NOR-DAQmx compatibility with the system in real time

I try to use a time system 11 with LabVIEW Real-time. When I try to connect with the driver OR DAQmx, an error saying that the version of the NOR-DAQmx drivers are bundles with the one on the real time. I tried to use different versions of the NOR-DAQmx drivers that are available in the table of compatibility, but not those who worked. I have an old computer working with the same real-time system that uses LabVIEW 9 and has the driver NOR-DAQmx 9.3.5 f0 driver installed on it but I can't find the drivers on the web. What should I do?

I am using LabVIEW 2015 in my current computer.

Thanks in advance.

Looks like you can just have a lag in the versions of software installed on your host computer and the target.  In order to deploy the code from your host to your target, the two must have corresponding to libraries of functions.  See this link for instructions on updated versions of the software on your target match those installed on your host computer, the wizard of the LabVIEW RT software.  If you have already done this, and it did not help, please provide a screenshot or error code of the message that is to appear.

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  • Install OR Vision on the system in real time


    I am trying to install NI Vision RT and NOR-IMAQ RT on my controller PXI-8108. However, I still get an error, there are unresolved dependencies and that some version of NIVISSVC is necessary.

    Does anyone know a solution to my problem?

    Is this problem related to the problem described in the knowledge base (Document ID: 46PK6PP6)?

    Some data from my host system:

    -LabVIEW 8.6.1

    -Measurement & Automation Explorer 4.6.1

    -NI Vision 8.6 (treatment of Image and Machine Vision, and Services)

    NOR-IMAQ 4.1

    OR-IMAQ I/O 2.2

    NOR-IMAQdx 3.2

    The PXI controller:

    PXI system (OR PXI-8108)


    -Chassis 1 (PXI-1042 (q)


    OR PXI-8432/4


    Thanks in advance for your help


    After installing Vision 9.0 and NOR-IMAQ 4.4 on my host, I had no more problems with the installation on the system in real time.

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    Hi, I would like to take advantage of some tools in the system in real time.

    I thought that I could download it by file transfer,

    and then did something like this in the system in real time.

    Probably it is not...

    However, there is other ways to achieve my thought in the system in real time?

    Do you mean the exe was built for windows, so that it is not allowed to run in time real system?


    I have to communicate between CompactRIO and servers through an ethernet cable...

    so... you write a program runs on the cRIO and bring it to your servers over TCP.

  • monitor thread on the system in real time

    I have a SMU-8101 controller in my PXI system. I have it running with a system of operating in real time. I inherited some software WHICH has been used on a program of LabWindows used on a PC with a Windows 7 operating system. The SOFTWARE seems to work OK. My problem is when I leave the program I get an ERROR of EXECUTION NOT DEADLY


    Source position thread ID unknown 0x000000EC

    Your CVI program ended on the target in real time. However, there still on the target in real time, the threads that are running or have already run the CVI code.

    Please check that your application cleans all its threads. Son left running after that your application can crash the target in real time when your application is unloaded.


    As I said I got the code and there is a lot of it. I am looking for a smart way to track down these threads. I was wondering if there are tools available that could help with this? Or any other suggestions on how to run these lines down?

    Hi DPearce,

    This article knowledge base has some information on why CmtDiscardThreadPool causes your program hang and gives some recommendations for fixing it.

  • Shared variable of subjects with the executable in real-time

    We have a PXi target running Labview time real 8.5 and we use a series of shared variables for communication between the target and the client software. The code was developed (and used) in the last 2 years, and presented no problems with the shared variables when they are deployed since the Project Explorer (for the target and the laptop based client software). However, when you try to run an executable version on the system time PXI real target of exactly the same engine code variable shared seems to fail during the initial loading. Since it is an executable, it is difficult to display errors, but it seems that the accident occurred at the beginning of the program when we try to initialize a number of shared variables. Sometimes it loads but probably only 10% of the time. When you plug the tool to debug for code and restarting the executable, runs without any problem. However, once we managed to capture and error (error-1950678982 the shared variable client side read buffer is full).

