No sound after the accidental deletion of a program.

What should I do?

  1. You are not able to hear the sound on your computer?
  2. You are able to see the speaker icon in the system tray?
Try the methods provided and see if it helps to solve the problem.
Method 1:
Check out the link and follow the steps.
Method 2:
You can also check out this link and try the steps outlined in the article.

How to troubleshoot sound problems in Windows XP

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  • How can I recover an iMovie video after the accidental deletion of iMovie?

    Hi all

    I got a file from an old iPhone on my iMovie app and then accidentally deleted the application itself. How can I get the video?

    He is not on any backup so I'll need to find it on my Mac.

    Thank you

    The file itself should always be on the hard disk.

    If you know the name of the file, try to use Spotlight to find it.

    Click the magnifying glass icon top right of your screen type the file name.

    The basics of the Mac: Spotlight helps you find what you are looking for

    If you can't find this file name, try a format iMovie such as DV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MOV and M4V

  • No sound after the removal of Norton and Mcaffe installation

    No sound after the removal of Norton and Mcaffe installation

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • Today after the update of cloud five programs, all work correctly, however, Lightroom opens, but only develops, gives a message: Please reactivate your membership to enable the module.

    Today after the update of cloud five programs, all work correctly, however, Lightroom opens, but only develops, gives a message: Please reactivate your membership to enable the module.

    What and how do I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

    Hello Julian

    If you still encounter this problem, please try the following troubleshooting steps.

    Solution 1: Sign out of Lightroom 5.5 and then connect back with your Adobe ID

    Solution 2:

    Set the permission to the folder SLStore & SLCache:

    NOTE: Do this twice, once each for the SLCache and SLStore files.


    • Use the Finder to navigate to/Library/Application Support / Adobe / SLStore or/Library/Application Support / Adobe / SLStore.
    • Control-click on the folder and choose read information.
    • Expand the section sharing & permissions.
    • Click on the padlock icon in the lower corner on the right. Enter your administrator user name and password when you are prompted, and then click OK.
    • Set permissions:

    System: read/write

    Admin: read/write

    Everyone: read/write

    • Click the gear icon and select apply to closed. Close the dialog box for information.

    Win 7 / 8 to win:

    SLStore: ProgramData\Adobe\SLStore

    Win 32 bit: program files Files\Adobe\SLCache\

    Win 64 bit: Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\SLCache\

    • In the file Explorer, right click on the SLCache or SLStore folder, and then select Properties.
    • Click the Security tab and set the permissions:

    Administrators: Full control

    Power users: all except extraordinary and a total control

    System: Full control

    Users: Read and extraordinary

    • Click on advanced and, if requested, accept the (UAC) user account control elevation prompt.
    • Click on the owner tab, select administrators and click on modify.
    • Select Replace owner of subcontainers and objects. Click on apply and then click OK.
    • Click the permissions tab, and then click on change permissions.
    • Select Replace all permissions of child object with permissions inheritable of this object. Click OK, click Yes.
    • Click OK, and then click OK in the Windows Security dialog box. Click OK to close the advanced security settings dialog box.

    Suggestion 2: Rename the SLCache folder and relaunch Lightroom 5.5

    We have followed this issue of Lightroom. Please let me know what solution has solved your problem.

    If these solutions do not solve the problem for you, let know us.

    Thank you


  • No sound after the s7530n pavilion slimline for Windows 7 RC1 upgrade

    I know that Windows 7 is still in version final candidate and so is not taken in charge by Wells, anyone, but I've seen some people have luck on this forum so I'm him kicking.

    I have a HP slimline s7530n Pavilion that came with Windows XP Media Center is installed.  I recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC1 (as well as all the other computers in my home) because of the extra boost of incredible performances provided by Windows 7, as well as the best new Media Center.  Unfortunately, while Windows 7 works fine on all my other systems, it fails in two areas on this slimline: it is not up to run Aero/Glass (which is not a problem, do not need glass on this system), but unfortunately the sound work no longer, which is a real disappointment, because Media Center is kinda useless without audio :-)

    When I move my mouse over the volume icon in the system tray ToolTip shows "no Audio output device is installed".  When I check under ' audio, video and game controllers "in Device Manager, there is only a single element:"High definition Audio Device", which says that it is working properly.

