No matter what I type in the awesome bar, it just redirects to the homepage of Google.

If I type a web address in the awesome bar, I. But if I type a search term, the text changes to and I get redirected to the Google page home each time.


There is a beginning of change in Firefox 4 in the search by location bar works.

  • In Firefox 3.6.x, location search bar use Google search "search by name". With innovation by the name search, it will search on Google and

    • If there is a clear match he will take you on the site
    • otherwise, it shows the page of Google search results
  • By default Firefox 4 is
    • to perform a Google search and present the Google search results page If you type something that is not recognized as a URL
    • You must type a full URL, such as , to go directly to the site

To get the behavior of Firefox 3.6.x in Firefox 4. you need to change a hidden preference OR install the module below.

To change preferences:

  1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press the Enter key
  2. If you see a cautionary, accept it (promise to be careful)
  3. Opens a list of preferences
  4. Filter = keyword. URL
  5. In the lower pane, double-click that preference
  6. A small window will appear; copy one of the addresses below and paste it into the box in this window (or type it in the box in this window exactly as shown below):

Instead of the above, you may install this extension:


You have old versions of Java Console in Add-ons > Extensions that Java doesn't have to "clean up" when updating. You can easily and safely remove them.

  • Operating instructions:
  • Your old versions:
    • Java Console 6.0.17 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0017-ABCDEFFEDCBA}
    • Java Console 6.0.19 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0019-ABCDEFFEDCBA}
    • Java Console 6.0.20 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0020-ABCDEFFEDCBA}
    • Java Console 6.0.21 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0021-ABCDEFFEDCBA}
    • Java Console 6.0.22 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0022-ABCDEFFEDCBA}
    • Java Console 6.0.23 {CAFEEFAC-0016-0000-0023-ABCDEFFEDCBA}

You need to update the following. The Plugin version (s) below has / have been submitted with your question and is obsolete. You need to update in order to avoid the known security issues with the version (s) you have installed. Click on 'more system info... '. "to the right of your question to see what was included with your question.

  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
  • Next-generation Java plug-in 1.6.0_24 for Mozilla browsers
  1. Check your plugin versions on one of the following links:

  • Update to Shockwave for Director
    • NOTE: this is not the same thing as Shockwave Flash; This installs the Shockwave Player.
    • Use Firefox to download and SAVE the installer to your hard drive from the link in the article below (Desktop is a good place, so you can find it).
    • When the download is complete, exit Firefox (file > exit)
    • Locate and double-click it in the installer that you just downloaded, let the complete installation.
    • Restart Firefox, and look at your plugins.
    • Download link and more information:
  • Update the Java plugin to the latest version.
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      Bruce Chambers

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      No matter what I do, the search engines in the toolbar by default return Yahoo! Remove all but Google does not help. When you restart Firefox Yahoo is the default value. Similarly, new tabs and the home page back to Yahoo after the reopening. This is a new laptop HP with Windows 10 and I just downloaded Firefox. I spent a lot of time trying to solve this problem and about to give up and to switch browsers. I bet that Chrome will allow me to use Google.

      Generally, changes in parameters are retained between reboots. If you change other preferences such as your home page, Firefox manages to retain those between reboots?

      We have an article of general support on issues that may lead to changes to get lost between sessions: How to fix preferences that will not save.

      Two other thoughts:

      (1) some software utility/security/life private changes the folder of Firefox settings between sessions. This includes Advanced SystemCare and various programs 'homepage protection' or "browsing protection" feature. If you have any software with a similar feature, disable it until everything is set as you want and stable.

      (2) you might check all the extensions that could possibly change the settings when you start Firefox. You can do this on the page modules. Either:

      • CTRL + SHIFT + a
      • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

      In the left column, click Extensions. Then, take a critical look on the list on the right side. On a new installation, it is usually empty, unless Firefox has detected the extensions that already exist on your system. Something unexpected?

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      One possible cause is security software (firewall) that blocks or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

      Delete all rules for Firefox in the list of permissions in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container.


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      This isn't really a question, but I hope this will help some people. I got the bar of bing tools appear at the top of firefox, and I tried all the suggestions that I have found to remove it, in addition to the ways that I already knew. Nothing worked... until I looked in tools/options and found that my homepage had been changed. I just changed it back to what it was before that bing took over. Now, everything is back to normal.

      Hi I do not know if I'm in the right place or not, but this thread seems to be closest to my problem, which is the following (see picture):

      Everytime I type something in the URL (address) bar, the first options are Bing search results.

      Now, the more funny thing is, that it is the ONLY symptom that my present system as part of the Bing struck by lightning. There is no additional toolbar, no change in default search engine, no change of default home page, this is not supported my new tabs; He is not anywhere among the modules etc (I guess you would say I'm lucky for that, but "just ignore it" is certainly not the answer I'm looking for.)

      I tried on different solutions 8-10 posted on various forums, but nothing helped. I did the thing "manage search engines"; I looked around the Add - ons & Extensions for anything remotely suspicious; I tried the key word. Solution URL; I went to the System32 folder to change the hosts file (hell, I don't even know what it is). I even reinstalled Firefox from the Mozilla homepage (!), and nothing happened.

      So what now...? Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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      I never understood why the url bar allowed for searching the Web when there is already a dedicated search bar.

      You can set this pref to false on the topic: config page.

      • Browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete = false

      You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
      You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

      Location drop-down menu bar may show items from the history, as well as pages of a bookmark and sites currently open in tabs.
      You can define what suggestions to show when you enter a URL in the address bar in "Options/Preferences > privacy".

