No Signal after installing new graphics card

Hello and thank you in advance for your help!

We have a 2 years old HP p6540y.  It has an ATI video card integrated. When we recently turned on, we got a message "no signal" on the monitor and then he'd go to sleep.  We tried many things to fix... listed below, in order and are always the same message.  Please advise!

(1) No Signal: DVI, VGA, HDMI.  So we unplugged and rebooted, no change.

(2) checked monitor and DVI & VGA cables with another computer: they all work.

(3) installed new graphics card: NVIDIA GEForce GT 610.  Still got same message "no signal".

(4) we plugged/unplugged all the other cards/cords / no matter what we could and cleaned.  Then, finally, the monitor turned on! But not for long...

(5) after you restart the computer after installation of the graphics card driver, we got the 'no signal' message again.  We released once more, other cards/sheets and again once the monitor and the computer came to life.

(6) we uninstalled the ATI integrated graphics card.  When we go to display, Advanced Options, he mentions our new NVIDIA as graphic/video card.

(7) we turned computer off during the night and this morning when we have lit, we once agin got the message "no signal".  We have unplugged/plugged computer several times.  Also tried the trick with cards/plugs by pulling and we have nothing.  No Signal.  After doing this several times (about 10), he is finally working again.

(8) we changed the sleep settings to: screen saver = never; Standby mode = never.

(9) we restarted again to get once more no signal message.

So... what should we do?

Thank you very much!

Triusa, welcome to the forum.

I think that your problem is caused by the power supply unit (PSU).  Here's a guide to help you solve the problem:

Also, the existing PSU is 250W.  The 610 GT requires a minimum of 300W.

If your problem is solved, please click "accept as a Solution.

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    I tried to remove the new graphics card and the use of the onboard graphics to install Windows 7 still does not work?
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    Hello Joey

    If right now you go back to Windows XP and the system is slow correct? You have the drivers installed since you went back to XP? If not then click here and select your system. This will bring up a list of available drivers for you. Also, I've included a link below to get the drivers for your new video card. My problem with the question is if your system has enough power to support the video card. Here are the specifications of your card. Check the configuration required for the map and you ensure that you have adequate food. Let me know if it helps. Thank you.

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    I installed a new graphics card today and I'm stuck in the loading screen. My old card boots gts 450 my computer very well, but my new graphics card cannot. I replaced my old diet with a 600w power supply, and it worked fine with my old card.

    It's my computer HP Pavilion h8-1210 =

    I tried to install the latest version of the Bios with no luck. I guess it is the motherboard, but I'd be happy to work around that.



    If you use an EVGA 760, so your question is probably a vbios into the video card.

    HP PC delivered after November 2012 are pretty good at speed on the last level of UEFI version. This level begins to version 8.

    I met problems with EVGA 760 UEFI and ASUS claims it is a vbios video card problem and EVGA says this is a motherboard problem.  I would not recommend using this card until EVGA releases an update of the vbios.

    If you are in a situation of pointing finger between HP and EVGA.

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    I recently installed a Geforce 8800 gt xfx graphics card. After you install the graphics card, I have more audio analogue. My computer does not detect the analog audio devices. Things I've tried: reinstalling the drivers chipset audio activation built into the bios bios reset CMOS reset reinstallation Editing registry. PC specs: (Note: all specifications listed are correct except the video card and power supply) voltage is the 450w graphics card:

    Yes, it is possible, that there is an overload.

    The solution is to get a sound card not cheap, I think.

    One that works with everything what add on slots (PCI/PCIe x 1) you have.

    Then get a Radeon HD6570 (didn't need additional power supply), or some other card Radeon HD if you wish.

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    Too bad... It's okay now, thanks anyway, I got it to work.
    PS, I never siad anything on an error message.

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    Please, I beg you!

    See your other post.

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    Just install my new geforce gt 240 to replace my 9400gt. After reinstalled vista driver & restart, my system to start start then goes to a white screen for 2-3mins fight & displays a blue screen quickly and then restart & repeat once again. Vista will boot into safe mode without problem & also start normally when I reinstall my old card. my system is fully updated & all drivers are up to date.

    A way to solve this problem

    Thank you very much for the help, discovered that the graphics card was defective. Tested my friends GT 220 card in my system & installed without any problems. Anyway, I picked up the card & brought a radeon HD5450 instead, installed without a problem, then I say problem solved.

