No internet access on Internet Explorer after upgrade Win8.1


yesterday, I downloaded windows 8.1 but now I have no internet access. When I click on internet explore that was on my normal desktop but I have access to internet on internet explore on the main front page, I can't really use that one, it's very tedious.

I prefer to use internet in the normal way. Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Thread is marked as answered. Is everything OK now?
I have too many machine with Win8.1 but I don't have this problem. It's okay that surface I use applications requiring internet connection works.

You can test it with another browser like Chrome?

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    The Windows updates were installed automatically and there was 7, so I can't identify which could be the cause of the problem. I also have access to internet via Sky which is my broadband provider. I use Internet Explorer 9.


    -You have Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 installed on your computer?
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    Hi Marie Thérèse: It turns out that the problem with our provider ISP share the connection between the telephone lines and network service: we called our provider ISP on this issue after you reset Internet Explorer as well as restore to our file system.  The problem has been resolved.  As a matter of interest for others who may have a similar problem with Internet Explorer, we suggest that he contact their ISP provider to determine if the problem can be solved.  Please contact me.  * E-mail address is removed from the privacy *

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    Recently downloaded service pack 3 and cannot get into Internet Explorer 8 as 'Data Protection' will not allow.  Anyone know how to fix this?

    Hi Courtney,

    ·         Are you referring to Data Execution Prevention (DEP)?

    If so, check if turn off DEP support. To do this, follow these steps.

    a. click Start, click run, type sysdm.cpland then click OK.

    b. on the tab Advanced , under performance, click settings.

    c. on the Data Execution Prevention tab, use one of the following procedures:

    ·         Select the check box next to the program that you want to turn off DEP for and then click OK.

    ·         If the program is not in the list, click Add. Navigate to the folder Program Files , search for the executable file of the program (it will have the .exe extension) and then click Open.

    For more information on DEP, see the following article.

    A detailed description of the feature Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, and Windows Server 2003

  • Firefox uses the page host internet explorer after restarting the PC, even if I change again, it passes every time

    I use a laptop for my work. I have internet explore what is necessary for our things work related and internet intranet explore uses the intranet homepage of our work. I also use firefox and want to use a different home page (IE Bing, google, whatever...). So things work related I use IE, for web browsing of non-working, I use firefox. Recently whenever I reboot my PC and launch firefox, firefox uses my Explorer (working on the intranet) home page internet. I then easily reset on my preference ( and as long as the PC is on, if I close and Open firefox it keeps as my home page. I could do this 20 x and it will keep the homepage. However when I shut down and restart the PC, firefox goes back to the use of the IE homepage (on the intranet of the work). Is there a permanent way to fix this. Our IT Department has been no help. Started a week before what is happening they upgraded our computers to internet explore 11. I tried to reset Firefox but that does not solve the problem.

    Hi hunted, something is change or replace your prefs.js file.

    Maybe you can thwart it by creating a user.js file. This file is read at startup of Firefox and replace prefs.js. Basically, it only needs a single line, if you could open prefs.js in a text editor after you have corrected to the homepage preference, use Save as to create user.js and then remove all the lines and save/close.

    More information on user.js:

  • Yahoo Mail automatically reload in Internet Explorer after magnifying great in Firefox. Opens not correctly in Firefox at all.

    I had this problem for some time and treated just by always reading my mail in Internet Explorer, I don't like a lot. It's very strange... When I click on my Yahoo Mail shortcut (or access it otherwise), shows page for several seconds very distorted and amplified completely before charging it in IE, how it is in my browser window: chrome://ieview/content/reloaded.html. I put the page to load automatically in IE because I can't read the page distorted what-so-ever in Firefox. At one point, he worked for a few days and I thought that it is somehow set by itself. However, he immediately went to ruin. The thing that triggered initially was that my cat was walking on my keyboard all day, and somehow, she hit a key combination to cause this problem. Any help would be appreciated!

    Reset the page zoom on pages that cause problems: view > Zoom > reset (Ctrl + 0 (zero); Cmd + 0 on Mac)

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of your modules is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.

    See the extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common troubleshooting Firefox problems and troubleshooting questions with plugins like Flash or Java to solve common Firefox problems

    If this does not work in safe mode and then disable all your extensions and then try to find out who is causing by allowing both the problem reappears.

    • Choose "Disable all add-ons" on issues to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode to set window to disable all extensions.
    • Close and restart Firefox after each change through "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')
  • cannot get on internet explore after installed updates

    After that windows installs the updates, I can't on internet explore. you uninstall them and will get perhaps online. were not able to reinstall antivirus. There is a new problem, since late March. I need the antivirus updates, can someone help me. Thank you

    Try the following and let us know the results.
    Clean boot your PC and then test.

