No output device and no sound card in Device Manager

Hello I installed today on my Acer 7520 G laptop Windows7, I was pretty happy with it much but I have 1 problem.

The arrival of the installation I had sound, but after windows updated itself the next time I got this done installed peripheral No. output message, I tried to reinstall the realtek drivers but no use, things to make it even worse, I can't find my sound card device in DEVICE MANAGER, it is as the sound card missing I had this problem on my Vista as well, but it worked after doing the system restore. Now even System Restore does not work, and I doubt that it is a hardware failure.

I tried refreshing and looking for changes on the hardware in the Device Manager, no use. S

Kind regards.

Hello Fafarona,

Can you tell what update may have caused the problem with your sound?
Did you try and update your sound card drivers again after updates?

You can try the following link:

It has an automatic FIXIT who could help restore your sound. It does help more sound issues.

Answer please come back and let us know.


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    Hello truck,.

    Thanks for the post.

    Try the following troubleshooting steps:

    Audio problem:

    1. Reinstall the audio driver: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.
    2. If the problem persists, follow these steps:
    3. Next step is the recovery of the system:
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    Please indicate the solution as accepted, if you find this information useful.

    Kind regards


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    Thank you

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    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Vista seemed to slow down, and that's why I went back to XP. I don't really want reinstall using Vista if I can avoid it.

    Thank you.

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    1. What is the issue you are having with life cam?
    2. do you get an error message?

    Method 1
    For problems with no sound, I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    No sound in Windows

    Method 2
    If the devices are not recognized, run the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter

    Method 3
    For problems with Microsoft LifeCam HD-5001, see

    Common configuration of LifeCam problems

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  • Don't see sound card in Device Manager


    I installed today on my desktop - windows xp sp3 and all work well but I have 1 problem.

    Before I installed windows xp sp3, I got windows xp sp2 and the work of audio device without a problem, so I doubt that it's a software failure.

    Here is a picture of my device manager:

    And I check my BIOS Office and there is no problem and the sound card is enabled.

    I tried refreshing and the search for changes on the hardware in Device Manager and no change is
    and also I tried to install the driver software and realtek chipset and unfortunately no hope with that.

    Kind regards.

    If directx has not helped,

    then, the next thing I would try is to run a program called "autoruns" from microsoft.

    then after that it scans the system, find the audio drivers 'all' and them disabled.

    When I say 'everything', it may be that there is more than one driver or a corrupted or conflicting in your system.    something was mentioned involving realtek. so this is one of your objectives of drain plug, because it might be old or damaged or incompatiable.

    Then reboot and see if windows detects the sound system.

    If this is not the case, then have it search for a material via the Add/Remove Hardware Control Panel.

    If it still does not work, then you can try to reinstall the drivers of the homesite.

    If you have disabled the audio drivers via autoruns successfully, the re-installation may enter.

  • Tecra S4 - sound card has suddenly stopped working


    I have a Tecra laptop S4 and the sound card has suddenly stopped working... It ceased to operate as last month and then started working again... but now it no longer works

    I am a computer tech for 14 years now...

    I downloaded the drivers from the toshiba web site and the sound card still does not work...

    I did a restore on the Toshiba as well and the sound card still does not work...

    Problems with Tecra S series with defective sound cards?

    I also have a Tecra S2 Portable and map its sudenly stopped working but after a few days after is started working again... weird huh?


    Can you please explain what you mean that it s not working do not?
    The sound card is listed in the Device Manager?
    You have activated the sound using FN + ESC?
    What operating system do you use?

    In your case, I will try to update the BIOS. You can find it on the Toshiba site.
    Check it!

    Good bye

  • No audio output device is installed on Tecra A8 EZ8512


    I have this machine and since there are 8-10 months, I have no audio.
    I do not do anything special, just install all that vista'upgrade.
    I test all the recommendation in toshiba 'web or Microsoft' web, but none work.

    Its utility to disable Mute Off after upgrade to Vista
    It's one of the tests being done.

    At startup displays these messages:
    * pxe er61:media test failure
    * pxe mof: boot agent intel coming out

    in the Device Manager I have a '? ' in the other device and a yellow dot in the "Modem device on high definition audio bus".

    I m thanful for any help


    It's really strange, but in your case, I would remove the three devices with yellow exclamation points and restart the computer.
    Then you can reinstall the driver.

    I think that this could be a problem of modem and/or sound card.

    Good bye

  • Re: Qosmio F10 - impossible to reinstall the sound card driver


    Recently, I uninstalled a program and my sound card driver has been uninstalled with it

    I'm running the Qosmio F10 with Windows XP.

    I have the file to reinstall the diver in the Toshiba page but when I try to install I get the error "driver is not found.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance

    The European Toshiba driver page provides audio driver for XP and at this time, it s a version of Analog Devices Inc.

    You must download, unpack and then run the installation exe.

    If it doesn't work then remove the sound card in Device Manager, reboot the laptop and check again.

