NOR-DAQ traditional vi not found in NOR-DAQmx

Hello. We hope to control a detector via NI PCI-6533 (DIO-32HS). Our colleagues have implemented control programs in BT 7.1 to 7.3 of NOR-DAQ traditional. Now when we opened their programs on a PC installed with LV 8.6 and NOR-DAQmx 8.9, many vi was not located, including "DIO", "DIO", "DIO", "DIO", " Device", etc. We realized that they were supposed to come from vi.lib\daq\digital.llb and a few other .llb in the same folder. Apparently vi.llb\daq was installed by the traditional DAQ.

We do not believe there is compatible with LV 8.6 traditional DAQ, which means that we need to replace those 'DIO *.vi' or 'Device' with their counterparts DAQmx.  Could someone shed some light on how we should start working on that?

Thank you very much.


Indeed, there is a traditional DAQ driver for LV 8.6. The installation can be found here.  I hope this helps.

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  • MAX does not recognize NOR-DAQ traditional (old) devices * HELP

    I have a card PCIe-6259.  I want to use blocks of input-output in my program .vi (read Port DIO-DIO Port writing reading Digital Line), so I installed the version of NOR-DAQ traditional (old) devices 7.4.4.   But when I got to MAX (measures & Automation) and look on the left side under devices and Interfaces, I do not see the Tradional-NOR-DAQ tab; I see only the devices NOR-DAQ-mx, PXI, series and parallel system.

    Then when I go to run my program I get the error: error-10401 took place in a DIO Port Config Possible reason (s): NOR-DAQ LV: the specified device is not a product of National Instruments, the driver does not support the device (for example, the pilot exited until the device has been supported), or the device has not been configured using the Explorer Measurement & Automation.

    So, how do MAX to recognize that I have installed NOR-DAQ traditional (old) 7.4.4?

    Thanks for the reply!  I realized this too after going through the files for example... but thanks for the confirmation.

  • NOR-DAQ traditional to NOR-DAQmx

    I am a neophyte of LabVIEW.  I inherited a previous employee long gone from the company, so that I work a LabVIEW project.  The project has been written using NOR-traditional DAQ and I need some update OR-DAQmx so that it is 64-bit capable.  Of course, I ran into trouble with the VI first that I try to put in level.

    This VI was built with LabVIEW 2011 SP1 and I need to replace the Config AI, I start, I Read, Index channel, control and HAVE clear screw with their equivalents of NOR-DAQmx.  Upgrade to SP1 2013 LabVIEW is possible if that makes things easier.

    Now here is the tricky part.  I want to keep the terminals on this VI even if possible.  This VI is used in several places and a few different programs and I want to make the change as minimally invasive as possible.  If possible, I want the changes must be made within this VI.

    I am looking for any help and or advice. Thank you.

    First, abandon all hope to keep the same connector components.  It is possible, but it's foolish to try. (Just trust me, OK?)

    Read these articles in the knowledge base

    What you're trying requires skills usually not developed in a neophyte of LabVIEW. (And you start with the 'Spaghetti' code - this is not 'Fun') Do an internship of audit and meet with your representative local of NOR.  Chances are that some local expert advice will point you away from some serious mistakes.

    Take care

  • Conversion of a VI that uses OR-DAQ traditional to NOR-DAQmx


    I'm trying to convert a VI that uses OR-DAQ traditional to NOR-DAQmx.  I'm almost there, but when I run my new rear version number 'read' and 'scan' are not the same.

    In the original version the "number read" always came back as 1 and "scan" backlog is always returned as 0.

    In the new version, "number readings" and "rear scan" could come back with any value.  It's sure to shake my recording of measures and VI the interaction with the rest of the program.

    I have attached a light version of the VI for the old OR-DAQ traditional and new OR-DAQmx that illustrate this problem.  The two VI is written in LabVIEW 2011 SP1.  I would be willing to upgrade to SP1 2013 LabVIEW if it would help solve the problem.

    I would be grateful for any guidance.

    Thank you in advance.

    I think I did.  Use-1 to erase everything in the buffer when the program is waiting for the countdown to the end and then just ask for 1000 measurements when the countdown reaches 0.  Do not need the Scan back or number reading.  Also don't need to add the measure in table 1 at a time because I get them all at once.