    If you can not access the internet, then check your updates installed and see if KB980182 has been installed.  If so, uninstall and then test.

    So that the results answer with what anti-virus\firewall programs you're running.

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • No internet connection after upgrading Windows 32-bit for the 64-bit version.

    Original thread: Internet is weird

    Hi, I just upgraded my pc from 32-bit to 64-bit and after that my Internet was weird. Steam can find my Internet connection but can not Google Chrome it's weird because I didn't have this problem before. Just to think I am connected via ethernet

    Hello Annette,.

    Thanks for posting your concern on the Microsoft forum, I'll certainly help you with this problem.

    I would like to know;

    1. Have you checked the problem with Internet Explorer?
    2. You get the error message?

    This could be the network and chipset drivers incompatible with the 64-bit Windows 7.

    I suggest that you run the troubleshooter and follow the procedure described in the given Microsoft help articles below:

    Wireless and wired network problems

    How can I fix problems of network card?

    Additional information:

    Why can't I connect to the Internet?

    Please post back with the results and the information requested, we will be happy to help you further.


    Thank you best regards &,.

    Isha Soni

  • Outlook / Internet Explorer after Windows Update KB890830 problems

    February 5, 2015, my Windows 7 Desktop installed a major update (Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x 64 (KB890830).)  When I start Outlook, which connects to the service of my cable (Cablevision - Optimum Online) provider Send POP would successfully complete, but front desk hang on for awhile before failing.  After that, all of my activities of Internet Explorer has been extremely slow.  Accessing a Web site (all) would say "Waiting for (site name)" for a good 30 seconds before rendering very slowly page elements.  After restarting, the navigation works fine and as expected until once more I open Outlook and the problem resurfaced.  I used the restore point before the update to fix the problem.

    I looked, and although I see not questioned about similar issues, they are from previous years and not this specific update.  Anyone else see this problem?  I guess I can go without the update, but it was noted as "critical".

    Thank you.

    Thanks Shawn and PA Bear.  It is interesting, even if I had turned off the automatic updates (to download), when I shutdown my computer last night, he made a major facility of updates to Windows and Office - and I think the fix of malicious security again.  In fact, my eyes had stopped working.

    That said, preparing answers to questions diagnostic, I found that there was an older version of Java 6 installed, and Java 8 wasn't until later.  I also tried clicking on my McAfee Security Center and it does not open.  I just tried to update to Java (and remove old versions of Java) and restarted the computer.  Now everything works fine.

    Thanks again for the help - just to ask me questions, he has been able to help me find the problem.

    Kind regards

    Robbie K

  • HP ENVY tilted 23-k000a Touch: terribly slow internet wifi after upgrade to win8.1 - ENVY tilted 23-k000a Touch

    I bought a few weeks ago.

    After upgrading to win8.1, I noticed the speed of internet was slow, I'm on a connection "Ultra-fast VDSL" yet all downloads by wireless are 15 to 25kbs max.

    If I connect the cable to the modem and disconnect the wireless connection, I get 200 to 300 kbs as I should, but then my game of Ryan box can't find my computer, as soon as I reconnect wireless it can.

    OK, maybe two questions here, but to start I would like to help to get the connection wireless operating at the speed it should.

    Thank you, John

    Maybe I should say kBs...

  • Pavilion 17 e020us: no internet connection after upgrading to Windows 10

    Hello guys,.

    I have a problem with the internet connection.

    My computer started to upgrate by itself for 10 windows while I did other work at my home. I was waiting until he finished.

    When it's done I realized that I have no internet, not only my wireless, but each of them, because I have a free to use wireless

    So, I start google how can I correct this situation. I did all the tasks that windows offer, typed the commands at the prompt command, installed the drivers, typed commands for dns, deleted cookies, rebooted my computer after I have finished the task and my internet still doesn't work...

    In the browser window, I use chrome and internet explorer, it says:

    "This site is not reachable. address DNS server is not found.


    As I said I typed the commands at the command prompt to DNS and delete cookies and it did not work.

    Please, help me to solve this problem with my computer and the internet.

    I'll be very happy)

    I have an e020us windows, 64 GB, laptop HP Pavilion 17 10.


    There are W10 drivers for the wireless card that your laptop model.

    This is the latest available driver...

    This package contains the installation package driver for the controller wireless LAN Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE in the laptop models running a supported operating system.


    If the wired network adapter is not no longer works, see if the ethernet W10 driver works for you...

