No sound after the s7530n pavilion slimline for Windows 7 RC1 upgrade

I know that Windows 7 is still in version final candidate and so is not taken in charge by Wells, anyone, but I've seen some people have luck on this forum so I'm him kicking.

I have a HP slimline s7530n Pavilion that came with Windows XP Media Center is installed.  I recently upgraded to Windows 7 RC1 (as well as all the other computers in my home) because of the extra boost of incredible performances provided by Windows 7, as well as the best new Media Center.  Unfortunately, while Windows 7 works fine on all my other systems, it fails in two areas on this slimline: it is not up to run Aero/Glass (which is not a problem, do not need glass on this system), but unfortunately the sound work no longer, which is a real disappointment, because Media Center is kinda useless without audio :-)

When I move my mouse over the volume icon in the system tray ToolTip shows "no Audio output device is installed".  When I check under ' audio, video and game controllers "in Device Manager, there is only a single element:"High definition Audio Device", which says that it is working properly.

Steps, I tried to solve the problems:

-J' uninstalled the "High Definition Audio Device" in the Device Manager and rebooted.  It is automatically re - installs, but does not solve the problem.

-J' downloaded the audio driver for Vista for this PC from the HP support page: "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Update" - sp34998.exe.  I tried to install it directly, but got an error 'failure '.  Then I extracted all the files in a folder, right click on the "setup.exe" inside and set to run in compatibility of Vista and as an administrator, but running mode later, he gave the same "failed" error.  I then uninstalled the driver "High definition Audio Device" in Manager of peripheral and before restart, run sp34998 (in Vista compatibility and as administrator mode) configuration file, and this time installed without error.  He then asked to reboot.  After reboot, Windows 7 automatically reinstalled the driver of "High definition" Audio Device as before, and I'm back to square one, still no sound, even if "RealTek High Definition Audio Driver" does not in Add/Remove programs in Control Panel.

-J' I uninstalled RealTek Vista driver and the "high definition Audio Device", then downloaded the original XP driver: ' Summer 2006 Original high definition Audio Drivers Realtek '-sp26730.exe the HP support page.  Same experience driver Vista, with some slight differences - even if I extracted the files, and then told the setup.exe to launch in Windows XP SP2 and administrator mode, that it fails eventually, but with messages such as "cann't find Match RealTek HD Audio Inf file!  (Yes, it's accurate, complete with broken and misspelled grammar "Cann't" error message).

So I'm puzzled - I should anticipate problems with Windows 7 for embedded with audio systems, but my old Dell laptop for 6 year, works very well with Windows 7 and it has integrated everything (same course glass!), so if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.

Thank you!

and don't you know - after that for troubleshooting like a week and a half, I finally posted my question on this forum in desperation, and five minutes after the validation, I discovered the solution on my own.

So for those who have this particular problem, please go to the RealTek page:

Click on the "Downloads" link at the top.

Click on the first link on the page: High Definition Audio Codecs (software)

Check the box "I agree" to the legalese and then click the next button when it becomes available

For the fifth result in the list, "Vista, Windows7 Driver (32/64 bits) driver only (executable file)", click on the 'GO' link to the right (I chose "Site 1"), then download the file to your desktop.

If you have any audio drivers RealTek HP installed under the Control Panel, uninstall and restart.

Then, run the executable RealTek above (when he throws an error message saying "Windows cannot verify the Publisher" click to install anyway), then restart.

When your system returns to the top, you have the sound!  I am very happy.

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    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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    AMD Turion 64 X 2 Mobile, Windows 7 Ultimate 64, 4 GB ram, 42 GB of 110 GB of free space on the drive, 4 GB page file.

    Hi a93svtf,

    This problem occurs when some files in the update are missing, even if the update is downloaded and extracted successfully.

    Step 1: Run the fixit available in the article below

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    Now, try to install the update

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

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