    Thanks again wb2001

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    NVIDIA GTX 7xx or 9xx series graphics cards will not work in your PC.  The BIOS in "chicago" mothererboard is not compatible with the video BIOS in the graphics card.  You will need to get an older card chart such as the one of the below listed OEM HP graphics cards. Depending on the graphics card, you may need to replace the power suplly.

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    Help, please. I just put in my new nvidia Geforce GT 430 graphics card. It came with a disc that would install all necessary records, when the computer has restarted a message says that the driver has been arrested because of his mistake, 43. I don't know what to do to solve this problem. just in case my processor CPU Intel Celeron D 3.33GHz and has a 32-bit operating system. What should I do?


    / Settings (BIOS/CMOS) often F2 as you start so watch the display as you start
    the computer. You may need to check with the system manufacturer (Motherboad support
    If a system custom Maker), their documentation online and drivers and ask for their
    Forums (if any).

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Computer does not start after installing new graphics card

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    I fixed it, the problem was the safe boot in my bios, when I disabled the system booted and worked perfectly since! Thanks for the advice tho!

  • Drawing objects in Firefox and Thunderbird after installing the graphics card MSI R6850 of AMD

    After installing the new graphics card (MSI R6850 CYCLONE 1GD5 PE/OC), pilots the latest on Windows XP 32-bit, I frequently meet with Mozilla Firefox 8.0 and Mozilla Thunderbird 8.0 drawing artifacts. The problem presents itself as a horizontal black bands or model checker color scattered. It occurs especially when the child (like the Download Manager) passage of another application for Firefox or Thunderbird or when to switch to a window for Firefox. It affects the entire application or only some rectangular (region clearly who was redesigned due to change of application). Then repaint (such as switch between Firefox tabs) usually solves the problem. This is just visual, the behavior is not affected. The problem never happened to any other application so far. Any ideas? Any who have experienced the same problem? Thanks in advance.


    P.S. Here's the screenshots for the two problems:

    Try turning off hardware acceleration.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

    If disable hardware acceleration works then check if there is an update available for your graphics display driver that corrects these problems.

  • Pavilion HPE - 533 sc: installed new graphics card. Hard drive stops

    In order to improve my graphics performance for games that I invested in this graphics card:

    NVIDIA gtx 950, links shows the map and specifications:

    How fitting the screen stops at initial HP logo and "press ESC to start menu.

    I can also clearly see that disk hard fails or starts the Windows 7 Edition operating system home premium.

    I am running Nvidia GT 630, and back on this card machines works well again.

    It just loks like the new graphics card prevents the hard drive to run.

    All attached cables (power cable 6 pin) and locked firmly into the PCI slot.

    Is it possible that the new card draws so much power that it prevents the hard drive of the race?

    When you press ESC, it seems that the hard drive is registered in the Bios.

    This nvidia gtx 950 is better? It seems to be more the size of the one I have - nvidia GT 630. Link shows specifications.


    First of all try to help me, please do not write that I should get a new machine - I thought that, despite this current have worked without any problems for 5 years now.

    Do not forget that I have to install a lot of programs and to transfer other data - it would be nice to avoid this.

    If if can not be fixed - which stationary HP desktop computer (I have a laptop) can have the new nvidia gtx 950 mounted?

    or this

    HP Pavilion Desktop-500-585no

    Thanks in advance

    I'm not familiar with current PC for sale, regarding upgrades.  Since is considered a new HP, try looking at the list of options on the HP website.  Most higher end PC have the options that you choose before buy you, to customize the generation.  Choose a model with options that match your criteria now and notice the upgrade options - write down them - to avoid confusion later.  OR go with a customized version, but this could mean significant spending.  It is the hand off the coast between prebuilts and personalized.

  • TC M51 sluggish after installed PCIe graphics card

    Well I went through 10 the 39 pages of this forum and the suspect, I have an answer, but still want to check with anyone in the know.

