Norton Internet Security and the latest Windows updates

Why my Norton Internet Security 2010 product stopped chasing the latest updates Windows Automatic (9 total)?


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  • Cannot access Internet after installing the latest Windows updates


    updated the last windows update and now can not access the internet even if I said I'm on internal appreciate any help in this matter.

    Have reset the laptop to an earlier date and no problem, but as soon as I download the update of windows, no internet access

    " Original title: blocked internet access"

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing and will certainly help you in the right direction to solve the problem. However, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions to refine the question in order to provide you with better assistance.

    1. What is the type of internet connection you use - wired or wireless?
    2. Do you get any error message when there is no internet access?
    3. What is the number of KB of the update, after which the internet disconnects?

    [To view your history of update:]
    a. Open Windows Update by sliding into the right edge of the screen (or, if you are using a mouse, pointing to the corner bottom right of the screen, move the mouse upward), touching or clicking on parameters, typing or clicking on Change PC, then type or by clicking on update and recovery.
    [ b. press or click on see your update history.]

    The question could arise if the specific update makes changes in the Windows network properties and the update package has been damaged. Other important reasons include the firewall from the security software, third-party software conflicts etc.

    In order to diagnose the problem, I would suggest trying the following methods and check if the problem persists.

    Method 1:

    Method 1: Troubleshooting of connection Internet run.

    a. press the Windows key + W key on the keyboard.

    b. type Troubleshooting in the "search" tab and press enter.

    c. click show all on the left panel.

    d. click on Internet connection, will new popup window.

    e. follow the instructions on the screen.


    Let us know the results performing the Troubleshoot utility.

    Method 2:

    Reset the DNS and TCP/IP settings.

    1. Press the Windows key + X.
    2. Click prompt (Admin).
    3. Please enter the following commands and press ENTER after each one.

    Restart the computer to check the issue.

    If the problem persists, refer to the following method.

    Method 3:

    Temporarily disable the security software and check if it helps.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most

    cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network during the time that your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Additional information:

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    Hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

  • AVG Internet Security maintains the 'blocking' Windows updates

    I am running Windows XP Home SP3 on my machine. I recently pushed a rootkit/trojan infection. My AVG Internet Security v9 is running and updated very well... something which it did in a month because of the infection. My Windows Firewall and automatic updates are enabled. (Which is also disabled during infections). I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded/installed the critical updates 43 (the infection had turned off automatically updated). However all the time I download and install the updated my AVG kept popping up with a deadlock message:

    ' '.

    (I continued to close the notification window and download or install updates. Each of them went through).

    My Windows security shield has an exclaimation point on this subject.

    Is it is a sort of conflict between AVG and update of Windows?

    Please HELP... it makes me craaaaazy since it appears every 20 seconds or so!

    Thank you very much


    Anoop P K,.

    Thanks for the suggestion on disabling the antivirus! I didn't turn off the whole program (which would be 'reisdent shield' on AVG). I have disabled the internet part (shield online) since it pops up constantly during the update downloads.

    Sure enough... that did the trick. Updates downloaded and installed.

    This part of the virus program is turned back on.

    So far so good. Automatic updates seems to be to download and install without any interference of AVG Internet Security.

    Thank you for taking the time to help.


  • Cannot access internet after installing the latest Windows Update

    * Original title: Question access to the internet after you have installed the latest update

    Last week, I installed the latest update of Windows 8, however once installed, I was no longer able to access the internet and became a message saying that the page cannot be displayed. Below it there is a button to click to solve the problem of connection but I did and it came back with no connection problem.

    I reset my router, but there was no question that I could access the internet on my phone and my roommates laptop. The only way that I could access the internet again was to restore my pc and remove install.

    I was then forced to install the update tonight and it's the same thing so I had to uninstall these updates again to access the internet.

    Can you please tell how can I install the update it will affect my ability to access the internet?

    Hi Victoria,.

    Please help me with the following suggestions:

    1. using modern Internet Explorer user interface or Desktop Internet Explorer?
    2. your computer is in a cable or wireless internet connection?

    3. What is the number of the kb article that is causing the problem with the internet after installing the update?

    4. are you referring to Windows Update (KB2919355) 8.1?

    Windows Update: Frequently asked Questions see (how know what are updates
    been installed?)

