No list of "notes".

I'm from the non-techie genation, am ok with PCs but totally new for Ipads.  I just bought a mini 2 and I'm stuck on "notes."  I created a note (well painted in a few lines) and whenever I turn the Ipad on and select 'notes', it goes into this particular note - there is no list, no way to save or delete it.  I tried to modify the 'notes', but to no avail.  BTW, I want to record notes to the Ipad.  I'm likely to be very thick, but can anyone help please?


Hi Upplander,

Please visit Apple support communities.

You mention that your Notes application is pasted on a specific note after having painted a few lines. Looks like you were using the sketch tools in Notes.

Do you see a button 'Done' at the top left, or a facing arrow on the left next to the word Notes? Tapping or other of them will you back to your list of notes. You can see examples of these options to Notes in the blink of an eye and create a sketch in the iPad User Guide.

If you can not type "Done" or the left arrow button to return to your list of notes, trying to force the application Notes close by using the steps in force an app to close iOS.


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    For what it's worth, LabVIEW crashed went on vacation early evening Wednesday last, just before I was preparing to leave for the weekend.  When I went back to work this morning, Quick Drop work properly.  I don't know if these two events are linked, but I thought it was a possibility.

    I tried to restart my PC and rename the file LabVIEW.ini and LabVIEW restarting with a new configuration, but not luck.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    It seems that I solved the problem.

    Yesterday, I noticed that the Quick Drop worked when I took my laptop to my cubicle to a job in another location.  When I started my laptop in my closet this morning, however, the problems are back.  Apparently, the problem was related to the use of the docking station for my laptop.  Something in the configuration to the hardware profile 'anchored' have been corrupted, causing the problem Quick Drop, among other buggy problems (for example, do not allow me to click and drag the mouse to highlight text).  I unplugged the laptop from the docking station, and suddenly everything worked very well.  Once I reconnected it the laptop to the docking station, it was apparently crushing the hardware profile "anchored" corrupt, because the next time I start the computer when you are connected to the docking station, everything has worked.

    Problem solved!

  • Windows Live Mail safe sender list does not work.

    When I click on the safe senders list, he said:

    'Safe List Denders Only mail from people or domains on your safe senders list is delivered to your mailbox. »

    I click on this. Also, I click on "Also trust e-mail from my Contacts" and "automatically add people I e-mail to the safe senders list.

    Now that sounds pretty clear to me that no spam must be appear in my Inbox. And I still continue to receive unwanted mail (32 today).

    What can I do to fix this?   (I have Windows Live Mail and am on Windows 7) Thank you.

    ... 'Safe List Denders Only mail from people or domains on your safe senders list is delivered to your mailbox. »

    I click on this... Words.

    I use the version of Windows Live Mail 2011.
    The formulations in your safe senders list are not the same as mine. (See screenshot at the end of the answer.)

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    HOW to REMOVE THESE UNWANTED ITEMS/LOCATIONS in the list of Windows Explorer?

    Thank you.   -TomE

    NOTE: A second problem is that I couldn't use a sign less "-" to exclude elements of my research, when I used Windows Search.  I tried to use '-internet "to exclude references to Internet Explorer.  It did not work.  There for me in the past.


    Right-click the Start button, and then select Properties.

    In the privacy section, remove the check mark from the option "store and displayrecently open items in the Start Menu and the taskbar" . CLIck apply/OK.

    Check the list of shortcuts in Windows Explorer and recent items section should be empty.

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    NOTE: this procedure will empty all the list Jump list recent items as well as the recent items on the Start Menu.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7 Ronnie Vernon MVP

  • Ipv6 access list does not apply autonomous Aironet 3602I-E

    As you can see in the attached config I configured two SSID (2G & 5 G) for a third (2G only) SSID and PEAP WPA2-Ent on the vlan 2 for 'poor team access as guest '.

    Basically I forced the Dot11Radio0.2 interface in the Group of deck 1 to get all three SSIDS on vlan 1 (since I want just a quick way and dirty to allow its customers access to the internet, without having to configure a vlan separate everywhere).

    The guest SSID (XX COMMENTS) allows tkip in addition to BSE and uses a PSK rather than PEAP. Access lists configured on Dot11Radio0.2 IPv4 allows clients connected to this SSID get an IP by DHCP, use the DNS servers on the local network and access the internet. All other traffic for the local network is blocked by access lists guest_ingress and guest_egress.

    This all works very well, ipv4 is blocked for guests invited as expected. However, ipv6 is something different. For some reason, the ipv6 access list is completely ignored.

    Because I don't need ipv6 for guest access, I thought that I have completely block and do with it. As you can see I have this set:

    interface Dot11Radio0.2
    guest_ingress6 filter IPv6 traffic in
    guest_egress6 filter IPv6 traffic on

    and these ipv6 access lists have a rule of "refuse a whole" only. Yet, the XX COMMENTS SSID connected client gets an ipv6 address of the server on the LAN DHCP6 and has full connectivity. For ipv4, that I had to explicitly allow DHCP packets to the client not even get an IP, so the ipv6 access lists are not clearly applied.