    Steps, I tried to solve the problems:

    -J' uninstalled the "High Definition Audio Device" in the Device Manager and rebooted.  It is automatically re - installs, but does not solve the problem.

    -J' downloaded the audio driver for Vista for this PC from the HP support page: "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Update" - sp34998.exe.  I tried to install it directly, but got an error 'failure '.  Then I extracted all the files in a folder, right click on the "setup.exe" inside and set to run in compatibility of Vista and as an administrator, but running mode later, he gave the same "failed" error.  I then uninstalled the driver "High definition Audio Device" in Manager of peripheral and before restart, run sp34998 (in Vista compatibility and as administrator mode) configuration file, and this time installed without error.  He then asked to reboot.  After reboot, Windows 7 automatically reinstalled the driver of "High definition" Audio Device as before, and I'm back to square one, still no sound, even if "RealTek High Definition Audio Driver" does not in Add/Remove programs in Control Panel.

    -J' I uninstalled RealTek Vista driver and the "high definition Audio Device", then downloaded the original XP driver: ' Summer 2006 Original high definition Audio Drivers Realtek '-sp26730.exe the HP support page.  Same experience driver Vista, with some slight differences - even if I extracted the files, and then told the setup.exe to launch in Windows XP SP2 and administrator mode, that it fails eventually, but with messages such as "cann't find Match RealTek HD Audio Inf file!  (Yes, it's accurate, complete with broken and misspelled grammar "Cann't" error message).

    So I'm puzzled - I should anticipate problems with Windows 7 for embedded with audio systems, but my old Dell laptop for 6 year, works very well with Windows 7 and it has integrated everything (same course glass!), so if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.

    Thank you!

    and don't you know - after that for troubleshooting like a week and a half, I finally posted my question on this forum in desperation, and five minutes after the validation, I discovered the solution on my own.

    So for those who have this particular problem, please go to the RealTek page:

    Click on the "Downloads" link at the top.

    Click on the first link on the page: High Definition Audio Codecs (software)

    Check the box "I agree" to the legalese and then click the next button when it becomes available

    For the fifth result in the list, "Vista, Windows7 Driver (32/64 bits) driver only (executable file)", click on the 'GO' link to the right (I chose "Site 1"), then download the file to your desktop.

    If you have any audio drivers RealTek HP installed under the Control Panel, uninstall and restart.

    Then, run the executable RealTek above (when he throws an error message saying "Windows cannot verify the Publisher" click to install anyway), then restart.

    When your system returns to the top, you have the sound!  I am very happy.

  • No sound after the takeover by Satellite C50 - from standby or sleep

    I had downgraded the C50 Toshiba Windows 8 for Windows 7 64-bit and downloaded all the drivers linked from Toshiba's web site, but there is no sound on the phone, after that I have to put the computer on standby or into hibernation. The sound on the right corner icon is present and active.

    I already uninstalled the audio driver in the Device Manager and rebooted the computer.
    This work of t n.
    Also I tried to install a new version of the audio driver Toshiba s website again, once again, no noise.

    If I do a full stop down or restart the laptop the sound is back to normal. Sometimes it is not as well...

    I didn't start-> Run-> enter services.msc. Check the status of the Windows Audio service is started.
    but once again, NO HELP.

    All windows updates are up to date. 7(64bit) is: Windows Ultimate SP1

    I have all the virus scan of the computer, he found nothing.

    I rang Toshiba customer support, they ask for 45 pounds (GBP) to pay for technical assistance.
    It is the stupid things that technical support is payable even though this computer is only 3 weeks.

    Can someone help me then?


    What audio device is set as default in Control Panel-> sound-> tab reading after that the system wakes up from mode sleep?

    Check if the speakers are set by default.

