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I plugged my Droid into the USB port on my PC and clicked on computer.  I have not found the Droid, so I clicked on Administrative Tools > computer management > management of disks and found Disk1, disk storage temporary E, but it says no media. I wonder why?

On my Droid I touched the settings on the main screen, tap the pop-up, phone and SD card storage.  It says Total 149 GB, 13.91-GB available space.  Why the PC says no media? The PC is Windows 7.


After the USB connection is from the Droid to the computer, then pull down the notification on the Droid window and select "mount", at this point, your PC will recognize the Droid as a mass storage device.    -Dan

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    I have a Handycam Sony AX 33 and 4 K (3840 x 2160) of GoPro, iPhone media. I would like to export clips on USB media to view on TV 4 K, so I can help decide on which to get.

    However, when you SHARE using share destinations, the result is 1080 p according to the FINDER and GET INFORMATION.

    The chronology of FCP INFORMATION display video 3840 by 2160.

    I chose the part like DEVICES APPLE 4 K. The result always is 1080 p.

    I also exported the file PRORES to COMPRESSOR, but again, the result is 1080 p, leave really nice, but 1080 p.

    I hope that it is possible and I am missing just a little something.

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    Ok. I think that I have now. I was simple... If it works.

    I needed to put the project to 4K and had left her as 1080 p.

    Thank you for your time and trouble.


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    I have an older imovie project that uses audio that has been in the itunes music folder.  I have since it consolidated in itunes media.  So, the song is more in the music folder. IMovie will link like this in the file folder rather than the media of music and he is no longer in the music.  How can I either return to the song the folder music force imovie to look for the link in the itunes media folder.  I edited the audio and would rather delete and re-import. I use imovie 10.


    I don't know exactly what you did here, but it would seem to me you can option-do drag the song edited since the multimedia file back in the music folder (copy, no travel).

  • ITunes media folder location has changed, but it keeps resetting to the default location


    I changed my iTunes media folder location. My internal drive has two drives (was originally a Fusion player, after a system crash, I had to clean it and install Mac OS from scratch and is no longer read as a reader of fusion, but I agree with it), so one of the discs that I use for the OS itself and the other to store the data. I've changed most of my files application for the storage disk storage. When I change the location of folder of media to iTunes, after reboot, it restores the original file to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media.

    Why does that happen?

    If this info can help, I do not have the bluetooth icon in the menu bar, so I removed it by opening bluetooth preferences and unchecked 'see the bluetooth in the menu bar. He disappears. When I restart, it seems once again, it is not happened to Yosemite.

    Thanks in advance.

    iTunes will revert to the default locations, if the configured drive is not present when iTunes opens. This happens if the drive is not mounted or asleep...

  • How can I access my backup from my pc media.


    I have about 10,000 photos on my phone, I bought the extra storage, and each of them are stored in icloud.  Yet, when I ho on I don't see that the 800 photos, I used to see before the backup.

    PS: photostream is on.

    Any ideas on how I see my sustained media from my pc please?


    The backup is not usable for anything but restore your iPhone settings.

    You must import your photos to your computer regularly as you would with any digital camera.

  • Media browser without images

    I have some photos in the media browser. There is a message that I have to open the photo App to fill the gallery. But it does not work. What's wrong?

    Well, basically you just drag and drop photos from the finder in your book page. There is no need to do them in the Gallery to use.

  • Avid Media Composer with Mac Book pro 15 "


    I'm looking to get one of the last macbook pro, 15-inch with retina, possibly 2.5 ghz display.

    But I would like to run Avid composer of media 6 or 5.5.3 there. I have 6 and 5.5.3 version but I can not work if they are compatible, especially with the graphics card AMD Radeon R9 M370X.

    Help, please.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum.

  • iTunes playlists/media, missing since the update of the sierra

    It will be difficult to explain, but my Mac threw a fit when I updated for sierra.  Initially, I lost my entire library.  It's on an external drive and sierra seemed to point to the default library.  Called Apple and they said the "file multimedia iTunes was missing.   Sharp itunes for the external drive and he could not see.  Probably because of the missing multimedia iTunes file.  Took an hour of round Mobile files and the technician left me with the items to copy and said "that should do it."  After that a few hours I received a message that the hard drive was full!  Somehow he had copied to files and duplicate the hard disk.  All my playlists were too with the counties of game and bookmarks missing from TV etc.   Some worked me and somehow got all this back and forth, the whole lot, but now I have 2 files on the external HARD drive.  the one with the real files (less the multimedia file mentioned previously).  The other file has files itl etc. and the iTunes media inside as well as the illustrations, BUT in the preferences folder, the library is pointing to the folder which has just the files in it and NOT all the info in there library database.   It works, what's more to say apples, fix, but it's a weird way of working and im about to move my library to a new drive and I see bad to come.  Can I move the two files to new HARD drive? If yes how it will find my playlist information and files when they are distributed in 2 files.  My apologies for what is long. Thanks for the pointers

    Preferences do not "point" on location of media except to say iTunes to put whatever it is added from this point, the to this place. The only thing pointing to the location of media is each individual line in the .itl file entries.  It seems to me that you used to have a shared library with multimedia files on a drive along with the rest of the library support on your disk files inside.  You do not specify what has happened when you "lost" your library.  If you say that you lost playlists and counters that it sounds to me like you are creating a new library (.itl) starting with a white and adding media to him to get a stand-alone library the way things normally are.  Personally, I wish that you had come here first because we probably could have cured it all in 5 minutes, being a little more than a power - a by-the-book mindset. There is probably an easy fix, but now everything has been confused by you and Apple apparently trying to get everything back up to the main drive I don't know where we are.