    Method 1: After the update is installed, configure the computer to boot and check if you questions persists:

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Note: After troubleshooting, consult this section «How to reset the computer to start normally after a boot minimum troubleshooting»

    Method 2: Click on the link below to troubleshoot if the internet explore does not work:

    Why can't connect me to a network?

    Warning: Reset Internet Explorer settings will not affect your browsing history, unless you check the delete personal settings during the reset. If you want only to view or delete your browsing history, you don't need to reset all the settings of Internet Explorer.

    I hope this helps. Answer please if you have any additional questions with Windows.

  • I can't install the latest windows update. My error code is 0x800706BE.

    original title; I can't install the latest windows update.  I used Microsoft Fix It and still not able to install the update.  My error code is 0x800706BE.

    System information:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional


    Service Pack 3

    Dell Computer Corporation

    Dell Dimension DIM4300S

    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.60 GHz

    1.59 GHz, 768 MB Ram

    Internet explore 8

    Norton Internet Security 2011 (updated)

    Hi ScottCarter,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         You are trying to install updates?

    ·         Are what fixit you referring?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Temporarily disable the security software.

    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable the antivirus software. If you do not disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network at the time the anti-virus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    Method 2: Put the computer in a clean boot state to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the section How to configure Windows to use a Normal startup state of the link to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    After the clean boot used to resolve the problem, you can follow these steps to configure Windows XP to start normally.

    (a) click Start, run.

    (b) type msconfigand click OK.

    (c) the System Configuration Utility dialog box appears.

    (d) click the general tab, click Normal startup - load all services and device drivers and then click OK.

    (e) when you are prompted, click on restart to restart the computer.

    Method 3: You can also manually install updates (KB number) by downloading from the Microsoft Download Center.

    Method 4: Follow the steps in the article.

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

  • Norton Internet Security 2010 automatically close Windows Defender? __

    My set up:

    Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium, Vista SP2

    HP Desktop

    Modem DSL Connection

    Norton Internet Security 2010

    I just installed Norton Internet Security 2010. I get a pop up notice of Windows indicating that Windows Defender is disabled. When I had Norton Antivirus/spyware 2008 (that I used until the installation of Norton Internet Security 2010) Windows defender was on, but not in real time.  Then, when I'd go to

    The Task Manager > click on the Services tab > click on the Services button in the lower right

    This will display a list of Services. I scroll down and find the Windows Defender Service

    It shows NOT on and manual start

    Before the instalation of Norton Internet Security 2010, it has shown as Started and startup type automatic

    Is this the right setting with Norton Internet Security installed? I do not use Windows Defender, but I read that the Windows Defender Service is responsible for other things in addition to anti-spyware scanning.

    So should I change the startup type?

    and start the service?

    Or, as I said if I don't use it. leave it alone?

    Q. "Norton Internet Security 2010 automatically closes Windows Defender?"

    A. Yes.  It uses its own antispyware software.  Having two different types will result in conflicts and compatibility issues.

    Carey Frisch

  • Canon scan to folder (Server 2008 R2) from the latest Windows Updates (13 sep 2012) it doesn't work anymore...

    We have a few Multi functional Cannon, who were able to scan to folder to our file server 2008 R2 server.

    Since the latest Windows Updates (13 sep 2012) it doesn't work anymore...

    Nothing has changed for folders or shares. Actions are like:


    Shared folder is \\fs01\scans

    Share permissions are full for everyone

    On the COMPUTER folder, only the service and the Canon scanner user have full conrol...

    When I turn off the firewall of Windows on the FS01, it works.

    Can I get a SMB = OK on the Multi functional.

    When I turn on the WIndows firewall, I get a SMB = NG on the multifuntional

    I checked the rules and everthing about file and printer sharing is allowed...

    Can someone please think about what to do?
    Because really don't want to go with Windows Firewall disabled.

    The Endpoint Protection 2010 Anti Virus is installed on the FS01, but given that disabling the Windows Firewall works, I don't think that the Anti Virus has nothing to do with it.

    Update: I tried two other servers 2008 R2 (with also the Windows Firewall on) and it works! So there's something wrong with this one server... But as far as I can see, the firewall has all the file and open sharing of printers of things... And when I connect with the Canon Scan on a PC user I can browse places very well.


    "Update: I just tried two other servers 2008 R2 (with also the Windows Firewall on) and it works! "So there is something wrong with this one server.

    Microsoft has specific Forums to help you with your Server 2008 R2 questions.

