No sound after reinstalling windows xp

I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Professional.  I installed the SP3 also.  Except that now it does not even record that I have a sound card.  Reinstall, I used with sound edge and it worked perfectly, but now in Device manager there is an exclamation mark next to "Audio device on high definition audio bus." After running dxdiag, it says that there is no sound card.  Any help would be appreciated.

After having reinstalled XP did you download and install the audio drivers?

Download drivers

Visit the manufacturer's Web site and select your model (this is usually done in the Support section). You should be able to download drivers for your model if they have drivers for your version of Windows. Download the driver (s) and follow the instructions to install - the process may vary with different manufacturers, so I can't give you exact directions.

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  • HP compaq: no sound after reinstalling windows

    After I reinstalled windows, the noise was gone, and I want to say the sound chip embedded in the computer. I tried to install all types of drivers, but nothing helped. It shows that there is no audio device. So is there some software/driver that woukld do computer see and use the chip integratedsound?

    It changes everything because the dc7800 and dc7900 use a different audio chip than does the dc5700/dc7700.

    You need this audio driver W7 for the dc7900...

    This package contains the driver for the ADI Audio CODEC high definition (HD) in desktop models and operating systems supported.


  • No sound after reinstalling windows

    I reinstall XP and now I have some very big problems

    The other day I had some video problems with my pc then I reinstalled and formatted XP and now after I reinstalled it I have no sound I tried a lot of different things, but nothing worked before I formatted and reinstalled, I had no problem, but now I do PS. He says I have no Audio Device help please!


    You can also check this link:

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  • Satellite L40 - no sound after reinstalling Windows XP Home edition

    I really need help from anyone out there. I installed Windows XP Home edition on my Toshiba Satellite L40 after that I realized, there is no sound. I tried to install all kinds of updates, drivers and all, but still nothing.

    All make me is that I have no audio device.
    Grateful for the help as soon as possible.

    Do you have the yellow marks in Device Manager?
    Are you sure that you have installed all the drivers?

    Have you installed SP2 or SP3 for Windows XP? You must at least use SP2 for XP.

    And as said Akuma, check the Microsoft KB to the hoftixes. Before you apply this update, you must remove the driver. Otherwise it will not work.

    You can also search in the forum, there are already discussions on this topic.

  • 840 M6u35aw G2 #abh: HP 840 G2 no sound after reinstalling windows 10


    Had to reinstall my OS and for some reason I can't get audio to work. I tried to update the latest drivers (realtek hd audio) and even tried older drivers, but I can't not all sound on my laptop. Before reinstalling my OS (win10 64) evereything worked very well.  Anyone who has a solution?


    See if running the sound windows troubleshooting tool highlights the problems.

    You also have the opportunity to test the audio in the menu diagnosis uefi by pressing f2 at startup.

    EDIT:  Its also useful to check that the audio is activated in the Bios Menu (press f10 at startup) - the option is usually located on the Advanced tab. Built in the device options... Audio device.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • No sound after reinstalling Windows 7

    at first my computer has not played in an interview officer.he sounds.i moved card her down below its current position and put software realtek in my computer.then after 1 year, I put windows 7 in my computer.but windows 7 did not work perfectly in my computer.then once again, I installed windows 7 in my pc.again I updated my computer with the realtek software , but its present is not from my computer.what do I do?

    Method 1:
    Check out the link and follow the steps to solve the problem.

    Method 2:
    Check the link and try the tips in the article.
  • Satellite Pro U200 - no sound after reinstalling Windows

    Hi all

    Title of SAA says, I tried a ton of things, been on it for about a week and nothing works. I have the sound with headphones, but I can barely hear it. Anything through speakers.
    Sound was working fine before

    Thanks in advance for any help


    If you can hear the sound with headphones, make sure that the internal speakers are not on mute and line-out isn't your audio output by default.
    Therefore, check the audio settings of Windows!

    Also, what OS you have installed?

  • Satellite P10-873 - no sound after reinstalling windows device

    Satellite P10 873 PSP 16th:-not his Device
    Win XP-Home Edition SP2

    Everything was going well until a bad sector on the hard drive. I have Ran Chkdsk /r and re-installed windows.

    In Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager it is a unknown device in the sound,.
    Section of video and games controllers which I think can be unit XT of SRS truesurround.
    also Realtek AC97 sound devices shown as correct and functional.

    Tried to load the audio drivers from the website of Toshiba (sound-s-p10-xp-510005490) and still no audio device

    available from the configuration/sounds and Audio devices Control Panel.
    Got the patch KB888111 from Microsoft and installed, still no luck.

    Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong please?

    Satellite P10 is old enough laptop model. I have very good experiences with P20. It's almost the same laptop, but a bit bigger. A friend of mine uses P10 for the job and we have installed WXP Pro using all the tricks of the Toshiba support page. The OS is installed two years ago, and the sound still works.

    If you can not get this to work, I recommend you remove all the important data for the D partition or save on an external device and make the clean OS install. It will be interesting to see if the problem persists.

    By the way: is a connected to your laptop satellite external game controller?
    An interesting solution, I found here.

  • Satellite Pro U200 - no sound after installing Windows 7


    I have a problem with sound after installing Windows 7 on a (PLUA1E) satellite Pro U200. No Win7 audio driver available on the Nordic pilot site. Help, please.


    Hey Buddy,

    Have you already checked the site Web of Toshiba itself?

    I found a driver for Vista 32 bit and Vista drivers most also work on Windows 7 so it s worth a try! :)

  • Compaq CQ58: No sound after upgrade Windows 10

    No sound after updating Windows 10.

    Installed HP Support Assistant, which came with a video to try a headphone jack with Windows 7, so no joy there.

    Tried several times scanning but "HP has encountered an error when trying to analyze your product."

    Although this suggests that the failure of the scan, produce a result: Driver (1)

    Under 'pilot', it says "Windows 10 drivers may be available via Windows Update".

    But I already tried Windows Technical Support, who drew a blank and referred me to HP!


    I recommend that you try the audio driver IDT W8.1 support page for your laptop.

    This works in most cases.

    This package contains the driver that allows Audio IDT high definition (HD) in the notebook models that are running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp58406.exe

    If the W8.1 driver does not have the noise at work, try this...

    Go to Device Manager and click to expand the category of audio, video and game controllers device.

    1. click on the Audio CODEC of IDT high definition in Device Manager.

    2. click on the driver tab.

    3. click on Update Driver...

    4-> select Browse my computer for driver software.

    5. Select-> Let pick me from a list of drivers for devices on my computer.

    6. Select Audio device high definition (not IDT high def...)  "This is important). and click Next.

    Warning message is displayed, but the answer Yes.

    7 Windows has updated your driver software.

    8 restart the PC

    Key is step 6

  • HP Dm1 3025DX network controller drivers are not installed after reinstalling windows


    I have a laptop HP Dm1-3025DX Windows 7 home premium 64 GB and after reinstall windows from the network controller and Ethernet controller both say the drivers for the device are not installed. I can't understand how to solve this problem or download either. I don't have access to the internet on this computer so I use another computer for this post, and I'll have to use this computer to download drivers also. Help, please!

    Judging people, see if they install.

  • No sound after reinstaling XP on Dell 5150 Demision

    Original title: no sound

    I have no sound after reinstaling XP on Dell 5150 Demision ideas please help!

    It is likely that you will need to go to and download and reinstall the software, patches, and drivers designed for your computer model and the OS.

  • How can you recover files, folders, software and drivers after reinstalling windows xp family?

    original title: How can you recover files, folders, software and drivers after reinstalling windows xp family? Please help, I've lost everything!

    When the update Norton Internet Security 2009 to 2011 on reboot, windows cannot open.

    Root\systems32\hal.dll Windows prevented windows from opening.  My machine in a Dell dimension 8300.

    On a Dell website, I found a method of recovery if you can reinstall windows xp from cd.  I was able to do it, but lost all my files.  How can I recover all my fortune, images, software, drivers, etc.?  There must be a way to extract this information from the hard drive.  Any help is the material and can save my marriage!  Thank you.

    Hi MarkS_02127,

    Since you've reinstalled windows, you will need to re - install applications once again, you will be lucky (if you format the drive) data on your computer. You remember that location, it was in my documents? If yes it just open C:\Documents and settings and locate your old username, you will find your old desktop, Favorites and Documents.

    I hope this helps.

  • No sound after installing windows on my hp 620 help 8

    No sound after installing windows on my hp 620 help 8

    I can't find your audio driver on the HP support page, but I was able to locate it, which is the same engine as yours, just the latest version. According to what is listed, it supports Windows 8. Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you.


  • No network adapter driver is available after reinstalling Windows Vista installation disk... Unable to connect to the network

    No network adapter driver is available after reinstalling Windows Vista installation disk... Unable to connect to the network


    Know what type of network card you have and download the drivers of its supplier.

    It doesn't matter what it is always a good idea before re-install/upgrade to log on to the computer support page, download independent drivers from there and put them on a flash drive.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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