    I enclose a copy of my solution for all those who might need to do something similar in the future.


  • NOR-DAQ traditional (old) devices of measurement and automation explore 4.7 with LabView2010 under Windows 7.

    In measurement and Automation Explorer 4.7, with LabView2010 in Windows 7, peripheral OR-DAQ traditional (old) appears under devices and Interfaces and it allows me to create a chassis SCXI-1000, and she agrees "Reset for NOR-traditional DAQ.  However, it does not search the modules in the SCXI1000, and when I ask 'trial', he says 'Impossible to test the chassis at this time.'  The entrance of NOR-DAQmx devices for the SCXI-1000 chassis has no problem and detects the modules very well.  I need the Legacy DAQ to a popular former teaching tool that has no equivalent in NOR-DAQmx.

    Unfortunately, NEITHER-DQA traditional (old) for Windows Vista and 7 functions of the only driver on Windows 7 32-bit, as seen on the page of the driver at the end of paragraph 1 Solution. I recommend you move your program to DAQmx.

  • Tradition DAQ installed but not available


    I have a system that had LabVIEW executable v6.0.2 running with 6.9.3f3 NOR-DAQ with a PCI-6052E.  I have now installed LabVIEW 2009 with NOR-7.4.4 traditional DAQ OR DAQmx 8.9.5 on this system.  My 6052E appears in MAX under NOR-DAQmx and NOR-DAQ traditional (old) devices, but under the legacy, the button 'Test panels... '. "is grayed out and if I get the properties of this device, tab 'System' of later dialogue has the resources box in gray gray as well as 'Test resources' and 'Run Test panels' buttons.  I tried to reset the device under DAQmx, but it does not help.  I ran a self-test of the 6052E by right-clicking on the device under DAQmx and happening.

    Another problem I noticed is when I try to run any traditional LabVIEW DAQ example, I get the following error repeatedly: "load error"C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\LabVIEW 2009\vi.lib\Daq\lvdaq.dll".  A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization failed. "This happens for each traditional DAQ VI who is trying to load.

    Examples of LabVIEW DAQmx load and run fine.

    This looks like a corrupted installation of NOR-DAQ (Legacy).  My goal is to get my code that runs under the latest NOR-DAQ (Legacy) and then transition to DAQmx. What is the best way to proceed is this new OR-DAQ (Legacy) to run?

    Thank you


    You have fixed the problem by repairing the NOR-DAQ 7.4.4 (legacy) install via Windows ' Add / Remove programs.


  • NOR-DAQmx subpalette is not available in my range of I/O of measure

    I have a USB-6009 I installed in my computer before installing LabView (big mistake).

    After I installed LabView 8.2 my camera would not work, he would be recognized by the computer, but whenever I try to read, I'd get an internal error message, so I re-installed the drive (DVD DAQmx 9.1.7) accompanying and now my subpalette function DAQmx disappeared.

    My LabView still has the available controls DAQmx subpalette, I can create tasks and everything, but I can't read, write, etc. Anyone know what could have gone wrong and how can I fix it?

    NOR-DAQmx 9.1.7 only supports LabVIEW 8.5, 8.6, 2009 and 2010.  You can check this KB for more information on which DAQmx versions are supported by each version of LabVIEW: NOR-DAQ and LabVIEW (for Windows) version compatibility.

    The latest version of the driver NOR-DAQmx LabVIEW 8.2 support was NEITHER-DAQmx 9.1.1.  You can download it from our website here.

  • 5112 does not appear under devices NOR-DAQmx

    Why does not list MAX my 5112 under NOR-DAQmx devices, but it is displayed (undefinded) PXI system? Also, I can communicate with the map using the flexible Panel so I think that the device is correctly installed.  The main problem is that I can't use this card with my 5600 because MAX reports no digitizer.

    The 5600 must be coupled with a 5142 to form a DAA.  If you must use the 5112, you can use the 5600 on its own with the pilot DAMA downconvert only mode.  Then, it would be possible to manually use the OR-Scope driver with the 5112 to read in the data, but this is not recommended.  (It would be essentially the same using a third frequency step-down converter or digitizer).


  • NOR-DAQmx: nicrtsiu.dll not an Image Windows validates when you use DAQmx features

    Hi all...

