No GPU fan after upgrading the BIOS to 4.2 on Satellite P100-434

Hi, I upgraded my BIOS today to version 4.2 and since the GPU fan only works during the splash screen, and once Vista has loaded, it never runs again, in addition, the CPU fan turns at a constant speed, and the screen has "shifted" to the right, so I quarter of the right hand of the screen on the left.
As you can imagine, it's a little annoying, and to say that the GPU temp is 65deg. with 90deg all about processors. not too good for the material.

Is could someone PLEASE tell me how I can downgrade the BIOS?

I have fans and fences etc. are all and free from dust.

I do turn all the appropriate toshiba of specific drivers, and I even tried to reinstall the NVidia one card.

GeForceGo N-Vidia 7600

Thanks in advance.


Someone else here had the same problem, according to the P100 support newsletters found here you must update the nVidia Driver If you update BIOS v4.2

Here is what says the newsletter:

Update the BIOS of the computer to the version 4.20 or newer:

1. click on the following link to download the BIOS version 4.20 for Satellite P100. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

You can also search for a newer version of this BIOS on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at

2. double-click on the file sp100v420.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

3. restart the computer.

Update the display of the computer to version or newer nVidia Driver:

1. click on the following link to download the version of the nVidia display driver. Save the file on the Windows desktop.

You can also search for a newer version of this driver on Service and assistance from Toshiba site at

2. double-click on the file driver_display_nvidia_os2007387a.exe on the Windows desktop to start the driver installation.

3. restart the computer.

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    Can I do something on my own?


    First of all, you should set the BIOS to default settings and need to save the changes.
    You must also leave the AC adapter plugged into the laptop for a longer period of time.

    Welcome them

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    Lenovo has released a BIOS updated for ThinkPad T430u that resolves customer reports of black screen after upgrading the BIOS.


    Version 2.15

    [Problem resolves]

    -Fixed a problem with the black screen after BIOS update

    -Fixed a problem with the gray screen when turn off Bluetooth in the BIOS Setup

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    Thank you

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    If anyone can help?

    Kind regards



    Try to update the BIOS again. After that make sure that the wireless and Bluetooth lights is lit. Also download and installed the drivers of bluetooth and verification.

    After the BIOS also check in BIOS if Bluetooth is turned on:

    Menu of the System Configuration > Integrated device options > Enable/disable integrated Bluetooth Radio device

  • Satellite L50-B-177 - after upgrading the BIOS can not use the Polish symbols

    Hi, I'm newbie here. This is my first post, so sorry for the plain text.

    I have a problem with the laptop Satellite L50-B-177 1 month of my wife. After update BIOS (from Toshiba Service Station) to version 1.70 I have this problem: it is impossible to use symbols of Polish that comes with ALT + z, ALT + x, ALT + c. other - ALT + a - works normally.

    Problem is the operating system independent (even on the live session of Ubuntu). I understand that this is a specific problem for the location of the Poles, but causes cell useless for my wife (she is a teacher and write a lot of text). As much as I know BIOS downgrade is not available for customers, and the weeks of waiting for the new package of BIOS is out of the question.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.


    This problem occurred imadiately after updating the BIOS?

    Have you tried to set the BIOS settings by default once the update is complete?
    If this isn't it.

    Also, check if the Polish keyboard language was chosen correctly and as a default value.

    Comments are greatly appreciated.

  • Laptop computer DV6174ea not start after upgrading the bios!

    HP dv6174ea lapop - Win XP media center edition with sp3 - processor intel core duo - 2 GB ram - 120 GB hd

    Ive just used the upgrade of bios of HP downloads flash to upgrade the Phoenix bios on my dv6174ea to version 2.9 1.06.Flashed successfully but on reboot it reaches windows XP start screen (black with logo) fails then a blue screen and restarts quickly. Same cycle occurs again and again. Ive tried to boot from the XP cd, but it gives the message "no hard drive not detected" and fails. detect the drives in the BIOS there is no options to the automobile.