    I checked a number of messages in the Knowledge Base (e.g. how to deploy Variables of a compiled executable shared network?), but it still has not solved the problem. Thoughts and suggestions?


    I tested it for a few hours now and I can't make it fail again. The big difference in my implementation was to use your suggestion, and no wire the error cluster through the method since the error it generates caused a number of questions later. So let me summarize the final configuration that seems to work then:

    -during the execution and executable on a target time real 8.5, startup not connected to a client. Library of shared variable hosted on the target and should load by itself.

    -J' added a flat structure sequence on the vi 'main' (top of page vi executable) with a node (as shown above) Invoke method in the first structure with a timer to 10 seconds and the rest of the code in the second part of the structure. The shared variable library has been copied to the target in a data directory and the path provided to the method (the same way as above) and the IP address is that of the target.

    I discovered that it takes about 8-9 seconds for the shared variable engine and library to start (I don't remember is that past exactly that) and it is important to wait this time to initialize shared variables or the behavior is unpredictable. The method always generates the error 1043 (function not supported) but I simply ignore it now, and it seems to work.

    Thanks for your help! I will let you know if there is some instability in the future, but everything looks good from here.

  • Can ping but not connect to the system in real time

    Hi all

    I have a funny glitch that has arisen recently.  I have a PXI chassis running an RTOS that I am able to reach with LV and MAX when I sit on the local network.  I have the chassis in a DMZ, so she is directly exposed via the external IP network.  Recently, I had to reformat the hard drive and now, for some reason I can't access the system via MAX or external LV (I have before).  I ping the instrument, but it seems not respond with MAX or LV there is no error on the target and the target is not currently a start of VI.  Someone at - it ideas?

    Thanks, m

    NM - I don't know what was going on, but everything seems fine now... I had the wrong IP today.

    For those who are interested, this is a report of nmap on intellectual property will look like if you do a scan of 1-10 k on a PXI chassis located on a DMZ (I'm not pass all other ports, but some ports such as 80 react on the machines on the network):

    Thank you for your attention.  m

  • Control of data using multiple thermocouples via indicators and the waveform in real-time

    I apologize in advance for this question is probably a bit simple but I'm all new to labview and the forum and could use some advice. I have a CompaqDAQ with two 9213 16 modules of track and I'm trying to read in 30 thermocouples in a waveform, but also display 30 indicators so I can mark each indicator with the thermocouple for real-time tracking. Each thermocouple corresponds to a specific location and it is essential that the interface has an accurate indication or a label for each of them. I wonder if there is an easy way to do this in addition to split the signal and have 30 thermometers on my diagram? Perhaps a table any? If I use a table to create 30 thermometers, the DAQ assistant automatically sorts the thermocouples according to ascending numerical order. For example, would be the indicators of first and second on my interface automatically assigned to channels a0 and a1 of the first module, or should I do it manually? Even for the waveform?  Thank you very much!

    PS - Do not know if this message had need of more details, but let me know if more information is needed, and I'll give you!

    I see that you use the DAQ Assistant to create your task.  Now I understand why you may have about labelling.  It is easy of the seller NOR spiel booting...  But in any case, you already have a task to the MAX instead of use the DAQ Assistant?  The interface is similar and there may be a step or two, but your end application will be more effective and you will have more options with your data and properties.  For example, I tried to update the names of physical channel in the DAQ Assistant installation program, that it let you do, but it propagates that change forward to waveform chart legend.  Also, I don't know any property for this dynamic data type node, although I never use it either.  I suggest the setting up of your task and channels, Max if you'd give it a go.

    Since I thought I didn't really takes you all the way with you help, I wrote another one.  It uses a cluster, even if it's a bit barbaric.  I thought that there was a more eloquent way to do by changing labels, but I could not it works as I had expected.

  • Software that has a compatibility with the windows operating system 8, applies to windows 8.1system automatically?

