No matter what I try can not download free Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro 9.0

I recently had my PC repaired (motherboard had to be replaced and Windows XP SP3 was done as new installation).    Everything regarding the functioning of PDF was fine until last week.  Until last week, I was able to open, view, save and print PDF files.  Then for some reason the adobe acrobat program has disappeared.  I spent the last three days trying to download Pro Version 9.0 Adobe for 30 days without result trial membership.   (I informed the company by e-mail that I'm more interested in this product.)  Even if a window pop up it says "s been downloaded.  Also, I was unable to download the free Adobe Reader.   Nothing worked even after contacting Adobe customer for help.  I tried to play with the settings in the properties of Internet Explorer, AOL, etc.   I finally gave up and am looking to buy another software company just so I can open the PDF files.  As I read all these posts it seems Adobe uses its 'customers to beta test of his' new products.  I know it's commonplace in the commercial sector as there are has pressure to get new products and upgrades out over a period of time shorter than the past consumer products.   Comments?


Unfortunately, you did post on the public forum. They are new and a bit confusing. Certainly a step-down from those that we had a couple of days.

In any case, try to download the player (if you need only view PDF files) from

The trial of Acrobat is limited in any case. It is only good for 30 days from your original download. Then they want you to buy.

Foxit has a different PDF Viewer if you can not get player works.

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