no internet access at el capitan

Mac Pro with El Capitan. No Internet access with any browser, but I can access the Internet using the recovery system (this is what I now use to access the site of discussion). Already verify permissions and fix them with disk utility. Other Mac connected to the same router (Apple) can access the Internet without problem.

It seems I have to re - install El Capitan. Fix?

How you access the Internet? Wired or wireless? Do you have a good IP address? (Note that the one that starts with 169.254 is NOT good.) What about the access with something else outside of a browser, such as the Mail app? Other devices on your local network can access the Internet?

Good luck.

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    Thank you


    Hi, to get the Offline Installer that you can use on the computer without internet access, please visit

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    I have three devices: air mac, mini ipad and iphone OS. but I can't access the internet.

    How can I create a network without internet access?

    Maybe I just need another router, but sometimes, I just take my mac and iphone. It is impossible to get the router with me everywhere.

  • Extend my extreme network with another extreme - waiting for internet access

    Hello - I have a new generation Airport Extreme (let's call it Extreme1) connected to a Comcast modem and it works very well. The extreme will be the router that the modem has no router function. I'm trying to expand my network to another room with another extreme (let's call it Extreme2). I have a connection cable between two rooms. Extreme1 has an ethernet cable from one of its LAN ports connected on port WAN Extreme2. When I try to create a new network with Extreme2 (in aid of the same name, passwords, etc.) it does not work. He was suspended at the end when he is looking for a connection ("Waiting for internet access")-I did the following things based on what I read here:

    1. Changed IPv6 link local parameters
    2. Tried the whole upward on my Macbook and tried on my iphone
    3. The Wan first and then tried to change the configuration after you done for Extreme2 by creating a network
    4. Tried to create a network with Extreme2 connected directly to the modem
    5. Extreme2 factory reset after every attepmt

    And nothing works. Kicker is, I also have a reasonably new airport express and the same thing happens to her as well.

    Do I need to adjust some parameters of network that I'm not aware of? Is it possible that my LAN ports are disabled on Extreme2? It is brand new.

    Thanks for any help.

    Have you used the Apple Setup Assistant?  If you did, it had notified you that the extreme second was being configured "add using Ethernet. The wizard will automatically configure the second airport with the appropriate settings for you.  All you have to do is enter a name of device for the second AirPort Extreme.

    Here I'm assuming that you reset the second extreme to parameters by default until you set it up again and that your second Extreme is the current version of the "tower" or that of previous versions "flat or square.

    The example below shows an AirPort Express as the device which is the extension of the network, but you will see the name of your network and AirPort Extreme on your configuration screen.

    Post back if you need some tips on using the "Wizard" for your configuration.

  • Office Pavilion Elite e9220y: name of the Internet access when you hover over said tskbr network 5. is that HP name or co cable. ?


    I have a desktop Pavilion Elite e9220y Home Premium; Win 7; 64-bit computer.

    I'm wired; but have wireless for other things (Kindle, etc..)

    When I open internet access in the bar of tasks and under the "wireless network connection", I see MY connection (and the name I gave my connection) and 5 solid green bars (no problem).

    Above this section, there is an article with a picture of a House (provided by HP, I'm sure), and he says:

    ' Currently logged on:

    and just below it says: (to the right of the photo of the House) network 5

    and just below it says: internet access

    That's all it lists the wireless network connection with my name and the names of other connections in the district.

    My question:

    the name "network 5"?

    HP says it is my cable provider; my cable provider says it's at HP.

    This can be changed?

    Thank you!

    Hello Denise,.

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I understand that you have a problem with wireless networks.

    Windows will think it's in a new network whenever it detects a new router. If you have changed your router or the router configuration. Windows creates a new network. But do not worry.

    If you don't want the name of the connection to be listed under active connection, follow the steps.

    (1) open the "Control Panel".

    (2) select and open "network and sharing Center."

