No sound on Satellite L350 in Vista

Can someone help me with a sound problem?

I've never had no sound on my laptop since I bought it never worked?
I n t bothered at the time where I bought a year ago and the warranty is now expired, but I would now try to solve this problem, if I can do it easily?

The speaker in the task bar has a red cross on it and says no audio output device is installed, but according to Toshiba sound diagnosis: Realtek High Definition Audio version = which is a sound card, so one is installed?

According to Device Manager the device works correctly, and the drivers are up to date.
Therefore, if a sound card is installed and working properly, why the computer says no audio output device is installed? I don't understand how anything can look ok when it is not?

I understand a possible solution would be to uninstall the sound drivers and reinstall them, or to make sure that the bios is up to date?

I am not so computer or either of these solutions might work, please could someone tell me how in a few simple steps?

Thank you.

> The speaker in the task bar has a red cross on it and says no audio output device is installed, but according to Toshiba sound diagnosis: Realtek High Definition Audio version = which is a sound card, so one is installed?

In my opinion, this means that the sound driver is not installed properly!
I recommend reinstalling the audio driver once more.
Visit the European driver Toshiba page and download the audio driver for your laptop model.
Then uninstall the old driver installed (in the software of the control panel to uninstall the audio driver from Realtek).
You can also do this in Device Manager > audio, video controller and game-> audio controller.
Here, uninstall the driver.
Restart the laptop and install the Realtek driver audio download.

Usually, this should help
Also, make sure that mute is not activated normally, you can enable and disable the 'secret' using Fn + ESC

If nothing helps, try this:

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  • Satellite L350-14F - Vista cannot start the Realtek RTL8101e WLAN

    Dear readers

    I'm Dutch, if my English is not very good, so my apologies for that but I have a big problem.

    My Toshiba Satellite L350-14F with Realtek RTL8101E family PCI-E fast ethernet NIC (NDIC6.0 with Vista OS) cannot establish a connection with the outside world...
    I tried many drivers, but all do not work... I can't find any other driver. So I guess there must be something else on the computer...

    I reinstalled my computer while going to format all my hard drive and I have no CD of drivers for the laptop.
    When I got a _wired_ connection, Vista can try solve the problem itself. He found a driver and then I am redirected to a site of toshiba... Where to download a driver from East. I start the download and installation, but then the installation says that I don't have a correct serial number...

    All this me freaks out there... who can help me please?


    PS: I checked my BIOS for strange things and one thing caught my attention on
    I have an option: Wake On LAN anti-piracy. And it is disabled
    BUT I can't change it to activate.


    First of all, it would be interesting to know what you mean without link with the outside world
    The wireless network card is recognized correctly in the device (without yellow exclamation points) Manager?
    The router is visible on your computer?

    First of all, you must make sure that you use the latest WLAN driver on Toshiba website: downloads support & -online Download Driver

    Additionally, make sure that you have installed the latest version of BIOS that you can find on the site of Toshiba, too.

    You should check the WLAN Setup on your laptop and the router. Make sure you that you have disabled Vista of WLAN power save function. You can find this option in Vista Power Management.
    Make sure that you use the same standard WLAN on your laptop as on the router, for example, 802. 11B or 802. 11 g.
    Last but not least you must update the firmware on your router. You can find it on the site of the factory. After the firmware update unplug the router for 5 minutes of the AC adapter.

    Good luck!

    PS: Wake on Wireless LAN has nothing to do with this issue. It of a feature that you can boot the laptop via a WLAN connection.

  • Satellite L350 - 170 Vista black screen and strong continuous beeps

    Since an update of windows who has not completed, the pc does not start.
    After the first page, it goes to a black screen and beeps very. I don't have a recovery disk when I bought the pc.
    Have tried with recovery Vista downloaded, holding the key F8, it happens where you can choose the repair of launch, it launches the application, but then after a few seconds it stops and starts beeping again.
    Is there a recovery cd (download) I can get for this PC and how to fix this?
    Thank you

    What happens if you try to start Windows in safe mode and delete update (s)...

    > Is there a recovery cd (download) I can get for this PC and how to fix this?

    There is no free download link, you can buy a [Recovery disk |] Toshiba you can also do a new install of Windows since Windows copy disk.

  • Satellite L350: Vista doesn't work anymore - LogonUI.exe - corrupted file

    Security Suite updates on my daughters Toshiba Satellite L350 windows vista the operating system no longer works.
    An error was detected on the system that contains the following message.

    Open a session about UI.exe - corrupted file
    File or directory C/Program ~ 1 / Toshiba/Smart face V is corrupt & unreadable.

    I tried to run a system restore to the last configuration on both computers, but always the same problem exists. I also tried to restore the two laptops to the factory settings, but the system still does not work. I don't have a restore disk as disk Toshiba HARD drive recovery is on the laptop.

