No way to find a song very known in the Apple Store


I move forward without understand why Apple Store is absolutely unable to find the well known French artists.

I have baught some songs dozens without problem. What can I do?

Berst cordially, Cortox69


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  • where can I find an email for the Apple Store? Carl


    Where can I find an email for the Apple Store?

    Update was not available with this Apple ID either because it was bought by another user or the item has been refunded or cancelled. There was an error in the [[Store. I don't want to lose my money, which is more than 100 euros.

    Help, please.


    Please test after each of the steps that you have not already tried it. Stop when the problem is resolved. Back up all data before making any changes. Remember, no one here is Apple or can help in problems of service the customer.

    Step 1

    If you have recently changed something in your Apple ID account (for example, the password), log out of the App Store and reconnect.

    Step 2

    A purchased app can only be updated by logging into the App Store with the same identifier Apple which was originally used to buy it. There is no way around this restriction, which applies also to the free applications. If you can not connect to help ID the buyer, remove the app and reinstall it. You will have to pay for it, once again, as appropriate.

    Step 3

    If you receive the alert when you try to update a grouped iLife application, select the shopping page in the App Store and find the application in your purchase history. If there is a button marked ACCEPT on the right, click on it.

    If you have a used Mac, bundled apps related to Apple ID of the original owner and may apply to you. Reportedly, customer service has published codes redemption to some owners of second who asked, but it is not guaranteed.

    Step 4

    If you try to update the iLife or iWork applications that were installed from a purchased DVD, or if you have a refurbished Mac purchased directly from Apple, contact App Store customer service for a redemption code. If necessary, you will be asked for the part number of the DVD.

    Step 5

    In the App Store menu bar, select

    Store ▹ view my account

    Enter your Apple ID to the command prompt. In the lower right corner of the window that opens, click the reset button. Close the window.

  • Why can I not find osx el capitan on the apple store

    I went to the apple store to get a version of installation of the el capitan and not found anywhere in the store. Can someone help me on how to find it in the apple store... Thank you

    always download from the App Store using this link:

  • I brought my iphone at the Apple store for repair.  I'm back, but now the phone is not on my list iphone find him.  How can I add it in?

    I brought my iphone at the Apple store for repair.  I'm back, but now the phone is not on my list iphone find him.  How can I add it in?

    Tap settings > iCloud then slide downwards and press the find my iPhone then turn on find my iPhone .

  • Is there a way to personally verify the State of the battery on my 4 gen iPad without going to the Apple Store?

    Check battery spent personally with my iPad at the Apple Store 4gen?

    Two ways

    You can chat with Apple and they can run a diagnostic remote test

    OR you can go to the App store and search for an app that will do it for you.

  • I can't update iMovie 9 to 10 in my applications, I can't find iMovie 10 but the apple store shows the label update

    in my Mac mini, I can't find ilife. Maybe I threw the ilife, because I hated pages 5 and I didn't use it at all (I use Nisus), but I remember only throw pages, not just any folder of ilife. In any case, my problem is with iMovie 10. I have the iMovie in the applications folder 9, I can't find iMovie 10. In the apllestore page, I find the iMovie 10 icon, it says "update", click and the applestore application seem to work and work and work, but nothing happens. In my purchases, I see the purple iMovie icon and the "open" label, but when I click it opens is iMovie 9.  Maybe somehow I have to get ilife? How can I do? What happens with iMovie 10? Thanks in advance

    When the app Store 'Open' shows he thinks that the application has already been downloaded and installed.

    Take a look in your applications folder.  don't you see iMovie 10 there (with the purple star icon)?


  • where to find my osx in the apple store application, please?

    I bought on line osx lion update my macbook, I have received the agreement of license by e-mail but are unable to find the product in my purchases in the app store? Where could else be?

    Thks in advce for your help

    You have obtained two emails on this subject. One of those containing a download code; Open the Mac App Store, go to its home page, click on Redeem and get the code.


  • Find a VM/vmdk inactive in the data store

    Hello world

    We have our users to the environment when decommissioning/deleting the virtual machine of the VI Client they deleted by deleting the vm of the inventory rather than remove it the disk and because of this batch of existing VMDK still in the data store the unused folder. Is it possible to find the powercli how this VM/vmdk exists in the folder of the store of data that are not used. Any help on this will be grateful. Thank you


    After connecting to vCenter using the tool, you can see the list in the tab 'Vsante '.

  • Is there a way to find discussions that I started in the past?

    As the title says... I wish I could find the discussions that I started in the past... because I forgot a couple of responses that you guys provided me. =)

    Sorry to post here but I didn't know where to post... I especially use Indesign however.

    Thank you!


  • Is there a way to find if PK was created with the index or alter + change?

    Is there a way to determine if a primary key (PK) was created by one or the other method:

    Method 1:
    ALTER table add constraint tab1_pk primary key (pk) tab1;

    create an index only tab2_pk on tab2 (pk);
    ALTER table add constraint tab2_pk primary key (pk) tab2.