    But to be honest, I think that the reading already tab settings are set correctly.

    In my opinion, you must reinstall the entire system once maybe that something was wrong during the first installation, who knows that everything is possible.

    After the new Win 7 installation ensure that the ITD and Toshiba Audio Enhancement Utility and DTS Studio sound driver are installed correctly.

  • No sound - after the installation Win7 sp1

    I have no sound after win 7 sp1 app nor can I press FN - F6 to activate the sound. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    I forgot how I solved it, but it has been resolved. Thanks for the review

  • Loss of the HDMI sound after the monitor stop


    HP laptop computer dv9330ca on Vista 64-bit. NVidea GE Force 7600 and Conexant audio.

    I have hooked the lappy HDMI cable to the TV (Toshiba 32DT2U or 32C110U, not sure) and had no sound.  Define sound from digital output (SPDIF) in Control Panel - still no sound.  Video drivers updated - make us it sound.  Update audio drivers - sound disappeared. Audio restoration pilot - still no sound. Re-install video drivers - make us it sound.  Reboot - we still have sound!  The Toshiba power on and turn it on again - no noise :( Re-install video drivers - still no sound :(

    I rebooted after all the steps mentioned above.  I am aware of "the digital sound setting" in Control Panel, but it's not helping more.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    * UPDATE *.

    I thought if I have no sound HDMI anyway, I might as well re - install the latest video driver again...

    HDMI sound came back after restart >.

    I'm sure I have will lose it again, probably when I stopped - the system, but I thought that I'll let you know - cordially

    Thanks again for your time.

  • Lost after that computer woke up from his sleep and sound after the Microsoft Fix It

    Original title: no sound


    No sound from my computer.  The Conexant device work properly.  Volume is in place on the speakers and the sounds of Windows.  Windows Media Player is not cut.  No speakers or headphones are involved.

    This problem started a couple of weeks, when I ran Microsoft difficulty It Center.  I used the difficulty It Center because I always lost sound after that my computer is awake to being asleep, which means that I always had to reboot to get the sound.  But now there is no sound whatsoever.

    Can you help me?


    You can refer to the following link to download the latest version of the Toshiba support drivers.

    Toshiba support

  • No sound after the last put to Win 8.1

    After the last Win8.1 update my TouchSmart 300 is not all sounds. have already tried updating drivers in Device Manager but answer is that all of them are updated. other tha that the system works perfect with Win 8.1 and don't want to go back for Win 7


    You may need to uninstall the driver for the sound and do re-installed after the reboot.


  • Reinstall the accidentally deleted wireless device

    When you delete a program I accidentally deleted my wireless device and would like to know how to reinstall it.

    Hi Steve,.

    Please provide some details related to the wireless device:

    (1) how did you remove the wireless device?

    (2) are you referring to the software of wireless under programs and features?

    (3) what is the brand and model of the computer?

    Well, you can see the link to add a wireless computer device:

    If you are referring to the driver of the wireless device, you can visit the manufacturer's Web site to download and install the driver. You can also find the utility software on the website linked to the wireless device. Check out the link:

    Check out the link for more information:

    Just reply to us with the status of this issue. We will be happy to help you further.

  • How to get back my projects on illustrator draw app after an accidental deletion?

    I accidentally deleted a whole project on Adobe illustrator App on my ipad 2, how do I get it back?

    Unfortunately, once you type in two confirmation dialog boxes to remove, there is little you can do to recover the lost project. There are two ways that it can be recovered, but it requires some special circumstances.

    1. If you were offline when you deleted the project, then the deletion has not yet synchronized to the cloud. In this case, stay offline on your device and connect to on your desktop. Search for your project in the 'Mobile Créations' section and make a change to the project (for example. Rename it to something else). Then, when your iPad comes back online, the new edition will cancel the deletion and your project must obtain synchronized down to your device.