    This package provides the driver for the Ethernet Realtek controller in portable models supported and operating systems.


  • Problem with loading of internet Explorer after windows update on Vista

    I am constantly find the latest update of Windows lets me be connected to the internet but does not allow me to open Web pages, turning the Internet Explorer cannot display the Web page message.  I can go back to before the update but it is only a temporary solution as the update downloads daily

    How to fix Internet Explorer on Vista crash>

    Internet Explorer Add-ons: frequently asked questions >

  • Impossible to go to the internet with internet explore after a security update

    Hi all

    for some time now, I have some problems with the security update. (I don't have the butI Kbnumero it can search if you need to) I searched many forums, but the solutions does not work

    I'll show you a quick example of what I live:

    The windows update say that there are some new updates. (my internet works)

    I have install and restart my computer.

    Now, I can either go to the internet with internet explore or even google chrome. I can see my e-mail with outlook and I know when there is a few new updates.

    I do a system restore to the day before (where it works fine)

    I have check the update that is causing all the trouble and I turn it off.

    For now, it is the only solution for you that I found.

    I hope you can help me.

    If you need more information, just ask :)

    You can try to uninstall the update 974455 that came out last Tuesday, removing it seems to have resolved other

  • Only a blank page shows when you open Internet Explorer after the start.

    I'm starting to feel like an annoying uncle who comes to dinner too often, but I had another problem for you guys. Start goes normally, but when I click on the icon to start Internet Explorer, a blank page is displayed. At the top reads: "Documents and settings-all users.» "------Windows start menu-programs------startup------start" I ex it out, that is to say then returns.  When I left IE and it starts later, the page does not reappear. As I said, it seems that when I start the computer, and then open IE.  It is not in all programs - Start Menu.  I'm fresh out of virgins to sacrifice to the God of Microsoft, so what do I do?  I have a Dell Dimension 9150, with Windows XP, Service Pack 3.

    Daniel Shouse

    I uninstalled the drivers, but the download and installation of the new are a huge problem for me. I know that pilots are Radon X 800 series.  Devices are 554F for the video card and 556F for the secondary graphics card. I visited the ADM/ATI website and tried to use the upload feature and automatic installation, but it did not show any available driver. I have spent more than two hours trying to understand how to find and download drivers, but not luck. Can you help me? I have a Dell Dimension 9150, running Windows XP, 32-bit with Service Pack 3.

    Daniel Shouse

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  • Page is more focused in Internet Explorer after adding the div around the page

    I am teaching Dreamweaver.

    Here's the context: I modified the page properties to focus successfully. Then I wrap a div autour p [era with a CSS that gives the upper inner margin of 30 px. That's when IE shows the paginated centered for a 1/2 second then it becomes left-aligned. If I refresh the page, it centered. FF and Chrome have also no problem. Everthing is also good in DW preview, he'll just left aligned when I download.

    My first page is OK, but the other three Center in Internet Explorer.

    Here is the code for one of the pages that will not focus: (thank you)

    < html >
    < head >
    contactus < title > < /title >
    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; charset = iso-8859-1 ">"
    < script type = "text/javascript" >
    function MM_swapImgRestore() //v3.0 {}
    var i, x = offline. MM_sr; for (i = 0; a & & I <.) Length & & (x = a [i]) & & x.oSrc; i ++) x.src = x.oSrc;
    function MM_preloadImages() {//v3.0
    var d = document; If (d.images) {if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p = new Array();
    var i, j is d.MM_p.length, a = MM_preloadImages.arguments; for (i = 0; i <.) Length; i ++)
    If (a [i].indexOf("#")! = 0) {d.MM_p [j] = new Image; d.MM_p [j ++] .src = a [i] ;}}

    function MM_findObj (n, d) {//v4.01
    var p, i, x;  if(!d) d = document; If ((p = n.IndexOf ("?")) > 0 & & parent.frames.length) {}
    d = parent.frames [n.Substring(p+1)] .document; n = n.Substring (0, p) ;}
    If (!) () x = d [n]) & & copyrights) x = d.all [n]; for (i = 0;! x & & i < d.forms.length; i ++) x = d.forms [i] [n];
    for (i = 0;! x & & d.layers & & I < d.layers.length; i ++) x = MM_findObj (n, d.layers [i] .document);
    If (! x & & d.getElementById) x = d.getElementById (n); Return x;

