Not charging battery Camileo S10

Bought an S10 and I am very satisfied with the quality and performance when he is married with a class 6 SD card. The receipt first came it that I plugged it in to recharge the battery and the round red record switch. After the inspection being plugged all night as planned to indicate that the witness has no flashes. I used the S10 and the battery ran down and plugged in and again once the light red came on however the battery recharge. If I plug it to my pc, I can read all the files but unplugged, it's as dead as possible!

I have acquired a similar happened fully charged battery and the same process as the first happened. Anyone has any ideas - it is a defective product?




did you remove the insulation on the connections of the battery before charging?
The red light flashes while recharging the battery? If the charge is complete, the Red led is constant.
If this is not the case, there seems to be something wrong with the electronic charger.
Recharging works only with AC charger provided.
Camcorder must be disabled.
Clean the battery contacts.

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    connection charger not charging battery

    "Connecting to the charger" - do you mean the adapter?

    The phone load using a computer USB ports?

    Have you tried a different adapter?

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    0% available (plugged in, not supported)
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    Hi Mr Ohm,

    1 does your laptop charged when you turn it off?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer, after which the issue started?

    Take a look at the following link:

    Charger plugged in, but does not charge

    Alternatively, you can contact HP to ensure that it is not a hardware problem:

    Contact HP

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    Dear Sir.

    My laptop a DV4-1199th does not rotate if the power light is on when the battery is out. When I installed a charged battery, it lights, but the power light is off and the battery won't charge (in fact that it discharges).  I have to recharge the battery when the phone is turned off. Laptop also only lights up the battery (disconnected from the power supply. What should be the problem?

    Hi @cbsantos722 ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. It's a great site for information and questions. I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv4-1199ee Notebook and the problems with the battery. Here is a link to calibrate and test the battery.  Here is a link to solve the problems of the battery on a laptop. You should be able to complete these with the laptop plugged into the AC adapter.

    Please let me know what happens with the tests.

    Thank you.

  • Re: using hp pavilion 15 and it says plugged in not charging battery

    The testing and calibration of the battery link ( is for Windows 7.  Our PC has Windows 8.1.  I tried on the advice of anyway, but it seems holding down the home button while restarting can no longer pull the PC in safe mode.

    How about a reference for W8 and one for the W10?

    Hi @jenolanjim ,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community! Thanks for the information on the links.

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I saw your question about your 15 HP Pavilion Notebook and need information about your system to charge battery. Here is a link to do this for Windows 10 and Windows here 8

    If you need, here is a link to test the adapter. The same goes for any version of Windows.

    Here is a link to the computer in Safe Mode , if you still need it.

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

  • Plug in not charging (battery meter indicates "Battery charging disabled"

    I have Dell Inspiron 3521, stop all of a sudden my laptop.

    I also checked it in the battery meter indicates battery charge disabled.

    2 days before I have upgraded to windows 10.

    From now all my drivers are up to date.

    I also checked my power adapter and battery operation.

    In the BIOS it showing 90w, battery performing normally.

    I also did restore defaults in the BIOS setting by pressing F9.

    Please help me, I have no why it happens suddenly. The health of my battery is quite Normal.

    The State of the battery meter is attached.


    Thank you for bringing this to our notice.

    We suggest also to follow the same steps as the references and also let us know if there are additional problems.

    Thank you


  • Palm Pre crazy symptoms: 'phone in offline mode', won't charge battery, won't start, message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved.

    This is a long description of a series of problems with my new Palm Pre. You can search text to find your specific problem. There is no solution in my post. Looking for possible answers in future responses.

    I bought my Palm Pre 4 days ago and it arrived 2 days ago. Phone was working fine. Last night I plugged the phone and updated the operating system. After, I've selected "Done" and went to bed.

    -First set of questions: 'Phone offline', will not charge battery.

    In the upper left corner of the phone, there is the message "phone offline. Although the phone was in charge all night, it reads "battery of 26%. I called the general number of on the Sprint tech support and we tried the following things:

    (1) the phone reboots (press on and hold the power button / stop, then select 'Disable'. After setting down, hold down power button / power stop.)