    (3) click on the ' icon "(une icône de la maison pour moi) less 'show your active networks'.". " This will open the dialogue "set network properties." Here, you can rename a network connection or a change as the network connection icon.

    4) click on "Merge or delete network locations" to view the list of network connections that are stored. You can merge or remove connections

    Let me know if it helps.

    Have a great day!

  • No internet access on Internet Explorer after upgrade Win8.1


    yesterday, I downloaded windows 8.1 but now I have no internet access. When I click on internet explore that was on my normal desktop but I have access to internet on internet explore on the main front page, I can't really use that one, it's very tedious.

    I prefer to use internet in the normal way. Can anyone help?
    Thank you.

    Thread is marked as answered. Is everything OK now?
    I have too many machine with Win8.1 but I don't have this problem. It's okay that surface I use applications requiring internet connection works.

    You can test it with another browser like Chrome?

  • Since the upgrade to 5.0, firefox wants internet access to update every day. Why?

    I have McAfee Antivirus Plus, and he tells me everyday since I've upgraded to 5.0 that firefox wants internet access for updating files. Before I upgraded, it didn't happen. What gives? Is - this legitimate, or something is weird going on here? Please notify.

    By default, Firefox is to automatically check for updates every 24 hours.

    • Disable automatic updates, if you wish (Options > advanced > update) and manually check whenever you want (help > about Firefox > check updates)
    • Activate the authorization in McAfee for daily check to occur without informing you (contact McAfree for instructions)
    • Change the frequency of the automatic update checking
      • type of topic: config in the URL/address bar and press the Enter key
      • If you see a cautionary, accept it (promise to be careful)
      • Filter = app.update.interval
      • the default value is 86400 (one day in a few seconds, it's 24 x 60 x 60)
      • Right click on the name of the option in the bottom panel, click on 'Edit', enter your new value, click OK, close the topic: config tab
      • The change may take effect immediately, or you may need to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect, I don't know who.

    You need to update the following. The Plugin version (s) below has / have been submitted with your question and is obsolete. You need to update in order to avoid the known security issues with the version (s) you have installed. Click on 'more system info... '. "to the right of your question to see what was included with your question.

    • Next-generation Java plug-in 1.6.0_21 for Mozilla browsers
    1. Check your plugin versions on one of the following links:

    2. Update the Java plugin to the latest version.
  • unidentified network - no internet access windows 7

    Hi, I have a pavilion dv6 - windows 7 Home premium. everything was working fine until recently, but since this morning my wireless connection is coming as 'public network' with an error message "schooner - no internet access network. its connected to the router as usual with strong signals and other wireless computers work fine. I have not change whatsoever on my laptop but now I tried all the solutions mentioned on the internet. reboot/uninstall-install the drivers / updated drivers/called HP support/safemode network but nothing has worked so far. I use AVG Anti-virus if it's important. other ideas would be very appreciated. and how can I change a public network at my home netowrk in this case?

    Thank you


    It may be an idea to set up a static IP address to see if it will connect you.

    Open windows control panel and open network and sharing Center.  Click on change settings card and in the next window, right click on your wireless connection, and then select Properties.  Left click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to highlight (click on the wording and not with the beat box) and then click the properties button.  Click the radio button next to "use IP address, then enter the following values. following


    Subnet mask

    Default gateway

    In addition, assign the following DNS server address

    Preferred DNS Server (these belong to OpenDNS)

    Auxiliary DNS Server

    After entering these values, don't forget to click OK for each open window, before restarting the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite NB10t-Arelatifs victory 8.1 - limited wifi, no internet access connection


    so I have Windows of Satellite NB10t-a 8.1 with qualcomm atheros adapter ar956x and im getting connection is limited message, unidentified network, no internet access despite the full bars messsage.

    I have other laptops and computers that run windows 7 etc in the House connection very well.

    I tried pretty much everything that any help at all would be really appreciated.

    > I tried just about everything at all any help would be really appreciated
    and what have you tried exactly?

