No "vibrate on touch" with Android Lollipop

Lollipop installed Android recently.
1. the "Vibrate on touch" function doesn't work!
The settings button is on, but the keys do not vibrate when you type (by KitKat).
Sony please help! Everyone finds this problem?


Settings > language & entry > xperia keyboard > sound & vibration > vibration on keypress > reboots the phone > check again.

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    Thank you

    You can try this: first turn off the endurance, after go settings-applications-all, scroll to endurance app and force clear data, and stop. Turn it back on.

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    Go to settings App, language & entrance, to the right of your selected keyboard is a small icon that takes you to the settings for that keyboard, you can uncheck the vibrate on keypress.

    There are many other keyboards in the game store. Google keyboard is good if you like blow strikes as an alternative to stabbing keys

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    I got my update Android Lollipop (5.02) yesterday for my Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) and I'm really disappointed when I realized that Sony withdrew Sinhala (Unicords) update stock Android Google Lollipop. I know for a fact that since Android Lollipop (5.00) in rooms, Google had relased their Android platform, including the SINHALA language.  I don't know why Sony removed intentionally, and I believe, as a big fan of Sony, I have a right to know!

    Sony has been a brand established in Sri Lanka for so long and even without official support there are many people using Sony designers. It's something unjustand unaccpetable. You will never know the feeling when you can't read your native language on your phone.

    I believe that the ability to use a preferred language is a right as a user of Sony and you took this right to me when you have removed the language SINHALA new update of your device.   I would like to show you how it shows me my language on my xperia from Sony Z2.

    I don't know any user of Sony you feel even if they were to see their language like that. Even Google traslator now are the Sinhalese supported. and remove my telephone is unacceptable.

    I hope that the Sony team will take this issue seriusly and give me a positive response. I'm begging you to include Sinhala at the least the next update from. There are 20 million people speaking Sinhalese in Sri Lanka and also aroud the world. Sony must have Sinhala. If I don't have a positive feedback, this could be the last time I buy a Sony divide again. I'm sure the feeling is mutual with every Sri Lankan.

    So please!

    In the Android 6.0 update, we will support SINHALA rendering of fonts. This means that there are SINHALA content in an application, for example when you look at BBC Sinhala in Facebook, it will be made and you will be able to read it. However, the Xperia devices will not support Sinhalese as a language of the phone. We will not for example Sinhala menus.

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  • Sony QX10 do not work on android lollipop

    When you try to use Sony qx10 with NFC he doesn't don't work properly on android lollipop. Hade Sony AS30V works.
    It is not possible to manually enter the WiFi key is. Phone or app does not accept the key. It worked on KitKat.
    Steps to reproduce:
    Android nexus with lollipop device (nexus 4 and nexus 7 2013) used.
    Last official game memorues app.
    Try to connect using NFC, expires.
    Try to enter key and connect manually. Without success.
    Tried with Sony hdr AS30V and it worked.

    Thanks for the reply. It was resolved by resetting the camera. It somehow stuck in a State where he did not accept all direct WiFi connections, but self-proclaimed as having an open connection.

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    Adobe Acrobat team

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    I tried to take as much data on my laptop thinking it would make more space available to my iTunes library which is held on my laptop.

    I had a problem some time with the storage of data files and program files. I divide the hard drive and I have a Macintosh HD 2, but also a main drive of the HD. I find that I have an iTunes library in two HD players, so I think I have a duplicate library.

    My iTunes app shows that I have a size of music library of-33,40 GB containing elements of 6940. My iPod touch has 6920 songs and 33 videos, 15 photos, 14 applications. The ability of the iPod touch is 56.4 GB, with 2.8 GB available.

    If the problem is the duplication of library, can I remove in double track of the HD2, and how to change tp parameters to stop duplication.

    Duplication of audio content seems to be a concern for you. If you have a desktop Mac, open iTunes/library/display the duplicate items. You can view and edit tracks easily.

    If you do not have a Mac desktop computer, the question is a bit tricky; There is no way to detect mp3 duplicates except manually.

    The good news is that the majority of your data bloat is likely to be in the 33 videos. I could most of the videos of archives and see what happens. (I have banned all THE videos of my iPod Touch and I couldn't believe how much I got space).

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    anyone here to help me? am ready to give her phone or money for if it unlock the phone

    * someone sell me the phone on class based internet site

    Thank you

    It's between you and him, Apple won't help you. So if he wants too that the phone doesn't help you, I advise you to stop bothering him, it's a little cheesy, don't you think?

  • I need to be in touch with an agent who speaks french. Please this is my imail address important * @ *.

    I need to be in touch with an agent who speaks french. Please it's important my address imail - * @ *.

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    There is no agent of Apple here. It's just a Forum user to only. Try the Apple Support here: official Apple Support

  • Firefox will work on Acer Liquid mini with Android 2.3.4 E310?

    the mobile Firefox will work on my mobile? I have an Acer Liquid mini with Android 2.3.4 E310?

    No, it isn't. Firefox requires a phone with ARMv7 support. The Acer's Liquid E310 has support for ARMv6. US study do Firefox mobile phones ARMv6-compatible but you don't have time for that work to be done.

  • my wifi password has been changed and now I want to get back in touch with the new password HOW

    my wifi password has been changed and now I want to get back in touch with the new password HOW

    Hey gerritfrompretoria,

    If you are not prompted to use the new password to your Wi - Fi network when trying to connect, you may have to remove the network on your system. This can be done by the following steps.

    1. Open system preferences in the Apple menu
    2. Choose the network
    3. Select a Wi - Fi connection on the left
    4. Click Advanced... in the bottom right
    5. Choose your network from the list of preferred networks
    6. Click on the '-' at the bottom of the list
    7. Click OK
    8. Click on apply

    Once removed try to connect to your Wi - Fi network normally and you will be prompted for the password.


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    Any suggestions? Turn on the computer and now F12 does not work.

    As far as I know, if you use a bad recovery media he will not result with any critical damage. Maybe you can install but the OS does not start correctly.

    I have to be honest to you and your ad is a bit confusing to me. You can start your laptop as usual? You can enter the BIOS settings? What happen exactly when you press the power button / stop?

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    Hi all11. level of service physical standby agreement dataguard with the bandwidth of the network provider's latency of 10 minutes.This means that if we encounter a "disaster" (GOD forbid), we only lost 10 minutes worth of transactions