Not able to add the email account


To configure my hotmail account from POP to IMAP on my MacBook Pro, it was told by the community of Microsoft that I had to remove/delete the account, and then add it again. I did and the innbox disappeared, but when I tried to add the account again, I get the message that the account already exists. I get this message, even if the account is not on the list of available accounts. I hope you can help me to sort this out for me. (FYI: the microsoft community told me I could try to put @outlook.mac at the end of the address instead of and this has me a bit more, but he said the account already exists in the next step.)




1. Please make sure that you don't have two accounts with the same email address. What happens if one of them is an iCloud account.

2. If you use iCloud Keychain, open the iCloud pane in system preferences and uncheck the keychain. You will be prompted to delete the keychain local iCloud. Confirm - the data will remain on the servers. Then re-check the box. Follow one of the procedures described in this article to support to implement the iCloud Keychain on an additional device. Test.

If you can't disable iCloud Keychain because the box itself check again, disable it on all your other devices first, and then try again. Before you do, make sure that you can use at least one of the methods given in the related support above, article under the heading "how to configure iCloud Keychain on a new device without another device to approve of?

3. in the menu bar of Mail, you select

▹ Connection Doctor window

In the window that opens, look for an SMTP (outgoing mail) account with a name that corresponds to the account that you are trying to add. Double-click it. Another window opens, displaying the list of all outgoing mail accounts. Click the sign button less to remove the corresponding one, and then click OK.

Try to add the email account again. If you still can not, log off or restart the computer, and then open the preferences window accounts Internet and check if the account is displayed.

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    Rakesh K *.


    The comma and semicolon are on the digital keyboard.

    Click on the '123' button at the bottom left, and then you will see them.

    UPDATE: the above is true then in the text box.  Sorry I misread your question and thought that was what you were asking about.  The semi-colon and comma are without function in the recipient area.

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