      • Tools > Options > privacy > address bar: when you use the location bar, suggest:
        Open tabs
      • choice of browser.urlbar.suggest.history.onlyTyped must be modified directly through the pref
      • choice of browser.urlbar.Suggest.Searches is present in Firefox 43 + as 'See the search in the location bar results suggestions' in "Options/Preferences > Search" in the search parameters
    • No matter what I click on the download link, loading a blank page.

      I received an offer to try the new version of Adobe CC 2015. Whenever I click on a link for one of the downloads of trail, I get a blank page with nothing on it. If the site is broken or do I have a problem. I tried to disable my anti-virus, but that did not help.

      I changed browsers and a success. It appears from Adobe and Firefox don't play well with each other.

    • No matter what script to change the stylesheet of names AND language at the same time?

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      In a document, I have several style sheets (probably more than 30, everyone should be here, it's a very technical brochures with many different styles). As it was expected to be duplicated and used in another language, absolutely all style sheets end with _en (for English) and all are set to English as the language used for hyphenation and spelling. Now, I'm ready to go for the Spanish version and I would like to change all style sheets both ends by _SP (for Spanish) and be made Spanish the language to use for the spelling and hyphenation.

      No idea someone if it can be done with a JavaScript and if so any ideal where to find such a script?

      Thanks for any comments / help.

      Try this:

        var doc=app.activeDocument;
        for (var i=1; i

      (the box code deals with strange once again)

    • No matter what script to enable the Add - in Essbase Excel?


      Someone at - it a script to enable the Add - in Essbase Excel. I'm looking for something more on the lines of VBA, VBScript.
      The reason is, we have installed Add-in Essbase in several citrix servers and whenever the user starts Excel of the new citrix server, the user must enable it.

      Thank you

      If you are using vb script, you can use the following text:

      ' Step 3. Activate the Essbase Excel add-ins
      Set myAddIn = XL. AddIns.Add("C:\Hyperion\Essbase\Bin\essexcln.xll")

      myAddIn.Installed = False
      myAddIn.Installed = True


      You have to find the equivalent of the above in excel vba.
      And also the location of the essexcln.xll.

      With citrix, I guess the problem is with the user profile under
      \Documents and Settings\ that must be changed, but I
      no other information on it.

    • What should I do to restore the homepage of google search?

      Hi im using a computer laptop windows vista

      After taking hostage by dregol malware I used malwarebytes and removed the identified files infected, unfortunately, rather than their quarantine, I deleted the infected files...

      The question I have is when I open Firefox to use google, I have a message on screen "the address is not valid.

      On my desk, I have a folder named "old data of Firefox.

      Any advise on how get my Firefox google search parameters would be much appreciated


      Do a clean reinstall and delete the program folder before Firefox to (re) install a new copy of the current version of Firefox.

      If possible to uninstall your current version of Firefox to clean the Windows registry and settings in the security software.

      • Do NOT remove the "personal data" when you uninstall your current version of Firefox, because this will remove all profile folders and you lose personal data such as bookmarks and passwords including data profiles created by other versions of Firefox.

      Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.

      • (32-bit Windows) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
      • (Windows 64 bit) "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla.

      Your bookmarks and other personal data are stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a uninstall and (re) install, but do NOT delete personal data when you uninstall Firefox which removes all Firefox profile folders and you lose your data.

    • Why not Firefox 4.0 back button does not work since the homepage or google search?

      I've just upgraded to firefox 4.0 tonight, and the back button is not working properly of my homepage or certain types of google searches.

      I can reproduce this problem every time by following these steps:

      (1) open a new tab, and I get a blank page.
      (2) select the Home button. I find myself at
      (3) go to the address bar type in a new URI, and press return

      Now, I leave my home page and go to the new page, but I can't go back to my home page.

      Similar behavior happens if I do a search on google for the address of quick search in the upper right.

      (1) start a new tab.
      (2) enter a search term and press enter
      3) click on one of the links to research and you transition to the new page, but the back button does not work.

      It works fine if I do something like:
      (1) open a new tab.
      (2) enter in the address bar and press to enter.
      (3) do a GOOGLES search arae.
      4) click a search result link.

      This works very well for me.

      In my case, I turn off the Add McAfee SiteAdvisor 3.3.1 and the problem goes away.

    • Another site took my home page, I got the homepage of Google search now with Firefox logo, but all the tabs at the top of the page are missing

      When I downloaded Java, the Funmoods took over the home page. I have now search Google with Firefox logo as home page, but all the usual Firefox tabs (Tools, bookmarks, assistance, etc.) are missing. How can I get back them? Directions very basic if you please, we, the elderly are not very computer savvy!

      Closing Firefox, then hold down the SHIFT key and double-click the Firefox icon to open it. Click the button to Reset firefox.

    • I use the google search page, but I don't want the previous items showing in this list, how do I remove? I deleted cookies, historical cache etc. on browser, but it's the homepage of google search that does not get rid of the previous searches.

      as stated above in the issues...

      Try to check the area of form & search history when you clear your browser history.

    • No matter what I do on firefox, I get a message that the action is not reliable. How can I fix it?

      I started this morning, opens Firefox as usual. The normal task bar has been replaced by a taskbar of Bing. I couldn't get rid of him. So, I tried to reset Firefox. The taskbar of Bing was not deleted. I uninstalled firefox and downloaded the latest version and installed. I also uninstalled the taskbar of Bing as found in my list of programs. I opened Firefox and no matter what I select on the menu or on a website a message appears saying that the site is not reliable. It is as far as I can get in Firefox! The message arrives even for internal actions within Firefox. How can I fix it. It's very frustrating!

      Make a check of malware with several malware scanning of programs on the Windows computer.

      Please scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.

      All of these programs have free versions.

      Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

      Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

      See also:

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