No link to iCloud! Help!

I recently changed my email id of apple and its works well on my iPhone 6 and iTunes, but on my 12-inch macbook, I get a pop-up window saying 'Mac's cannot connect to iCloud His request the password to the old email which is no longer in use. How can I fix?


Please disconnect from iCloud, and reconnect.

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  • icloud help remove

    icloud help remove iphone 4

    If it is a used phone, you should contact the vendor to get them to disconnect from iCloud or go to My Phone and erase the phone.

  • Can I share a link on iCloud drive for any kind of document?

    Can I share a link on iCloud drive for any kind of document?

    You can only share links to documents in iCloud drive iWork.

  • Robo help 9-request to insert a URL link in the Help Guide.

    I've been asked to insert a URL link in the help guide I created.  Here is a picture of the menu using Flash generated where the link of the URL they should go:

    FlashHelp Link.jpg

    Is it possible to do this RoboHelp?

    Thank you.


    Yippper. Just change the table of contents and insert a page there. Configure the page to point to the URL you want.

    See you soon... Rick

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    Using Keynote in iCloud, after I select text and then Ctrl-click (or right-click) there is a pop-up window with 5 options (delete, select all, cut, copy, paste), but no option to "link".  And I can't find 'Make link' in the Text-Format on the right side pane.  What I am doing wrong?  Craig

    Does this either possible? The part 'Text' of Apple-help page does not make links.

  • bad link to the help file

    Hello NO,.

    "with CVI help (2010) and the Index of navigation, I double-clicked on full support 64-bit. However, the page that appears, is not really related to this topic, see the screenshot below.

    Hi Wolfgang,.

    We have fixed the problem. Help of SP1 will contain a correct link.

    Thanks again for the notification.

    Best regards

  • When I click on the link while using help and Support in Windows XP, I get an error message saying "page is not available" also a filled red circle crossed out

    Original title: help and Support under XP

    The installation option "search" in Help and Support is OK, but if I try to open any underlined green/blue link I get the error message "page is not available" also a circle full red bar. This always happens in any response. Obviously something is damaged - but as you please and how to fix it.  John


    ·         You have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 on the computer?

    ·         You are able to browse normally in internet explore?

    This occurs if the Microsoft HTML Help control is blocked (probably by a Microsoft Update) by defining a "Kill bit" in the registry. To resolve the problem, upgrade to Service Pack 3 , which publishes an updated version of the hhctrl.ocx control.

    If this doesn't help, run the following command from start, run dialog box:

    Regsvr32.exe hhctrl.ocx

    Press ENTER

  • Lightroom - link to the help section comes up with page not available

    I just installed the Lightroom dvd.  The link for help said web page is not available and I can not find dehaze function effects section. Could he not have installed properly?  If so, what should I do?

    You can use this link for help: using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom | Lightroom help

    If you do not Dehaze, it's because you have a version that does not have Dehaze. You need Lightroom CC 2015.1 or later, if you have Lightroom CC 2015, you can upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom maintaining .

    If you have 6 Lightroom, you won't get Dehaze in any version of Lightroom 6.

  • Broken links in your help

    Sorry Adobe - I could not find nowhere elsewhere to point out to you. All help links are detailed on this page:

    The links on the left are fine, it's just one below the main content which are broken.

    just to have control and the links below have a doubling on directories... for example

    computer desktop-app/desktop-app


    see you soon,


    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for finding and reporting broken links! I made a commit that corrects and redeployed on the documentation.

    Documentation PhoneGap is open source like everything else with PhoneGap. In the future, you can submit bugs to our incident handler. But, honestly, the Adobe forums work as well. We talk about the issue is the important part

    Thanks again,


  • I just installed Acrobat 9 @ version 9.0.0 on my Windows laptop.  I want to make the 9.5.5, updates, but Adobe does not include active links.  Any help?

    I just 'chat' with someone with a very long and unpronounceable name, and he told me that the download links, I found the update to Acrobat 9 are no longer active.  I already knew... My question is: where can I get them, then?  Files existed at any given time, and they must be somewhere...  Any help?

    I'll have to check when I get on my other machine. There is a FTP link for updates. Adobe has thought they were not smart be remove the updates from the site in HTML, but there nothing else than to the problems caused for many people. Maybe someone will have the FTP link before returning to it. If you do not receive a message, you can send me a PM (obviously it is something else they changed with this version of the forums) as a reminder.

    OK, here's the link:

  • Convert all the annotation GotoPage links javascript - need help

    Hi all

    I have a large document and my requirement is to find a set of words and add gotopage link to a particular page (index page). I recently got a file of Acrobat ( user group who has find and highlight a set of words using Acrobat action action.

    This action is to "search for and remove text" action that will search for and delete selected text and a javascript to add the highlight of yellow color.

    I changed the javascript code associated with this action in the following so that the script will find all payments made and convert in the Gotopage links and destroy annotations after you create the links.

    I tried these steps in the following code:

    1. Find annotations
    2. Get the four value
    3. SetLink to page
    4. Destroy to delete annotations

    I'm new to javascript and I read the javascript reference as much I could and tried as much as possible. But this script does not work and I couldn't identify what's not in the present.

