No sound - after the installation Win7 sp1

I have no sound after win 7 sp1 app nor can I press FN - F6 to activate the sound. Any ideas?

Thank you

I forgot how I solved it, but it has been resolved. Thanks for the review

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  • Remote Desktop disappeared after the installation of SP1?

    my remote desktop option disappeared from "Remote Settings" after the installation of sp1 on windows 7
    What can be the problem and how can I solve this problem?
    There is no problems during installation of the service pack

    Click Start, type allow remote access, and then click this option to set up.

  • Joined to a domain and an administrator remote after the installation of SP1, updated to 10 settings (clean install) then

    Wipe the hard disk, reformatted and did a clean install of OS7 home (fossoyées pro hoping group domain policies and etc. would not be a problem).  But they are still there. Reinstalled again.  I can't remove the files manually, give me permission. Loading guard who looks like a fake update file, but I can't delete that either.  I'm at my wits end.  I also have a problem with one of my Outlook email accounts, displaying a string of what looks like a key under my user name.  I have dealt with this for 2 months.  had my machine to two different local mechanics and nothing.  Even exchanged the motherboard and the drive.  How's it relate?  I do not even use the same key.  The only way he could do it is through my network connection. (Disabled Wifi too).

    I read something on the Panther Trojan and I do not have a file of Panther on my machine (which again, I can't delete).  I didn't even think that HOME version had this kind of remote administration and yet it moves it. Its load of 32-bit strange file and run it on a 64 bit system.  I don't know what to do from here.  I can't get a version of Windows installed which does not suck up all my processing power and crazy amounts of data transfer.  I pulled out an old HP Pav and am now loading XP on it.  At least I will be able to view and edit files it contains.  I don't think safe, even check my email on this machine. (I use my ipad for that).

    Here are the results of the queries from the command line, screenshots and event log shears.   Since I was the last reinstall at about 21:00 there are 294 Logon and created special logons.  Not to mention that I had an another windows machine and one android corrupt their hooking up to my Dungeon phone.  The worst is a 10 years ' worth of my design files holding external drive.  Sighhhhhhh...

    IM so sick of looking at this.  Im going to bed and hopefully not dreaming about it.  If someone can tell me how to stop this happening, I would SO appreciate it.  Support for Windows is a joke.

    I have run 3 different programs of Virus Scan on it, reformat the drive twice (wiped to zero once), and used three different install media (three different versions of Windows. 0 s 7 home, pro and pro OS7 OS10 (7 pro is what I was running when this began).)  Again, it is after that I paid two services of different repair to diagnose, pull the wireless network card, replace the motherboard and replace the disk.  After that I freaked out on them they began to throw the installation discs and Home keys. lol seriously, I might as well throw my money down a hole. (the key I've finally pulled the machine isn't that I've never owned?) I guess that's why I'm trying so hard to get pure installed, I already so much money in it.  I should probably just give up and load Linux.

    If I ever get my hands on this bloody trusted installer it is a dead man. Thanks in advance!

    Microsoft (R) Windows (R) operating system group policy result tool v2.0
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp., 1981-2001

    Created on 20/07/2016 at 23:03:12

    The RSOP data for OWNER-PC\Administrator on your PC-OWNER: Logging Mode

    OS configuration: Standalone Workstation
    OS version: 6.1.7601
    Site name: n/a
    Roaming profile: n/a
    Local profile: C:\Users\Administrator
    Connected over a slow link? : no


    The last time group policy was applied: 20/07/2016 to 22:31:33
    Group Policy was applied from: N/A
    Group Policy slow link threshold: 500 Kbps
    Domain name: 37L4247E29-32
    Domain type: Windows NT 4

    Applied Group Policy objects

    The following Group Policy objects were not applied because they were filtered
    Local group policy
    Filtering: Not applied (empty)

    The computer belongs to the following security groups
    Required at the system level
    NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated users
    This organization


    The last time group policy was applied: 20/07/2016 to 22:36:33
    Group Policy was applied from: N/A
    Group Policy slow link threshold: 500 Kbps
    Domain name: OWNER-PC
    Domain type:

    Applied Group Policy objects

    The following Group Policy objects were not applied because they were filtered
    Local group policy
    Filtering: Not applied (empty)

    The user is part of the following security groups
    NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated users
    This organization
    NTLM authentication
    High mandatory level

    After you activate the hidden administrator account (which already had a defined password btw)