    I had the problem using nor-daqmx in Labview...

    When not to use Ni-DAQmx, I have not had any problems using it

    So, try to use one of the NI Daqmx works.

    She appeared a message

    "The application or DLL C:\WINDOWS\system32\nicrtsiu.dll is not a valid Windows image

    "Please check this against your installation diskette."

    Here are versions of the programs that I use.

    -Win XP Pro 2002 SP3

    - NI Labview 7.1

    -Driver OR DAQmx 8.5.0f3

    - NO Max 4.2

    I am baffled by this error

    Please advise kindly.

    Thank you



    I have the same problem, as your problem.

    If you solved your problem, I want to know your opinion.

    Please, I beg you. Send me your email address.

    My email address is "[email protected]".

    Nice day.

  • NOR-DAQmx 8.7.1 do not install

    I am trying to install my DAQCard-6024E card on an old laptop. I use the NOR-DAQmx 8.7.1 software supplied with the card. When I try to install the software, it says that the computer did not meet the minimum operating system requirements. The laptop running Windows 2000 and has an Intel Petium 3 Mobile to 800 MHz with 256 MB RAM. According to the file Readme for the NOR-DAQmx 8.7.1, for deployment software, recommended CPU is a Pentium 3 600 MHz or equivalent, 256 MB RAM and Windows 2000/XP. Can someone help me understand why this will not install. It seems to me that all my OS requirements are met.


    You have the latest Service Pack of Windows 2000?  I believe that the latest service pack was SP 4. Try to update to the latest pack service and then install the driver.

  • NOR-DAQmx run options under additional installers are not displayed

    At halfway in this FAQ ( talks about the various Runtime options available when you include the NOR-DAQmx driver in a LabVIEW Installer - they are full and 5 different options of operation. I have 2011 LabVIEW and NOR-DAQmx 9.3.5; the only installation type I see is complete. No idea what I may have missed to install or configure correctly?

    Thank you


    Hi Jorge -.

    You make an excellent point raise this question.  The reality is that the documentation is a bit a type-o.  The latest version of DAQmx which allowed this ability multiple-install type was 8.7.1 that allowed full, TERM 3 and 5.  Version 8.6.1 allowed all full of Runtime and RT 2-5 selectable options.

    This was changed in the development of the installer because features such as Measurement & Automation explore (MAX) by omitting makes it much more difficult to program source files that use the DAQmx driver.  Limited choice DAQmx Installer problems in future development. SignalExpress is also omitted in some versions.   This change was made in order to avoid questions that were considered to be a problem when the installers have been created with these minimalist installs.  So I'll make this change to the Developer Zone confusion invites future readers.

    I really appreciate your message and bring it to our attention.

  • DAQ traditional Windows 7 (x 64)

    I changed to Windows 7 (x 64) of Windows XP, with a new PC (need more memory). I am programming for a PXI with LabVIEW Real - Time 2009 SP1 system. There is a map of temperature traditional DAQ running inside the PXI chassis. I read somewhere that traditional DAQ is not longer supported by NEITHER. In fact, the installer to update driver 7.5 Beta displays an error message on Windows 7 (x 64).

    I don't want to run Trad. Acquisition of data under Windows but on LabVIEW 2009 real-time. I have it takes rather to programming on my Windows host. Is there no alternative to the use of Windows XP?

    I think that it is not possible to use an in general for a NI 4351 DAQmx driver.

    For example, in the file Readme of NOR-DAQmx 8.0.1, I found the following information:

    Devices limited to NOR-DAQ traditional (old)

    NOR-DAQmx does not support the following devices. The following devices are supported only in NOR-DAQ traditional (old):


    Dataloggers for NI 4350/4351

  • 4351 NI NI DAQ traditional for Vista deploy on RT

    We meet the following problem.

    We have several RT platforms with the advice of NOR-4351.

    We have developed the software on LV8.2 with XP operating system and now we are again moving PC (laptop almost) with Vista and LV8.6.

    We found that the traditional NI-DAQ support is not released the LV for Vista OS (unless the MAX reports that Tradidional NOR-DAQ 7.4.4)

    How can we solve this problem?

    Taking into account the fact that the software is deployed on the controller of the RT (PharLap)...