    function MM_swapImage() {//v3.0
    var i, j = 0, x, a = MM_swapImage.arguments; document. MM_sr = new Array; for (i = 0; i <(a.length-2); I += 3).
    If ((x = MM_findObj (a [i]))! = null) {document. MM_sr [j ++] = x; if(!x.oSrc) x.oSrc = x.src; x.SRC = a [i + 2] ;}
    < /script >
    < style type = "text/css" >
    background-color: #666;
    padding-top: 30px;
    height: 100%;
    Width: 100%;
    background-color: #666;
    < / style >
    < / head >
    < body bgcolor = "#666666" leftmargin = "0" topmargin = "0" marginWidth = "0" marginheight = "0" onLoad = "MM_preloadImages (" images/homeBtn2.gif','images/docBtn2.gif','images/videoBtn2.gif ',' images/contactBtn2.gif ' ")" >
    <! - except for the Web Slice (contactus.psd) components - >
    < div id = "contactus" >

    < table width = "1027" height = "576" border = "0" align = "center" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "0" id = "Table_01" >
    < b >
    < td width = "274" rowspan = "4" >
    < img src = "images/slpLogo.jpg" alt = "logo" width = '274' height = '97' border = '0' > < table > "
    < td colspan = "5" >
    < img src = "images/topBlackBar.gif" width = "753" height = "34" alt ="" > < table > "
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td colspan = "2" >
    < img src = "images/topBlackBar - 03.gif" width = "322" height = "1" alt = "" > < table >
    < td width = "245" rowspan = "2" > < a href = "slpWebVideoMarketing.html" Mm_swapimgrestore"onMouseOver =" MM_swapImage ('Image13' ", ' images/videoBtn2.gif', 1)" > < img src = images/videoBtn.gif"" name = "Image13" width = "245" height = "37" border = "0" > < /a > < table >
    < td width = "122" rowspan = "2" > < a href = "slpContactus.html" Mm_swapimgrestore"onMouseOver =" MM_swapImage ('Image14', ", ' images/contactBtn2.gif', 1)" > < img src = images/contactBtn.gif"" name = "Image14" width = "122" height = "37" border = "0" > < /a > < table >
    < td width = "68" rowspan = "3" >
    < img src = "images/slpContactus_06.gif" width = "64" height = "63" alt ="" > < table > "
    < /tr >
    < b >
    "< td width ="103"> < a href ="index.html"Mm_swapimgrestore" onMouseOver ="MM_swapImage ('Image11'", ' images/homeBtn2.gif', 1) "> < img src =" images/homeBtn.gif "name ="Image11"width ="103"height ="36"border ="0"> < /a > < table >
    "< td width ="219"> < a href ="slpFHD.html"Mm_swapimgrestore" onMouseOver ="MM_swapImage ('Image12',", ' images/docBtn2.gif', 1) "> < img src =" images/docBtn.gif ' name = 'Image12' width = '219' height = '36' border = '0' > < /a > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td colspan = "4" >
    < img src = "images/underNavBlackBar.gif" width = "689" height = "26" alt ="" > < table > "
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td colspan = "6" >
    "< img src =" images/contactus.jpg"alt =" "width ="1027"height ="75"border = '0' > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td colspan = "6" > < form name = "form1" method = "post" action = "FormToEmail.php" >
    < table width = "100%" border = "0" align = "center" cellpadding = "5" cellspacing = "0" bgcolor = "#FFFFFF" >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "25%" > < table >
    < td width = "14%" > name < table >
    < td width = "61%" > < input type = "text" name = "first" id = 'first' > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    Last name < td > < table >
    < td > < input type = "text" name = "last" id = "last" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    Email < td > < table >
    < td > < input type = "text" name = "email" id = "email" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    Phone < td > < table >
    < td > < input type = "text" name = 'phone' id = 'phone' > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    Comments < td > < table >
    < td > < textarea name = "comments" id = cols 'comments' = "45" rows = "5" > < / textarea > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < input type = "submit" name = "Submit" id = "Submit" value = "Submit" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < /table >
    < / form > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    "" < td colspan = "6" bgcolor = "#88B5CA" > < a href = "mailto:[email protected]" > < img src = "images/calltoday.gif" width = "1027" height = "101" alt = "" > < /a > < table >
    < /tr >
    < /table >

    < / div >
    <!--end Save for Web Slice components-->
    < / body >
    < / html >

    Take a look at this piece of code, especially the part highlighted

    topmargin LeftMargin = "0" = "0" marginWidth = "0" marginheight = "0" onLoad = "MM_preloadImages (" images/homeBtn2.gif','images/docBtn2.gif ',' images/videoBtn2.gif','images/contactBtn2.gif'")" > "

    Personally, I would delete all margins and the bgcololor of the body tag. The background color has already been made with your CSS as follows

    background-color: #666;


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