No sound on my Satellite L40 - 17R

I have a problem with the audio drivers. I installed the drivers correctly but got the message no devices mixer in the Task Manager.
Everything works well including sound devices

What should I do? Please, I beg you. help!

What operating system you have installed on your laptop satellite?

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  • Satellite L40 - 17R - FN Volume Hotkey problem - Windows XP


    I recently bought satellite L40 - 17R (PSL4CE) without a preinstalled OS. I installed Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

    Then I installed all the drivers, that I found for this model on the site of Toshiba driver. I've even updated BIOS.
    After this, all Fn keys works fine * except those responsible for volume control (Fn + up/down, Esc) *.
    I searched the forum for the solution of this problem and found this topic
    but I can't not to install + ATK Hotkey Utility + and + ATK Hotkey Driver + since I can't find * Driver Package * to the site driver Toshiba:
    as if it was deleted.

    I also studied the instructions of the
    Driver package is also mentioned it on page 7, 8, 9, but he does not appear in a + driver + type listbox as described.

    Also when I specify the "Driver Type" field in the search engine there is not a driver Package in the search result.

    Can someone tell me where to find the Driver Package, ATK Hotkey Utility or ATK Hotkey Driver for Satellite L40 + Win XP?
    Am I missing something? My Toshiba drivers link is not updated? Is there another solution to make sound keys to work?



    just wait awhile, sometimes reason some maintenance reasons drivers delete/upload reason some updates or whatever. I think that if it was already online then they should put it online again.

    Welcome them

    P.S.: Just have a few cups of tea and patience ;)

  • Satellite L40 - 17r: need driver for DVD Rom for Linux Fedora Core 7

    I'm having a problem in instalation.
    When the installation program asks to select the location for the Viewer it is to say the cd - dvd package and is selected then he pass message to select the driver for this drive or select the disk given.

    I don't have the driver and I use Toshibe satellite L40 - 17r laptop computer I have to do.


    The problem is that Toshiba doesn't support all the drivers for the Linux OS distributions and therefore you can't find on the page of Toshiba.

  • Question on the indicator LED wireless satellite L40 - 17R


    I have Satellite L40 - 17R. It comes without an operating system. I installed my original XP OS and I downloaded and installed the drivers from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I noticed that when Wi - Fi is not working although the Wi - Fi works. I don't know why? I thought that corrupt it\s, but I noticed that it flashes just to turn on the laptop.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Kind regards


    Look here :):

  • Re: Tilda and Windows Vista (Satellite L40 - 17R) keyboard key


    I have a problem with my laptop Satellite L40 - 17R. I've updated from Windows XP to Vista Business. Almost everything works fine, but I noticed that the Tilda key (~) does not work! the key does nothing.

    I changed the keyboard layout to a lot of other layouts, but no solution.

    Did anyone have any suggestions? !!!


    Tilda key (~) is placed as a third symbol - additional symbol on specific keyboard key?

  • Driver package Satellite L40 - 17R

    I just bought a Satellite L40 - 17R and I can't install Win WP. Please help me to do so.

    I've downloaded the manual, but I can't follow the instructions because I can't find the driver Package.

    It should be there, but it's not.
    Please help me enjoy my laptop.
    Thank you very much.
    PS excuse my English.

    Hello lucky

    In my opinion, installing WXP on L40 is one of the most asked questions here on this forum and I recommend you to use the search function and search around a bit. On Windows XP Home Edition drivers there not much to say. I found the info your laptop belongs to the series of PSL4CE and I can see WXP drivers are available on the Toshiba support page. There is no driver package, but each driver can be downloaded separately.

    All you have to do is to install the OS and after that follow the order of the facilities. Check it please page 27 on PDF (Installations instructions).

  • How to upgrade video memory on Satellite L40 - 17R?

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite L40 - 17R with 2 GB RAM and I want to upgade my video memory: 256 MB Max (384MB). How can I do this?

    Unfortunately you can not upgrade you RAM physically as your video RAM is just shared memory.

    You can try to increase the amount of RAM in the BIOS because the video RAM should be a shared memory. If you can't find some options in the BIOS, that allows to increase the amount of video RAM, then you won´t be able to update...

    To learn more about shared memory, please see the following site:

    I must also tell you that even if you would be able to increase the amount of graphics memory shared, it won´t affect performance not really since the system RAM is slower then a sort of RAM dedicated.

    Welcome them

  • Re: How to install Windows XP Home on a Satellite L40 - 17R

    I bought a laptop Satellite L40 - 17r without Windows installed and the store didn t give me all the drivers also.
    When I check your "how to install windows XP on a L40.pdf. It says to download the driver package that I can't find on your website.

    I have a Windows XP Home genuine SP2, but I can t install as WXP does ' t find the hard drive.
    I'd be the appropriate driver package to install Windows XP on my laptop.

    If I have an external floppy drive can't, I used a USB drive external hard also add the necessary drivers so that Windows XP can see my hard drive (160 GB HARD DRIVE (5400 RPM) SATA).

