No freedom of speech on this forum

I just had a deleted post because I dared to ask a question to the moderator. So I guess that the moderator is not on holiday after all.

I always thought that a forum was launched to allow the exchange of ideas and to help new people like me to become better acquainted with the subjects of the forum.

I wasn't expecting to have deleted messages not what so ever (unless a question is allowed)

It is such a shame that I expected to get aid don't not to tell pixx of.

Dave as a moderator please email me to discuss why I had my post removed after 5 days when it was read by 36 people.

OK, I now have door sackcloth and ashes and feel a good rwit. When I logged on the forum for a reason, that I could not see my previous post and at the same time had to re - accept the terms under which I use the forum.

Based on this I went to a tangent, spitting fire and sulfur in all directions.

When I had cooled I closed and reopened the forum and there was all my posts... (what a pratt) I would use stuff more strong but swears on the forum.

If the moderator wishes to withdraw my rantings incorrect on this, please do.

Thanks from a newbie to Xoom very embarresed

Tags: Motorola Phones

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    You are the very welcome.

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    Nope - I collect information on bugs and I think I'm doing a good job

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    I agree... very boring... my post was for at least a week, and I have been waiting patiently for something... something... and I noticed many others have their questions remain unanswered... pathetic really. I bet that if you used 'bad language' you get a bite... Point being, I think that they probably "do" monitor this forum, but just don't be 'considered' for answer... which only makes it worse!

  • I tried to solve the problems to the existing solution in this forum. I still get error 50405


    I use USB-6009 for controlling pumps, valves, and two Mass Flow Control. Each two cycle I get error 50405. I tried to solve the problems in the existing solution in this forum, but the error always showing each cycle 2 of the operation. I enclose my VI filled for the expertise, I was wondering if its design issue? Home shot of the error screen. Thank you.

    You have certainly a few design issues.

    The structure of stacked sequence tends to create more problems than it solves. I the have not used in new programs since version 1.2 of LabVIEW (in 1989). A state machine is a much better choice of architecture.

    Local variables can cause race conditions, copies of additional data, poor performance and it is difficult to debug code. There are special cases when they should be used, but these conditions are not in your code. Just wire directly on the terminals of control at the scene, the data will be used.

    My guess on the likely cause of your error is the use of several DAQ Assistant to perform the same task (with different data values) in each image in the sequence structure. With the arcitecture state machine that I suggested above, you would need one. The DAQ Assistant trying to be clever on the configuration and tasks of closing, but different instances do not speak with each other, so they don't know when to release the resources.  You might be able to do work if you used the DAQmx screw standard you have done with the task of digital output.  You do not connect the error lines of the DAQ Assistant for you can be missing errors.

    Indicators and controls without legend may be a troubleshooting nightmare. Please give each control and seeing a unique label. If you don't want the visible label on the front, you can use the properties of the control to hide. If you want multiple controls to have the same visible text for the operator, use the legend.

    Learn how to use subVIs. Most of the code in the 6 images of the structure of internal sequence is identical. By converting only a Subvi, you would reduce considerably the size of the diagram and if you ever need to modify the code, it should only be changed in one place - the Subvi.

    The while loop in frame 0 of structure of outer sequence is a "gourmet" loop He's going to run as fast as possible and seize all available CPU resources until the user presses a button. Put a wait function (ms) in the loop with expectation of ~ 100 ms. best, learn how to use the Structure of the event for user input.

    The second loop inside of the structure cases inside does nothing and can be removed.

    Many of these objects suggest that you have a programming background using the text-based programming language.  LabVIEW uses a paradigm of data flow that avoids largely for things such as the structure of the sequence and the local variables. I recommend that you work through the tutorials online on the Getting Started with LabVIEW.


  • anyone knows how to go for the first message unread in a topic in this forum "new and improved"?

    He was just, you clicked on the title of a topic that would need you it.  Now, there is no dump you on the front door.  Very irritating if the subject has several pages.  It seems that whenever this forum is "improved", makes me less inclined to use it.

    Thank you!

    This subject (and many others) has been discussed at the Council of Feedback .  I don't remember if a solution for this problem is available, yet.

    Wear your asbestos gloves when you manage this page.


  • Hello. I can't get rid of the incessant emails this forum set send me.

    Can someone tell me how to get rid of all communications with this forum? the emails are driving me crazy! Its kinda like this Haloween movie.

    Whenever you answer on a thread_which do you a lot with things like 'C' or 'B', you are subscribed to this thread and will receive e-mail notifications whenever someone else meets this same thread. The forum system does not realize that you simply post jibberish and think you are going actually and interested in the discussions.

    Unsubscribe - after login to the forum and see this message - click on your name left your post. This will take you to your profile page. In the right part of the page, click on "resources and settings" to decompress. " You will see the "my subscriptions". That opens and uncheck all threads that you posted nonsense answers on.

    In the future do not answer with what, such a 'B' or 'C' on a thread unless you are actually interested in the topic and want to be informed of updates to it.

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