No print parameter for Epson printer

I have an Epson 1400 and it was working fine this morning. I usually go to the print settings to choose my glossy paper. But earlier, when I went to print and I tried to click on the print... Settings button, nothing happens. I tried to use the software update and installed the latest software of Epson printer and tested several other applications, and the printer is connected and works very well in people.

It comes to PS 12.1 for Mac.

Thank you

Ok. I find the thread I thought. It ended with this link a technical bulletin from Adobe:

I hope that this solves!

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    Have you checked the section drivers & downloads of the Epson support Web site?

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    I lost my installer for epson stylus sx515w drive, I have sent for a new disk but received an engineer reset disk, are they the same thing? and if so, how to install my printer?

    Go here:

    and you can download the drivers and the manual and others.  You don't need to order a CD.

    You can watch the CD you need to see if the drivers are on it.


  • TWAIN driver for epson Stylus 600.

    TWAIN driver for epson Stylus 600. warning can't load, although the scanner works.


    Please go to the Microsoft Community Forums.
    1 are you getting this error message trying to update the scanner?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    Here are some ways you can follow to resolve the problem:
    Method 1:
    Check out the link and follow the steps in the article:
    Solve printer problems
    Method 2:
    Try to install the drivers in mode to boot from the manufacturer's Web site.
    See also:
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    I hope this helps.
  • It's a plug-ing for epson R3000 impression?

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    The plugin only impression is the printer driver for the printer. You control the settings of the printer with the buttons in the lower left corner of the print module.

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    where can I to load a driver for epson stylus tx117 pls help me tnks

    Go to the Epson website and check there to see if a driver Windows 7 for there. If so, it download and install it.

  • How to assign values to the nested table and passes as a parameter for the procedure?

    How to assign values to the nested table and passes as a parameter for the procedure?

    Here are the object and its type

    create or replace type test_object1 as an object
    val1 varchar2 (50).
    val2 varchar2 (50).
    VARCHAR2 (50) val3

    create or replace type test_type1 is table of the test_object1;

    create or replace type test_object2 as an object
    val1 varchar2 (50).
    val2 varchar2 (50).
    VARCHAR2 (50) val3

    create or replace type test_type2 is table of the test_object2;

    GRANT ALL ON test_object1 to PUBLIC;

    GRANT ALL ON test_type1 to PUBLIC;

    GRANT ALL ON test_object2 to PUBLIC;

    GRANT ALL ON test_type2 to PUBLIC;

    Here is the table object type:

    create the table test_object_tpe
    sl_num NUMBER,
    Description VARCHAR2 (100),
    main_val1 test_type1,
    main_val2 test_type2

    NESTED TABLE main_val1 STORE AS tot1
    NESTED TABLE main_val2 STORE AS earlier2;


    Here is the procedure that inserts values into the nested table:

    Description in VARCHAR2,
    p_main_val1 IN test_type1,
    p_main_val2 IN test_type2

    FOR rec in p_main_val1.first... p_main_val1. Last

    INSERT INTO xxdl.test_object_tpe
    test_type1 (test_object1)
    p_main_val1 .val1 (CRE),
    p_main_val1 .val2 (CRE),
    p_main_val1 .val3 (rec)
    test_type2 (test_object2 (p_main_val2 .val1 (CRE),
    p_main_val2 .val2 (CRE),
    p_main_val2 .val3 (rec)






    Here are the block anonymoys what values attributed to the object type and pass values in the procedure:

    Set serveroutput on;


    p_sl_num NUMBER: = 1001;
    p_description VARCHAR2 (50): = 'Test Val1;

    inval1 test_type1: = test_type1();
    inval2 test_type2: = test_type2();


    inval1 (1) .val1: = "testx1";
    inval1 (1) .val2: = "testx2";
    inval1 (1) .val3: = "testx3";

    inval2 (1) .val1: = "testy1";
    inval2 (1) .val2: = "testy2";
    inval2 (1) .val3: = "testy3";

    CSI_PKG. INSERT_TEST_DATA (sl_num = > p_sl_num,)
    Description = > p_description,
    p_main_val1 = > inval1,
    p_main_val2 = > inval2

    Someone can correct me.

    Thank you

    Thanks for posting the DOF and the sample code but whenever you post provide your Oracle version 4-digit (result of SELECT * FROM V$ VERSION).
    How to assign values to the nested table and passes as a parameter for the procedure?
    Well you do almost everything bad that could be hurt.

    Here is the code that works to insert data into your table (the procedure is not even necessary).

    p_sl_num NUMBER := 1001;
    p_description VARCHAR2(50) := 'Testing Val1';
    inval1 test_type1 := test_type1();
    inval2 test_type2 := test_type2();
    inval1(1) := test_object1('testx1', 'testx2', 'testx3');
    inval2(1) := test_object2('testy1', 'testy2', 'testy3');
    INSERT INTO test_object_tpe
    (p_sl_num, p_description, inval1, inval2);

    See example 5-15 making reference to an element of nested Table Chapter 5 using PL/SQL collections and records in the PL/SQL doc

    1. you don't even have the procedure because it is a simple INSERTION in the table you can do directly (see my above code)

    inval1(1).val1 := 'testx1';

    Since you have not yet created all the elements, there is no element 1 "inval1". You need EXTEND the collection to add an element


    And then, there is an empty element, but "inval1" is a container for objects of type 'test_object1' not for scalars as "val1", "val2", and "val3".
    If you can not do

    inval1(1).val1 := 'testx1';

    You must create an instance of 'test_object1 '.

    inval1(1) := test_object1('testx1', 'testx2', 'testx3');

    And so on for the other collection

    You don't need the procedure (as my code example shows), but once you fill in the variables correctly it will work.