  • Satellite P300-220 - yellow exclamation on the sound card


    I just lowered my Satellite p300 to XP pro, but it seems to me that I now have some problems.

    -First of all, in Device Manager, I have a line "Audio device on Bus High Definition"with a yellow"?" and a «!» I installed the audio drivers and kb888111xpsp2.exe execution but that did not solve the problem, this line does not disappear.

    D ' other hand, when I click on "my computer > properties" it is written that I had 2, RAM 96Go, but normally I have 4 GB. Is this normal? I'm a little afraid to see it and not know what to do.

    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    You must install Microsoft patches:

    But these fixes are also part of the SP3!

    In order to solve your problem, you need to remove the audio driver and the sound card in Device Manager. I then have to install SP3.
    After SP3 has been installed, you can reinstall the sound driver

    It is important that the pilot would be installed AFTER the SP3

  • No sound after reinstalling the CD driver for sound card

    It all started when we do receive some music before of Powerpoint. We tried to update the driver for the card of its Soundblaster Audigy by shape to reinstall the CD we have obtained with the computer. It is reinstalled, but now we have NO noise at all. I tried to restore to an earlier time, but this has not fixed the problem. Check all the cables. To remove and reinstall sound card. Deleted SP3 and reinstalled because someone said that it would fix the corrupted files.   When we run difficulty It Now of microsoft, he says that everything is working properly.  Device Manager, I removed everything that I could see that had to do with the sound and reinstalled. Help, please. It's so frustrating not to make any noise.

    It does not say that the audio now works in Device Manager? If you double-click the audio inputs none of them see one! or X? If you want, I could check here with teamviewer. You will see what Im doing. If you decide to get this facility then run it. Give me the ID and the password, it gives you.

    Is its edge card, if it's not (and there is a soundboard on board, it is disabled)?

  • 1394 Firewire sound card is unable to be detected under Vista SP2


    I have an external sound card that connects to my laptop via Firewire 1394.  This device is not detected at all Windows Vista SP2.  When I plug the unit in and the power it upward, with external power supply because it's a 4 pin Cable, Windows does not show the device in the Device Manager.

    The 1394 controller is displayed in Device Manager correctly.

    I should add that I tested this sound card with my work laptop and it was found immediately under Windows XP.  Therefore, the cable and the sound card work.

    I tried the following without result:

    • Uninstalling the 1394 controller and let Windows find.
    • Definition of the registry key for the controller: EnumerateInactiveLink

    None of them worked.



    You can try the front steps and check if that resolves.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • Sound only works in the helmet and no sound from speakers

    My computer sound laptop windows 7 is extremely low, even if the volume levels are at the top. I tried different options such as the restoration of the system, change some things on playback devices, uninstall the drivers, etc.. Nothing works, sound remains the same. The sound is fine only with headphones.

    Moved to correct the article


    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.

    I suggest you to update the BIOS and the sound card drivers from this link and check if it helps.

    Note: Changing the BIOS / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

  • Satellite P105-S6014 - need Vista drivers for fingerprint & sound card

    Hi guys,.

    I have serious problems. I sold my Satellite P105-S6014 and promised Vista on it, but when I install it (it came with XP btw.) the fingerprint reader doesn't work at all and the sound card too. I looked for new drivers, installed, deactivated - reactivated, reinstalled the drivers, etc and no luck! :((

    Please help someone.


    Satellite P105-S6014 was designed and released for the American market.
    The Toshiba site to provide us with all the necessary drivers for this series.

    Have you choose and download the drivers from this site:

    I ve found the Toshiba Windows Vista Upgrade procedure information for Satellite P105 document on this site! Please review before proceeding with the installation of the Toshiba driver.

    By the way; Toshiba Fingerprint Utility for Windows Vista/XP (Build v5.6.0) was also released.

    Best regards


    I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 audio card. I have before running on my Mac, version 5.0.3 (VMWARE) and everything worked. After that I updated to the new version 6 and my sound card no sound comes and has connectivity problems in windows. I updated the drivers for my Board to the latest version. I've upgraded to the last version firmeware. And I tested this audio card on two different Macs with version 6, and the problem persisted!

    Note: I use demo version 6.

    The sound card works perfectly in my MAC system with the latest drivers. But the problem remains FUSION version 6. I tested it on two different virtual machines with different operating systems, tested on two different Imacs and nothing back to work as before.

    After several tests, which detects the sound card works perfectly with his last official update from the manufacturer only with version 5.0.3 (VMWARE). With version 6, the problem persists.

    I am desperate because I work with music production and use software for windows in my MAC...

    Sorry writing errors. I live in the Brazil!

    Version 6, it must improve the compatibility issue. Problems I am facing a lot after this update.


    Marcelo rates

    Before uninstalling VMware Fusion 6.0 you must change the updated hardware Version from 10 to 9 for any Virtual Machine level.  Take a look on: Change the compatibility of a Virtual Machine

    Then uninstall VMware Fusion 6 and then install VMware Fusion 5.

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