    Could you please repost this link in Server 2008 R2 Forums.

    "Support for Windows Server 2008 R2"

    See you soon.

  • Compatibility of Norton Internet Security and Vista Home Premium

    I have a new laptop with pre-installed A200 Vista and Norton Internet Security.
    I can't use the send/receive button to send Windows messages.
    I spent the time considerble in the forum MS to fix this problem without success. I am told that Norton is not compatible with Vista - even if Toshiba pakage this sooftware together.
    I deleted Norton and in fact the Windows Mail Send7Receive button start working. BUT then after about an hour it has stopped working again! I have re-installed Norton but the problem is still there! I can send E-mail of Mail when I exit and restart the station.

    Can help for this problem - can it be to the ISP? I use port 587 SSL

    Post edited by: tuition


    I studied a little more on Norton and Vista compatibility issues and the Symantec Norton Internet Security is certainly compatible with Vista!

    Also, I found a document very useful Toshiba on this subject:
    Check this box:

    Windows Mail won't send or receive emails

    It seems that the update of the Software Desktop SMS Installer version will help to address this problem.

  • After you have installed the latest Windows updates, Lenovo T60 laptop running Vista takes 30 minutes to start

    I have Vista Home Premium installed on a Lenovo T60 laptop. The machine is
    3-4 years.

    Although the system has never been quick to start, after the latest Microsoft
    update has been downloaded and installed, it now takes about half an hour to start
    the system of cold starts and 20 minutes from the sleep position.
    It also takes a long extra time to get the Explorer running

    What happened during the update may cause this extra on drag
    performance? How can I change?

    I tried the system restore, but it would allow me to go back only to the point
    When the MS Update has been installed.

    Thank you.

    HR Sirois

    Is your system error free?

    Event Viewer reports

    1. normally, when an error occurs on your computer looking in Event Viewer should be your starting point to find a solution. More related system errors are recorded and get an exact copy of the relevant report is important. Unfortunately, is not easy to understand reports and most of the users computer need help with their interpretation. I have to say later interpretation.

    2 Event Viewer includes three main newspapers of Windows. Here's the Application, security, and system. For purposes of troubleshooting system is by far the most important.

    3. to access the system log, select Start, Control Panel, administrative tools, Event Viewer, in the list on the left of the window select Windows and the system logs. Place the cursor on the system, right click and select filter current log. Check the front of the error and click OK and see you only reports errors. Click the Date and time column header to sort. You may need to click a second time to see the last report above.

    4. a tip for posting copies of error reports! Run Event Viewer and double-click the error you want to copy. Click the copy button to place a copy in the Clipboard and close Event Viewer. Now start your message and paste it into the body of the message. Make sure that it is the first dough right out of the event viewer.

    5. He cautioned against three types of reports, information, and reports errors. In most situations, it is the error reports that offer the best information but sometimes WARNING reports provide useful clues.

    6. all reports have stamps date and hour and when troubleshooting, it is important to focus on the latest reports. Reports of studies from the point when the computer is started, and then check if a similar report appeared in the previous session. If errors do not repeat investigation as to why they happen is wasted effort.

    7. in the individual reports the most important information is the event ID and Source such as these help when looking for help on the internet. The description is just as important and copy the exact text to use as search criteria greatly helps achieve better results when using Google. Not paraphrase descriptions when other people asking for help.

  • USB 2.0 drives not recognized since the latest Windows updates

    I tried 4 different USB 2.0 on 4 different and no computers drives won't recognize readers for the latest Automatic updates.

    1 PC with Win 7 64-bit all service packs

    2 computer laptop w / Win 7 32 bit all service packs

    3 laptop w / Win 7 64-bit all service packs

    4 desktop w / Win XP Pro 32 bit all service packs

    All versions are professional, all devices are fully patched and recognise the mouse USB, HD', other USB devices.

    3 of the flash drives are Sandisk Ultra USB 16 GB sticks, one is nine of its packaging.

    1 is a 8 GB generic to Symantec given as a promo, but it is brand new.

    All these discs worked in these devices before the last major thrust of update.

    There is no splat / exclamations in the Device Manager.

    If all the USB controllers are removed and reinstalled, it does not address the issue.

    Difficulty of MS it detects no problem.

    USB 1.0 drives work!

    None of these devices are equipped with USB 3.0 ports

    Hi Laurence,.

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue and apologize for the lack of communication.