  • How to change the PCTFREE parameter for an existing table

    How to change the PCTFREE parameter for an existing table?

    Guys can you help me please


    Of course it is possible.
    In this case you would export the table from the database (using old style exp)
    Start the import with the index_file option to generate the table/index instructions
    Modify the file created and updated the PCTFREE and remove any that need to be performed (default, if I remember correctly, he comments on the statements of the Index)
    Run the file for the table and the index created
    After that start the import with the option "ignore = yes".

    Make sure that you export only this particular table using "tables =
    Also in importing the "ignore = yes" will also be important data that still exists.

    In my view, however, this is not what you want to do. It's more complex, sensitive failure and the table should be deleted, so users are affected unnecessarily long.


  • Using the TRIM output as a parameter for IN

    I have a CLOB containing column (for example):
    The idea is to use values of this field in another query as a parameter for IN selection (basically something like this:)
     SELECT columns FROM table WHERE column IN (values from previous field);
    If I run:
     SELECT columns FROM table WHERE column IN (1074,1075,1076,1077,1078,1050);
    (values entered in the statement) everything is ok. But the problem is that this original area also contains comas at the beginning and at the end.

    In order to deal with them, I tried:
    TRIM(',' FROM column)
    but I received:
    ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB
    00932. 00000 -  "inconsistent datatypes: expected %s got %s"
    I also tried many TO_ functions as well as CAST funtion - does not work.

    In addition, I tried
    but received error
    ORA-01722: invalid number
    01722. 00000 -  "invalid number"
    No idea how to solve this problem?


    Welcome to the forum!

    So, you have a subquery which produces a string separated by commas, like ', 1074,1075,1076,1077,1078,1050,': is that correct?

    The best solution might be to change the subquery so that produce a result set with each item on a separate line. Who can actually do the subquery simpler and more effective.

    If you don't really have to use the comma-separated string, see the following links for dynamic IN-lists:

    You coul also convert your string table number and use INSTR to see if it exists in the list:

    WHERE     INSTR ( comma_delimited_string
               , ',' || column_x || ','
               ) > 0

    Extra commas are to avoid the problem of 'the mother's in chemotherapy If column_x is 1 (or 0, 107, or 7, or 74 or 4) you don't want that corresponding to '1074'.
    This assumes that comma_delimited_list already begins and ends with the delimiter, as in your example. If this isn't the case, you can add them manually.

    I hope that answers your question.
    If not, post a small example of data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) for all tables and also post the results desired from these data.
    Always tell what version of Oracle you are using.

    You will find the answers better faster if you always provide this information whenever you post a question.

  • 'Java' is not a valid parameter for the language attribute

    Got an exception on Weblogic 10.3 after deployment in the JSP as "the 'Java' is not a valid parameter for the language attribute.

    I installed weblogic 10.3 and a deployed application.
    "The JSP containing code such as < % @ page language ="Java"import =" is in error.
    The error message looks like this

    'Java' is not a valid parameter for the language attribute.

    Please let me know if I need to include a few pots or change some settings.

    Thanks and greetings

    Seems to be a syntax problem. Have you tried language = "java" instead of language = "Java"?

  • no update for Epson printer

    For several years, I regularly get a message when the print queue is open the Epson (Photo R300) has software that needs to be updated. Click to cancel or install. I clicked on this button install several times (to believe that it is available at Apple) and it seems that an installation so passes, but I continue to get the message.

    If I go to Epson to verify updates, they get Apple.

    Who is right?

    Try it this way...

    Open the App Store and then select updates from the top of the menu in the window of the App Store.

    I hope that the update of the driver is available for download here.

  • Printer driver for Epson Stylus Color 660

    I'm trying to connect my printer, an Epson Stylus Color 660, to my computer running Windows XP.  When executing the CD supplied with the printer, I got an error message saying that the printer driver supplied with the printer is not compatible with Windows XP.  Is there another driver, that I can use, or some kind of patch/update to make it compatible, and where I can get it?

    Visit the Epsom website for any update software/driver

  • Cannot download driver for Epson Stylus models SX218 printer and scanner.

    My computer can't find a driver for my new Epson Stylus printer. I tried troubleshooting, but it did not work. Can anyone help? Thank you

    Any drivers/software would be obtained from Epson, specific site you your model and then they must be installed * before * you connect to the printer make sure that you select the correct version of victory

  • Software driver for Epson printer 777 model?

    How or where can I download a software driver for printer Epson Color 777?

    Read the link above.

    Click on your model number > follow the prompts through by download.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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