    (2) to reset the phone (several ways - call tech support so that you do this properly)

    The individual Sprint and then sent me to another tech support person, likely to level 2.

    -Second series of questions: message error "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved;

    #2 Sprint tech support person had me also to restart and reset the phone in a number of ways. In his own words 'we tried all the palm pre stuff I know' and whenever the phone was insensitive. Often, we received the message error "the phone is in offline mode. We did a full erase and after that the phone will not re-start is no longer. At this point, the error message came up saying "an error has occurred that cannot be resolved" that referred me to for assistance. I think it's important to note here that this was not the typical error message (black screen with white letters) but rather the blue sky with a translucent box on background with white text.

    #2 Sprint tech support person then me connected with the support of the Palm and the dance continued. Yet once, we tried a whole bunch of reset and restart and the erasure of the options. Palm support asked me to go to: to download WebOS Doctor, which I did. I downloaded the file. Although that was the case he had hold the button "volume +" and connect the phone to the charger. This caused a USB symbol will appear on the phone. When the record was complete, I got an error message which could not run the file. Palm tech support person seemed surprised. I mentioned that I was on a Mac and he said he couldn't help me. He me transferred to another person from Palm support that works with Mac users.

    Palm #2 tech support person advised me that I should have selected the download option 'mac' on I verbally walked him through the series of Web pages, telling him it is said that you need Windows (any version) or Mac (whatever version), but that at no time was there a possibility to download another WebOS doctor for different operating systems. After an exchange of views over she told me that she would have to have someone call back me tomorrow.

    -Third series of questions: phone stuck on the USB symbol.

    So for the moment, the phone is completely useless. Not fantastic. I started the mac on Windows 7 and downloaded WebOS Doc and received the same error message. I also ran Windows Vista virtually and received the same error message. Later this afternoon, I head into work to try the same thing on Windows XP.

    In the meantime, I got on this forum and found a thread that has provided a direct link to the necessary file:

    After downloading this file, I realized could totally be a virus, I was able to get WebOS Doc work on my computer. It took that I recharge the phone before, and now it's on the screen that says 'do not disconnect your phone' and the full file of 3%. Only... it was completed for almost 30 minutes to 3%.

    I hope that Palm will follow-up with me tomorrow, but I'm leaving on a business trip at 7:00 and I would love to have the thing work. All suggestions are welcome, even if you can just tell me how to get her think disconnected safely before my flight tomorrow. I want to get through security with my phone plugged into my laptop.

    Thank you.

    I picked up the phone at the local Sprint store and the sales ago replaced the phone. They were unable to understand what went wrong and, essentially, has declared a complete failure of the unit. I'm sorry that I'm not able to offer better news, but I hope that this info is useful to you.

  • Camileo X 150-battery will not charge

    Hello all - I bought a camcorder Camileo X 150 nine this week. The camcorder only has power when it is connected to the power adapter or the USB cable. I tried to load it on Friday, had died eight hours, came back and the battery still had no power. Then last night I load from one day to the next, still no power this morning.

    I tried everything to implement but it still does not power upward only when connected to AC or USB - maybe the battery is faulty or I do something wrong?

    I would appreciate any help with this issue.

    You did not... something wrong to charge the battery, you must connect the power adaptor only... then the battery should start loading...

    But it might be possible that the battery is discharged deeply (empty), and in this case, the adapter must be connected at least 24 hours...

    Then, check again, and if the battery would not charge even if the AC adapter is connected to a longer period of time, get in touch with your dealer camcorder...
    Maybe the battery / camcorder is faulty.

  • Camileo S10 does not


    last week, I found my old camileo s10 that I him have not used for a year or two, so I guess the battery was completely dead and unusable.

    However I found a charger that has mounted the camcorder, it may not have been that which is expected but when it is plugged into an outlet an orange light appears around the record button.

    However, after charging for two days in a row, the camcorder appears not functional even if the orange light remains constant when charging.

    If anyone can offer a solution to this problem, or is my camcorder simply dysfunctional because of the long period of unused remaining time? Thanks for any help.