    I have a model of ThinkCentre M51 1843-wnv and put up-to-date with:

    2 GB DDR RAM (total now 2.5 GB) by Kingston

    WD Caviar Black 500 GB HARD drive with 32 MB of cache (SATA 7200 RPM)

    Map of graph SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4550 PCIe with 512 MB of DDR3 RAM

    and I use a logitech (with USB to PS/2 adapter) USB mouse and a USB microsoft ergonomic keyboard

    I installed every update, one at a time to make sure things were ok.  Things were ok until I installed the GPU (last updated).  Now my system takes a long time to start and stop and the intermittent mouse jerks across the screen.  I wait a few seconds and he is well again.  It's as if there are not sufficient resources every now and then.  For a time that the office works very well and then a few minutes later he has a jerky behavior that erases then after a wait.  Start and stop are however still much longer than they were.  I have to go and make the coffee while it starts and stops.  But even this behavior is inconsistent.  Sometimes it starts and stops quickly, as it should.

    I wonder if the GPU and HARD disk are pushing the limits of my diet (310 watts).  Side of the box GPU stipulates that the minimum requirement is a 300 Watt power supply.  Mine is 310 Watts so I thought I was good, but the desktop is perhaps, with the large disc of HARD fast intermittently requiring more power than is available.

    Any thoughts?

    Is an upgrade of the power source easy to do something?  This will solve the performance issue? I've updated GPU, RAM, hard drives, USB and card faxmodem cards.  An upgrade of the power source is easy?

    Thank you!


    Well, how does it work!

    I uninstalled the sound integrated edge and also the SoundMax drivers and installed instead an his SB XFi Titanium PCIe card and voila!  not only do you have this problem, but I have now improved for my 5.1 system sound quality speakers.

    Why the built-in sound system would cause my office become slow after installing a video card?  How install PCIe sound card and turning off the sound of the mobo solves the problem?

    If anyone knows I really want to know how it works.  At the moment, it seems just as if by magic for me.

    in any case, I'm very happy.  My 2nd hand desktop Lenovo is a speed demon!  Movhorn thanks for your help.  Very much appreciated.

  • Win7: Any difference after installing a graphics card?


    I don't have a visual experience usimg a PC will open a graphics card.

    I will not watch TV or DVD or browse photos on my PC.

    I use in on browsing the web and MS Office applications.

    If I install a graphics card (low range) low profile such as the silence of 210 ENT ASUS or Gigabyte HD6450.

    May I know if IE9 fonts and photo and deskop applications would look sharper and clearer?

    My PC is an Intel Core 13-2120 with Intel HD graphics driver installed. I use a screen resolution of 1600 X 900 20 ".

    Thank you


    You have posted several times re your graphics card, so I just make a comment.

    The visual experience of the display/graphics often depends on the individual, what a person is satisfied to another may not be.

    I believe that you said that your display is much "sharper" when you used Windows XP on another PC with the same monitor

    Browsing the Web and the desktop are not graphics applications, I've seen some people complain the graphics Office 2010 from Office 2007

    HD6450 Gigabyte is not an expensive card so I guess that you have little to lose by trying it, the Asus is still cheaper and it is obviously silent

  • Blue tint of a6319fh on dispalay after the new graphics card please help

    I finally decided to improve a few pieces of hardware and im thinking that it was a mistake. I started by adding a version2.2 550w atx12v bfg power. It works like a charm and is very easy to connect. I then added 1 GB of ram (240pin pc2 5300 ddr2) taking me 2 GB to 3 GB. that went well too. I then added a bfg nvidia geforce 9500gt. and here's where the trouble begins. I installed the card using the instructions IE: disabiling graphics card integrated in the Device Manager. I then ran the driver cd of instalation. Once you are prompted to restart the computer, I did and when he started back I had a blue tint. I adjusted a lot, if not all my color options and it did not help. I called the technical support of bfg and told me that it was a faulty card. I out took it and referred to a DIFFERENT best buy. Home reinstalled drivers and the card and still have the blue tint. I've updated all the drivers I could find including my bios and the new drivers from the nvidia site. downloaded all the moniter hp tools (im using a moniter hpw1907 with dvi plug) still prevails the blue tint. the video card came with a dvi to VGA, so I thought that maybe my dvi cord has been damaged so I used the adapter and he ran into vga (I know that this cord is not defective that's what I was using before you install everything new and I still have the blue tint. IM convinced this isn't a second damaged card ratings are worse than winning me the lottery. someone help me please Im going crazy with this. Thanks in advance my hp fellow lovers. (or if your like me, it's a love hate relationship)

    I think that ive reduced to the fact that it does not appear red at all. on the long desk or anywhere else im super frustrated, I spent like $ 300 today if I could play swg on the right setting and the witcherI

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