No tengo sonido en mi dell optiplex 780 tengo wxp

OLA me lla mo I have a dell optiplex 780 migue y lo muestra in el ordenador no audio rreproduce me pueden decir como instalo el driver of pc audio mid


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  • (Redirected) GPU that will work with my dell optiplex 780

    Hello. I recently bought a dell optiplex 780 desktop computer (DT). I want to increase the power of the GPU, but I don't know what are the options I have or what I can get. I mainly play minecraft and MMORPG games. Does anyone have suggestions for me to be able to get without breaking the Bank or buy a new power supply? If you could help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.

    Data sheet:

    CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7600 (3.06 Ghz)

    RAM: 4 GB (I don't know if its DDR2 or DDR3)

    GPU: Integrated (it seems an Intel GMA 4500)

    OS: windows 7 (64-bit)

    link to the PDF of the dell optiplex 780 (the one I have is the desktop Dell Optiplex 780 (DT)

    Hi R3DSTON3R,

    Please repost this in the forum Office help.

  • Add the second hard drive in the Dell Optiplex 780 SFF


    I have dell Optiplex 780 SFF (Small Form Factor) PC. It has 3 options of SATA. I want to add 2nd hard drive in it, but I see no power for 2 hard drive cable.

    At the present time, I have a SATA Hard Drive and a SATA Super Combo. But the power cable from the SATA Super combo is very unique, I can not able to give the power of this cable to my 2nd hard drive.

    Is it possible to add 2 hard disk in the PC case?

    Best regards


    Hi Dani,

    The SFF is using a drive slim lens that does not have a standard SATA power connection. You will need to buy an adapter or a SATA power cable splitter to power a second hard drive.

  • Dell Optiplex 780 compatible graphics cards?

    Hi all I'm new on the dell forum. I love my Dell Optiplex 780 SFF and last year I bought a

    "Sapphire AMD HD6570 2 GB DDR3 Lite Retail PCI-E graphics card" which worked but was too big for the case.

    Now, I am looking for the best compatible graphics card, I saw in another post that the Sapphire HD 7750 Low Profile fits, but is there something better than that, that fits and is not low profile?


    Hi all I'm new on the dell forum. I love my Dell Optiplex 780 SFF and last year I bought a

    "Sapphire AMD HD6570 2 GB DDR3 Lite Retail PCI-E graphics card" which worked but was too big for the case.

    Now, I am looking for the best compatible graphics card, I saw in another post that the Sapphire HD 7750 Low Profile fits, but is there something better than that, that fits and is not low profile?

    First, ask yourself "is there something better than that, which corresponds to and is not low profile?  No, because there ONLY cards that will fit must be small footprint!

    Second, 7750 HD cards are often recommended as a good choice for the Dells - unique slot and low power requirements.  I am running a 7750 HD in my own 780 MT, having chosen as the best choice for fit and performance.  That said, your power supply of the SFF is only 235W, which is very marginal.  I've seen reports of others by means of this type of card in a 780 SFF, but you should make sure, that it is not overtax the power, depending on what you have in your computer.

  • Windows XP 64 bit will run on a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or Optiplex 980 SFF?

    I intend to buy a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF or a Dell Optiplex 980 SFF, but I would like to know which one will work with Windows XP 64-bit.

    For Windows XP 64 Bit its better to use the somewhat hidden (old ftp site):

    This has the old drivers listed in multiple versions, including XP x 64 drivers not mentioned on drivers and downloads. The new ftp site is currently slightly broken.

  • Dell Optiplex 780 memory update does not

    1. I have purchase Dell Optiplex 780 supplied with memory DDR3 8 GB (4x2Go). I wanted to update so I bought 4 GB RAM (4x1Go) and tried to install it today. The diagnostic lights Dell on 3 and 4, which means that the memory is detected, but at fault. Now, I doubt that this new module of memory are defective. Here's what I did to solve problems:

      I took the original strips and installed a new. There are 4 DIMM and I tried to put it in all the 4 connectors DIMM one, but my PC will not start and shows the Dell diagnostic lights lit 3 and 4. then I put my original RAMS but still the same problem has happened that I also tried the two Rams Original one by one in all the slots but same question :(

      I also tried without installed memory but still Dell lights lit diagnostic 3 and 4 and no beep heard.

      Can someone help me what is the problem real?

    Hi Danish_smartpk,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    If the 3 and 4 diagnostic lights are lit, it is code modules of memory detected, but a memory failure that occurred. You also mentioned that there is not only no beeps no heard when no memory is installed. When no memory is detected by the system, it emits beep codes indicating the same.  If the motherboard is not beep when no memory is installed, it could indicate failure systemboard.