    I put t see many options here

    If the battery is OK, it should be possible to load.
    The camcorder must be decommissioned: flashing light confirms the load, but the light is constant when the load was over.

    In your case, it might be possible that the battery is defective and, therefore, it of not possible to load.
    Maybe you should try the new battery

  • Camileo S10 - does not light

    I used my Camileo S10 only for a few minutes. It has low battery display and is released automatically. After that, I curled the battery on the charger more then 12 hours.
    I put the battery, and now the Camileo S10 won't turn on.

    Some here had the same problem?


    You can try different things.
    1. clean the battery contacts
    2. connect the device to the computer via the usb cable and try to turn it on
    3. charge the battery for a short time (about 10 minutes) and try again

    Good luck

  • 13-inch early 2011 macbook pro. light green mag extremely shoddy security cordon, macbook pro stopped charging bought new magsafe. and the led does not illuminate or strings. SMC reset now mac does not recognize battery. unplugged

    13-inch early 2011 macbook pro. light green mag extremely shoddy security cordon, macbook pro stopped charging bought new magsafe. and the led does not illuminate or strings. SMC reset now mac does not recognize battery. disconnected the battery and security cordon mag, maintained hold button / stop for 5 seconds, nothing. Another SMC reset and it is the only way Mac powered on that she has no back light for the keyboard and the fan works on high all the time, please can someone HELP, thanks.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum.

  • Battery not charging question

    Hello support,

    I'm on MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid-2012) running El Capitan and I was happy with the battery, the life he gives about 4 hours and you just have to go with, but unfortunately the battery does not charge after life cycle number is reached according to programmed by chip on board and asked for replacing the battery PLEASE provide an update to the battery issue and let the user decide When to replace them, but not the application of it to replace now, this could be resolved if you kindly make the point "the MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.8" for work on El Capitan.

    Thank you for your understanding

    FWIW, Apple isn't here. This is a user forum. You can send feedback to Apple to...

  • Do not charge the MacBook Air battery

    My macbok Air shows the power is plugged in, but the battery is not charging. The battery status is normal. The adapter led is orange.  I have reset the smc, but it has not changed anything Suggestions?   I thought a new battery and power cord would solve the problem but it doesn't.  Thank you

    Reset the SMC could solve the problem.

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Charger works, but the battery is not charging upward


    My Macbook Pro end of 2013 is connected to a charger, and the charger provides power to the computer, but the isn´t of battery to charge up. It remains on the same percentage of power, or even go downstairs when you use energy-consuming applications. When I click on the symbol of the battery on the top of the screen, it says in the tab that opens: "Battery not charging" (I have a non-English version, but I'm guessing that this TI something like this)

    Is there anything I can try to fix it?

    I managed to fix it, I just had to clean my charger port and it started working again!

  • Mac pro (2014) battery is not charging

    I met a problem for battery does not charge when one day when I opened the Mac Pro 13 "(mid of 2014)."  So I called Apple support for like reset the SMC, another MagSafe adapter, it seems still couldn't work.  I checked the battery information that seems good, but still was not able to load. Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.

    (1) connect the adapter when the Mac pro will turn on automatically;

    (2) where plug on the adapter, the Mac Pro turns off.

    (3) using the "Option-battery icon" show "Condition: Normal ';

    (4) information below looks like battery is ok, but could not load:

    Model name: MacBook Pro

    Model identifier: MacBookPro11, 1

    Processor name: Intel Core i5

    Battery information:

    Firmware version: 702

    Review of material: 000D

    Review of cells: 379

    Information on this charge:

    Charge remaining (mAh): 3043

    Fully charged: No.

    Loading: No.

    Full Charge capacity (mAh): 6067

    Health information:

    Number of cycles: 140

    Condition: Normal

    Battery: Yes

    Amperage (mA): 0

    Voltage (mV): 11540

    Charger AC/DC Information:

    Connected: Yes

    ID: 0 X 0921

    Wattage (W): 60

    Family: 0 x 0085

    Loading: No.

    Please take the computer to the Apple store to have the computer checked.

    The Genius Bar reservation:


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