    Curiously, a USB bbot containing paragon hard disk manager won't start and sees my drive (two partitions) and the system partition is active.

    I wonder if the flashing the BIOS changed settings or drive letters so that windows does not see properly. I wish there was just a simple option in the bios for detection of discs.

    Can someone pls help.

    If you want to start your computer from the xp cd, then enter the bios and it try to disable the sata mode and activate the ide mode and then try to format your drive... it should work... !!!

  • Laptop not start after upgrading the BIOS crash

    Hi all

    I just want to ask if there a chance to reactivate my Satellite A300 after crash BISO update without it sends to the service of Toshiba.

    I downloaded the new BISO and he started in the Windows menu. After a few seconds my PC crashed and everything was frozen.
    I turned off the PC.
    Now, when I press the power button to boot up the laptop, the screen is black and I can a sound BRR, BRR, BRR of the CD-Rom drive.

    Don't you think that it is possible to boot from a CD or something like that. Is it possible to reactivate my phone?

    Your help would be really appreciated!

    Thank you very much

    Best regards


    Sorry but if the BIOS chip is damaged there is not a lot, you can do about it. You must contact the Toshiba authorized service provider.

  • Satellite A300 - BIOS downgrade after upgrading the BIOS

    I did an upgrade of BIOS of victory of version 1.6 of 2.10 - at the recommendation of the Toshiba site, for my laptop A300 1N0 - model PSAGUE.
    Touchpad no longer works. I have 2 operating systems, XP and W7 is the same.

    I start the laptop with the Windows Live CD and Ubuntu Livecd and nothing has changed.
    The mouse works, but the touchpad is still dead.
    Any advice?

    How can I find the old version of the BIOS to do a downgrade?

    Try contacting the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country. They have access to the database of Toshiba and the access to the Archives of BIOS.
    I'm sure that they can send you old BIOS version and you can downgrade BIOS on your laptop.

  • Equium M40X does not work properly after upgrading the BIOS

    OK, well... I'm not a computer scientist, but I have a bit of trouble on my hands and I don't know where to go for the right help, so I came here.

    Today I started my lappy to confront an illuminous Green Office... not all it is green just of great spots here and there. Happened to me before, but it disappears after about 15 minutes, but today his guarded it usually hours and is still as he.

    I looked everywhere on the net for a possible fix but nothing helped, even though I've heard somewhere that an update of the BIOS might do the trick, so natually, I did... I came here and searched for my Equium M40X, found, downloaded and installed the latest version...

    but now I have a screen with a resolution of half of what it should be, it went from 1200 x 800 or something like that... to 1024 x 786 and I always get the green screen problem... the program toshiba provided for the update of the BIOS does a backup file (BIOS. (BAK)...

    I can't restore the old BIOS would set the screen resolution, but I'm just helpless as to how I go about it. I find the file, but I have no way to open/run it

    I've had this laptop for about 2 years now, I know probably just getting old and a bit tempermental, but if theres no way you people out there can help, I would much apreciate it :)

    Thanks a bunch - Ash


    I Don t think the biosupdate is the reason for the reduced screen. It does not sound like a software thing, but rather a hardware malfunction.

    Is your normal screen during startup? If so, I'd say just remove your existing display drivers and install the new. But if it s like you described then it must be a hardware problem and the machine should be checked by a technician or at least a service partner.

    Would be better if your bring your machine to an ASP for a checkup of material.
    If you need assistance to find the ASP closest, try this link (the ASP index):

    Welcome and good luck

  • ProDesk 490 G2 MT: POST error after upgrading the BIOS/UEDI: "incorrect chassis serial number.

    Someone knows a way to restore the serial number in the BIOS/UEFI?

    After the BIOS/UEFI to level v02.05 LAN to LAN 02.11, product name, SKU number, serial number and stock number are empty.

    This results in issues with error thrown POST and HP SoftPaq Download manager does not recognize my system.

    Well, I finally found how to get the active info.

    When the error MESSAGE screen appears and the F1:boot option is available, then press F1 and immediately, press ESC.