    Have you tried to update the driver Wlan?
    Have you tested the WLan in relation to other Wlan routers?
    Have you tested different channels WLan (1-11) and different standard WLan (802.11 A/B/G/N)
    Did you test the connection to the WiFi which is not encrypted?

  • Equium P200 status 'connected' but not internet access.

    I have an Equium P200 and finds it difficult to connect to a wireless network.

    I have the wireless key and all the information is correct.
    Status is connected to the network, but I have no internet access and the message is: connection to the local network only.
    I live with two other people who have access, but I can't access the internet.

    How can I change this?
    Thank you.


    Please check in the WLan settings if the TCP/IP protocol settings are set to automatic.

    Usually, the WLan router supports a range of IP addresses and assigns an IP address to the laptop of the range of IP addresses.

    You can find this setting here:
    ->-Connection network WLan-> properties > network connections (TCP/IP) Internet Protocol-> properties

    Also, check if your WLan encryption settings are right!

  • NB100 - internet access disabled


    Any comments on this issue, I do experience would be much appreciated!

    I have a toshiba NB100, unused until a few days ago.

    I've implemented it upwards in order to go online - access to broadband home hub I - and so went online for the first time using the built-in internet Explorer option.

    The machine didn't have MacAfee on it and so I downloaded this, after having been online a few very brief times overall.

    Now, when I try to go online using the Explorer, the following message appears - "Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close." We are sorry for the inconvenience. "If you click on one of the two available options -"send error report"or"don't send", Internet Explorer simply stops. There is not the choice of the next shot, it just stops.

    Is this a virus of exploitation? McAfee shows that there is no virus. I notice that the 'web address' that indicates when clicked on Internet Explorer (when it shows the message "problem") is not a generic address "google" but a very specific (it's of by various numbers and numbers).

    If one tries to "restore system" (IE restore to a point * before * the problem with internet access started occurring), this is not possible - it is perhaps also the virus running... one can only restore to a point after the problem occurred.

    Any advice/help appreciated WD! Thank you!


    Try another Web browser like Firefox.
    For several days my IE (internet Explorer) automatically closes and I received some strange error messages
    Now, I m using Firefox and everything works correctly.

    I guess my explore IE is assigned a certain way maybe I have to reinstall again.

  • No internet access when you're connected to my wireless router

    I have a laptop Compaq Presario CQ62

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit,

    Processor: AMD V120 processor 2.20 GHz

    Network adapter: Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n and Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport

    A month ago, I was using internet and then it suddenly stopped working. I am connected to the wireless connection, but there is no Internet access. I tried to leave the network and joining, turn off the router for 5 minutes, but nothing seems to work. What can I do?

    Keiron Wilce

    Thanks for all the help guys, but it seems that my anti-virus just need to update that was made by another computer and do pass through a pen-drive. Once again thank you for all the help.

  • Blu - ray 570 - internet access failed

    I have problems connecting with my BRP570. I am running Mac OSX 10.6. I have a router Linksys WRT54G 2.4 Ghz and a Netopia modem. My internet is speed of 3 mbps. Everything worked perfectly for the last 10 months... until now.

    When I connect the BRP-570 directly via an ethernet cable from my modem I get the message that the connection is OK and the internet access is OK.

    When I connect the BRP-570 via a cable ethernet cable from the router attached, I get the message that the connection is OK and the internet access down.

    But even when I go back and use the wired connection directly from my modem, where internet access is OK, I always get error messages when I try to connect to an online service such as Netflix, Hulu or Youtube.

    I then get an error message saying "cannot find the server. "IP address:-.-.-.-
    The irony is that when I run the numbers of network settings Internet status all IP and subnet mask and all appears well.

    When I run the System Info screen I see all... EXCEPT at the very last line, it says "Provisioning Server Connection Status: failed.

    I tried everything... resetting the network settings, the settings on my Mac OS x network settings. I tried the stealth mode and non-stealth mode in the settings of Pings. I tried to reset each device again.