    ALLUSERSPROFILE = C:\programdata
    APPDATA = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming
    CommonProgramFiles = c: files
    CommonProgramFiles (x 86) = c: Program Files (x 86) \Common Files
    CommonProgramW6432 = c: files
    HOMEPATH = \Users\Administrator
    LOCALAPPDATA = C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local
    OS = Windows_NT
    Path = c: Windows system32; C:\Windows; C:\Windows\System32\Wbem; C:\Windows\System32
    PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER = Intel64 family 6 model 23 Stepping 10, GenuineIntel
    ProgramData = ProgramData
    ProgramFiles = c: Program Files
    ProgramFiles (x 86) = c: Program Files (x 86)
    ProgramW6432 = C:\Program Files
    PROMPT = $P$ G
    PUBLIC = C:\Users\Public
    SESSION = Console
    SystemDrive = C:
    SystemRoot = C:\Windows
    TEMP = C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp
    TMP = C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp
    USERNAME = administrator
    USERPROFILE = C:\Users\Administrator
    windir = C:\Windows
    windows_tracing_flags = 3

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    If you give us a link to the new thread we can point to some resources it
  • Satellite L670-DX1 - after the installation of SP1 cannot use the memory card reader


    Since I upgraded my Satellite L670-DX1 of Win7 64 bit to Win7 64-bit SP1 (2 days ago) I can't use my memory card reader, he always says it is a bad card and I should reformat the card with any card.

    Does anyone have a similar problem or better yet a solution for me?


    You have installed SP1 using Windows update option?
    Have you tried to roll back the OS to an earlier time to see if the card reader is working properly again?

    Have you tried reinstalling the driver of the card reader?

  • Re: Satellite P300-135: No. SPDIF in 'His' Panel after the installation of SP1

    Before this one had speakers, HDMI and SPDIF.
    Now - only speakers and HDMI.

    After all the works of S/PDIF through speakers device, but only in stereo mode.
    I need 5.1 DD!

    Could be another reason for that?


    The SPDIF port is certainly available on this laptop.
    I remember that some devices can be hidden, if they are not enabled.

    So maybe you can do a right click in the Panel-> Sound and could mark called options hidden devices and features see the disabled.

    Then the SPDIF should reappear.

    Check it!

  • No Wifi connection after the installation WIN7 on Ideapad Y510

    Upgrade to a larger hd and win7 Home premium. Installation went perfectly except for one thing - no wifi on intel wireless wifi link 4965ag. Convenience store shows the NIC 'not connected' and fails to pass 'association test' on a wireless proset software. Lenovo introduces only the drivers vista and xp for intel 4965ag. At Intel site, ran its Analyzer and he finished best driver installed, I had.

    This is my thread at M$ this wireless connectivity problem is HUGE in Win7.

    I also posted on the Intel website, a helpful reader suggested I try here at Lenovo.

    Anyone having this problem when upgrading to win 7 and how you solved it would be great! I've been working on solving this for 3 weeks and I am puzzled. Thanks for any help. Matt125

    Ah-Ha! Conductor of energy did not work. Don't know if deployed correctly. M$ did not win 7 compatible with Intel 4965ag backward. SOLUTION: BUY A USB WIFI! THIS PROBLEM SOLVED NO WIFI CONNECTIVITY. USING MEDIA LINK USB WIFI. SOLVED. THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!

  • Vista - Error Code: 0XC01A001D (after the installation of SP1)

    question of 0xc01a001d after downloading vista sp1... If I don't have the windows vista startup disk so what do I do?

    Hi jala123,

    1 how long's he been to the error screen?

    Method 1

    Check if you are able to boot in safe mode.

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Restart the computer to return to normal mode

    Method 2

    If you are able to boot into safe mode then try System Restore to uninstall Windows vista sp1 and start in normal mode.

    System Restore: frequently asked questions


    Once you're in normal mode and then download and install the system tool, and then install Windows vista service pack 1.

    Description of the preparation tool system update for Windows Vista for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7 and for Windows Server 2008 R2

    How to obtain the latest Windows Vista service pack

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Laptop is not able to restart after the installation of SP1

    I have a Toshiba laptop which has Vista Home Basic.
    I installed SP1 last week and everything worked fine.
    EXCEPT with SP1 I could not connect my iPod and so I decided to do a restore of the system for when I didn't have the SP1.
    My iPod has continued to have problems anyway.

    So just today. I tried to reinstall SP1.
    Let him set up. Everything seems to happen normally.
    I came back a couple hours later and my laptop has a black screen.
    It also has white text:

    !! Oxc01a001d! 9006/94145 (\Registry\Machine\COMPONENTS\DerivedData\...)

    I turned off the laptop and tried to restart my laptop.
    It is said that you cannot start Windows. I tried to do a repair. And I get a notification saying that he is unable to repair the computer automatically. And I tried to make me do a system recovery. ((I will not attempt recovery of the system until I know I must. Because I did not know this update was extremely important and have not backed up my files))

    Again, I rebooted and this time I tried to start Windows normally.
    Yet once, I get the above code.
    So I guess that the laptop is verification of files? before we start?
    This code is constantly flashing/blinking way glitch. (I hope this is necessary)

    I think I can assume that this is not a good sign.
    Can someone help me? And I would like to know what to do?
    My idea is now to let sit and try to load all the files, otherwise I'll do a reinstall System...:]

    BTW: At this time I had my laptop on the white text. And my computer is in standby mode. I tried to 'wake up' and now the screen is all black. Now I'm afraid it is stuck in standby mode, which has also held several weeks ago...

