Non editable field change to highlight the problem

Hi all

I have an edit non editable field in my screen. In order to make the difference between editable and non editable field, I put the bottom of the field cannot be changed to light gray as in the code below:

   Border nonEditableBorder=BorderFactory.createRoundedBorder(new XYEdges(5, 5, 5, 5),Color.LIGHTGRAY,Border.STYLE_FILLED|Border.STYLE_TRANSPARENT);
EditField textField=new EditField(EditField.NO_NEWLINE|EditField.FOCUSABLE|DrawStyle.RIGHT);

Now the field cannot be changed when I scroll the wheel to the right or left the text gets highlighted in white as shown in the image below:

I don't want the text to highlight. Can anyone help me please with this. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

S.A.Norton Stanley



Thank you. Overridding method drawFocus() and nothing doing, emphasis has been disabled on the fields and the white highlight was not. But once I reached the first or the last field of the white selection screen gets drawn again.  But the border I also assign the background of the field edit as shown below, and this solved my problem.

Background bgNonEditable = BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground(Color.LIGHTGRAY);

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    Dear Anil

    You define fields don't read that in the page layout.


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    OK, so as I said in the previous post, you can paint the blue highlight, but your bitmap image will then paint over clear tones.

    So that the nail is visible, you must set a fill around the bitmap. In other works, the measurement of field must be slightly larger than the size of the bitmap.

    You the best solution would have been to extend BitmapField (rather than field) and use the setSpace() method to set some padding.

    Otherwise, you will need to adjust the measurement of field in your replacement of subLayout().

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    Add this to your screen:

    * Override to ignore the save/discard/Cancel dialog box
    public boolean onSavePrompt() {}
    Returns true;

    Not wanting to be rude, but I recommend looking in the forum before asking the question.  This question has been asked and answered several times in the past and I suspect you would have found if you had looked.  Ok?

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    works for me:

    create a new fla and add a textfield, the name of your instance and copy/paste the code that I have proposed.  any problem?

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    Well, tweak, I tripped on the fix.  In the right corner is a field indicating the browser that you are cinfiguring.  If If you launched Setup breast to Internet, then it is already set to 'Internet browser' of course. However, change to something else temporarily (for example, MediaNet), then again the browser Internet... Presto!  The URL of the homepage field becomes editable - and also a 'current user' button appears to exist.  Hooray!

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    Thank you and best regards,


    Hi Rahul

    There are a few things you need to check here. I will assume from the images, you create the CHM files.

    First, open the project set-up pod and expand the Windows folder. Change the properties of your CHM window, and then make sure that the option to synchronize the table of contents has been activated.

    Once you've done that, change the properties of single Source available and click the change... button. This should open another dialog box where you must click on the Styles tab OCD make sure you check the option always show selection .

    See you soon... Rick

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    Thanks to you all

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    By default, forms that are not marked for entry and even the pages within a registration form that have really not all user input fields are deleted. Normally, this behavior is controlled by the combination of different INI options. The wider is DisplayPrintOnly = Yes. This option tells to load all pages regardless of the entry fields. There is also another DisplayAllEntryFormPages = Yes, that will show you all the pages score for entry, even if there is no field here. If you do not use the DisplayPrintOnly = Yes, you still wouldn't see form pages to PrintOnly you might have defined.

    Published by: user9976634 on April 9, 2012 05:47

  • Cannot save PDF files that are editable fields

    I'm unable to save forms that have editable fields. I get the error "the document could not be saved. The disc you saved or the disk used for temporary files is full. "Free up space on the disk and try again or save to a different disk.

    I am running windows xp, and began with Player 10.1.4 having this problem now, I upgraded to 11 and same results. My colleagues can save the same shape and I have over 80 GB of free space on my hard drive, which is where I am saving it to. I tried saving it to other locations on my drive hard but get the same message. However, I can save the pdf files that have no form to complete in them very well.

    I could really use some help.

    Thank you

    Figured out prtected mode has been set to enabled at startup. Turned off power and no more than problems.

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    In a container a non editable field seeds page. Now, I have to do this editable field using CO extension. Pls let me know the field code.

    Thanks in advance,


    Before leaving for trying to CO Extension reach through customization. Check the read-only & Disabled property. setting this property to True/False mite fullfill your requirement.

    If this isn't the case, then go-CO Extension.

    Kind regards

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    ... This whole thing really made me realize how Microsoft Windows helps my carpal syndrome problem...

    Hey PieterVO,

    I've seen this in a few other threads before. Although I don't have a FixIt for you, I have a few discussions to look over.
    I would like you to try to take possession of the individual files that you work with and try again. I didn't see the error codes listed above, so if you get the error codes, please report it to their.
    See Kieron June 9 Post and post Stickywulf November 14 in the second thread I listed above.
    Give those a try and let us know the results. I hope this helps. Thank you!
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