    Now, go to the setup and press CTRL-A. Under Security, you will have an additional option. This is where the data can be added.

    He fixed the POST error and HP SoftPaq Download manager.

    But I should have know of previous BIOS updates that HP updates usually suck. Now it takes forever to start from the previous version I had.

    Or maybe I need to change a setting somewhere in the BIOS.

  • Satellite P200 - option SATA missing after upgrading the BIOS

    Hey guys!
    First sorry for my englich
    So I have a toshiba satellite p200 1jy upgrade the version of the bios (Phoenix bios) 2.70, but when I update upward I don't have the option of ahci sata or ide mode, I do not have this option, but I had before upgrade,
    so please what can I do to switch to ahci or ide mode, can I downgrade the bios version

    So thank you we


    Must add driver SATA while installing Windows.
    During the installation process you will be asked to add the driver (F6 key)
    Then you could add the connected USB floppy disk driver.

    More details how to do here:

    or here

    [How to integrate the AHCI driver when installing Windows XP |]

  • T530 does not start after upgrading the bios to V2.65


    I flashed the Bios to V2.65 under Win 10 via Lenovo Systemupdate.

    After the restart I had set default Bios and save the changes.

    Start the laptop it hang in a window to select the boot device.

    When I press on my Samsung SSD EVO nothing happened.

    I'm trying to reinstall the Bios with boot-CD. Tool said: there is no need, organic cause is real.

    Downgrade to old Bios in possible (?) not...

    It please can someone tell how to fix this?

    It comes to my work machine, and this is a disaster!

    Thanks MajorM


    found the solution...

    > Disable menu security-> "secure starting".

    > Start menu: UEFI/Legacy Boot-> legacy set or both

    too long, I remember. I never had problems with the bios updates.

    but it was my last... never touch a running system

    See you soon...


  • Tecra S2: Problems with Linux Live CD after upgrading the BIOS

    Hi all

    A few moments ago I flashed the BIOS on my Tecra S2. Now, my current BIOS version is 2.80. Unfortunately no, I had problems with booting of Linux Live CD like Knoppix or Kanotix. The freezing of the startup process, when the PCMCIA module is tried bo be started.
    What I want to do now is to downgrade my version of BIOS. Is anyone know how it works, and someone has an older version of BIOS of 2005? I couldn't find any older versions on the Toshiba support sites.

    Thanks for all replies!


    You re right. On the Toshiba page you will find only the latest version of the BIOS and the older versions are not available on the page.
    In my opinion if you want to downgrade the BIOS question using the service provider authorized in your country.

    But have you checked this site useful:

    There you can get help with installing box machine
    It provides some useful advice to the configuration of the device

  • Error after upgrading the BIOS on Satellite A200 (PSAE0)

    My Notebook: Satellite A200 (PSAE0) with Windows Vista.

    When I try to update with the utility setup.exe (BIOS version 1.80 - WIN, compatible for portable computers with Windows
    Vista!), it goes all the way to new BIOS then the machine is blocked, collapsed.

    I have to remove the battery to turn off the power of the machine to restart. But the does'n system start and does' screen n

    turn it on...

    Can anyone help please?

    > Did you know BIOS is fixed on the motherboard?
    Not the BIOS is fixed on the motherboard, but the ROM module is fixed on the Board!

    Please don t try to correct yourself because you can really damage the jury!
    And as you've probably experienced the motherboard is one on the most expensive laptop parts.
    Notepad allows you to checked by a technician with experience of the computer laptop and don't try any dangerous experiences it s not worth!

  • T400: bluetooth lost after upgrading the bios


    I have updated the bios to version 3.19 on my T400 6475-ZMJ and since then the bluetooth device has diappeared from my laptop.

    The BIOS version I have is 7UET89WW 3.19 on 2010-08-02

    Any idea?

    Thanks for your help


    If you do not get the dialog "Change power settings of the Wireless radio"? You may need to install the hotkey drivers.

    Run the update of the system and have it update your system.

Maybe you are looking for