no possible PXE boot via


When I connect my computer Thinclient he cannot start by PXE. The customer does not receive the IP from the DHCP server settings.


1. when I connect the computer Thinclient to a consumer, pass a connect that consumer switch to my PowerConnect network works fine.

2. when I connect an ordinary PC (Windows) it gets the IP via DHCP settings

What can cause this kind of problem?

Tags: Dell Switches

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  • T610: Light customer T610 remains stuck in the PXE boot

    I'm currently converting our customers light windows t610 meter above the zero smart software. I had zero problems with windows pe, but on the test batch of 30 thin clients that I installed and configured for smartzero, I'm having a problem. Whenever they are restarted, sometimes they will come upward to the PXE boot instead of booting from the hard disk and the only way to get them to boo back to the hard drive is physically draw power. Anyone has any ideas on this?

    Don't know how you have configured the server, SCCM, but as far as I know, it might be possible to program the network boot as the only method of priming via SCCM.

  • Satellite Pro NB10 forced bug BIOS to PXE boot


    I have the following problem with my NB10. (Bios 1.70)

    No matter how to set the boot order in the BIOS it will always try first the PXE boot. As long as no cable-net is attached it's a minor problem as it jumps quickly PXE boot screen, but as soon as I plug a cable-net, it will get stuck to the PXE boot screen, until I press ESC. The only way to get rid of PXE boot is to disable the LAN entirely, which is not really a solution.

    Bug: Not should always try before other options to boot from PXE boot with a higher priority.

    Missing feature: should be possible to disable the PXE without disabling the LAN entirely. PXE boot can be a potential security risk, so it would be nice to turn it off when it is not necessary.

    I filmed this issue and put it on youtube:

    I replaced the HARD original with an SSD drive and installed Fedora 22 rather than Windows 8.1 - I don't know if any of these actions is the cause of tripping for this bug.

    I replaced the HARD original with an SSD drive and installed Fedora 22 rather than Windows 8.1 - I don't know if any of these actions is the cause of tripping for this bug.

    Of course, the BIOS does not recognize the boot (Linux) on the SSD drive partition and so the BIOS will automatically switch to the next (in the case of LAN) start device.

    I wonder if the same question would appear using the real HARD disk and the image of Toshiba winning 8.1 pre-installed.
    Can perform some tests?

  • Portege Z30-C-10N is unable to boot from PXE - boot MSC mode required


    I received a trial Z30 - C - 10N Toshiba to test our image deployment with. We use SCCM via PXE boot to deploy our images but unfortunately the laptop cannot boot from PXE, even after trying different methods of boot (secure boot is disabled). After doing some research on Google, many people say that the CSM boot mode is necessary, but it is not available in the current BIOS on the Z30 - C.

    So I just wonder is there plans to release a BIOS update soon with added support boot CSM?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    I believe THAT CSM is in the latest version of the BIOS.
    Updated the BIOS and see how it goes.

  • Portege Z30 poster ipv4 and ipv6 - only pxe boot is

    Hi all

    Toshiba Portege Z30

    We do all our installs via PXE, when you press F12 I get now two network options where normally I would just get a.

    F12 gives the following options:

    LAN1: IPv6
    LAN2: IPv4

    When I select the option I get what follows read (IP addresses were not included, but are correctly pointing to the right servers):

    > On IPv4 PXE boot.
    IP address of the station is *. ***. ***. ***
    IP address of the server is *. ***. ***. ***
    NBP filename is SMSBoot\x86\
    The NBP file size is 30832 bytes
    Download the NBP...

    Succeed to download the NBP file.

    Download the NBP...

    Succeed to download the NBP file.
    Press a key to continue...

    I tried searching through the BIOS settings but can't find nothing obvious

    Can any advise if there is anything I can try to get this laptop to perform a PXE boot please

    Let me know if you need additional information

    Kind regards

    Looks like your server isn't aware UEFI.
    Try changing the the CSM UEFI Boot Mode in the BIOS under the Advanced tab, under System Configuration. You may have to disable Secure Boot first.

  • X 1 carbon PXE Boot issues

    First of all Hello to everyone, and sorry if this has been asked / solved before... I couldn't find the option to search for the forum (its beginning, my brain is still asleep).

    I have problems with getting the carbon X 1 to perform a PXE boot, I connected to the network via the Lenovo USB / Ethernet adapter, and when I press F12 option LAN is here. This is where the problems begin.

    It you press ENTER to boot via the NETWORK card, the screen is black and the text "> on IPv4 PXE boot" is displayed, it takes about 30 / 40 seconds before heading to the start menu. He never starts with Ghost. I have double checked that I have the TFTP, the PXE server and the Ghostcast Server works (and has been tested with a Vaio).

    Anyone else see this issue? Correction of this problem?

    Thanks for reading and any help would be greatly appreciated

  • the strength of VM to perform a pxe boot?

    Is it possible to use the VI Toolkit for windows to force a virtual computer to the pxe boot at the start of the first (or next)?  If it was as simple as changing the boot sequence that would be ok.

    Thank you

    In my view, using the option bios.bootDeviceClasses in the .vmx file is a little easier.

    See also specify bootable for a virtual machine devices.

    You can run this script:

    $spec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec
    $spec.extraConfig += New-Object VMware.Vim.OptionValue
    $spec.extraConfig[0].key = "bios.bootDeviceClasses"
    $spec.extraConfig[0].value = "allow:net"
    (get-view (Get-VM -Name "TestPC").ID).ReconfigVM_Task($spec)

    It will not accept a boot from the network adapter, in other words a PXE boot.

    Subsequently, you reset devices to boot with a similar script.