    Can someone help me or suggest any way I can fix it both of these laptops. It seems very strange that both of these computers have stopped working at the same time according to windows automatic updates in October 09.

    Thank you Gary


    AFAIK the LogonUI.exe is responsible for connecting to the Windows operating system.
    If the exe file is corrupt then you won't be able to connect to the operating system.

    You don t the recovery disk but you have the HARD drive on the second partition recovery this may be your last resort.

    Switch on and press F8. Choose fix my computer.
    Then new window appears offering the option called: HARD drive recovery.

    Choose this option and see if you can start the HDD recovery procedure.

  • Satellite L350 - key FN and F9 touchpad does not work


    I have a toshiba Satellite L350 with Vista 32 bit and my problem does NOT work FN keys.
    I installed already Synoptics Touch Pad V6.3 from Toshiba Web site, but it did not help.

    I searched for other software mentioned on this forum, but I could not find.

    The biggest problem is that my touchpad is locked, and fact without work FN + F9

    Use me keyboard just - what is difficult and annoying :(
    I'd be really greatefull if anyone can help me :(


    I agree with Akuma
    You need the PPV for the FN keys work.

    PS; If you want to use the Toshiba OS preinstalled, so everything should work properly!

  • Satellite L350 - drive DVD Toshiba turns off my color scheme

    Hi all. I use a Satellite L350 with Vista Home Basic.

    According to the instructions on the help page of DVD player I have the color scheme defined in Windows Vista Standard and the display settings to the highest (32 bit), but DVD player insists on changing the Windows Vista Basic color scheme.

    I have looked through the settings for DVD playback, but could not find something that looks like it could remedy this. Everyone knows this or knows how to fix it?

    Thank you!

    Hey Buddy,

    I don t use a reader DVD Toshiba but have you tested another software? You can use VLC media player for example. He plays a lot of audio and video files and it freeware tool. I like it a lot because it of smaller and faster than other players.

    Just use Google to find. I guess that you will be satisfied too. ;)

  • Satellite L350 Vista: How to install caps lock sound?

    I have a new Toshiba Satellite L350. When I use the caps lock, I would get a sound. I just get a light. What should I do?


    Is this possible?
    Have you seen this somewhere?

    I have never seen anything like it and I guess you're the first person to request this feature

  • Satellite L350-171 - where to get the DVD to upgrade Toshiba (Vista to W7)

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite L350-171 and got a W7 DVD update "awhile." I get only round to install now and the first thing I see in the instructions, it's that I should have a upgrade DVD Toshiba, which I did :-(

    Anyone know where I can get one, or if I need any? If not then can I just upgrade and hope that all drivers updated automatically? Sounds a bit risky

    I hope this is the right place to ask.
    If it isn't then point me in the right direction and I'll ask here rather :-)

    Thanks in advance for any help


    A few years ago, Toshiba offered this upgrade program.
    It's over and you can't upgrade drive more.

    What you can do is be upgraded using the original disc of Microsoft, but I think you should do clean install Win7. Your model of laptop is supported for Win7 and all necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can download at Toshiba support page

    Before starting with the upgrade Win7 create original Vista recovery DVDs.
    If you need assistance with installing Win7 or if you have other questions, you are welcome.

  • Satellite L350 - not visible in the sound card device manager

    Satellite L350 model: PSLD8E
    OS: Vista 32 bit SP2


    Cannot install the drivers for sound card and audio device is no longer visible or detected in the vista Device Manager. Tried Realtek drivers toshiba download and disk but still no sound or device after reboot.

    its my dads specifications and he says its just stopped working. When I checked initially, the audio device was reported as driver problem in Device Manager. Remove and try to update the driver, no audio device is no longer only show.

    is it possible that the audio device of the motherboard is loose or defective? Toshiba provides software diagnostic tools to check equipment?


    I looked through the windows event logs and discovered several error messages indicating that the PNP device to realtek sound was unexpectedly disconnected.
    don't know if this is due to problem hardware or driver updates.

    Thanks for any help,


    Have you tried to update the audio driver of Toshiba page? If she's not always you help, backup all files needed and do a clean install of Windows. Otherwise, it takes more enough time to understand and resolve what the simple installation of Windows and users of the Toshiba forum for the right answer pending. Reinstall it and see if the problem still occurs. The dysfunction of the material is also possible.

    Welcome them

  • No sound on Satellite Pro A120 with Windows Vista


    I had to reinstall the Vista operating system and rebuild my Satellite Pro A120 from the revovery disk.
    Most of the things are fine, but I can't any sound to speakers of jack headphine.

    I checked said etil Realtek High Definition Sound Driver is installed and working properly.

    My volume buttons are up on the mixer and Windows Media Player.
    The driver is Realtek

    Help would be appreciatesd


    Please take a look here:

    + Audio cut off (no sound) after you install Windows Vista +.