    Hi Kare C.

    Here's a link with information on the replacement of your media.

    If you install XP, you must perform a clean installation.  Windows 7 is in Release Candidate and can be downloaded from the link below.

    Windows 7 has not yet a scheduled publication date.

    Thank you for using answers Forum. Please let us know how it works.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • After the installation of sp1 vista basic color scheme is missing

    After having to reinstall vista from a defective hard disk business, the vista basic color scheme is missing. When I installed from the cd that is there and work as my defalt. SP1 installed and it was gone? A and installed sp2 still not there. All the updates that are installed on windows update still not there. Checked for lates video driver and have later (manufacturing & the same as that of windows). He was here before hard drive crash?

    Given that your problem was caused by an update, you must post in the Windows Update Forum at: where the specialists of update (including SP1) will be more than happy to help you with your problem.

    Good luck!

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  • Y at - it as a fix for printing will not remove last doc printed after the installation of SP1?

    Given that Windows installed SP1 printed the last doc is not removed and blocks therefor all subsequent print jobs. Currently I have to restart the computer to get the doc "deletion" removed printing (QC) is a solution for this?

    Any fix would be with your printer software/drivers, its nothing specific to sp1

    There is a tool fixit MS for various printer problems

  • Audio does not work after the installation of Vista on Satellite Pro a series?

    Done a format and a new facility with vista ultimate and can't get the audio from realtek to work.
    The drivers install properly but don't have still no sound.

    Download realtek 97 and drivers HD, but still no luck.

    I had this problem some time and fixed it but I can't find where I found the solution of :(

    Any help would be great, thanks!


    First if all would be very useful to know which model of laptop you have.
    Second, you could find the driver of his right on the page of Toshiba and so you n t need to test several audio drivers! The one on the Toshiba driver site works for sure.

    I read about a similar problem on Vista OS and these Toshiba document should help you:
    [Audio cut off (no sound) after the installation of Windows Vista: 758xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 54568603 & stateId = 0 0 51373343]

    Check it out!

  • Want to 700-414: on board his party after the installation of Sound Blaster Audigy Fx card

    I installed a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx to perform digital communication with my ham radio equipment. The original IDT ports do not work after the installation of the SB. The IDT does not appear in Deives Manager. I tried loading the IDT drivers but not compatible message and download failed.  I did it on other HP computers I've owned without problem.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.



    See if your BIOS has an embedded audio location.

    If so, it can automatically able to off when you installed the add-in on the sound card.

    Check the options you have for setting the audio embedded.

    If it is on Auto or disabled, change it to "Enabled", save the setting where you made the change, and again when you go out.

    The sound should then work on both devices.

    And if the sound card works with the integrated audio system setting to enabled, then change your Auto if aboard was off.

  • PC separations with 0xc01a001d after restarting the installation of SP1

    Help please! I installed Vista service pack 1 last nyt via windows update and after installation to restart received the following message;

    PC stops with 0xc01a001d after restarting the installation of SP1... system proven recovery and system restore but nothing helped! I am now reinstall visat using the recovery CD, but will have lost all the data, not great! Why has this happened? I am now very reluctant to reinstall SP1 don't want another weekend busy trying to re-vive my laptop!

    Please advise...

    Thank you!

    Windows Update Forum:

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.

    You will get the best help for any problem of Update/Service Pack in the Windows Update Forum; the link below:

    When you repost here, kindly include the Error Codes, and exactly what is happening when you try to update.

    In this way, you will receive the best help.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Error 1068 when you try to start the WIA service after the installation of the W7 SP1

    Original title; Error 1068 when you try to start the WIA service after the installation of the W7 SP1. The scaner to my Epson Workforce 633 all-in-One printer does not work after that.

    SCANeR to my Epson Workforce 633 all-in-One printer does not work after the installation of the W7 SP1. I contacted Epson support and they told me I had to contact MS support to get help this isue. The problem is that something is not letting the WIA service to start and I am getting error 1068 when you try to start the WIA service.


    Method 1: Try to uninstall and reinstall Epson drivers and related software.

    Visit our articles to do the same below:

    Method 2: Also scan SFC (System File Checker) on the computer.

    Hope this information helps.

  • No sound after the removal of Norton and Mcaffe installation

    No sound after the removal of Norton and Mcaffe installation

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

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    Hi all My question is simple: what is the use for the box titled "Crescent"? There is nothing about this in the user manual. Thanks in advance.

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    On my Samsung Galaxy 2 using JB 4.1.2 Note When I press the button menu in the lower left corner, the menu that is displayed will not display anything beyond 'Settings', that is, I do not see the addons, in particular the add-on button "Clean & Quit"

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