Not charging battery Camileo S10

Bought an S10 and I am very satisfied with the quality and performance when he is married with a class 6 SD card. The receipt first came it that I plugged it in to recharge the battery and the round red record switch. After the inspection being plugged all night as planned to indicate that the witness has no flashes. I used the S10 and the battery ran down and plugged in and again once the light red came on however the battery recharge. If I plug it to my pc, I can read all the files but unplugged, it's as dead as possible!

I have acquired a similar happened fully charged battery and the same process as the first happened. Anyone has any ideas - it is a defective product?



did you remove the insulation on the connections of the battery before charging?
The red light flashes while recharging the battery? If the charge is complete, the Red led is constant.
If this is not the case, there seems to be something wrong with the electronic charger.
Recharging works only with AC charger provided.
Camcorder must be disabled.
Clean the battery contacts.

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