NOR-traditional DAQ will work with a USB-6008?

Hi guys,.

I have ordered a USB-6008 and I would use it with the NOR-DAQ traditional 7.4.4 instead of MX. Is this supported?

Thank you


LV 8.6

LV 8.01

LV 7.1

TS 4.1


No, traditional DAQ isn't USB compatible, 6008.

You can use DAQmx base instead, but I wouldn't recommend it.

hope this helps,


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    Thank you

    You ask if 15 years old software will work with a new device of NOR?

    Not very likely.

    First of all, the supported operating system is very different - V5.6 only was not supported with XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 (they didn't exist!).


    • Windows 95

    • Windows 98

    • Windows ME

    • Windows NT

    • Windows 2000

    You can upgrade your DASYLab V5.6 V13 and get full current operating system of assistance and full device support OR.

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    You re right Satellite L500 doesn t have an internal modem, so you need an external.

    I think you can buy every modem that is compatible with Vista. Alternative ask your favorite computer dealer or authorized service provider

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    I was wondering if the same applies to my PC because my model is older that the other user has been. I prefer to use the EVGA GPU version, as it is cheaper than the MSI one, but I need to know if it will work with my computer. If not, will the labour card ASUS model, or should it be MSI? The map I intend to buy is present (EVGA) or this (ASUS).

    In addition to this, does anyone know if the stock fans and 300W power supply provided with this computer would be appropriate for the new card, or not? I'm looking forward already pass the power supply, but I don't know for the fans. If I were to upgrade the PSU, 430W would be enough, or should I go with 500W? Thank you.

    If anyone in the future who might wonder, I had this GPU works on my computer, but I had to buy a specific version of the map and the way I got it to work was pretty weird.

    You need to buy this version MSI of the card, because the card itself has a switch on to change the UEFI to Jack supported BIOS Legacy. As far as I know, other versions of this card are UEFI only, and this computer does not support UEFI, so he needs a card that can run in the traditional way. It may look like a fit snug in the case, but it does not seem to cause problems and it cools very well with fans.

    I also changed to a block of power SUPPLY Corsair 430W, which seems more than enough for the system, even with the card to load max. You could go to a higher power, if you consider the upgrade of several pieces, or reuse the power supply in a more powerful system later. I have not upgraded fans in the computer and do not seem to have cooling problems.

    Now to make it work...

    I had some questions:

    When I first turned on the computer, it froze on the screen of the POST (the first screen with the HP logo). It would allow me to get into the BIOS, and it would beep 4 times (with long breaks between the two), before finally to a black screen with a cursor blinking and just stay there.

    What finally got it to work:

    I disconnected all the instructors of the map (cables VGA, DVI or HDMI), and then I turned on the computer. Without any monitor plugged, the computer should beep 6 times (the power button LED flashing with it), then the power led turns off. The LED went off as soon as I plugged my monitor into the computer (in my case, I used a VGA cord).

    For the first few seconds, the screen remained blank and does not save a connection. The computer is beeping intermittently for a while, then after about a minute my detected monitor suddenly a signal, and the screen displays the Windows splash screen. I was able to boot into Windows, all right, even if the resolution of the screen will be a little goofy, until you install the drivers.

    I jumped in the driver installation CD, and once it finished installing, I restarted the computer. Now, when it restarted, I had to do the same procedure I mentioned above so that he could start again. Now that the drivers are installed, I don't know if I'll have to do this procedure everytime I restart the computer (don't have not shut down since then), but since I rarely shut down my computer, it's worth it to me.

    Hope this helps someone else, because I know that I spent 10 hours searching for ideas before discovering this solution myself.

    Now that it is running, I have problems and I have run several graphics intensive games on it without any problem with cooling or power draw. It is very quiet, too. Even with a game running on high quality graphics, I can barely hear the fans when there is no other sound in the room.

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    Thank you very much!

    Have you seen this.

    Years for your questions, I guess it will be better for you if you stick to a single thread.

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    original title: problem with the map?

    Hi GustavTak,

    1. you have made no changes to the computer before the broadcast took place?
    2. do you get an error message?

    Try the steps from the following link:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    Additional information:
    Network connection problems

    Set up a wireless router

  • Laserjet 5 will work with windows 7.



    I used a cable similar to this a few years back. It worked for my old HP 1100 (I think) printer.

    Hope this helps

  • A drive enclosure hard card SBT-EKU25 will work with a Toshiba Satellite L355D?

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    The housing of the hard drive, it also says IDE/PATA, but I know not really knowing what that means. I would be very happy if someone would inform me on that as well.

    Thank you for your time.



    I don't know, but as I know that this model comes with a SATA (Serial ATA) hard disk drive & enclosure is PATA (Parallel ATA), so it won't work. but you can try and take your laptop to a computer guy and ask him to be sure if the hard drive can be adapted to your external case. Also, if it is a SATA hard drive you can always go for an external SATA enclosure.


    Microsoft-Most-Valuable-Professional, blog at:

  • The Officejet 7140xi will work with Windowds 7?

    A friend has offfered me an old HP Officejet 7140xi All - in - One Printer.  I need a document scanner.  It will work with Windows 7, or do I have to install Windows XP on my old laptop?

    Hi rbj1933,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I see you want to learn more about the drivers available for the portable printer Officejet 7140xi.

    There is a full feature software and driver for this printer for Windows XP, but there is only a print driver available for Windows 7 Microsoft base. I have included the document installation of the printer software in Windows 7 for a USB cable connection to see again you. One of the frequently asked questions is how to scan using the basic print driver. I recommend you read this article before decide you if you want to install Windows XP or not.

    I hope this helps!

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    Has anyone tried to see if InDesign CS5 will work with MacOS Sierra? I have creative cloud and CS5 on my machine, but due to some of the things that I have to work that only work with CS5 to CS6 I have to keep my old software. I hesitate to upgrade to Sierra until I know if InDesign CS5 will work or not.

    If anyone has tested this, I would be recognizing the return flow, thank you.

    It really depends what you do with it, and a large part of the framework has changes in the operating system for how the application is designed to run in. Your workflow can cause problems when the application works for others or you might be able to use it, but keep in mind has more no support for CS5 Adobe or Apple, so do not expect to solve any problems that you can discover.

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    N ° the older Apple TV does not work with the new type of controller.

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    Thank you


    This model was abandoned more than 7 years ago and is officially classified as "obsolete" by Apple, which means that if you have a problem and are willing to pay, Apple still will not help you with this device.

    Most of the 1st Gen Time Capsules failed in about 18 months. Few make it to 36, and very little done to 60 months, so unless the model you are looking at has a new power supply and new hard drive that was installed in recent years, it would be best to stay away from this model.

    If the product has not been updated with a new power supply and hard drive, it's almost a miracle if it does not work.

    Assuming that really fall into place, you will need to check to make sure that the time Capsule has firmware version 7.6.1 or later version to make it work with your Mac using El Capitan.

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    New Mac come with v10.11.x El Capitan pre installed.

    I checked for compatible drivers (software) for pinter them HP > 453/model/3434454/document/c04510394 /

    Fact on the Mac, you would use Software Update to install the drivers according to the HP website.

    Printer and scanner software available for download for your Mac

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    Mobile Firefox requires an Android phone.

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    The system requirements have not changed between Firefox 4 and 5, it will work on Windows XP

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