    I just want to know when you buy a software that has a compatibility with the operating system windows 8, applies to windows 8.1system automatically?

    Former title: compatibility

    Yes, he does.  Windows 8.1 is compatible with Windows 8.0.  In fact, it can run almost all programs built for 7, Vista and XP as well.

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    I recently bought an a toshiba satellite C40D-C Series notebook PC as my old satellite - essentially - is dying. After you connect to the internet, I tried to download AVG Antivirus on my computer that I don't have - and never - trust McAfee anti-virus that comes with the computer. Every time downloaded AVG then restart my computer, the computer goes directly into the automatic repair system and doesn't let me do anything but to reset or restore. This has happened even with completely removed McAfee. I've been on AVG directly today (January 15), and they have to do remote set-up for me - with the same results. Yes, I'm aware that McAfee is a selfish cry of a system and refuses to acknowledge any other antivirus, but that this issue happens even with completely removed McAfee shows clearly that it is something that Toshiba has worked in the system. I can't even disable the automatic repair tool. I have to be stuck with a McAfee antivirus which, moreover, does not yet or is Toshiba will make an effort to help solve a problem they caused?

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    {Assuming the rundll32.exe file is not found}

    See if them can restore the file rundll32.exe: Ramesh Srinivasan, Microsoft MVP [Windows Desktop Experience]

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    According to what "program", you tried to 'delete '.

    If one of these programs to the system, you will get the message.

    If it's one of those programs that you have installed from the web, try one of these programs to "Uninstall" part 3:

    Revo Uninstaller 1.91

    IObit Uninstaller 1.1

    Advanced Uninstaller Free 10.1.1

    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

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    I have an Intel (R) Graphics 5500 HD and Nvidia GeForce 820 M.

    I disabled the Nvidia because it seems to me that Photoshop is not supported.

    Hey Mohit and other colleagues!

    See how I solved this problem (temporarily): workaround Photoshop for screen flashing - YouTube

    I hope that helps for a while this problem.

    Best regards.

  • Anyone who has a problem with the system crashes when importing using the new interface to import

    Anyone who has a problem with the system crashes when importing using the new interface to import

    Can specify you what Adobe program you use so that we do that your post is in the right forum?

  • Start and stop Virtual Machines with the system


    In a server cluster @vcenter HA/DRS 5.1, I enabled start and stop virtual machines with the system option but after I checked two days later, he is off again somehow. What makes this option off? I had a power failure in the datacenter. vCenter server has not been upward. I started all of the ESXi servers manually then went all VMs account is declining. I want that they start automatically when server ESXi upward.

    Thanks in advance,

    Thank you. This option is more valid than if the hosts are part of an HA Cluster license. I suspect that you configured through the traditional vSphere Client and that it is a bug with this client. If you try with the new vSphere Web Client, you will find a notice that it is disabled and there is no button "Edit".


  • Dreamweaver MX 2004 compatibility with the latest versions?

    Dreamweaver MX 2004 compatibility with the latest versions?

    I have templates in an old Dreamweaver MX 2004 and want to update my software. Will I need to go step-by-step to a version a few years back and then run?  Or can I go completely aware?

    I also can't my old dreamweaver register more and they have NO support for it.  Clues?  It is legitimate one I have the registration number and all the same, but he won't take it for some reason any.

    Thank you for any support you can give.

    droopydrawers wrote:

    ... I also can't my old dreamweaver register more and they have NO support for it.  Clues?  It is legitimate one I have the registration number and all the same, but he won't take it for some reason any.

    MX is the latest version of DW which was created by Macromedia, before the Adobe acquisition. I do not think that it was never actually supported by Adobe, but definitely not now (I think that DWCS6 is the oldest version still supported). The activation of this program servers have long been extinguished, it goes without saying that the registration would be also missing.

    You might be able to use the trick here to activate if you encounter problems with this: error: cannot activate | Product Macromedia

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