    Hi Luigi,

    Have you looked into NOR-DAQ traditional (old) for the beta of Windows Vista?

    Another possibility: If you only install devices NI 4351 on the controller of RT and not the Windows PC, you may be able to deploy your application to the controller of the RT of a virtual machine (Virtual PC, VMware, VirtualBox, etc) that are running Windows XP and OR-DAQ traditional (old). (None of these virtual machine solutions supported PCI/PXI devices, but they can run LabVIEW).


  • PCIe-653 x with DAQ traditional


    We want to update some of our network using a PCIe-6536. Is it possible to run this card with traditional NIDAQ?

    Does anyone have experience with the PCIe-653 x with DAQ traditional. Or is it only possible to run this card with DAQmx?



    Hi Oliver,.

    PCIe cards not are usually not supported by the old traditional DAQ driver.

    In any case, you should consider updating your application to DAQmx as TRANS. data acquisition support is quite limited (see also the official statement of OR below)

    "Caveat ".  NOR-traditional DAQ
    (Legacy) is an older driver with the obsolete application programming
    (API) for the development of acquisition data, instrumentation and control
    requests for former of National Instruments DAQ devices. You must use
    NOR-DAQ traditional (old) that in some circumstances. Refer to the
    File Readme of NOR-DAQ for a glimpse of the two API NOR-DAQ, the
    benefits of
    NOR-DAQmx and more information about when to use NOR-traditional DAQ
    including a complete list of devices supported, operating systems,
    versions of the software and the language versions. You can install the most recent
    version of
    NOR-DAQmx software, available at

    Kind regards

  • Why using the driver NOR-DAQmx ANSI C functions in a thread causes a deadlock?

    Firstly, apologies if this is bad advice, but it seemed the closest fit.

    I use MSVC 2008 Express with the library in ANSI C NI DAQmx for some analog output with a box USB-6009. I create a thread to handle the signal generation is based on fixed time. My main thread running the user interface. I found that I get intermittent blockages in release, so that libraries mode NOR are responsible (in the second thread) and I use MSVCRT features (on the main thread). My test code is attached as "deadlock2.cpp".

    I used WinDbg to try to find the cause of the deadlock. Traces of the battery of my two sons are attached as t1_stack.txt and t2_stack.txt.

    It seems that the MSVCRT localtime() function uses a lock when it is called for the first time and then went to lock the Windows DLL loader lock. At the same time libraries NOR (or less libraries mxs) are responsible for locking the charger DLL is being held. The mxsutils library uses getcwd() which seems to try to block something the MSVCRT and therefore my two sons are now deadlocked.

    I can probably work around this by calling the localtime() and the NOR-DAQmx functions before I spawn my second thread so that the DLLs are already loaded in the process. However, I have no guarantee of this to continue working if something changes in the future, and if there are any locks going on finally having the DllMain() calls for a thread hanging may still cause a deadlock. If my results are correct, is it likely that NEITHER would fix the dll for not trying to make something complex in their DllMain()?

    According to NI Measurement and Automation Explorer, I'm under DAQmx libraries v9.3.5f2. I download the latest version now to try, but it will take time.

    Hi dmcminn,

    Thank you for the comprehensive and detailed bug report. I was able to reproduce the problem with NOR-DAQmx 9.6 using the code you posted. I reported it to the R & D team suitable as CAR #366538.

    I agree with your analysis of the problem. Getcwd() so the first call to __tzset() acquired _ENV_LOCK, which Microsoft has documented as the "lock for environment variables. __tzset() also called GetTimeZoneInformation(), which can load additional libraries, that you have demonstrated.

    Here are a couple more possible solutions, but they are not great:

    • Link to the static version of the CRT (/ MT instead of /MD). This would bind a separate copy of the lock of the CRT table in your program, and DAQmx would continue to use the lock to MSVCR90.dll table. They use more of the same _ENV_LOCK.
    • Build using a different version of Microsoft Visual C++ (for example 2005 or 2010). MSVCR80.dll MSVCR90.dll and MSVCR100.dll own separate copies of the lock of the CRT table.

    Whatever it is, it does not eliminate the fact that mxsutils called the CRT while now the loader lock, and this function CRT acquires another lock.

    Furthermore, the forum Multifunction DAQ is a better place to ask questions DAQmx.


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