    Please, help me run this code.

    for (var p = 0; p < this.numPages; p++)
    //var numWords = this.getPageNumWords(p);
    var numWords = this.getAnnots(p,{sortBy:"Author"});
    for (var i=0; i<numWords.length; i++)
    var ckWord = this.getPageNthWord(p, i, true);
    if ( ckWord.type == "Redact")
    var q = this.getPageNthWordQuads(p, i);
    // Convert quads in default user space to rotated
    // User space used by Links.
    m = (new Matrix2D).fromRotated(this,p);
    mInv = m.invert()
    r = mInv.transform(q)
    r = r.split(",");
    l = addLink(p, [r[4], r[5], r[2], r[3]]);
    l.borderColor =
    l.borderWidth = 0
    l.setAction.("this.pageNum = 243");
    var annots = this.getAnnots();
    for (var i = 0; i < annots.length; i++)
    if (annots[i].type == "Redact") annots[i].destroy();

    If you want to use the same code, but just a single page (25) research, change this line of code to:

    for (p = 25 variety; p)< 26;="">

    Otherwise, you can remove the outer loop entirely and set the variable p 25 at the beginning of the script.

  • Link CSS defined in the sidebar styles have taken over links online! Help!

    I modified the stylesheet

    attached to a dreamweaver design template to create special classes for link < a > tags used for the sidebar

    and footer menus. Links Inline to the maincontent div, which should use the good old < a > tag without a class.

    then show classes defined explicitly for the sidebar and the footer. This makes the links of the United - Nations 'interactive '.

    The site is and the links in the main content section online are inherited from styles defined for the sidebar. Help!

    L.M.B. using Web Design Premium CS5.5 Web Designer. This site has been for more than 10 years and is in dire need of a remake.

    #mainContent a: active {}

    #mainContent p {}
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #996633;
    text-decoration: None;

    This looks pretty bad...

  • &amp; quot; Links quick &amp; quot; Help

    What I'm trying to do, is to have a 'quick links' bar on my site. This is a bar that appear on every page and simply different from 40-50 only when links have selected individually, this page will open. This seems to be a very simple thing, but I'm having a hard time to decide what is the best way to do it.

    Really, the Spry menu options do not seem to be what I'm looking for, and the closest thing I can find what I want is a menu list that is commonly used in a form. To be honest, what I'd like is something exactly like what is on the top right of these forums... the dropdown selection forum.

    Can someone share or direct me to an answer how to do this?

    Thanks in advance.


    I think that what you want is called a jump menu. It should be pretty easy,
    but I've never done before. Simply search the Dreamweaver Help file
    for rerouting menus.

    Zimmerman74 wrote:
    > What I'm trying to do, is to have a 'quick links' bar on my site. It is a bar
    > which will display on each page and simply have different links 40-50 who
    > When selected individually, this page will open. This seems very simple
    > thing, but I'm having a hard time to decide what is the best way to do it.
    > The Spry menu options seem not to really be what I'm looking for and the
    > close I can find what I want is a menu which is commonly used in list
    > a form. To be honest, what I would like is something exactly like what is on the
    > top right of these forums... the drop-down menu selection forum.
    > Can someone share or direct me to an answer how to do this?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Chris

  • Link to the help file to the PDF format

    Using RoboHTML x 3, I've set up a link to a PDF file in my help file. (I don't care if the file opens in the CHM frame or in a separate target = _blank window.) When I saw using the touch of glasses, thin poster PDF file. After compilation, trying to open the PDF of the CHM, Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you!

    Did you add the .pdf for your luggage? It is necessary to include it in the. chm.

    If you want it to be an external file (which is completely independent of your compiled help) then you need to treat it differently. Since the help reader navigate with absolute paths, you must use the Microsoft parser function to find an external file, even when it is in the same folder. It is documented in the Help Workshop help file. It is also in Rick Stone tips and tricks file. Let us know where the .pdf must reside - compiled in the .chm or external to him.


  • Photos in the photo library iCloud - HELP Please!

    I have an iMac, iPad + iPhone with the same Apple ID and the same photo of iCloud library.

    Now, by mistake, IV ' e disable preferences APP Photos of the iMac of the iCloud (see photo) photo library and turn on again after a few seconds.

    It seems that my photos r new download!

    1. How can I stop useless download?

    2. How can I make all my devices will have the same amount and same pictures using iCloud photo library?

    Even if I have to remove all the photos from a device...

    Thank you

    He can't really download like to check what to be downloaded.

    The number of pictures, it's what she has on your Mac. Once it finds that they all do not need to be downloaded again, this indictment will probably fall.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Graphic problem with "scale to the pane object.

    I made a program that uses a graph of mixed signals to show the result on a screen. I chose 'resize the object to the stream. The program will automatically in full screen on startup. I have a small problem though. It works well with certain screen r

  • How to restore my admin account that I accidentally deleted? no administrator account was created in place of

    How to restore an Administrators account that was accidentally deleted before the creation of the new Administrators account?  Windows XP I have another account directors, but it changed right before user privileges.

  • error 0x8004045d

    No quitar black este error en el inicio, el hace referencia message has the verificacion of her license. Es a Netbook, license original XP Home. Alguien sabe as puedo hacer?

  • WUS600N drivers won't load at all!

    Forum: I tried all the tips on the net and this forum of drivers Ralink drivers to Linksysy nothing works I am confused and upset to say the least. My router is configured on my new build GAX58A-UD7 Mobo running Windows 7 Pro, without any problem. I

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