    Thanks for your response

    Hello Xavier

    I think installing WXP on L40 laptop is most asked in recent months. I recommend to check this forum category and you will find answer to your question. If you have no floppy, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Solution is Nlite software.

    Use as search terms in the advanced search option and you will find so many threads with exact explanation on its use.

    If you still have any questions please post again.

  • Satellite L40 - 17R: after Xp installation, I've got unknow device

    Satellite L40 - 17R - always unkhow material - how can I khow that?

    After I install WinXP finish and put all the drivers, but still 1unknow on the yellow mark...

    Pls tell me how to do this has disappeared.

    You may have forgotten something. Have you installed everything from the Toshiba driver page?
    Check again!

  • Need driver modem WXP for my Satellite L40 - 17R

    Dear all,

    I installed Windows XP in my SATELLITE L40 - computer 17R laptop but my modem is not connected, my Device Manager shows tthat? (!) MODEM DEVICE ON HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO BUS, where I can get driver appropriate to do this, I wouldn't find in the TOSHIBA Site. Please help me.

    A more unknown device appears in Device Manager, please help me.


    Hey Buddy

    I think I'll start with basic information;
    Laptop you seems to belong to the series of PSL4C;
    You must choose this series if you download the drivers;

    On the other hand; If you use XP on this unit, you will need to update the BIOS to the XP version.

    Last but not least I found the compatible modem on the Toshiba driver European page for this series. That is why I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use the modem on Win XP.

    Check it out!

  • Motherboard has Satellite L40 - 17R

    I need to know what motherboard my pc contains, as I put it to date responsible drivers of my pc video card...
    I've been Googling for several hours and cannot find it.

    Please someone help me

    Hi mate

    As far as I know that you have a card mother of Toshiba and the PSL4CE Satellite L40 notebook series - 17R was equipped with a Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset (Graphics Controller)

    If you need a compatible graphics driver, then you can find it on the European driver Toshiba page.

    If you need more details please post again ;)


  • Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver for Satellite L40 - 17R

    Hi all...

    Firstly, thank you for the answer to my previous question, which got much help. I have another question. I had a laptop Tecra A4 before that ships with Toshiba Power Saver utility that can control the brightness and the different profiles of power for Windows. I now L40 - 17R computer laptop, which I cannot find the same utility for?

    Can someone tell me if there is a tool for the management of power supply for model L40 - 17R profiles, and where can I download it?


    As you know for Toshiba WXP gave Toshiba Power Saver utility, but for Vista, this tool does not exist in the same format. Many functions now is in the Vista power settings. Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver is also there but just with several options.

    You can find it if you open the power options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings. You will find Toshiba Power Saver Settings V8.02.00.

    Good bye

  • How can I install Windows XP on Satellite L40 - 17R?

    I tried to install windows XP on my new L40 - 17R.
    I get a msg says that I don't have a HARD drive.

    I enter the WOOD so I can find a setting for SATA HDD to turn it off as I do in my old ASUS.
    But I have not found anything to the HARD drive in the BIOS.

    So can any body please help me how can I do to install windows XP?

    I will be grateful

    You do not need to disable anything in the BIOS. Simply install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and the operating system will recognize the HARD drive.
    You are going to install the SATA (Storage Manager) driver for the external USB floppy drive or you will use nLite software to build an own XP CD and include the SATA driver in the new XP.


  • Can not find the driver for sound card for Satellite L40 - 12K

    I can t find driver in Toshiba support site for this model, but Google help me well.
    Only the driver of sound card I can t find anywhere.

    Please help me

    Map its (82801 G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller)

    Thank you

    Drivers for all the operating systems supported are available on Toshiba download page

    Your Satellite's old model of laptop, and you'll find it in ARCHIVE. Please note: your model is PSL40E.

    What operating system do you use?

  • Satellite L40 - 17R - freezes when installing Vista

    First of all I want to say hi

    I have some problems with the installation of Windows Vista. I know I have to make an adjustment to my HDD on the SATA BIOS or something like that.
    But my BIOS doesn't have something about that.
    Not even 1 bit of info

    I also tried with an update of the BIOS for win XP (I m now using XP) and the BIOS is the same.

    When I try to install Vista it works up to the level "Complete Installation" where this green line of installation of rest status freeze.
    Please give me some advice on this subject.
    Thank you, very much


    You try to install Windows Vista with the Toshiba recovery disc or disc of Microsoft?
    If you use the Microsoft disc, you integrated SATA drivers?

    The SATA drivers, you can find on the site called Toshiba Intel Storage Manager.
    You need only these drivers if you are using the Microsoft disk.

    In the BIOS, you can change between AHCI and compatible mode. AHCI mode is a bit faster, but that's why you need the SATA drivers.

    If you have more questions just to seek out here in the forum. There are already a lot of discussions about this, and this procedure returns on every laptop.

    Welcome them

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