    I understand that you would like to know how to export the client certificate to the Android and also use it on the desktop.

    IT may not work on the desktop, but I don't know that you can turn on remote debugging in Firefox. The cert.db on the desktop stores all certificates. (is it the same on the Android device?)

    Try the Cert Manager add on for Firefox for Android. Ref

    I hope this helps.

  • How to change the resolution of the screen in Firefox for Android?

    I have a Galaxy Note 3, which is display resolution is 1920 x 1080.
    If I go to with Firefox, I see that it shows my screen resolution 640 x 360 (even with the "ask Site Desktop" checked and tiny text size ' ").
    I tried with other browsers, and some of them were able to display 1920 x 1080.

    The question is:
    How can I use Firefox for Android in screen resolution of my screen (which is 1920 x 1080) MAXIMUM?

    Could you try to open this page:

    The script should show the screen resolution 'effective' as well as the device pixels, which gives the real screen resolution. (The page is not recalculate when you rotate between portrait and model guidelines, so you'll need to manually reload after having done this.)

    Note: There may be rounding errors for more extreme values.

    Assuming that the device pixels is closer to 3 to 1, you can try to change a hidden parameter to see if it improves things.

    Open a new tab and type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard. You can bookmark this page for future alterations.

    In the search box, type css, and then press the keyboard entry.

    When you find layout.css.devPixelsPerPx press the button Edit and change the value 1.0 (in general, you simply remove the sign-). Press the OK button.

    Return to the first tab and reload.

    Did that change how make real sites do you use?

  • Inadmissible done locking addon - my firefox for Android

    I just installed -
    Addon in my browser android mobile. I put the password for the same thing. Now, after not only restart the browser - I recharge my laptop also.
    Although every time I open firefox it ask password but doesn't accept correct nor rejects the wrong password and stops nothing do rather than load them when we type no matter what URL or try to go anywhere.

    Tools addons and settings are disable/unable to load.
    It really frustrating me.

    How can I get rid of him. Also, I created my sync before add this addon in mobile. So if anyway to remove the internal/external sd memory card where firefox is installed?
    If not then how we prevent this addon loading/install automatically while I set up my Firefox next time after you removed it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Try to Uninstall Firefox on your Android device

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