    $spec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec
    $spec.extraConfig += New-Object VMware.Vim.OptionValue
    $spec.extraConfig[0].key = "bios.bootDeviceClasses"
    $spec.extraConfig[0].value = "allow:hd,cd,fd"
    (get-view (Get-VM -Name "TestPC").ID).ReconfigVM_Task($spec)

    Note1: abbreviations for the bios.bootDeviceClasses parameter are:

    • FD floopy drive

    • hard drive HD

    • CD cdrom drive

    • net network adapter

    Note 2: this option does not change the boot order, it only changes the list of devices that the VM is allowed to boot from.

  • 3490CT: is is possible to boot from the CD USB drive?

    While I read in this forum that it is not possible to start a ct 3049 since an external USB CD drive, I read elsewhere on the web (I can find is no longer the link) it is possible to boot from a USB CD drive as long as it's an Iomega brand player.

    Can anyone confirm on deny for me please?


    You can boot from the external USB CD drive, but you need a supported drive.
    Please also check this topic on the forum:

    Good bye

  • RIS and PXE boot does not

    I'm trying to start a toshiba SP6100 of ris, but is
    PXE - T01:File not found
    PXE - E3B: TFTP - file not found error
    PXE - MOF: Exit Intel PXE ROM.

    No problem what so ever while booting other mashies (other brands).

    When you try to boot from a remote boot disk, I get:
    Error: Could not find a supported network card...

    PC is running the latest bios (1.9)

    Any suggestions?


    I found interesting the Article Q304992 Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    It deals with the method of PXE Boot and RIS server, maybe he could help you!


  • Satellite Pro A60: Is it possible to boot from USB to use Backtrack 3 USB

    I have a Satellite Pro a60 and I was woundering if anyone knew how I can boot from the USB to use Backtrack 3 USB Live?


    It is not possible to boot from the USB key. Only the start of the ODD, the HARD drives, the LAN and USB FDD (ie. diskette bootable) is possible.

    Best regards

  • Portege P3500: It is possible to boot from a USB?

    Is it possible to boot from a USB? I tried to make a bootable usb key, and it really worked on my home pc, but not on the computer laptop... the BIOS settings are correct, as much, I know (legacy usb - fdd) select, first start device floppy drive
    where is the problem?


    As far as I know it of not possible to boot from the USB key.
    Only you can boot from the drive from the external USB floppy drive or CD/DVD compatible external USB.
    I found in the user manual that the DVD-ROM (PA3246) drive is available as an external drive option and you can buy the car from the dealer of Toshiba.

  • It is possible to boot on the usb port?

    Hi all

    I would like to know if it is possible to boot on the usb port? I have this message "NTDRL is missing" at the start, I guess I have to reinstall Windows on the machine?

    Furthermore, I would also like to sell my laptop (configuration: 1, 00 G/2 X 256 PM / 40 G/12XT/LM/W). How could I wait fot his laptop? Where can I sell it (it's so hard to sell such a laptop).

    Thank you very much for all your answers...


    When you get this message it means that the file has not been found. Or because he is missing from the boot drive, or your startup drive does not work. The file could also be destroyed because of a mistake. is used on versions of Windows that load on the BACK as Windows 3.0, 95, 98 and me. is not used on NT, 2000, XP. They use the NTDRL file to load. The BIOS reads the start section of the reader to know what file to load. If the system is on the NT platform and you get this error, then the boot sector is damaged or the hard disk is damage.

    Well, you write t n what kind of phone it is. How will I know that means this unit cost? I put t know this model.

    Nevertheless, you should check the prices on Ebay.

    Good bye

  • Lenovo M93p SCCM PXE boot

    Is there a driver package to a bootable winpe for SCCM image? We use the M93P 10AB

    I have problems with USB fall when I can get it to boot winpe. I only really need the 64-bit drivers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    You can try this driver, it solved the problem I've had with pxe boot on this model

    We easily forget that you do not have the driver for the version of Windows that you will deploy, but you must use the driver for the version of Windows that WinPE is based on, in this case, it's Windows 8/2012. In SCCM 2012 (not R2) is WinPE (Windows 8/2012) 4.0 and 5.0 of WinPE in R2 (R2 of Windows 8.1/2012)

  • Satellite A25-S207: how to force the PXE boot?


    I have a Satellite A25-S207 and a big problem!

    I want to start my laptop using PXE to install Suse Linux. I already did 3 months ago. It worked perfectly, but at that time, I did start command configuration using the utility on Windows. I had to install Linux PXE, because my CD drive does not work.

    Now, to complete my tragic situation, my HD failure! As long as my CD-ROM does not work, the only way I can at least try to bring my data partition is trying to reformat the system partition, install Suse and copy the data in my office. At least until I can buy another CD-ROM unit.

    But how do I set the BIOS to boot from PXE without the utility of Windows? I know that by pressing the C key while booting, the CD-ROM startup is enabled, but does anyone know a similar option to choose the PXE boot?

    I appreciate really have no idea!

    Thank you!!

    Best regards!

    Now I have I already did once, since my CD-ROM combo is 'dead '.

    If you press N immediately after laptop starting so the unit should be able to boot from the local network.
    Also in the Toshiba HWSetup under tab BootPriority PXE network boot protocol must be selected.

  • EliteBook 8460p ' set of factorycontrolcommand: 5 ' active Pxe boot, wwan another mode.

    A message appears on the screen during post ' game of factorycontrolcommand: 5 ' active Pxe boot, wwan another mode.

    That means, how I fix it please help! I disabled pxe boot option in the bios, but it does not help!

    BIOS update solved the problem. Thanks to a support snapshot hp!

Maybe you are looking for

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