    It is generally recommended that the BIOS updated before the new memory being installed. In addition, your computer supports a maximum of 8 GB of RAM DDR3 SDRAM (memory non - ECC only). If it already came with 8 GB of memory, it would not take an additional upgrade.

    If the system is under warranty, contact me with a message private by clicking on my name highlighted in blue. On the next page, click on the envelope icon and provide your service and coordinates (as mentioned below) so that I can access your system folders.

    • System Service Tag No.:
    • Name of the registered owner system:
    • Shipping address:
    • Number of phone/s:
    • E-mail address:

    However, if the system is out of warranty, you can contact a local technician for assistance to the replacement of the motherboard or contact our warranty Support has expired on the link below:

    Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of other queries.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Babita S

    For easy access to the drivers, manuals and updates, please visit ourSupport Site .

  • Dell Optiplex 780 MT CPU Upgrade & radiator


    I have a Dell Optiplex 780 MT Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.70 ghz I would put a quad Q9550 CPU in. The radiator of origin will be adequate for the new Q9550?

    I know my 755 he had a nice copper radiator which had no problem with the same upgrade, but not sure about the 780 MT

    I improved my 780 for the Q9550 and installed the RADIATOR SHROUD J9761 D9729 when I put in the new processor.  When I do just normal commercial use of the computer, the 4 cores (reported by SpeedFan) run between 28-35 ° C, and when the machine is under heavy load with PlayOn transcoding/streaming, time edge up to 48 - 52C.

    Was able to buy a NEW heatsink of heat/fairing with unused thermal compound patch $ 15 worth of Red Planet trading on eBay.  Quite happy with this configuration!

  • Need video driver Windows 8.1 Overview for Dell Optiplex 780


    I installed windows copy 9431 build Preview Pro Windows 8.1 evaluation (64-bit). I tried all video drivers for Windows 7 64-bit.

    But no driver is compatible with my windows. Single driver installed successfully named "VideoOPGA6_XP_A00_setup - R3M7Y_ZPE.exe", but does not properly. Can U please give me the link of good pilot?

    Problem is only with the video driver.

    My whole PC details:

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3 GHz 2.99 .00GHz

    Hadrdrive: 640 GB Seagate

    RAM: 12 GB (4 GB x 3) DDR3

    I am waiting for your kind reply.

    Best regards

    Danish Muhammad

    Hi Muhammad Danish,

    Windows 8 compatible drivers for OptiPlex 780 are not available on the Dell support Web site.

    Have you tried to check for drivers on the video card manufacturer's website? Based on the file name of drivers you mentioned, I think that your computer is the AMD Radeon HD 3470 graphics card.

    Try to install more software Catalyst from the following link:

    Do not answer with the results.

  • 2nd disk on Dell OptiPlex 780 Mini-Tower

    I want to install a 2nd SATA Seagate 148 gb SATA HDD on my OptiPlex 780 minitower. The drive is physically mounted in the machine and the power cable that extends from the disk HARD existing fits perfectly in place. I had to go buy a 18 "SATA 7 pin data Cable available from the drive to the motherboard.

    Looks like there are two SATA containers-by-side in the middle section of the motherboard. A feed beige plastic and the other in black.

    Does make a difference that the one that I use?

    Is there another container, should I use instead of these?  Locate where?

    After hanging hardware, what I need to do to get the machine to recognize the new HARD drive when booting?

    Thank you

    The colors are to let you know which port is 0 then 1 then 2, then 3, etc. White port is #3 the orange cable goes from the optical drive sata 1 connector blue is the boot disk which is SATA 0. After connecting the power supply and data, you go into BIOS Setup and turn on SATA2.

  • Dell Optiplex 780 does not start.

    Well, I went on my PC, and then when I tried to start it it flickered a clear amber with 1 and 3 illuminated lights and nothing show. Also, when I opened it up to look, there was a solid orange light the plugin power on the motherboard. I've read this and I heard it was a power supply problem and many people fixed it by replacing the power supply. On the other hand, some people replaced the power supply and it did nothing, and they discovered it was a motherboard problem. I want to know if I should just go out and get a PSU or wait the support to understand since my PC is still under warranty.


    Have you tried re-allocation of places memories?

    If there are two memories, try with 1 memory at a time. Let us know any difference.

    If there is any gpu on your system, remove as well and tries to start.


  • OptiPlex 780 A15 Bios error 2 and 4

    It seems that every Dell Optiplex 780, version minitower, 0C27VV motherboard that I saw that was updated BIOS version A15 poster code error 2 front and 4 on reboot.  They do, however, start ok to power.  Why isn't it posted anywhere?  What is the solution?  How the BIOS can be reversed to say, A12.  Otherwise, this is a great computer, just make sure you do not update the BIOS A15.