    Nothing makes no difference. I suspect it might have something to do with Earthlink, because he started after they reset the settings of my ISP. But even after clearing and reload all settings of network Sony BRP, the problem persists.

    I don't know why they make a device that has so many hoops to jump through to connect. I noticed that the Sony site is much the same. At least I have type the EXACT name of the blu - ray player it will reject everything, as if there is no such thing as a BRP-570.

    Ugh... frustrated!

    (I will not repost this twice, but I wanted to clarify more details in case anyone can be of any help. I'll start now to try to get in touch with Sony about this. (Thank you!)

    p.s. just tried to call Sony. After having been harassed in broken English for 20 minutes on the basis of the ABC of modems and computers that I will be transferred to the next level of tech support tomorrow. I would call the Helpdesk of Sony as catastrophic to nonexistent. Frustrating!

    I have a few questions. Is your internet connection DSL or cable?
    What is this before you went with Earthlink? How your computer connects to the Internet? Is the model number of your BRD570 player really or is - this BDP-s570? I can't find a US / Canada of this model. I might be able to give you a few things to try, but I need more information.

  • No local/internet access

    I have a NX700 with a built-in wireless function. When I go through the Setup program tries to connect to the internet, he noted only that the wireless connection was working, and internet access and local access failed. Also, if I try to use a wired connection - it's the same thing: it acknowledges the wired connection, but the local access and access to the internet that these two don't. It is not my router because other devices work. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with care, and they think that I must return to my tv.

    I adjusted the security settings on the router, and it does not help. If anyone has suggestions on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated, because the back tv will be a chore.

    Thank you!

    I have the KDL40 - NX711 Wifi Tv and I have experienced the same problem when I changed my router. I am owner of a Netgear WNDR3700 and I had to exchange it because it was defective. The new router is exactly the same, and the TV can detect the SSID broadcast. When I entered my passode, TV would set up and come back with the message that Internet OK, has no Local access and Internet failed. It took several calls to Sony (who have no idea), Netgear and Comcast to realize that nobody could help. Eventually, I realized that I had to do a manual install and provide my TV with the primary IP address, subnet, default gateway and DNS address. I did not allow the proxy server at all. I was able to get this information through the control panel under Windows Vista. Click Network and sharing icon, under the wired home network click State view. Click the property box in the local area network box. The IP initially did not work, because it was already used by other wireless devices in the House. For example, I used 192.168.1 and TV it back foot. I logged on Netgear to see what devices were in use on which IP address, and I changed the last digit to a 192.168.8 (8), which was open. I hope this helps.

  • found wireless local access device has no fa internet access

    Hello friends please help I have Sony model led tv KDL-32EX520 wifi ready I have brought a UWA BR100 for WIFI, IT DETECTS my wifi but it says:

    found wireless device
    local access failed
    Internet access failed

    Pls help me pls!

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums.

    Please click on the link and follow the troubleshooting steps:

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have reset my factory default WAP54g v3.05 to allow access to the older computer to my network. Now, I reinstalled for better security using my new laptop: no SSID broadcast and WPA2-Personal encryption. However, when I activate the Mac filtering a

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    Yesterday, I tried to install a program on my computer that is running windows vista after that the computer has stopped working.  It starts go to the home screen and then the screen turns black with a white cursor you can move.  I can start the Task

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    My setup: laptop XP SP3, laptop Vista Home premium SP1, Fritz! Box 7270 as ADSL Modem, router and gateway. Since the Installation of the SP3 on XP laptop PC Vista can no longer access the XP PC. Vista indicates the XP Machine occasionally, but cannot

  • What is a ForcedStackTraceException?

    I have an app that works very well on article 4.1 of the Simulator and real devices of 4.1 and 4.5. One of our testers complains now that on the 4.6 Simulator, it throws a ForcedStackTraceException. What is this exception? It is not a part of the pub