Not be able to use Windows Easy Transfer to move files from my old computer to new computer (Windows XP to Windows 7).

Original title: Easy Transfer password XP to Windows 7.

I try to use Easy Transfer to move files from my old computer to new computer (XP to Windows 7). I didn't have a password on my old computer, but cannot transfer to the new without one. I tried every password I never used (caps on and outside), as well as the code given at the beginning of the Easy Transfer, but nothing works. What can I do? (I use an external hard drive)



If I'm wrong, please let us know why, but my assumptions that are

  • Your old XP machine is usable
  • It still allows to log
  • There is no password required when you don't sign

So you can try this...

  1. Click Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on user accounts
  4. Give your XP logon password
  5. Restart your XP machine
  6. Try Easy Transfer and him give the password that you set in step 4


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