    Dale al.

    [Admin note: personal information]

    My apologies, RoHe, that's what you're missing.  The monitor is connected to the computer via a KVM Linkskey switch.  When the monitor is connected directly to the computer, the problem disappears.  Thank you for your time.

  • New RAM PC3-8500 does not not in Optiplex 780 SFF

    I just bought a pair of 4 GB sticks (F3-8500CL7D-8GBRL) for my Dell Optiplex 780 SFF.

    The manual says it uses DD3-1066, up to 16 GB of 4 connectors.

    During installation and when fired upwards, there is only a sound signal and the diagnostic Dell 1 & 3 lights that indicate: "memory modules are detected, but memory configuration or compatibility error has occurred"
    I tried each module individually in each of the 4 slots (so 8 tries), then the pair 1-3 and 2-4 (more than 2 tests).  No joy.
    When I go back to the original PC3-10600 memory (1 GB + 2 GB) everything works fine.
    I'm on the last BIOS A15. Everyone sees why this RAM will not be happy about this MB...?

    In fact, I managed to add 8 GB to stock / 3GB, so I'm humming 11FR now. The memory that has worked has been Crucial CT2367692. I had to return the other stuff NewEgg taking a shipping and restocking fees kick.

    Lesson learned... I'm always going to Crucial now... obviously, you tell them what machine you have, they guarantee what will work the RAM.

  • Add card serial port of the Optiplex 780 desktop

    I have a refurbished Dell Optiplex 780 compact desktop computer.  I would like to add an inexpensive PCI card that has two serial ports RS-232 legacy.  The description says that it is a "PCI to serial port card".  He mentions "for 5V PCI slot only."

    I think the 780 will take this card, but I'm not well versed on the specifics of the new PCI standards.  This card will probably work?

    Thank you


    Typical PCI cards have one or two notches, according to voltage signalling. Cards requiring 3.3 volts have a notch 56,21 mm from the rear of the card; those requiring 5 volts have a notch 104,47 mm of the rear plate.  Universal PCI cards have two notches to allow them to be plugged into two system 5 v or 3.3 volt slots.

    According to the Manual, the 780 has PCI 2.3.  PCI 2.3 supports 5 volt cards. Your slot machines are probably universal whereas they should accept a card with the notches or both. But be sure that

    An important point is that the map you saw is low profile and full height. The manual said that 780 office accept "without editing card - up to two low profile cards. If you need to pay attention to the voltage more than just.

    And the desktop version does not have a PCI-e x 1 slot, which means you need to find a PCI card.

    Another alternative could be a USB > serial adapter cable.

  • question of ddr3 OptiPlex 780

    Hello world

    I just bought an extra ram for my dell optiplex 780 (DT), which is the Dual Channel DDR3 Corsair Value Select, 2 x 2 GB PC3-10600, CASE 9

    Once inserted, (tried it with permutation of the modules - just one and the banks swapping) no way to start, just a terrible sound of the ringing ^^

    question: is this ram modules compatible with this computer?

    BTW, I discovered that "it must be" according to the website of kingston (on which you select your computer and it says you which modules are for you ^^)

    Thank you!


    Hi Claude,.

    Welcome to the Dell Community.

    Your Dell Optiplex 780 supports DDR3 memory, but the memory speed, it supports is 1067 MHz (PC2-8500). The modules of memory that you have purchased speed of 1333 MHz memory, and unfortunately they are not compatible with your computer.

    Please, contact the supplier for memory, replaced by 1067 MHz modules.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to respond.

  • OptiPlex 780, rejection of random RAM (same modules, diff in heatspreaders)

    I got a Dell Optiplex 780 (SFF), which came without RAM, so I tested with a pair of sticks of 2 x 4 GB I have (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9). It started no problem, everything worked well, so I've gone ahead and ordered the identical set, but with Low-Profile (CML8GX3M2A1600C9) because the first together that I tested with large heatspreaders and wasn't when the case was closed.

    The Low-Profile game is tested and works on another machine, but if I put them in the Optiplex 780 it does not start. I get the beepcode 1-3-2 (RAM not detected, I think it was).

    I don't have advice, troubleshooting, such as:
    -Reinstall the modules of
    -Exchange places with the modules
    -clear CMOS

    All this and much more, of course, accomplished. There is nothing wrong with the modules and the motherboard works with the same EXACT modules, the only difference is the appearance of the modules.

    I accepted that I have to choose a set of Crucial, I have nothing against was just that I could get this set for a decent price and it should have worked, I just want to know WHY it does not work in view of all the works of heatspreaders just fine and dandy.

    It does not work because the modules are 4 not compatible rank of high density ram.

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