No Pro fusion trial


I would like to try VMware Fusion as a trial, but without the Pro features 8. I downloaded the demo of regular/no Pro, but it tells me that it is the Pro version when I run it.

How can I meet the non-Pro of Fusion for a trial version? I want to do it because it's much easier to get a feel for it this way instead of just reading the non-pro vs Pro comparison table.

See you soon.


Download the normal version and the Pro version are actually a single file.

Not sure why VMware offers two links, perhaps for analytical or other purposes for marketing reasons.

Whatever it is, it make much sense to me.

The current selection on what you install is during installation. Here, you choose if you want the Pro version or Normal.

Seems you have selected 'Pro' by accident (can not remember, but I guess it's the default choice).

The main differences are:

-Publisher Network (Menu-> preferences-> Network tab "VMware Fusion")

-Connect to the server from vSphere.

If you do not need these options so I don't see why you want the Pro version.



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    Vipul Garg

    That is right.

    First pro cs4 is the latest version which can be used with a 32-bit operating system.

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    a no.

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