    2. If deletion has already made it back to the cloud and you can no longer find your project on, so if you have another device (phone or Tablet) which has installed circulation, you can try to disconnect this device, launch the draw and make any changes to the project locally (for example. Rename it to something else). Then, when this device comes back online, the new edition will cancel the deletion and your project must be re-downloaded back to the cloud. From there, you can download return anywhere that you have to draw.

    Hope that helps,


    Engineering drawing

  • XAV-701HD questions, even after the update - changing Staion, no sound after the cycle of keys.

    I have a Sony XAV-701HD installed in my 09 Ram. I have had for a while now and still have problems even after the last update of the firmware. Since I installed the radio, the stations would change when I turn off the key and then restart the truck. Ususally a station off where I was listening. Then I noticed that when you listen to a CD, if I stop the truck, stop, and restart, I have sometimes no sound from the CD unit that change source to something else then back to CD. In addition, it seems to take an eternity for the CD start playing when I insert one, or when I start the truck every morning. Sometimes the CD start just up, other times not. Now, I've added SiurisXM to the unit, and I noticed that when I turn the key off the coast, and then back on, the device will not be playing Sirius Music until I have changing source, let the next launch of source for play, then switch back to sirius. I'm a professional installer, I know all my wiring is good, everything works. My Kenwood has worked perfectly in the same truck for 2 years before I changed to the Sony. Any ideas?

  • No sound after the first Pro 6.0.3 update

    I lost the sound on my .mts files after the upgrade of the first Pro 6.0.3. I tried to disable the program and reactivated it again and now I have the whole HD tempates return still no sound. Any ideas? (I am a creative Member cloud if it makes a difference)

    Kind regards



    It is on the new imported. I have 64-bit Windows 8.

    Earlier, I did a complete reinstall of Premiere Pro and started from scratch and now it works again.

    Kind regards


  • Array.length changes not really after the item deleted?

    Frame 1, I loaded 9 clips (pieces of a chart) and their names of the instance (piece1, exhibit2 etc.) are in a table, arrPieces.   In 3, I'm trying to remove them, but I discovered that I had a problem with my while loop.   I removed the loop and discovered that the problem is really that the size of the array does not reduce after that I deleted an item.   I could not find it in the documentation.  Is this true?  I do not suspect.

    That's what I've stripped the code in frame 3 down for:

    trace (arrPieces.Length);     9 as planned
    var whichPiece = Math.floor (Math.random () * 9) + 1;
    trace (whichPiece);   as expected
    trace (arrPieces);   as expected
    trace (arrPieces.Length);   still gives 9 - should not

    Something obvious, I suppose, but I can't.   Help appreciated.


    I don't know what you've changed things in, but you can still get the random index duplicate values, though that if you are splicing to the table, then it should not matter.

    I don't know what else is going on in your code, or if you really need to remove the elements in the array, but you might consider randomizing just the array and then read through it, from 0 to 8.

Maybe you are looking for

  • iMac does not start after the update of the Sierra...

    Don't know what to do. Sierra, just updated and now my system hangs during startup and turns off. Anyone else seen this? No idea what I can do?

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    I... and still does not work? What should I do on the router? who is a TG862 of BANQUE5301? Send to: (Email address #1).   (E-mail address #2)   (E-mail address #3) Show "From" as: (E-Mail address) Object: SMTP Port number: 587 SMTP mail server: 68.8

  • Twice in loop and stop at a record label?

    Hello community,My question:How can I loop my entire animation twice * and after that judgment to label a frame?It's the same question about it , but this time to animate the CC.Example:A banner has 100 images. It must be a loop twice from 0 to 100,

  • How to disable the cc button animate html5 canvas files?

    Hello!How to disable the cc button animate html5 canvas files?'click',function(){alert('this')}) question 1:When you click on the 'mc', it always run. How can I control the button of the deactivate and activate?que

  • My new p6620f does not have the Firewire drivers

    Recently bought this p6620f, knowing that there was no IEEE 1394 Firewire ports. Then bought an IOGear USB/Firewire hub, connected and the USB ports work fine. Computer does not detect my camcorder Panasonic via Firewire, however. Device Manager does