    No matter if I move the access interface Dot11Radio0 instead lists, they don't do anything. I thought that maybe I should add a "enable ipv6" on the Dot11Radio0.2 interface (even if ipv6 traffic was very good, even where it shouldn't), but when I set "enable ipv6" Dot11Radio0 or Dot11Radio0.2 the radio goes into a sort of infinite loop of reset:

    000261: Sep 23 2016 22:32:50.512 it IS: % DOT11-5-EXPECTED_RADIO_RESET: restart Radio Dot11Radio0 interface due to the reset of the interface
    000262: Sep 23 2016 22:32:50.516 it IS: % LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to down
    000263: Sep 23 2016 22:32:50.524 it IS: % LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to reset
    000264: Sep 23 2016 22:32:51.516 it IS: % LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on the Interface Dot11Radio0, state change downstairs
    000265: Sep 23 2016 22:32:51.560 it IS: % LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to
    000266: Sep 23 2016 22:32:51.568 it IS: % LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to down
    000267: Sep 23 2016 22:32:51.576 it IS: % LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to reset
    000268: Sep 23 2016 22:32:52.608 it IS: % LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to
    000269: Sep 23 2016 22:32:53.608 it IS: % LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to
    000270: 22:32:53.608 Sep 23, 2016 it IS: % DOT11-5-EXPECTED_RADIO_RESET: restart Radio Dot11Radio0 interface due to the reset of the interface
    000271: Sep 23 2016 22:32:53.612 it IS: % LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed State to down

    In addition, when creating a list like this ipv6 access:

    guest_egress6 IPv6 access list
    refuse an entire ipv6

    The other is automatically created:

    IPv6-guest_egress6 role-based access list
    refuse an entire ipv6

    A deletion also removes the other.

    What is happening with these ipv6 ACLs, why they are not blocking all traffic? Why do I get an acl "role-based" too? Is associated it with?

    Is there a another way to kill just any ipv6 on the SSID of COMMENTS XX traffic while leaving alone on others? That's all I need at this stage. If the ipv6 ACL do not work, perhaps this can be done (ab) using a service-policy or policy routing? I'm ready to creative solutions :)

    PS. I know this is not the recommended method to configure a guest SSID, but it should still work IMO.

    You have encountered a bug I discovered a few months ago (CSCva17063), in your case, the workaround is to apply the ACL on the physical rather than the void interface interface (because you want to completely block IPv6 in any case). I write (more) my conclusions regarding the traffic that refusal on autonomous APs in a blogpost, might be interesting for you to read as well.

    Remember that the access point used as a bridge between the wired infrastructure and wireless, not as a router. There's some IOS routing of commands (like the "enable IPv6" command you pointed out) , but these are not the characteristics that should be used or need to be enabled on an access point.

    Because the networks internal and customer spend somewhere else, I would perform filtering on this device instead. Also sub gi0.2 interface is missing from your configuration, so I do not think that access as a guest is currently working at all?

    Please rate helpful messages... :-)

  • last name in my contact list is not displayed. It's as if the list is long and will not display the last of them.

    Last name in my contact list is not displayed. It's as if the list is long and will not display the last of them. Is there anyway to fix this?


    1. are you referring to e-mail contacts or Windows contacts?
    2. who is your provider of mail service?
    3. using any e-mail client?
    4. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    Suggestions for a question on the help forums

    The information is not sufficient to answer your question. Please provide us with more information to answer your question better.

  • arrow of the selection list does not work

    Run version 4.2 against database 11g.

    On one of my pages none of my page selection point lists are working properly.  When clicking on the arrow at the end of the selection in the list list does not open, but if you click within the field where the text is displayed, it will open.  I tried IE and Firefox and the result is the same on both browsers.  If anyone has seen this behavior before?

    After putting a few more space between list boxes, the problem solved.  I guess even if visually there is space between them, it was somehow a kind of overlap.

  • Load java classes in ORACLE database error: () Ljava/util/list ;) catch_type not a subclass of Throwable


    I tried to load java classes in the database using the loadjava tool, but I get a warning which causes an error when calling the java method of procedure PLSQL.

    ERROR: ORA-29552: check warning: java.lang.VerifyError: (class: method com/mq/RIMSmqToolsIn,: mqRead signature: () Ljava/util/list ;) catch_type not a subclass of Throwable)

    I think that it is a problem of dependencie for some missing java classes that need to be solved using loadjava tool but I could not understand what pot should be used and how is the correct command with laodjava?

    NB: I tried to use a jar file that contains java.util.List.class, but I still get the warning when loading

    Thank you very much



    This error occurs when the dependency jar files loading in the java command loads separate.

    Load all the jar files in a command unique loadjava as below:

    loadjava, sys/eu1 - r u - v-f--s-grant public - genmissing xyz.jar xyz1.jar

    Before loading jar files drop them in the database.

    Thanks and greetings


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