    As you mentioned that this problem occurred after installing Windows updates, then I would suggest you to restore your computer to a restore point that was created before the date and time when you started to notice the problem.

    To do this, please follow the steps from the following link:

    Restore system files and settings

    Note: When you use the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    After restoring the system, try to manually install the Windows updates (try to install one by one) to identify what update caused this problem.

    To do this, please follow the steps from the following link:

    Install Windows updates in Windows 7

    Hope this information helps.

    Please reply with the results, in order to help you solve the problem.

    Thank you

  • After you have installed the latest Windows updates, my Bluetooth stopped working

    I installed the last set of updates to the window and it caused my Bluetooth to stop working.  Reinstalled drivers from the dell website and it still does not work. Fact a restore point and devices have started working again. Updates were the only changes. No other programs or updates installed.
    What updates do interfere.

    Dell E6530, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel core i5, office 10

    Original title: bluetooth

    Are you set for Important updates only (which is recommended)?  If not, was an updated device driver?  It is best not to let Windows Update process device drivers.
    If you cannot reduce it any other way, you can try to install the updates again one at a time.  I have not heard about recent blue tooth switn of the problems Windows updates recently.

  • I had Norton Internet Security and Internet Explore have a tab to access my Identity Safe with etc. is log-ons. How can I get the same tab/tool appears on Firefox?

    With the help of MSVista

    I could not use NIS with 9.0 Update Firefox. even after trying to get using the ff.
    I had to go to Norton (worm 2012) and run an update and restart the computer. Then all the info was there and it was like before

  • Norton Internet Security and Windows Defender

    Is there a conflict between NIS and Windows Defender if both are running?

    Yes bacause NIS has antuspyware built and running. Windows defender is a spyware protection program. They will both be in conflict. Disable defender, Norton spyware detection rate is anyway better than the Defender.

  • I just downloaded the latest Windows updates, now online videos don't work on Firefox but on other browsers, does anyone else have this problem?

    After that download the latest version of Windows Update, I found that I could not play videos on YouTube or other sites. Switching to other browsers I found that I could play these same videos now without any problems. So I did a system restore to determine if updates of Windows had hit video play using Firefox. The restore point has been updated with the day before the download of Windows has occurred. After System Restore has been completed I could now play videos using the Firefox browser.

    To ensure that Windows Update has been the problem, I downloaded again the most recent Windows updates and once more could not play videos on any site using Firefox. System Restore has been used to put my computer on the eve again and once more the OE videos would play in the Firefox browser.

    In fact, your answer took me in a different direction and I found this on the Adobe site:

    The extension of RealPlayer for Firefox, the download and registration, has problems of compatibility with Flash Player 11.3. If RealPlayer is installed Flash Player content does not appear. YouTube provides an error message when you try to view a video.

    To work around the problem, do the following:

       Start RealPlayer.
       Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.
       Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.
       Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.

    Once I did this I could replay now videos in Firefox.

  • No sound since installing the latest Windows updates

    A few days ago that my computer restarted itself after what I think was an update and since then I can't play any audio on the speakers. I am running a windows XP y at - there someone who can help with my problem?

    If your computer suddenly refuses to play sounds, try the following steps.

    First, restart. Then, make sure that the computer is not set to mute via the material. Press mute external, confirm that the speakers are turned on and turn the volume all the way. Test by playing a song or using the sound control panel (click on the sounds tab, choose asteriskand click Test).

    If this does not work, see Windows. Click on the volume icon in the system tray and check that the audio is not muted and that it is turned up. Right click on the volume icon and clickOpen Volume Mixer. Ensure that all options are on and turned up.

    Internal speakers still does not? Plug the headphones into the audio socket and test again. If the headphones work, remove them to continue to troubleshoot the internal speakers.

    Then, right-click the icon for the volume again and choose playback devices. Make sure that your audio device (likely 'speakers') has a green check mark next to it. ClickProperties , make sure that "Use this device (enabled)" is selected.

    If the sound still does not work at this point, you have a missing or damaged for your audio controller driver. Uninstall the driver by opening the Device Manager (typeDevice Manager into the start menu search box), go to sound, video and game controllers, select the audio controller and pressing the delete> key. Reboot and allow Windows to reinstall the driver, which it should do it automatically. If not, download the driver from the website of the manufacturer of your PC or the manufacturer of the sound card and reinstall manually.

Maybe you are looking for