    When you remove or disable the PK, then in method 1 the corresponding index is also removed, but in method 2 the index is not deleted. Before a bulk loading, I would like to know if I need to issue another statement to delete the index in method 2

    Thank you

    The column spare1 in the sys.obj$ will be '0' in the method 1 and '6' in method 2.

    select, a.spare1 from sys.obj$ a, sys.ind$ b
    where name in ('TAB1_PK', 'TAB2_PK')
    and a.obj# = B.obj#;

    Published by: Lacotte Renaud on December 16, 2009 09:53

  • What happens if I can't find the owner of the iphone. I'm Phil and my aunt just gave this iphone 4S of canada she had chosen their street. How can I activate it? Should I me this makes rather in the apple store here in the phil? Pls help

    How can I activate this phone? What could be the best solution to my problem. This iphone 4S is still in good condition.

    If you find a lost device, I would advise that you contact the carrier. If there is a SIM card in the iPhone, the carrier's name is probably written on it.

    So also we recommend you to contact law enforcement. If the iPhone has been reported as lost, and the person who has lost the serial number, the police will be able to restore their iPhone.

    If you still can't find the original owner, you know that the iPhone can be locked in three different ways:

    -Locking: it is a security feature to protect the data stored on the iPhone. You'll need to clear its content:

    -Lock activation: this is a security feature to prevent thieves turn on stolen devices. Unfortunately, it also goes for lost devices. You can find out if it is blocked here: if this is the case, former owner of the iPhone is the only one who can unlock the iPhone, sorry. Unless they connect to their Apple ID and remove the iPhone from his account, you won't be able to use it. There is not much interest to let the phone from Apple, because they won't be able to use it either. Maybe the local police can keep him.

    -Lock carrier: a carrier locked the phone to their network. You can contact the carrier to ask them to unlock the iPhone. There may be a charge for this.

    Of course, the iPhone can be locked in three of these means. The only one you can not pass without the original owner's lock Activation.

  • Where can I find IOS apps? Not in the Ap store. Looking for ink in particular Adobe

    Purchased ink and Slide with promise of free access point. Can't find it. Cannot use controllers...

    Hey there, temporalproductions!

    I'm sorry for the very late reply. Learn Photoshop sketch: application of drawing and painting | Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    and attract the Illustrator: design drawing and vector app | Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

    You can check your configuration hardware iPad here: ink & Slide Help | Ink and Slide FAQ

    Please let me know if I can help with anything else!


  • I can´t find what I bought at the Apple Store


    Last night I bought mi first time application on Apple Store: GoodReader. I received an email confirming the purchase, but I don't have any application in my space for purchased items or any other place of my Mac. This Mac I use is now owner of others (the Institute for what I am working with) and he had another Apple ID until I put mine.

    Here's the email I received:

    Ines dear (a),

    You Apple ID (*) to acaba usar para comprar GoodReader - PDF Reader and Annotator and file manager in el App Store, in una computadora o UN device that never get habia asociado con ese Apple ID. también puedes recibir este correo electronico TR has restablecido you contrasena desde ultima compra.

    If time compra, puedes ignorar esta este correo electronico. SE envio para avisarte in caso of Quebec no hayas sido tu quien did the buying.

    If no compra esta hiciste, you we recommend that ir an to change you contrasena, luego visited Apple ID: Seguridad y you Apple ID for more information.




    I appreciate any help any of you can give me.

    Best regards, Ines

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    GoodReader is an app for iPod or iPhone/iPod touch. It is not for a Mac computer.

    There is an app for iPad and another for iPhone/iPod touch

  • Easy way to find Quiz Pass/Fail Point contributor buttons?

    Hi all

    I hope someone might know a simple way to find what button/clickbox (and apparently the slide on) is to contribute to the Quiz: Options do not pass?

    I currently put in place 1 button I know overall to be included in the questionnaire score with Points = 1, but when I go in the preferences (see screenshot) he demonstrated a total of 2 points and I can't seem to find the other that contribute (or rather offending) button/clickbox.  I worked my way through the project several times and can't seem to locate it.  Anyone know how to get it electronically / captivate in a place that would be great?

    Thank you



    Try the Advanced Interaction - F9 Panel.

  • I am not currently subscribed to Apple music - is there a way to check what songs and albums are available?

    Little according to the directives of the question. Is it possible to see what is and is not available with Apple music streaming, without actually registering? To view the catalog without starting to pay for it?

    (Context: I've been through the test free return in the fall, and was not impressed, especially with how Apple completely screwed music the way I manage my iTunes library.) "But now I'm considering using Apple music on just an iPad and Apple TV and keep only the quarantined of machines that are 'my music.»(, c'est-à-dire mon bureau et l'iPhone).

    Thanks in advance!

    Even if u must have the Apple store credit or credit card (in some countries, and this is how I pay for mine), this amount will not be deducted until the * end * of the trial period...

    So sign up just for the 3 month free trial and if you do not see what right for simply cancel you cancel the renewal of your account because noting going to the ends of the trial anyway.

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