    There is a tool that allows the sound again once it seems s Cup...

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350 - no sound after uninstalling some programs


    I just bought a Satellite L350 and I started uninstalling some programs.
    Since then, I have more no sond.
    I guess I uninstalled too much and I would like to know the program I have to reinstall and where I can find it.

    Thanks fo your answers!


    Why you n t use the Restore tool of the Windows system that would help you to define the operating system back to the point of time at the beginning?

    I guess you deleted the sound/sound driver software and the System Restore tool should help you recover this software.

    Go to start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore
    Then, select choose a different restore point. A choice, a restore point dialog box appears. Choose a restore point and click Next.

    Check it!

  • Satellite L350 - want to reinstall Vista without touching the second partition

    Hi all

    I want to reinstall Vista without touching the second partition that is full of data.
    I'll be able to do with this procedure?

    The confusing part is when it says in the explanation that the * entire hard drive * will be formatted (step 2) but on one of the photos, it is written that only data on C: will be erased.
    I have Satellite L350, and the hard drive recovery process is the same as on the connected tutorial before (I'm not completely obviously)

    Hi amigo

    I tested its operation, and from my experience, I can confirm that when you use the HDD recovery procedure as described in the Toshiba document all data saved on the second partition won t be deleted.

    Only if you are using recovery DVD (please create a) will be formatted the whole HARD disk.

  • Satellite L350-170 - downgrade from Vista to XP

    Laptop: Satellite L350-170
    Part No.: PSLD8E

    Heya I write about the downgrade from Vista to XP.

    I play world of warcraft online game, I think that my laptop is good enough to run it, but I get little FPS (Frames Per Second) I do belive Vista drains your computer and is no friendly case like performance than XP. I have Vista Home Premium, I was trolling internet reading how to etc... Some forums said that some manufacturers of computer/laptop can provide a Vista 2 XP disks. I was wondering does toshiba? If this is not the case, how it would be difficult to downgrade from Vista? Is there a risk of bricking my laptop? could u do a list of things that I would need and a guide step by step on how downgrade but remembering I'm not a computer very know how nobody so keep it very basic =)
    Also - what is void your warranty? I would be able to send my laptop for toshiba and they do?

    Take advantage of my wall of text
    Thanks in advance for the help
    * fruitsalad *.


    Downgrade from Vista to XP isn't very difficult and it should be possible that you can do yourself.

    You need at least one drive in Microsoft Windows XP with SP2. Boot from it and follow the instructions on the screen. But you need the SATA drivers, the computer can recognize the HARD drive. For drivers, you need Intel Storage Manager, which can be downloaded on the site of Toshiba and this is workaround step by step how to do this:

    If you have installed XP, you must install all the drivers and tools for this. All what you need you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good bye

  • Satellite L350 - Vista shows only 2 GB of RAM, but I have 4 GB installed

    I installed 2 two modules expansion memory of 2 GB each to my satellite L350 that works on Windows Vista Premium.
    I bought at Toshiba UK who confirmed that they were the correct modules.

    The System Control Panel icon always indicates RAM 2 GB (not 4GB) memory.
    If I remove one module 2 GB, the system icon of 2 GB (which is correct) said Control Panel.
    I have re-installed the two modules and changed their round in the slots, but the system icon still says 2 GB.


    You have 32 bit or 64 bit Vista?
    First Vista 32-bit is not able to handle 4 GB of RAM. 32 bit OS have a limit, and they can only use about 3 GB of RAM.
    Here is some practical information:

    You have installed Service Pack 1 for Vista?
    How much RAM does the BIOS?

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L350 - cannot install Vista and how can I backup my data?

    Hi all

    I have a Satellite L350 and recently I installed Vista Home Premium in another language (the OEM Vista was in English) in the hope I could activate it with the OEM key, but I did not.

    When I tried to re - install the Vista OEM of WinRE I realized I can't access it, and then I got a "brilliant" idea that will format the C partition with Acronis Disk Director he could boot to WinRE. There can be no.

    Fortunately, I have burned before recovery disks. The only problem is that the whole HARD disc recovery disc formats and I have data on the second partition that I would like to recover.

    I tried to install Vista retail again to save the data of the second partition (Yes, I'm a fool, I did not before) but it stops after the first reboot. I get a black screen with an underscore will blink.

    I really need that data, please help!


    I can tell you why you can t install a version of Vista with product key. It's pretty easy because the button on the lower side on the laptop belongs to the preinstalled OEM version and t can be used by a commercial version.

    However, I think the best way to back up your data would be that you put the HARD drive in an external HARD drive enclosure, and then you can back up your data on another PC or laptop.
    These cases of disc HARD external are cheap but very useful.

    Good bye

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