    You have a backup from before doing the update?  You still need a backup.  If you do then things likely to find without too much problem.

    Are your files on the external hard drive always as they were before?  You have two folders in library in your music folder? You must be old. Try starting iTunes while holding down the option/alt key and when you are prompted to select the .itl file in the old folder.  This is the file 'pointing' for your multimedia files on the external hard drive and containing of playlists, ratings, date added, etc.

  • Y at - it application for the use of Windows Media Player on my Macbook (El Capitan)?

    I want to access platform-stream live by CNN, but it requires Windows Media Player, which does not support El Capitan. I read that I can download a conversion of the App Store app, but there is so much, and I don't know which one to choose.  (Something easy to install and free would be nice!)  Can someone tell me (simply, since I'm a technodunce):

    1. what app is better for this purpose with 10.11 OS?  (Not iOS!)

    2. after installation, what would I do?

    Thanks for any help out there!


  • I deleted the iTune movies, but the memory said 355 GB of movies was still in memory. Erased from the music/ITune... rebooted Media/Movies...emptied bin... now it says the 355 identical Go is 'other' files. How to recover this 355 GB of memory?

    I deleted my MacBook Pro iTune movies to reconquer 355GB of memory space. But it still says that the movies were there; so I deleted them music/iTunes Media/movies directory, empty the Recycle Bin and rebooted... but now the same Go 355 is listed as 'other '. How can I recover this incredible memory huge piece? Thank you.

    Download CCleaner or other similar cleaning software.

  • Apple media must be accepted, but I can't take the view

    I was unable to copy my iPhone 6 s to my iPhone backup 7, so I used my iPad backup. When I turn on the new phone, I get a message saying that the media services terms and conditions have changed and I have to agree before I can continue. But the message won't go away even with Cancel.

    Hello becktx,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand your message that after restoring your backup to your new iPhone iPad 7, you are not able to accept the terms and conditions or cancel. I know how it is important for you to be able to set up your iPhone 7 so you can start using it. Because your iPhone became unresponsive in this way, I would force restart your iPhone.

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    How to force reboot

    You must force restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a last resort, and that if it does not. Follow these steps to force the reboot of your device:

    • On an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 more: press and hold the sleep/wake and Volume buttons down for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
    • On an iPhone 6s and earlier, the iPad or the iPod touch: press and hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
  • When I drag imessage photos in iphoto, it shows that they give, but then I can't find photos in iphoto. and when I open the finder there is no option of 'media' in the side menu.

    Could not find photos in iphoto after drag / drop imessage

    Correct, there is no media browser in the finder - only for download or open or install windows

    They show in the last import? check your type of event - they are probably n = just not where you are looking - in the last import done right click on one and show events - an event should open with your photo display - if not arrive then back up your iPhoto library and hold down the option and command keys at the launch of the iPhoto and repair permissions hen rebuild the database


  • IOS 10 and Overdrive Media

    Yesterday, I downloaded iOS 10 for my iPad 2 Air. When I went to read a book in Overdrive Media printing was so small that it was almost impossible to read. I think it's a problem Overdrive Media because I was not able to increase the size of the fonts in the app anyone else having this problem or does anyone know a solution short of waiting for the application to be updated?  I could not increase the font size in circles. It does not affect the size of font in Overdrive Media.

    I do not have an active book here to try, but maybe the settings, General, accessibility, and zoom? See if it will enlarge the text for you?

    Unfortunately, it may be a case of waiting for a fix.

  • iMovie 10.1.2 media imported not in events

    iMovie on Macbook pro mid 13 "mid 2012 10.11.6 OS 10.1.2 I spent several evenings import of media from a digital camcorder.  All imported media appears in various projects on the page of the project window.  Can I review and change.  But this isn't in the event library and the project does not appear in the movie library.  There are old imported items in previous iterations of iMovie.  I'm totally confused.  I tried to read the documentation.  Also, I don't get the dialog to select a theme.  I tried to create a movie in a new library on a new disc and still can't find a media.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, KathleenH,

    Your projects appear in the form of projects, which means they are in your iMovie library.   In Finder, click your movies folder, and then Ctrl-click on the iMovie library folder, then display the contents of the package.   You should then see a list of all your projects.  Do not disturb or change anything either or you disrupt the structure of the library and potentially cause corruption of the library.

    In iMovie itself, go to the media browser and select iMovie library in the pane displayed on the left of your screen.  Click on the small triangle to the left of the iMovie library menu item and must display a list of your projects as well.  It cannot present all of them, but no matter.



  • Importer not showing subfolders but all media

    Im trying to import some files that are in a subfolder of my documents, in the importing window then I navigate to the folder my documents, but then all of the media that is in this record shows and not the next line of subfolders, so I have several thousands of loading individual files rather than ten subfolders. I don't see anything in my preferences, and I know it wasn't like that before. I've included screenshots of the areas concerned.  Any help?

    Thank you

    PPut the DCIM folder within another folder. Also change the name of the video just to be sure.

  • Location of media


    I recently bought a new computer. I have not yet installed itunes top. my C drive is much smaller than my D drive. I understand that iTunes needs to be installed on the C drive for some reason any. But is it possible to do all my purchased media go to the D drive, when I download it? I soon fill my C drive if not.

    Thanks for any help.

    Launch iTunes with the SHIFT key is pressed, choose Create Library and navigate to a folder on the D drive.


Maybe you are looking for

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